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Listen in as we speak with innovative thought leaders creating positive change in communities for the sake of ecology, the arts, spiritual consciousness and social change for the good of all.

Spirit of Leadership with Megan Chaskey Megan Chaskey

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Listen in as we speak with innovative thought leaders creating positive change in communities for the sake of ecology, the arts, spiritual consciousness and social change for the good of all.

    Nahid Boustani - Be the Dot. Be the Presence.

    Nahid Boustani - Be the Dot. Be the Presence.

    I’m a data scientist in the IT world, a mother at home, a philanthropist and a coach by heart, and a self-proclaimed Persian-American artist who contributes her art to the arduous practice of staying present. Persian Calligraphy has been my family heritage and my main tool to share the spirit of art I've been experiencing in conscious presence. There is a space where creation pours and it pours until we grow weary of receiving it. In this space, I express yourself. I am the vehicle for the creator to manifest itself.

    In my new project, BeTheDot,BeThePresence, I aim to bring people together to hold a space for leading their way through the art of calligraphy.


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    Kathy Engel, poet

    Kathy Engel, poet

    Kathy Engel, poet, has worked for forty years at the nexus between social justice movements and art/imagination. Her books include Ruth’s Skirts, poems and prose, We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon, co- edited with Kamal Boullata, The Kitchen with art by German Perez, and the chapbook, Banish The Tentative. Her newest book, The Lost Brother Alphabet, was published by Get Fresh Books, 2020. Kathy founded with a group of women in 1983, and became the first director of the international women’s human rights group, MADRE. She is also co- founder, producer, and consultant for numerous projects, campaigns, organizations. She works as Associate Arts Professor in the Department of Art & Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. She is a 2020 Pushcart nominee. The mother of two amazing daughters, she lives in Sagaponack, New York, with her partner, the artist educator Jonathan Snow.


    instagram: kellajaja

    "The Lost Brother Alphabet" available at:




    To Kneel



    check out: https://www.livingdictionaryproject.com

    check out: https://www.theenclavehabitat.org/

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    Scott Chaskey

    Scott Chaskey

    Scott Chaskey, poet/farmer

    Formerly the head farmer and director of one of the original

    community supported agricultural projects, Quail Hill Farm, for 30 years

    with Peconic Land Trust on the East End of Long Island,

    Scott has served on several boards of environmental non-profits.

    He is the author of several books including

    This Common Ground, 4 Seasons on an Organic Farm,

    and Seedtime, on the History, Husbandry, Politics and Promise of Seeds,

    books that are a celebration as well as a call to action

    urging us to renew our role as citizens of nature.

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    Grace Chang

    Grace Chang

    Grace Chang

    Creating an essential foundation with potent generative health & wealth solutions for individual & collective transformation.

    Coming from over 3 decades of conventional & alternative medicine, Grace is currently merging permanent health & wealth solutions to create a platform for transformation. She shows individuals & businesses how to thrive using potent tools to elevate conscious health & wealth potential. Consultant to coaches, leaders & influencers, she harnesses data from ongoing research to validate efficacy of physical & non-physical modalities.



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    Alyssa Gaustad

    Alyssa Gaustad

    Aylssa Gaustad

    practices the Yoga of Immortality, called Sukshma Vyama powered by Naam,

    and she is a trainer of teachers and she practices Harmonyum Healing founded by Dr Levry

    used to relieve stress and help the body heal from the negative effects of trauma and disease.

    Instagram @alyssanaam

    • 13 min
    Bridget Fleming

    Bridget Fleming

    Bridget Fleming, Suffolk County, NY legislator

    Bridget was first elected to the Southampton Town Board in a Special Election in March 2010 and won reelection in 2011 for a four-year term. She then was elected to represent the Second District in the Suffolk County Legislature in 2016. She is an innovative leader for economic growth, an effective advocate for our environment, and a dedicated champion of government accountability. Before running for office, Bridget worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan where she served as a member of a Trial Bureau and Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit, and later as Chief of a Unit devoted to attacking fraud in public programs. Today, Bridget lives on the east end of Long Island with her husband Bob, son Jai, and dog Dune.

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