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Good questions. Great guests. Few beers....

    Jason Hoyte: Stepping out of character

    Jason Hoyte: Stepping out of character

    Jason Hoyte is a screen, and voice, actor, radio host, comedian, stage performer, former cricket umpire and father of four.  In this episode we talk about Jason’s infamous scene with Nadia Lim on Late NIght Big Breakfast, the chaotic early days of comedy with Sugar and Spice, his relationship with Leigh Hart and the trials and tribulations of putting Bhuja together, working with Ryan Gosling on Young Hercules, His experiences with the ACC, never being too old for smut talk and some love, and life advice. 

    Jase is a guest we’ve wanted on the show since we started it  - and we weren’t disappointed. He’s so often ‘in character’ in his public-facing roles, so it was a real treat to peak behind the curtain to find out what really makes him tick. Jase has been a big influence on both of us, he’s been involved in many of our favourite productions and just generally cracks us up. He’s also lived a hell of a life. 

    Show notes | Episode 91 | Jason Hoyte

    1:38 Jason throws some heat at Mike Lane about the state of the Export Beer Garden Studio

    3:08 The influence of Jason on the everyday lexicon – backbone!

    5:40 An impressive body of screen acting work

    8:46 One of the most well-known voices in New Zealand

    13:23 Setting the foundations at Dilworth: maths poetry and school productions

    19:47 Sugar & Spice

    30:33 West Auckland Hollywood: Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules

    34:54 Killing people on Shortland Street

    38:12 A breadth of work from Seven Periods with Mr. Gormsby to Power Rangers

    41:36 Leigh Hart, Moon TV, and The Late Night Big Breakfast

    51:53 Jason and Nadia Lim

    55:26 The transition to radio: Bhuja via the Alternative Commentary Collective

    1:04:55 Hüsker Dü: The art of throwing people under the bus

    1:07:41 The success of the Alternative Commentary Collective

    1:14:04 The Big Show with Mike Minogue and Keyzie

    1.18.18 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Jason
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    Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA (re-release)

    Chelsea Lane: How to make it in the NBA (re-release)

    On this episode of Between Two Beers we’re re-winding the clock to November 2021 when we sat down with Chelsea Lane.   Chelsea was in the news last week when it was announced she’d been appointed as the Head of High Performance at Basketball NZ and we thought it was a great reason to re-share her extraordinary story. 

    After working in NZ for over a decade as a physio, and with High-Performance Sport NZ, she got an email from the NBA champion Golden State Warriors in 2015, asking for her help. Within a year, she was working with some of the biggest sport stars in the world as a performance therapist, within two years she was running the whole operation, leading a team of 25 and within three years she had two NBA Championship rings and was one of the NBA’s most coveted backroom staffers. She was then headhunted by the Atlanta Hawks, offered an executive role and within five years of leaving New Zealand was the Vice President of an NBA franchise.  

    In this episode we talk about why she walked away from it all, the close personal relationships she developed with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Andre Igoudala and Vince Carter, behind the scenes stories of team-talks with Steve Kerr, the magic she saw from Durante and Curry at training every day, how she celebarted her two NBA championships, how she navgiated 100-hour work weeks, and why so many NBA stars are so emphatic with their praise of her and her work.  

    It will quickly become apparent why Chelsea has had the success she has. She's one of the most impressive guests we’ve ever had on the show – and we feel Basketball NZ have done a great bit of business.  

    Show notes | Chelsea Lane

    2.06 Tennis lessons, living life “off the grid”, being absent from social media.

    6.46 Chelsea Lane in their words: Steph Curry, Andre Igoudala, and Sarah Cowley-Ross

    10.17 Receiving an email from the Golden State Warriors and meeting head coach Steve Kerr

    16.57 Why did the Golden State Warriors chase Chelsea Lane?

    19.45 Progressing through the ranks in the role

    26.38 Being female in the NBA

    33.29 What did the role actually look like?

    37.33 Is US professional sports as cold as it sounds?

    42.31 In the huddle: pearls of wisdom from Steve Kerr and others

    52.02 In the locker room: routines, winning NBA championships

    1.03.08 The realities of working in the NBA

    1.08.27 Chelsea Lane on Kevin Durant

    1.11.38 From hands on treatment to the boardroom: Shifting to the Atlanta Hawks

    1.22.17 Comparing Golden State to Atlanta

    1.24.45 Getting Vince Carter fit for an 82 game season at age 42

    1.28.00 Leaving the NBA

    1.32.43 Is there a dream job here for Chelsea in New Zealand?

    1.37.03 An interlude: Booking accommodation in Switzerland

    1.38.26 Other kiwis in the NBA: Steven Adams and Sean Marks

    1.39.42 A bit of Steph Curry

    1.42.10 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Chelsea
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    Chris Moorman: How I won $42 million playing poker

