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A Collection Of Conversations On The Human Experience

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A Collection Of Conversations On The Human Experience

    #115 | Brandon Workman - For The Love Of Rock Climbing

    #115 | Brandon Workman - For The Love Of Rock Climbing

    Episode 115 features Brandon Workman, an entrepreneur, teacher and rock climber. Brandon has spent years climbing in the Cascades and abroad. Four years ago Brandon opened a rock climbing gym in Burlington, Washington - Riverstone

    Brandon has developed several rock-climbing routes in the cascades

    • 1 hr 30 min
    #114 | Adam Boyd - There And Back Films

    #114 | Adam Boyd - There And Back Films

    Adam Boyd is a vlogger, cinematographer and trail runner. Adam has made several films about trail running events throughout the United States. Adam went through a powerful weight-loss journey where he lost over 300 pounds. Adam’s story and his passion for capturing film are infectious. Check out some of his videos below and on youtube as There and Back Films

    You can also find him on Instagram @thereandbackfilms

    • 1 hr 42 min
    #113 Brooks Middleton - Architect and Rock Climber

    #113 Brooks Middleton - Architect and Rock Climber

    Episode #113 of the podcast features Brooks Middleton - an architect and rock climber living in Washington. Brooks lives near one of his favorite crags, Mt Erie, where he learned how to create and bolt his own sport climbing routes. Brooks spent his initial days on my Erie climbing and setting routes with the legendary Dallas Kloke

    In this episode we discuss architecture, building a climbing gym, rock climbing, route setting, alpine climbing, cultivating lifestyle, Parenthood and more. For Brooks architecture go to his website https://www.brooksmiddletonarchitect.com/ Checkout the Mt Erie guidebook https://rakkup.com/guidebooks/mt-erie-rock-climbing/

    • 2 hrs 59 min
    #112 | Nick Danielson - Mountain Visuals

    #112 | Nick Danielson - Mountain Visuals

    Nick Danielson is a Designer, Videographer and photographer based in Seattle. He loves trail running and creating content in the outdoor industry. His photos are some of the most beautiful representations of the Cascades. In this episode, we discuss: Nick’s progression as a content creator and trail runner, reflecting on your motivations, determining whether your preference of hyper-focusing on a single passion or spreading your attention over 2 or more passions and more.

    Learn more about Nick at www.nickdanielson.com and on Instagram @nickmdanielson

    • 1 hr 14 min
    #111 | Jake Steiner - Nearsightedness is a Refractive State, Not an Illness

    #111 | Jake Steiner - Nearsightedness is a Refractive State, Not an Illness


    Eye Health Activist | Entrepreneur | Coach


    Jake Steiner is not an optometrist. He’s a guy who sat in too many optometrist chairs as a

    child, and is now tapping into his innate passion for shaking things up. After trying

    prescription lenses, eye drops, eye exercises, and countless other method, Jake found that

    none of them actually corrected his -5 diopter vision... and some even made his eyesight


    Jake knows the internet is a tricky place filled with non-trustworthy information. However,

    by combining his insatiable thirst for knowledge with his desire for change, Jake pored over

    thousands of academic journals in the field of optometry, and found enough peer-reviewed

    data to confirm exactly what he had conjectured: myopia is neither an illness nor a

    disability. It’s refractive state that can be reversed naturally.

    Through his research, Jake was able to completely eliminate his -5 diopter

    myopia, and in the past decade has helped thousands of others reverse their own

    nearsightedness. His rationale is based on the reality that glasses do little more than create

    customers for a $100B/year retail industry, which does nothing to address the cause of its

    consumers’ (reversible) myopia. Jake doesn’t recommend eye exercises or complicated

    regimens. Instead, he helps identify eyesight-damaging habits, then provides simple

    solutions to correct those habits. Jake will tap into his research to explain the science

    behind every habit change and activity, giving you the tools to quantify your own progress

    and ultimately achieve perfect vision.


    Myopia as a refractive state, not a genetic illness: why we’ve been looking at it all


    Lens-induced myopia: how glasses & contact lenses actually exacerbate the problem

    Screen addiction: 4 quick tips to minimize the damage caused by screen time

    The one thing you should stop doing to prevent myopia progression

    Reasons that eye exercises are not the answer to myopia

    Lattice degeneration & retinal detachment: the dangers of not paying attention to
    your vision

    • 1 hr 25 min
    #110 | Ian Ramsey - Wild-Hearted

    #110 | Ian Ramsey - Wild-Hearted

    Ian Ramsey is an educator, musician, adventurer and writer. Ian teaches children about environmental writing, physiology, music, brain science, mindfulness and leads student adventures at North Yarmouth Academy. Ian loves to Sea Kayak, ultrarun and go on expeditions. Ian’s adventures have taken him places like the brooks range in Alaska, Vietnam, the Peruvian Amazon, to name a few. In 2016, he was a quarter-finalist for the Grammy Music Educator of the Year.
    For more information on Ian Ramsey: IanRamsey.net & @ian.ramsey

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