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Reiki, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, God-dess and Wisdom Teachings, Sacred Mysteries

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Reiki, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, God-dess and Wisdom Teachings, Sacred Mysteries

    Farewell for Now * Shakti Blessings

    Farewell for Now * Shakti Blessings

    Farewell for now :) I will be pausing with podcasts for a little as I reconnect to my Goddess roots and take a partial sabbatical of sorts, preparing for my own personal sacred journey to other lands, inspiring new levels of my expansion, growth, embodiment etc which will then translate into a new level and array of offerings
    stay tune for more on that at sacredventures.com sessions, trainings and sacred journeys contine…see below details or log on website
    enjoy this podcast as we soak into our current fall blessings and all the gems that this season brings for us in this luminous time, as the external light resides in part of the world giving us an opportunity to go deeper into our internal light
    journey with me as we activate our Shakti connection our intrinsic creative intuitive self and our deep connection and relationship to Mother Earth, Supreme Goddess Shakti.
    Explore basic ways you can arrest our Environment Global Crisis through the simplicity of being in communion and relationship with all of nature
    witness as all comes to life and heals all around you
    your voice, your heart, your words, your actions have a direct connection to the shift of our global environmental issues into a more sustainable thriving Earth that is vitally alive and in inter relationship with us!!
    The Golden Age is Here! and we are the co creators and receivers
    Sessions are still available from where ever you are, for coaching, mentoring, celestial/elemental communication, Reiki, Yoga/Meditation coaching/instruction and on
    zoom or phone and of course in person if you’re here o Maui or when I’m in Ireland etc
    I will be hosting and Ireland Sacred Journey this year July 16-22 but recommended dates with support in planning trip is July 15-25 or so
    I am hosing Reiki I and II training this year on Maui Nov 12-13 and  streaming from this beautiful island Advanced and Master Training via Livestream Interactive

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    Heart Healing * Journey With Us * Maui & Ireland

    Heart Healing * Journey With Us * Maui & Ireland

    life has been full and wonderous with all its challenges and bliss :) sorry its been a while since last podcast
    just getting a chance to connect
    delighted to embark on a heart healing journey with you in this podcast and tune you into the wonders that have unfolded here on Maui in the past year
    also tuning you in to our upcoming Ireland and Maui Sacred Journey's, which we would love to share with you
    enjoy a deeply nourishing, healing session as we soak in the field of Grace activated by recent astrological alignments
    come embark into the mystery, wonder, joy and bliss of your heart
    for more on our upcoming in person journeys please go to sacredventures.com
    also available for one on one session remotely any where in the world, as well as private trainings and journeys, inquire
    so much reiki aloha love your way!

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    Sensous Living

    Sensous Living

    journey with me through this podcast as we awaken our senses and sensual living even through the mundane or intensities of life
    enjoy whale delights, reflecting sensuous presence, deep breaths, rhythmic flow, activating whale song inspiring us move on from an old fear/fight paradigm around health and self.
    rather than fighting disease, we embrace, lovingly, bringing our sensuous presence to activate the transformation and renewal of disease, into new life giving force
    where decay gives way to rich prana
    awakening to reality you are not an illness, a condition, a circumstances
    utilizing external aids, treatments, medicines
    enjoy nourishing breath healing practice diving into your sensuous breath, the essence of your being activating the medicine within you and all around you
    connecting to your source/guidance. 
    join us livestream in March
    March 12 Reiki I Training
    March 25 advanced Training
    March 26-17 Master Training
    also available for phone or video sessions wherever you are in the world

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    Holi-day Season

    Holi-day Season

    take time to unplug and go within in this holi-day season. In the approaching Solstice as external light recedes we have a great opportunity to go within and connect to the luminous light of our Soul and Source.
    Receive a guided reflective template to support you in looking inward, reflecting in gratitude on blessings of the past year, releasing what no longer serves and planting seeds for the new year ahead
    consciously completing a year as you prepare to co create a new year ahead in the highest good of yourself and others
    soak in a brief closing blessing and luminous infusion nourishing you into this season and into the new year.
    contact us at info@sacredventures.com for one one one sessions from wherever you are in the world. Join us in January for Reiki 1 and 2 livestream Jan 29-30.

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    Transcending Separation Into Unity Consciousness

    Transcending Separation Into Unity Consciousness

    enjoy this season's podcast recorded on Maui on the heals of our annual Maui Sacred Journey and Reiki Trainings.  A powerful gathering, transcending separation into unity consciousness
    we live in a polarity world
    separation is inherent as part of our learning and growth
    a choice we all made as part of being on this earth plane
    and yet
    our polarized tendencies can gravitated towards extremes in which we lose complete touch with the reality that in fact all is unified
    our current world affairs have us in the throws of one of the most intense spiritual growth stages in the her/history of humanity
    we have the power to transcend the imbalances of our perception of who we are and our relationship with our bodies, the body of the earth and each other
    coming back to a place of unification
    back home
    to the heart
    join us from wherever you are this fall for upcoming Reiki I and II in November and Advanced Master training in December
    also inquire about private individual or group maui sacred journeys, as well as one on one session via phone or zoom
    all details at www.sacredventures.com
    looking forward to journeying with you
    all my love

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    Surrender to Blessings Amidst Chaos

    Surrender to Blessings Amidst Chaos

    Through the constant uncertainty and challenge we are all faced with in our world we have a great opportunity to drop past the surface fears,
    and surrender to the river of blessings that are sooo present and are always there in all ways. 
    I highly recommend exploring this site for Hawaiian Traditional Healing. A wealth of wisdom with free livestream workshops, please donate to support this great offering https://hmono.org/traditional-healing/
    the workshop I reference in the podcast is found on this link
    Join us in our upcoming livestream Reiki 1 & 2 Training Sept 25-26, strengthen your innate healing abilities along with multitude of benefits, see link for details
    and our livestream Reiki Refresher Aug 21 for all those trained in Reiki from level 1 on up. https://sacredventures.com/reiki/reiki_refresher
    Also one on one sessions available via phone or streaming, https://sacredventures.com/services/phone__online_session  
    Private Sacred Journeys on this magical Island of Maui, designed to meet your desires and needs. https://sacredventures.com/sacred_journeys

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