    Chris Moorman: How I won $42 million playing poker

    Chris Moorman is one of the most successful poker players of all time.

    He has won over $42 million dollars playing cards and is widely considered to be the best online tournament player ever, but he’s also crossed over successfully into live tournaments – winning over $1 million on three separate occasions.

    At one point, Moorman was also one of the biggest 'backers' in the online poker scene, and tells the incredible story of how some amateur money-management and sloppy decision-making cost him around $3 million.Chris is a poker legend; driven, humble, insightful and a great storyteller.  We hear all his best stories from his 15 years as a poker pro, the mental-skills coach that helped him to his first big live win, the time he lost a backpack with $60,000 in it, playing against his wife for $20,000 and so much more.

    Show notes | Episode 90 | Chris Moorman

    2.01 Drama at the World Series of Poker

    4.50 Putting some context on Chris Moorman the poker player

    7.31 When Steven and Moorman lived in the same poker house in Papamoa and Queenstown

    12.29 Reflecting on the early years

    18.05 Horses, stables, and staking players

    26.10 Horses going into makeup, writing off debt, and big swings

    33.07 Shaun Goldsbury on Moorman losing a backpack with $60,000 cash and poker chips in it

    45.20 Transitioning from online poker to live tournaments

    55.06 Bringing on a mental skills coach and the immediate improvement it had

    1.04.29 Black Friday and the impact on online poker

    1.07.51 A short selection of poker stories from over the years

    1.11.41 Lessons from some of the best players in history

    1.18.53 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Moorman
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    Brodie Kane: Making it on my own

    Brodie Kane: Making it on my own

    Brodie Kane has built a hugely successful career in the media over the past 15 years.

    She was runner-up in the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars. She left mainstream media to start her own company – Brodie Kane Media – where she hosts the very popular The Girls Uninterrupted and Kiwi Yarns podcasts, and produces two other podcasts, Three Gals One Beehive, and Out the Gayte.

    Before that she had an extensive career in radio and television where she hosted The Hits Breakfast show in Christchurch and worked at TVNZ for five years as a sports presenter on Breakfast, a roving reporter on Seven Sharp, an investigative reporter on Fair Go, and associate producer on Q+A.

    Her no-nonsense yet down-to-earth approach is unique in the industry and you can be guaranteed that what you see is what you get.

    Show notes | Episode 89 | Brodie Kane

    1:39: Brodie Kane – the everywhere girl right now

    5:20: Dancing with the Stars

    9:59: The realest of the reality shows

    12:09: Proud Mary

    18:30: Jo Kane swims the Cook Strait at 40

    22:06: Clubbies with Lisa Carrington

    27:21: Leading the open women’s surf lifesaving nationals

    32:58: Brodie Kane and Richie McCaw

    39:15: Lessons from the New Zealand army

    52:22: Starting out in journalism and a career of heavy subject matter

    1:02:30: A shift from hard news to being in front of the camera on Seven Sharp

    1:07:47: Moving through the ranks: from Fair Go to Breakfast

    1:15:40: The horrible side of fame and calling people out

    1:27:07: Controlling your own destiny: Brodie Kane Media

    1:35:23: Brodie on podcasts

    1:41:28: What does the future hold and actively managing your brand

    1:52:29: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Brodie
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    Ric Salizzo: The Forrest Gump of NZ sport

    Ric Salizzo: The Forrest Gump of NZ sport

    Ric Salizzo is New Zealand sports broadcasting royalty – journalist, television presenter and producer – turned rugby consultant in New York.

