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Niall Boylan is online, and nobody can hold him back. Subscribe to The Niall Boylan Show and access premium content by visiting https://niallboylan.com

    Hermann Kelly (President Of The Irish Freedom Party)

    Hermann Kelly (President Of The Irish Freedom Party)

    Join Niall in a compelling interview with Hermann Kelly, President of the Irish Freedom Party, as they delve into Ireland's political landscape. In this thought-provoking conversation, Hermann shares unique insights on a range of topics, offering a comprehensive view of the Irish Freedom Party's positions.
    The discussion covers key political issues such as immigration, housing, and farming, providing listeners with a nuanced understanding of the party's stance. Delving into Ireland's relationship with the European Union, Hermann provides insights into the party's vision for the nation's autonomy and its role on the global stage.
    The interview takes an informative turn as Hermann highlights the tragic events in Ireland, including the recent knife attack in Dublin and the heartbreaking murder of Ashling Murphy. These incidents serve as a backdrop for discussions on public safety, law enforcement, and the challenges facing Irish society.
    Additionally, Hermann delves into the topic of climate change, offering a unique perspective on CO2 levels. He presents the intriguing notion that CO2 levels are historically low, providing listeners with a different angle on the ongoing climate discourse. The conversation navigates through the complexities of climate policies and their potential impact on Ireland's future.
    Hermann also shares his views on RTE, Ireland's national broadcaster, and he also provides commentary on the implications of the new hate speech legislation. The interview offers a holistic exploration of Ireland's political climate, touching on various aspects that shape the nation's identity and future.

    • 47 min
    #121 I'm 42, And My Husband Won't Let Me Get an Abortion.

    #121 I'm 42, And My Husband Won't Let Me Get an Abortion.

    In this emotionally charged episode, Niall addresses a poignant email from a distressed listener who finds herself at a crossroads. At 42, with three grown children, she discovers she's unexpectedly pregnant. The listener grapples with the decision to have an abortion due to health concerns, personal considerations, and the potential strain on her marriage.
    As Niall opens up the lines to callers, the diverse opinions reflect the complexity of the situation. Some callers stress the importance of communication and finding a compromise with her husband. They believe that a decision as significant as abortion should involve both partners to maintain the foundation of the marriage. Others empathize with the listener's perspective, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing her well-being and making choices that align with her life circumstances.
    The conversations explore the challenges of reaching a mutual decision, the emotional toll of unexpected pregnancies, and the complexities of balancing personal desires with marital expectations. Niall provides a platform for callers to share their experiences, offering varied perspectives on the listener's dilemma.
    In the wrap-up, Niall synthesizes the discussions, leaving listeners with reflections on the delicate balance between personal autonomy and shared decision-making within the context of a marriage.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    #120 Should The Minister Of Justice Resign?

    #120 Should The Minister Of Justice Resign?

    In this episode, Niall asks the pressing question of whether Justice Minister Helen McEntee should resign in the aftermath of the Dublin riots. The show unfolds with a discussion of the recent Ireland Thinks poll for the Sunday Independent, revealing a nuanced public opinion on the Minister's performance. The survey indicates a rise in public support for McEntee, with 38% expressing satisfaction, while 49% are not satisfied. The poll also explores the divisive question of whether McEntee should step down, with 54% against her resignation and 40% in favor.
    The show script emphasizes the various concerns surrounding McEntee's tenure, including issues with immigration, deportation orders, and the overall safety perception of the public. It touches on the controversial introduction of facial recognition cameras and hate speech laws as responses to recent crimes, questioning whether these measures address the root causes of rising criminal activity.
    As Niall opens up the lines to callers, opinions range from dissatisfaction with the Minister's focus on hate speech laws to concerns about the adequacy of law enforcement and the perceived lack of safety on the streets. Callers express skepticism about the effectiveness of McEntee's strategies and emphasize the need for practical solutions to address the public's safety concerns.
    In the wrap-up, Niall synthesizes the diverse opinions from the callers, leaving listeners with a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges faced by the Minister of Justice and the complex landscape of public sentiment.

