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Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization.

Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Lisa believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Organize365.com.

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Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization.

Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Lisa believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Organize365.com.

    11- Paper Organizing Retreats

    11- Paper Organizing Retreats

    My second big announcement from the Organize 365 National Convention is the exciting news that we are going to have Paper Organizing Retreats!
    That’s right, you can literally pack up all of your paper into boxes, travel to Cincinnati, and organize your paper during a productive weekend retreat with key members of the Organize 365 Team – how awesome is that? I’m so excited!
    I’ve wanted to start these Paper Organizing Retreats for years. When I began Organize 365 in 2012, I knew I needed to launch a unique organizing retreat where people could bring their paper and organize all of it (while listening to some great music and snacking on delicious food as we go) – it was the PERFECT plan.
    But it took six years to turn that vision into a reality, and in many ways, I’m glad it took so long because now I’m 100% sure that I’ve come up with the best products, best structure, and the best team possible.
    After six years of long hours and lots of hard work, we have finally done it!
    Organizing Paper Is Hard Organizing paper isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, especially if you aren’t a passionate organizer.
    At home, it’s easy to get distracted and procrastinate, which is why it’s such a good idea to join one of my Paper Organizing Retreats where you can focus and actually get work done.
    But one of the main reasons to attend a retreat like this is so you can have the opportunity to ask questions to professional organizers. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing, and you’ll be able to avoid shredding a file that you really shouldn’t have because, unfortunately, there are no time machines when it comes to organizing paperwork!
    The REAL Reason For My Paper Organizing Retreats Yes, I like to help people organize their paper, and I love the community of organizers we have here at Organize 365 and the Sunday Basket®. BUT there is a deeper, more personal reason why I decided to launch these retreats.
    When my kids were young, they got a lot of different diagnoses including things like autism, ADHD, bipolar, food sensitives, and so on. And you know what? It was so overwhelming!
    I soon transformed into a protective mama bear. I was determined to know as much as possible about their conditions and I’m sure a lot of mothers who find themselves in similar situations do the same thing. Who can blame us?
    Whenever we receive unexpected news like a medical diagnosis or a sudden death in the family, it’s like your entire world comes crashing down.
    One minute, you’re sailing through life, the birds are singing, and your only concern is what you’re going to cook for dinner. And then BANG, you hear some terrible news. Then you’re devastated and left with all this paperwork you didn’t even know existed.
    I know that feeling all too well, which is why I wanted to create the Paper Organizing Retreats to help reduce stress at a time in your life when you feel like everything is just falling apart.
    Getting Organized On The Retreat On a more light-hearted note, when you attend the retreat, you’re guaranteed to leave a lot more organized than you were when you arrived!
    If you’ve got your hands on one of the new Friday Workboxes that have just been released for your home-based business, you can take it with you to the retreat and get stuff into it.
    The Friday Workboxes can really help you to get an effective system in place so you have more structure and direction to take your business that extra step further.
    The retreat begins at 9 am on Saturday morning. When you arrive, you’ll have your own organizing table which includes a shredding bag and a recycling bag. You’ll spend a lot of time during the first half of Saturday going through your paper and organizing them into three piles: shredding, deleting, and the keep pile.
    Everything you want to shred can go into the shredding bag, the paper

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    10 - Organize 365 Friday Workboxes