    Ric started his career as a journalist with TVNZ before becoming the All Blacks’ first ever media liaison officer in 1992. Prior to that he pioneered sports media coverage producing the behind-the-scenes documentary The Good, the Bad and the Rugby which kickstarted a series of follow ups over the years.

    After four years inside the All Blacks camp he then created, and hosted the wildly popular Sports Café, a cult hit which ran for 11 years creating some memorable TV moments and turned Marc Ellis and Leigh Hart into household names. He then moved behind the camera as the executive producer of The Crowd Goes Wild, which has been running for 16 years.

    Now based in New York working in Major League Rugby, Ric shared some of the best bits from his career.

    Show notes | Episode 88 | Ric Salizzo

    1.47 Rugby New York and the realities of Major League Rugby

    6.10 Moving to the US to “get away from rugby” and what the All Blacks can learn from US sport

    13.26 Sport in New York

    18.20 Newsreader Ric at TVNZ in the 80s

    25.10 The first ever All Blacks media liaison officer

    31.19 Inside the All Blacks camp

    36.03 Jonah Lomu and the 1995 Rugby World Cup

    41.18 The original All of Nothing series: The Good, the Bad and the Rugby

    45.24 The origins of Sports Café: “…after being the media liaison officer everyone hated me…”

    50.09 The genius of Leigh Hart

    58.03 The perfect end of Sports Café and the brief return in 2008

    1.01.00 Sugar Shack: “one of the most important things I’ve ever done”

    1.03.43 Going behind the camera with The Crowd Goes Wild and letting go

    1.08.14 Last words from Steven, Seamus and Ric
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    Hayley Sproull: Riding the comedy wave

    Hayley Sproull: Riding the comedy wave

    Hayley Sproull is one of New Zealand’s top entertainers and definitely one of the busiest!

    She is co-host on ZM's hugely popular Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley Breakfast Show. She has been co-host of The Great Kiwi Bake Off and more recently the host of comedic current affairs show Have You Been Paying Attention? She plays the lead role in the kiwi sitcom Golden Boy which premiered in 2019.

    A graduate of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, her original passion was for theatre and comedy which lead her to create a number of successful comedy works, including 'Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues', 'Tighty Whiteys', 'Milky Bits', and 'Vanilla Miraka', earning her an array of praise and accolades.

    She has been a writer on many series including Jono and Ben, 7 Days and Funny Girls, with a weekly segment Hayley Bailey featuring on the Jono and Ben show.

    Funny, smart, musical and driven, we were blown away by how good she is at so many different things!

    Show notes | Episode 87 | Hayley Sproull

    1.41: Busy, busy, busy! The busiest woman in the industry

    5.28: Breakfast radio: Pulling the fingers at Jono and Ben every morning

    10.36: A closed circle of friends…except for Sam Sproull: Hayley’s Comet and Talk Teddies

    20.38: Fletch, Vaughan and Hayley

    27.38: Hayley’s Version

    35.15: A look into the early making of Hayley Sproull

    38.51: Creative projects: Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues, You Make Me Feel like a Natural Woman, Tighty Whiteys, and Milky Bits

    44.37: An intensely personal creation: Vanilla Miraka

    54.34: Writing for Jono and Ben and Hayley Bailey

    59.30: A brief look into the world of Hayley Sproull’s DMs

    1.04.59: Moving into prime time: co-hosting The Great Kiwi Bake Off, hosting Have You Been Paying Attention? and acting in Golden Boy

    1.10.23: Have You Been Paying Attention? It’s more than just hold and lean

    1.19.52: Marching chat

    1.29.54: Coaching in Oman

    1.33.35: Bits and pieces: dating Greg Grover from Nova, System of a Lounge, and being a goth girl at high school

    1.38.43: Using her platform to push topics: having PCOS and a Simon Bridges joke on 7 Days that took a turn

    1.41.53: Last words from Steven, Seamus and Hayley
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    • 1 hr 45 min

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5.0 out of 5
118 Ratings

118 Ratings

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Great interviews

Just found you guys. Love your work ! Keep it up😊

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Wow great chat i now have a completely and positively new take on jack tane !

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5 Stars

Becoming a regular listener - great show and the longer format gives guests a real chance to get into the detail. Keep up the work boys 👍👍

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