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- 每日英語跟讀,跟著 John老師一起朗讀、跟讀時事趣聞。
- 精選詞彙 Vocab播客,收聽John與老師群討論主題內容與精選詞彙。
- 文法跟讀 In-Tense單元,跟著Gavin老師一起反覆練習常用文法例句。

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通勤學英語Podcast, 利用每日15分鐘,不用死背單字、文法,即刻跟著節目開口提升你的英語力!


- 每日英語跟讀,跟著 John老師一起朗讀、跟讀時事趣聞。
- 精選詞彙 Vocab播客,收聽John與老師群討論主題內容與精選詞彙。
- 文法跟讀 In-Tense單元,跟著Gavin老師一起反覆練習常用文法例句。

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K483: 食物物價飆漲企業荷包跟著賺滿滿

    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K483: 食物物價飆漲企業荷包跟著賺滿滿

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K483: Rocketing Prices Of Foods Elevate Company Profits

    A year ago, a bag of potato chips at the grocery store cost an average of $5.05. These days, that bag costs $6.05. A dozen eggs that could have been picked up for $1.83 now average $2.90. A 2-liter bottle of soda that cost $1.78 will now set you back $2.17.

    Something else is also much higher: corporate profits.

    In mid-October, PepsiCo, whose prices for its drinks and chips were up 17% in the latest quarter from year-earlier levels, reported that its third-quarter profit grew more than 20%. Likewise, Coca-Cola reported profit up 14% from a year earlier, thanks in large part to price increases.

    Restaurants keep getting more expensive, too. Chipotle Mexican Grill, which said prices by the end of the year would be nearly 15% higher than a year earlier, reported $257.1 million in profit in the latest quarter, up nearly 26% from a year earlier.

    For years, food companies and restaurants generally raised prices in small steps, worried that big increases would frighten consumers and send them looking for cheaper options. But over the past year, as wages increased and the cost of the raw ingredients used to make treats like cookies, chips, sodas and the materials to package them soared, food companies and restaurants started passing along those expenses to customers.

    But amid growing concerns that the economy could be headed for a recession, some food companies and restaurants are continuing to raise prices even if their own inflation-driven costs have been covered. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Chipotle did not respond to requests for comment.

    “The recent earnings calls have only reinforced the familiar and unwelcome theme that corporations did not need to raise their prices so high on struggling families,” said Kyle Herrig, the president of Accountable.US, an advocacy organization. “The calls tell us corporations have used inflation, the pandemic and supply chain challenges as an excuse to exaggerate their own costs and then nickel and dime consumers.”
    倡議組織Accountable US總裁海瑞格說:「最近的財報電話會議只是強化了一個熟悉且不受歡迎的主題,也就是企業面對苦苦掙扎的家庭,沒必要把價格漲到這麼高。這些會議告訴我們,企業以通膨、疫情及供應鏈挑戰為藉口,誇大自身成本,然後一點一滴榨乾消費者。」

    Over the past year, the price of food eaten at home has soared 13%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with some items spiking even higher. Cereals and bakery goods are up 16.

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K482: 美企執行長對經濟衰退憂心

    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K482: 美企執行長對經濟衰退憂心

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K482: CEOs Are Talking More About Recession

    Despite a surprisingly resilient labor market, talk of an economic downturn is on the lips of corporate leaders.

    James S. Tisch, CEO of Loews, the hotel, insurance and industrial conglomerate, said on an earnings call with analysts last week that his “fearless forecast” was for recession, but not one that would be as “cataclysmic as ’08 or ’09.”

    And William J. Hornbuckle, CEO of MGM Resorts International, told analysts last week that he and his executives were “not blind,” and that they “remain keenly aware of the impact of inflation” and the potential that the economy was headed for a downturn.

    Recession has been an increasingly hot topic. It’s customary for large public companies to hold conference calls with analysts after they report their earnings. Of the 409 companies listed on the S&P 500-stock index that have held analyst calls to discuss the most recent quarter, the R-word came up as a topic 165 times, according to Sentieo, a market data provider.

