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New Zealand Wellbeing Specialist, Lauren Parsons interviews global experts sharing insights to help you boost your health, energy and productivity. www.ThriveTVShow.com

Thrive TV Show Lauren Parsons

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New Zealand Wellbeing Specialist, Lauren Parsons interviews global experts sharing insights to help you boost your health, energy and productivity. www.ThriveTVShow.com

    Leading Effective Change

    Leading Effective Change

    1. Psychological Foundations of Change
    Understanding the human response to change.Navigating resistance and fostering buy-in.2. Emotional Intelligence for Change Leaders
    Developing self-awareness and self-regulation.Building empathy and effective communication.3. Leadership Strategies for Successful Change
    Crafting a compelling change vision.Engaging and motivating teams through transformation.ABOUT FILIPO:

    Filipo Levi is the former International Rugby Captain for Manu Samoa and played twelve years of professional rugby.

    In 2011, Filipo was bestowed with the Samoan chief Tulafale-Orator speaking the title of Mulitalo from the village of Lano in Savai'i, Samoa. The Samoan chief system is over 3,000 years old, and the title is one given to those who lead by serving.

    Filipo graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

    He is passionate about helping and collaborating with leaders and working with businesses to help them develop their leadership skills.


    Connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, and his website www.filipolevi.com.

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    The Resilience Roadmap: 7 Guideposts for Charting Your Course in a Chaotic World

    The Resilience Roadmap: 7 Guideposts for Charting Your Course in a Chaotic World

    The mistake you are probably making right now that is sabotaging your resilience. How to use The Personal Agency Matrix to regain control of your time and energy .Why crafting a clear and compelling vision of the future is your secret to tapping into stores of discipline and effort you didn't know you had. How to use Strategic Discomfort to help you to thrive amidst challenges.ABOUT MARK:

    Black the only man in history to have run a marathon with someone else’s heart and lungs.  A resilience expert, speaker, coach, and author, Mark helps people “Break Through” their limitations and  transform adversity into their competitive advantage. His new book, "The Resilience Roadmap" was  written to help you thrive through adversity while others may merely survive.
    Mark lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada with his wife Marise and their three children; Emma,  Matteo, and Caleb.


    Get your copy of Mark's new book at: TheResilienceRoadmapBook.com.
    You can learn more about Mark's work at: markblack.ca.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/IamMarkBlack
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/iammarkblack
    Instagram handle: @IamMarkBlack
    Twitter handle @IamMarkBlack

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    Disrupting Leadership with Vertical Growth

    Disrupting Leadership with Vertical Growth

    What is vertical growth and why it's essential to great leadership? Why are competency-based programs (like delegation or coaching skills) largely a waste of time, money, and energy when leaders underperform? Harnessing the power of developmental mindfulness (self-regulating self-awareness) to interrupt fast brain reactivity so you can walk your talk as a leader. ABOUT KERENE:

    Strochnetter is the Managing Director of Mindful at Work – bringing mindfulness to the  workplace to powerfully transform culture through leadership development. 

    Kerene is a public speaker, co-author of programs for the world’s leading workplace well-being and  leadership app Awakened Mind, and New Zealand business partner for The Mindful Leader: Vertical  Growth program.

    Author of ‘Crazy Busy’ - if busy is the new stupid, then mindful is the new smart’ – a book for people  who struggle to switch off and want to reconnect with what really matters in life.  Kerene’s known for her love of shoes and minimalist apartment living.


    You can find out more about Kerene here: LinkedIn  or website https://mindfulatwork.co.nz.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/kerenestrochnetter
    Instagram: @kerene_strochnetter
    Twitter handle @KereneStroch

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    What is Group Medicine? & Why it's Important for Your Health

    What is Group Medicine? & Why it's Important for Your Health

     What is group medicine and why is it so important for achieving our health goals?Understand the outcomes you want for your year and if your current network is supportive of those goals, (and if not, what to do about it).How finding your tribe impacts the choices you're making and the results you're achieving, and how to find your tribe.ABOUT WICK:

    Wick Nixon from Wicked Wellbeing is a passionate foodie whose mission in life is to motivate, support and guide you in your quest to make nutritious and delicious choices – more than that, Wick wants to support you to achieve a balanced lifestyle where you make your own health a priority, with less stress and way more appreciation.

    If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and you just don’t know where to start and want to know how to make it easier, join us in this podcast where Wick will share what she’s discovered is a key component to success. A mother of 3 teenagers, Wick understands the challenges you face when trying to balance it all!


    For more information, head to www.wickedwellbeing.com to find out more about Wick, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram under Wicked Wellbeing.

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    Mental Health in the Workplace

    Mental Health in the Workplace

     Where to start?! How do you have a mentally healthy workforce? What are the pitfalls? What we can do going forward?ABOUT GARETH:

    Gareth’s background is in health and safety and he was the winner of the Emerging Practitioner award at the Safeguard 2020 awards. Over the past couple of years has focused his attention more around wellbeing in the workplace. He uses risk management to tackle psychosocial risks and reduce mental health challenges in the workplace. Gareth believes workplaces can and should educate and equip staff to create a ripple effect for our whānau's mental health to thrive.


    LinkedIn is the place to go! Love connecting with people on the platform and meeting face to face to kōrero.

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/beckgareth

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    Be Kind To Your Mind

    Be Kind To Your Mind


    1. We need better mental health language
    2. Stressed out brains are offline brains
    3. Recognise your wobbly point and pre-plan your support network


    Julia Grace is an award winning international keynote speaker, mental wellness educator and singer-songwriter. She addressed the heavy topic of mental health with a lighter touch, using her personal experience with clinical depression and anxiety to encourage audiences to have Better Mental Health conversations.


    To learn more about Julia Grace's work, head to www.juliagrace.co.nz.
    Find free resources, links and booking information.
    Engage with Julia's social networks at:
    LinkedIn: Julia Grace
    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/juliagracenz
    Instagram:  www.instagram.com/juliagracenz

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

KiwiJulie ,

Inspiring range of guests

I always look forward to this podcast / YT show. It has a great array of guests, interesting topics and relevant questions. Plus, it is mostly Kiwi so feels local. Recommended for anyone who wants a bit more wellbeing in their life.

Emma from NZ ,


Lauren is the real deal. An amazing interviewer who brings incredible insights from her fabulous range of guests.

Thrive in Light Kate Watkinson ,

Thrive TV Show

Lauren is an incredible woman full of positivity, wisdom and knowledge. She truly believes that we can all THRIVE and she walks her talk. Lauren speaks articulately, clearly and with grace. Thrive TV interviews incredible people sharing incredible gifts with the world. I gain a lot from tuning in to these broadcasts.

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