    10 - Organize 365 Friday Workboxes

    It’s finally time to talk about the NEW Friday Workboxes!
    I’ve worked on the Friday Workboxes for a very long time (and by that, I mean three years), so I feel like they’re more than ready to go out into the world and start changing people’s lives!
    If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me and travel back to around two years and four months ago, that was when I first introduced the idea of a Friday Workbox with you. Time flies, huh?
    It may have taken a few years to get here, but it took that long to make sure the Friday Workboxes would be as awesome as possible. And as the saying goes, it’s “better late than never,” right?
    Friday Workboxes Are For Home-Based Businesses Are you an entrepreneur or the owner of a home-based business? If you are, the Friday Workboxes are PERFECT for you!
    There are four Friday boxes available, including a box for:
    Direct Sales Home Schooling Entrepreneurs Teachers (this one will be available July 1st) If you’re familiar with the Sunday Basket® system, navigating your way around the Friday Workbox will be a piece of cake. They share some similarities such as the use of the 1.0 and 2.0 Slash Pockets, but they also differ regarding their use and purpose.
    The Friday Workbox is a complete system and costs $150. You can’t buy each part of the box individually, but you can make your own workbox with materials from the Organize 365 Store, if you prefer. But I would advise that you save yourself the hassle and go for the complete Friday Workbox to get the most out of your investment.
    Friday Workboxes Vs. Sunday Baskets® : What’s The Difference? You’re probably wondering how the Friday Workbox differs from the Sunday Basket®. When you think of the Sunday Basket®, what pops into your head? Bills, letters, medical information, finances, and everything in between, right?
    The Sunday Basket® is built for organizing the home, and everything that’s connected to that is kept in your Sunday Basket®.
    The Friday Workbox, on the other hand, is all about organizing your home-based business or “passion project.”
    The NEW Golden Hour – (Friday at 2pm) I’ve designed the Friday Box to be done on a Friday at 2pm. That’s very specific, I know. Of course, you can do the Friday Workbox at any time of the day. But if you’re anything like me, you want to be done with work by 2pm on a Friday!
    You’ll need at least one hour to work on your Friday Workbox. As you’ve probably heard me say before, for every minute you spend planning, you GAIN five in execution. So, if you spend just an hour planning, you’ll save yourself five hours next week – how awesome is that?
    Reviewing The Week & Planning Ahead Some of you may still be thinking, “But why choose a Friday?” and I have two reasons:
    When I do the box on a Friday, I can review the week and plan for what needs to be done the following week. It gives me a clear perspective and saves me a lot of time when Monday morning rolls around again. I don’t like to work over the weekend. I’d rather respond to emails and get in touch with people on a Friday rather than wait for the beginning of the next week. This way, I can enjoy my weekend and not have to think about work again until Monday morning. Inside Your Friday Workbox The Friday Workbox comes with a Sunday Basket® in the color of your choosing, one set of the 2.0 Slash Pockets, and two sets of the rainbow 1.0 Slash Pockets.
    One set of the 1.0 Slash Pockets are set up in a similar way to the Sunday Basket® while the second set includes labels for each day of the week.
    You’ll also receive a guide for your workbox about how you can sort out your slash pockets.
    Each one is focused on the traditional sales cycle and color coded as follows:
    Pink Slash Pockets – Leads Purple Slash Pockets – Customers Green Slash Pockets – Finances Blue Slash

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    9 - Sunday Basket 2.0

    9 - Sunday Basket 2.0

    Sunday Basket® 2.0? Congratulations! If you have been following along with my podcast episodes, you have gotten your Sunday Basket® all set up and are on week two of using it. But I bet you are still feeling a little overwhelmed.
    The number one thing that makes you feel overwhelmed when starting to use the Sunday Basket® is that not everything fits into the first 5 pockets. I mean, where do you put your recipes, your business or small project paperwork?
    The first 5 pockets that you set up are called Sunday Basket® 1.0 and these are for tasks you do every single week like paying your bills, updating your calendar, placing orders online, and so on.
    These 5 pockets will save you time and will save your sanity, but the beauty of the Sunday Basket® is when you take it to Sunday Basket® 2.0 level.
    What is Sunday Basket® 2.0? I thought about how I use my Sunday Basket® and what works best for me, but it took me a while to figure out how to teach you to do the same thing. And the products I wanted to do this with didn't exist.
    I had custom slash pockets created that are different than all others available on the market and different from those in Sunday Basket® 1.0. I even had the colors specifically designed for me… maybe you should be a little worried about me!
    Try to visualize this... in Sunday Basket® 1.0, the 5 slash pocket colors cascade down the outside (red, orange, yellow, green, blue). But in Sunday Basket® 2.0, they are packs of each colored slash pocket. So the first 5 are all blue, then the next 5 are green, then pink, and then purple so you have 5 of each of the 4 colors.
    Once I had these slash pockets to teach the Sunday Basket® 2.0 how I wanted to teach it, I realized that I not only manage my paperwork, but also prioritize and do my goal setting all in my Sunday Basket®. I never realized this until I really started thinking about it, breaking it down, and working out how I wanted to teach it to you.
    Now, you don't have to use my slash pockets. You can buy regular ones and it will still work. But I will tell you that it is easier if you do use my slash pockets.
    The Sunday Basket® 1.0 process corals all of your paperwork in one place and helps you to go through it on a regular basis and not miss bill payments and important paperwork.
    The Sunday Basket® 2.0 and beyond corals all your papers... and all your hopes and dreams... into different slash pockets and then allows you to prioritize them.
    What Do the Colors Mean For You? The start of the Sunday Basket® 2.0 Workshop is getting you to think about what you want the colors to represent, what do you need them to be. You don't need to use all 20 pockets. And sometimes, you will naturally fill more of the pockets than at other times, depending on what is going on in your life.
    We talk about what to put in each of the pockets. For me, I use blue for my family as it is a color representative of loyalty, green for money (it's the color of money, right?), purple for household stuff, and, saving the best for last, the pink one for you.
    And this is where I focused for this week’s podcast episode, on the pink slash pocket. Because once you have a slash pocket just for you, you really start to think about yourself. We all have goals for ourselves, but let's be honest, if your husband, kids or work call, those personal goals don't take priority. Having this slash pocket has changed how I look at things. This is how my five pink pockets are labeled:
    Clothing One of the things I've noticed as a woman is I buy my kids new clothes each season as they grow or they wear them out. It’s kind of fun and it's what my Mom did for me. But as soon as we get older, we stop buying clothes for ourselves. We only buy what we desperately need and cannot do without.
    So I decided it was time to start buying clothes for me again. And I have a new sty

