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Darren Conway and Joe McGucken present Stall It. What's it about? What isn't it about. Two lads from Dublin, one mic. A load of shite talk, the odd sketch. It’s alright, I suppose. Anyways how’s your ma, is your da workin?

Stall It with Darren and Joe GoLoud

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Darren Conway and Joe McGucken present Stall It. What's it about? What isn't it about. Two lads from Dublin, one mic. A load of shite talk, the odd sketch. It’s alright, I suppose. Anyways how’s your ma, is your da workin?

    Ep 155: Age Inappropriate

    Ep 155: Age Inappropriate

    A consensus is reached this week, as we decide to bring back some good, old fashioned traffic.
    Joe has a rare moment of self doubt as a conversation in a pub unleashes the fear he may look older than he actually is, and he comes to the studio looing for reassurance.
    Darren is set for the chance of a lifetime and the chance to live out his dreams of managing a real football team, and it’s none other than his beloved Man Utd.
    Joe breaks the news that all life is a simulation, and he proposes that our entire universe could be nothing more than a computer game run from far in the future.
    And we take a short trip through the history of Dublin’s Concerned Parents Against Drugs movement in the 1990s.

    • 50 min
    Bonus: Unbearably Ungrateful

    Bonus: Unbearably Ungrateful

    We get another listener tribute from the mountains, with very high production values, and we receive a disgruntled communication from across the Atlantic - as Joe's lack of gratitude does not go unnoticed.
    A gross ignorance of sheep is exposed, life in Siberia is compared to life in a haunted house, and Darren reveals a potentially controversial new character.

    • 14 min
    Ep 154: Panic in the Streets

    Ep 154: Panic in the Streets

    We find ourselves wandering through the world of mass hysteria and moral panics this week, from dancing plagues in medieval Europe, to meowing nuns, and on to satanic panics.
    Joe proudly confesses to a low level, shameless scam, while Darren has been schmoozing at the top tiers of Irish sport and stands on the verge of having very high friends in high places.
    Joe tells us, strangely for the first time, of how he once was babysitter for an Irish international footballer, and Darren reveals the death of one of his most beloved viral characters.

    • 52 min
    Bonus: The 10 Minute Men

    Bonus: The 10 Minute Men

    We pause for some time travelling this week, as one listener’s question offer options for leaping forward in time, where anything is possible, from witnessing the apocalypse to Joe scoring a tap in at an elite level of competition. Meanwhile, one listener drags us back into Stall It’s past.
    There’s talk of iconic, and shite, landmarks. A very kind listener sends Joe a potential logo for his spice bag empire, and an encounter with some fans leads Darren to reveal his true identity.

    • 16 min
    Ep 153: Joe's Run-In With The Law

    Ep 153: Joe's Run-In With The Law

    Darren has a rant about chemists, reveals why he'd prefer to buy tampons than condoms and rebrands a common disease.
    Joe has a run-in with the Gardaí at Dublin airport and accidentally almost gets himself a night in the locker. He also goes on a deep dive into a documentary he just watched featuring one of the most incompetent ship captains in modern history, hits us with a mind bending Abraham Lincoln fact and they all get into it about the Mummy who got a passport. You listen, you learn!

    • 52 min
    Bonus: International Duck of Mystery

    Bonus: International Duck of Mystery

    We’re thrown into the deep end with a question that offers a choice between penguin herding in the most inhospitable conditions, or a stint as an undercover duck.
    Joe is asked for his most maverick marketing plans for the spice bag truck, and settles on a strategy that carries significant risk.
    And when posed with the chance to become King of the Town (any town) we’re derailed by castle shopping.

    • 21 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
263 Ratings

263 Ratings

Keithabs ,

LOL Nostalgia & (Some) useful info 👌🏼

Darren & Joe/Joe & Darren have me in stitches laughing to myself in the car on a regular basis. It’s a breath of fresh air & a welcome distraction from the pressures of modern living 😅

CazLB ,

Beyond funny

Loving the pod! The two lads are brilliant! Definitely recommending to my friends
Fair play to ye

NickORB ,

Binge Worthy

I started listening from the start when they were on episode 43 (currently 48) I’m half way through and having a great laugh on the way to work and can’t see myself getting sick of this craic anytime soon! Keep it up lads!

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