    • 1 hr 35 min
    #119 A Ring, a Fling, and a Scorned Woman's Sting

    #119 A Ring, a Fling, and a Scorned Woman's Sting

    In this emotionally charged episode, Niall unveils a listener's heart-wrenching dilemma involving a broken engagement, betrayal, and a coveted engagement ring. The listener recounts a tumultuous journey of love turned sour, detailing the shock of discovering her partner's infidelity after five seemingly blissful years together. The engagement, once filled with promises of a future together, now stands shattered.
    The central point of contention is the engagement ring—a stunning 1.7-carat diamond, a family heirloom, worth between 15 and 17 thousand euros. The ex-fiancé, now entangled in a new relationship, has demanded its return, citing sentimental value. The listener grapples with conflicting emotions, torn between her disdain for her ex-partner and the perceived injustice of surrendering a symbol of what once was.
    Niall opens the lines to a spectrum of opinions from callers. Some argue that the ring holds sentimental value for the ex-partner and should be returned, emphasizing the need for closure and a clean break. On the other side, callers advocate for the listener, citing the emotional trauma inflicted upon her and suggesting that she deserves compensation for the years lost.
    The episode delves into the complexity of relationships, legal perspectives on engagement rings, and the blurred lines between sentimentality and legal ownership. Callers share diverse viewpoints, creating a compelling narrative that reflects the intricate nature of love, heartbreak, and the aftermath of shattered engagements.
    As Niall wraps up the episode, he synthesizes the various opinions, leaving listeners to ponder the question of whether the listener should relinquish the ring or use it as a form of recompense for the emotional turmoil endured.

    • 1 hr 30 min
    #118 Hate Speech Laws: They Are Telling Us All To Shut Up!

    #118 Hate Speech Laws: They Are Telling Us All To Shut Up!

    In this episode, Niall opens the floor to a contentious topic, exploring the complex world of hate speech laws and prompting listeners to ponder the question, "Do you think there should be any restrictions on speech either online or offline?" The episode kicks off with a reflection on the importance of freedom of speech, echoing the sentiments of Benjamin Franklin.
    The discussion revolves around recent announcements by Leo Varadkar, revealing plans for legislation that would equip law enforcement with new tools to combat hate speech in both virtual and physical spaces. Niall delves into the controversy surrounding the proposed laws, shedding light on concerns about potential overreach and impacts on freedom of speech.
    A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to dissecting the specifics of the proposed legislation. Key elements, such as the use of facial recognition technology and the expansion of prosecutorial tools for hate speech online, are explored in depth. The script emphasizes the diverse public opinions on these measures, referencing an RTE poll that revealed only 19% support for the new laws.
    As Niall opens up the lines, callers express apprehensions about government overreach, stressing the significance of preserving free speech. Concerns about subjective interpretations of hate speech and the potential chilling effect on freedom of expression are voiced, creating a mosaic of perspectives.
    In wrapping up the episode, Niall synthesizes the various viewpoints presented by callers, encouraging ongoing dialogue on the delicate balance between protecting individuals and safeguarding free speech. The podcast serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges and nuances inherent in legislating speech in a rapidly evolving social media era.

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Part 1 #117 Would You Trust All Gardai With Firearms?

    Part 1 #117 Would You Trust All Gardai With Firearms?

    In this episode, Niall delves into a pressing question: "Would You Trust All Gardaí With Firearms?" The topic surfaces in the aftermath of a violent knife attack in Dublin and subsequent riots, sparking a debate on whether arming the Gardaí is a solution to escalating crime. Niall provides context through an article highlighting Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's stance on the matter.
    The podcast explores the recent surge in violent crimes across Ireland, leading to concerns about public safety. Niall presents both sides of the argument by opening the lines to callers who express diverse perspectives on arming the Gardaí.
    Some callers advocate for arming all Gardaí, emphasizing the need for law enforcement to have the necessary tools to combat rising criminal activity. They argue that increased violence on the streets demands a proactive approach to public safety and crime prevention.
    On the opposing side, other callers caution against arming all Gardaí, citing potential risks and complications. Concerns about officer training, community policing, and the possibility of escalating violence are discussed. Some suggest alternative solutions such as better technology, intelligence gathering, and strategic investments in law enforcement.
    As the conversation unfolds, Niall synthesizes the various viewpoints presented by callers and offers his insights. In wrapping up the episode, he encourages continued dialogue on the complex issue of arming law enforcement, emphasizing the importance of finding holistic solutions that prioritize public safety.

    • 54 min

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4.4 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

janealicemc ,

Well needed honest take on things

What you won’t find in the mainstream media

Globetrekker84 ,

A different radio presenter

Great listen most days gives honest views
Weather ppl like them or not good topics most of the time.

Nuacht6 ,


I initially thought this podcast was satire! Sadly it’s not. Thin on research, uninformed opinions and a lack of insight and intellect.

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