    A year ago, “recession” was uttered on 42 earnings calls by S&P 500 firms for the third quarter. Discussions about a recession have been elevated throughout this year, with big year-over-year jumps in the first and second quarters as well.

    Two weeks ago, Federal Reserve officials made a fourth supersize interest rate increase in an effort to tame inflation, heightening fears of an economic slump. The Fed chair, Jerome H. Powell, said he thought there was still a window for a so-called soft landing, in which inflation dissipates but the economy does not fall into a recession.

    “Has it narrowed? Yes,” Powell told reporters. “Is it still possible? Yes.”

    Some economic indicators released last week seemed to back Powell’s view. Last quarter, the gross domestic product rose at a better-than-expected annual pace of 2.6%. On Friday, the government reported that employers added 261,000 jobs to their payrolls in October, which was also above expectations.

    Nonetheless, CEOs on 88 third-quarter conference calls said that the Fed’s raising of interest rates to fight inflation was either a major factor slowing their business, or that they expected it to be, according to Sentieo. Last week, Steven Roth, real es

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    回顧星期天LBS - 蘋果公司相關時事趣聞 All about Apple

    回顧星期天LBS - 蘋果公司相關時事趣聞 All about Apple

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    Topic: Apple Feels the Sting From an Oscar Slap

    Apple has a Will Smith problem.

    Smith is the star of “Emancipation,” a film set during the Civil War era that Apple envisioned as a surefire Oscar contender when it wrapped filming earlier this year. But that was before Smith strode onto the stage at the Academy Awards in March and slapped comedian Chris Rock, who had made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Will Smith, who also won best actor that night, has since surrendered his membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and has been banned from attending any Academy-related events, including the Oscar telecast, for the next decade.

    Now Apple finds itself left with a $120 million unreleased awards-style movie featuring a star no longer welcome at the biggest award show of them all and a big question: Can the film, even if it succeeds artistically, overcome the baggage that now accompanies Smith?

    According to three people involved with the film who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the company’s planning, there have been discussions inside Apple to release “Emancipation” by the end of the year, which would make it eligible for awards consideration. Variety reported in May, however, that the film’s release would be pushed into 2023.

    When asked for this article how and when it planned to release “Emancipation,” Apple declined to comment.

    “Emancipation,” directed by Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”) and with a script by William Collage, is based on the true story of a slave known as “Whipped Peter,”who joined the Union Army while still in the South.

    Apple set up a general audience test screening of “Emancipation” in Chicago earlier this year, according to three people with knowledge of the event who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not permitted to discuss it publicly. They said it generated an overwhelmingly positive reaction, specifically for Smith’s performance, which one of the people called “volcanic.” Audience members, during the after-screening feedback, said they were not turned off by Smith’s recent public behavior.

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    15Mins Live Podcast - 常混淆英文字Often confusing verbs-看見 看 觀看See Look and Watch

    15Mins Live Podcast - 常混淆英文字Often confusing verbs-看見 看 觀看See Look and Watch

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    See vs. Look vs. Watch 看見/看/觀看

    See is a verb of perception, it is a sense. It is automatic and doesn't require a decision to use this sense. It is associated with things that we can't avoid.

    Look and Watch are action verbs that require a decision for you to use them. They never happen automatically.

    Look is used to suggest a direction for your eyes. Usually we use this verb when the things we look at doesn't move.
    Look - camera, prices, mirror, sky.
    Look at this picture.I like to look at the stars at night.
    Watch is when we talk about concentrating on something, like a movie or sports. Using watch suggests there is a movement involved, so you can use that for TV or movies.
    Watch - a movie, a TV program, a football match.
    I like to sit on the verandah and watch people walk by.I watch The Simpsons every day on TV.
    I can see the mountains in the distance. 我可以看到遠處的山脈Can you see the whiteboard from your seat? 從你的位子看得到白板嗎?Look at the map to find where we are. 看地圖上找不找得到你的地點Don't look at him for the answer - I asked you! 我再問你!不要看他要答案I love to watch Game of Thrones on Sunday night. 我週日時段超愛看冰與火My husband watches the replays of the football on the weekend. 我老公超愛看體育台重播
    小測驗時間 – 翻譯
    你從你家看得到台北101嗎?你每天都給小孩看多久電視?看看你!都弄的髒兮兮的!平日我們都愛看Netflix 影集當初你是看上你男人的哪一點?我不喜歡做功課時有人盯著!