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    8 - Step 5 - Can it wait until NEXT Sunday?

    8 - Step 5 - Can it wait until NEXT Sunday?

    Step 5 - Can It Wait Until NEXT Sunday?
    If you’ve been listening to my podcasts in real time (on the day that they were released), then you’ll know that this podcast episode was released on the first Sunday of 2018.
    I am so excited about this. If you’ve listened to episodes 1-7, then today is the end of my daily episodes of the Sunday Basket® Podcast (they'll be released weekly from now on).
    If you have been following along and taking action with each episode, then you’re almost done with your Sunday Basket®.
    I’m picturing all of the Sunday Baskets that have been created all over the world. I’m picturing all the women that are taking control of their to-do lists that have been sucking away their time, energy, and causing stress.
    Every podcast episode, from episode 1 through to this episode, is actionable. They all have an action for you to complete.
    We have emptied our Sunday Basket® completely.
    We've gotten rid of all items that needed shredding or recycling.
    We have opened all of our mail.
    We've divided our actionable items into three piles – mail and money, computer and calendar, and errands and things to do outside of the house.
    And we took action with our mail and money and our computer and calendar items.
    Can it wait until NEXT Sunday? We must always make this assessment with all items – can this wait until next Sunday?
    With money and mail items, if it can wait until next week, then we put it into a green slash pocket (if you have been to one of my workshops, you’ll have one of these) or you can clip it together. Then it goes back into your Sunday Basket®.
    Similarly, with your computer and calendar pile, anything that can wait gets put into an orange slash pocket or clipped together. Then it goes back into your Sunday Basket®.
    In the errand pile, you have selected what can be completed this week.
    You've created your "car closet" – putting items in the trunk of your car on a Sunday that you’ll need through the week.
    You have also made your to-do list based on what can be completed this week.
    Any errands that won’t be completed this week should go into a yellow slash pocket (if you have one) or clipped together – then back into your Sunday Basket®.
    Sunday Basket® 2.0 Any other items that you have left in front of you are the topic of next week’s podcast episode – I call this Sunday Basket® 2.0.
    They are usually items that are unique to you – recipes, memorabilia, work-related, etc. For now, just group the items together as best you can.
    With each item ask yourself, can it wait until next Sunday? Of course, if it can't, take action.
    Then put your Sunday Basket® back on the kitchen counter.
    Next Sunday, I’ll teach you what to do with all of those items that didn’t fit into the red, green, and orange slash pockets. Don’t worry, there is a system. They have not been neglected!
    Get your Complete Sunday Basket with On Demand Workshop here!

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    7 - Step 4 - Plan Your Week