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K481: About Golf - 老虎伍茲拒絕打利夫高球賽與機場莫名高球

    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K481: About Golf - 老虎伍茲拒絕打利夫高球賽與機場莫名高球

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K481: About Golf - Tiger Woods turned down $700-800M to play LIV Golf

    Tiger Woods turned down an offer worth approximately $700-$800 million to join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series, according to the tour’s CEO Greg Norman.

    During an interview on Fox News that aired on Monday, former world No. 1 Norman was asked by Tucker Carlson if it was true that Woods was offered $700-$800 million to join the LIV Golf series.

    "That number was out there before I became CEO," Norman replied. "So, that number’s been out there, yes. Look, Tiger’s a needle mover, right?

    "So, of course, you’re going to look at the best of the best. They had originally approached Tiger before I became CEO, so, yes, that number is somewhere in that neighborhood."

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    Golf balls raining down on an...airport and it’s a big problem 高爾夫球遍佈…機場,問題大了

    Over the past 30 days the Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Carter County, Tennessee, has been dealing with a major safety issue:golf balls all over the runway. The problem is worrying airport officials, reports WJHL News Channel 11.

    Dan Cogan, the airport manager said, "Four different occasions we found golf balls out there and the total is well over 100 golf balls." The closest golf course is seven miles away but the balls are being found on the airport’s east end runway.

    There have been no injuries and the balls have hit no planes, but Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes says there could be a case for "reckless endangerment, you’re putting people’s lives in danger."

    Authorities are asking for the public’s help in finding the golfer behind this act.
    當局請求大眾協助尋找此事幕後的高球手。Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1548180 ; https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/paper/810601

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K480: About School - 最老學生完成學業與法律學院寄出錯誤通知

    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K480: About School - 最老學生完成學業與法律學院寄出錯誤通知

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    每日英語跟讀 Ep.K480: About School - Italy’s oldest student graduates again aged 98

    Giuseppe Paterno, who is 98, has become Italy’s oldest graduate - again.

    Paterno has added a masters in history and philosophy from the University of Palermo to an initial degree in the same subjects he earned there two years ago.

    Paterno passed the latest degree with top marks, again, his proud family said on Facebook.

    He has no plans to rest and wants to write a novel using his trusty typewriter.

    Born in 1923, Paterno grew up in a poor family in Sicily and despite his love of books and studying, he wasn’t able to go to university as a young man.

    Instead he served in the navy during World War Two from the age of 20 and went on to be a railway worker.

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    Guilty! Law school sends out erroneous admissions emails 法律學院寄出錯誤的入學通知電郵

    The Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts, said in a statement it’s guilty of accidentally sending acceptance emails to former and current applicants.

    The School blamed a "technical error" for the glitch, saying the erroneous emails went to more than 200 people who applied for admission starting next fall, as well as to nearly 4,000 former applicants, some of whom are already enrolled.

    Lakisha Papoutsakis, a single mother, who received the acceptance email, said that she has dreamed of going to law school since she was a child.

    She shared the good news with her loved ones before noticing the follow-up email. "I was like, ’Oh my
    God this is so amazing,’ and then it was like, ’Oh no, sorry, April Fool’s Day,’" she said.
    她跟親愛的人們分享喜訊後,才注意到後續的電郵。她說:「我本來心想,『我的天啊,這太驚喜了』,然後又覺得,『喔不,真遺憾,這是愚人節吧』。」Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1546670 ; https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1545424

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