    7 - Step 4 - Plan Your Week

    Step 4 - Plan Your Week
    In this podcast episode and blog post, I’m so excited to share with you my free weekly planning printables.
    Head to the homepage and you’ll see that when you sign up for my newsletter, you get a copy of my planning printables, too.
    The planning printables are something that I created years ago.  I’ve realized that, although I’ve moved to a Google Calendar as my planner for the day-to-day, sometimes I just need paper, too!
    On a Sunday night, when I’m doing my Sunday Basket®, I flesh out a plan for my week ahead (using my planning printables).
    I love writing my plan out. I find that physically writing something down on a piece of paper creates a different connection within your brain in relation to that task, as opposed to making a digital record.
    I recognize that planning your week ahead is an extra task on a Sunday for you to complete, but I promise that in doing so, you’ll see that your week flows so much easier and in a far more organized way. You’ll also be able to add new and exciting things into your week that you previously didn’t have time to do before!
    If you’ve been following along with the previous podcast episodes, then you should currently have an empty Sunday Basket®.
    Let’s recap!
    You’ve shredded and recycled paper that you don’t need.
    You’ve placed your actionable items into three piles – money and mail, computer and calendar, and errands and tasks outside of the house.
    You worked through the money and mail pile, and the computer and calendar pile, and you took action with every item in there – apart from those that can wait until next week (the focus of my next podcast episode)!
    This week, I’m looking at the errands and things to do outside of the house pile. You can’t complete these on a Sunday (most likely), but what you can do is plan out your week so that they do get completed.
    To help you do this, go ahead and download my planning printables.
    How to use the printables There are two printable PDF documents.
    The first printable has three columns.
    Things to do every week – turn phone off and on again, fully charge electronic items, etc. Home to-do list – your to-do list related to your household and family. Work to-do list – work is whatever you spend the majority of your time doing. Work is not necessarily paid; it could be volunteering or home schooling. The second printable is used to plan your week ahead. You add the top 3 things that you are going to complete each day.
    The top of the planner says ‘Top 3 Work’ and ‘Top 3 Home’ – but to be clear, you don’t set three of each, just three tasks overall.
    Why set three things to complete every day? I truly believe that setting 3 tasks to complete every day is the key to having a really productive day and week. We all naturally try and do too much. You most likely think "three things, I have twenty things to do every day!" – but that is the problem. We try to do too much and it all becomes disorganized and often overwhelming.
    The key thing is to batch together your work and the tasks that you need to do. If you batch together work, you save on all of the transition time.
    For example, one of my three tasks today is recording my podcast episodes. I’m recording 11 podcasts today! I consider this one task because the task is to go to my office and record the podcasts – but in reality, you could call it 11 tasks because it’s 11 podcast episodes. But, it’s so much easier and far more productive for me to set all of my podcasting equipment up today to record a batch of episodes than it is to record all 11 podcast episodes over the course of the next 11 days recording 1 per day. It would take time every day to set everything up, put equipment away, etc.
    Pick a day for your errands I really recommend selecting a day of the week to complete the majority of you

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    6 - Step 3 - Take Action!

    6 - Step 3 - Take Action!

    Step 3 - Take Action!
    I hope you’re enjoying The Sunday Basket® Podcast so far.
    If you’ve been following along with the podcast episodes, then you should have three piles of your actionable items from your Sunday Basket®.
    Your three actionable piles are:
    Mail & Money: Bills and things to be mailed Errands & Outside The House: Errands and items that you need to buy or do outside of the home Computer & Calendar: Items that need to be put on your computer, on your calendar, or you need to order them on your computer The next part takes up the bulk of your Sunday Basket® time. It can take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to work on these piles.
    Before we get going, I want to let you know that the Sunday Basket® is all about you. While I may talk about your kids, your spouse, and your extended family, the Sunday Basket® is about YOU. It’s about your time, your to-do's, and your calendar. It applies to any woman, of any generation, anywhere in the world.
    Your first action now is to sit down with your mail and money pile and work through it. Pay your bills. Reconcile your bank checks (I can’t be the only person who still does this!). Check your investments. Mail out whatever needs to be mailed on a Monday morning. This usually takes me about 30 minutes.
    Next up is your computer and calendar pile. I have two high school-age teenage kids who are getting ready for college, learning to drive… they are as busy as ever. I manage a calendar for each family member. I spend a lot of time calculating things like who is driving who, where, and when. I note everything on calendars. I need to spend at least 30 minutes each Sunday doing work on our calendars.
    Next, I work on computer-related tasks. For example, I do my grocery shopping online, I order A LOT on Amazon (daily). I check my email. This is another good 30 minutes to an hour.
    My Sunday Basket® takes me at least 90 minutes every week. The great thing is that on Sunday night, I feel very organized. I can focus on my business Monday to Friday and on my family Saturday and Sunday.
    Finally, we're to errands and outside the home tasks. They are often the tasks that we don’t equate time to.  But, they can take up so much more time than you realize. For example, I worked out that I drove 25 hours a week last year just driving my kids to school and back. That is a lot of time. I have an organizer friend who spends 3 hours a day commuting. All of this time in the car can be lost time.
    Your errand pile isn’t going to be completed on Sunday, but you’re going to plan for it. For example, what can you put into the trunk of your car now that you’ll need later in the week? All of these actions help you to have a more organized and productive week.
    When I go to bed on Sunday night, my goal is that all the bills are paid, the mail is ready to go out the following morning, I’ve updated my calendar for the week, everyone in my family knows where they are going and when, I have bought anything that I possibly can for the week coming up, and the errands for the week are pre-planned.
    Now it’s your turn! Take action on your money and mail, your calendar and computer, and plan your errands.
    In the next episode, I’m going to talk about how to plan your week.
    Get your Complete Sunday Basket with On Demand Workshop here!

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