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Bridging science and spirituality, demystifying meditation, abundance, quantum science, neuroscience, finding your purpose, and everything in between.

Each week we catch up with leading experts to have conversations that go beyond conventional health, wealth and wisdom to help ignite the passion in us all to live the life we truly want to live.

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Bridging science and spirituality, demystifying meditation, abundance, quantum science, neuroscience, finding your purpose, and everything in between.

Each week we catch up with leading experts to have conversations that go beyond conventional health, wealth and wisdom to help ignite the passion in us all to live the life we truly want to live.

    Spiritual Acceleration. Healing In All Time, Space & Realities | Bonnie Serratore

    Spiritual Acceleration. Healing In All Time, Space & Realities | Bonnie Serratore

    #237 Everything is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, including you. Everything is in a constant state of receiving and radiating energy. The frequency of this energy falls on a spectrum from light to dark. Light energy is infinite, effortless, and rooted in love. Dark or shadow energy is dense and rooted in fear. As an electromagnetic being, you attract experiences and relationships that match your frequency. 

    How do you know what frequency you are vibrating at? You may sense this energy by seeing colors or hearing sounds, or you may just know it. If you pause before you think, speak, or act, you can usually sense whether you’re spurred by doubt, insecurity, control, or the need to be perfect or you’re coming from a place of truth, creativity, love.

    You are in for a very powerful time as I am honored to have Spiritual Accelerator, expert energy clearer, and master tracker, Bonnie Serratore as our guest in this episode. She specializes in removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space which interfere with the expression of our Divine self. Bonnie will share how we can unravel our deepest emotional wounding and accelerate our personal growth. 

    She will talk about the “New Paradigm”, the shift of energy and consciousness that our planet is transitioning into, which I’m sure you’ve been seeing when you look around the world. Never before, at least in our recorded history, has so much awareness, awakening, care and concern been so palpable. Bonnie will unwrap that and so much more for us. I hope it benefits you as much as it did me. Enjoy!

    About Bonnie: Bonnie Serratore is the Founder and CEO of  Spiritual Acceleration, a practice she started to lead programs for professional healers who are committed to assisting their clients and patients in transforming their lives. She teaches and trains them in energy and entity removal, past life clearing, implant removal, and intuitive development. She also leads weekly classes and intensives for those who are not healers themselves. 

    Bonnie has created numerous workshops, seminars, retreats and programs on higher consciousness, spiritual evolution and core emotional clearing. She has been featured in the film Awaken Soul to Soul by Guru Rendezvous and led retreats for YPO (Young Presidents Organization). She is the author of “The Way Back Home - How to Clear the Energy of Emotional Wounding” and has been helping people achieve core emotional clearing and healing at the subconscious level for more than 33 years. That has resulted in the liberation of people from core emotional wounds and fixed lifelong patterns. 

    She works in all time, space, and realities using the white flame of creation, referring to herself as a trans-shaman. Bonnie’s highly developed intuition allows her to identify the core issue and swiftly address the root of the problem. She is a natural born intuitive of Sioux heritage, possessing highly accurate and refined skills. Not following any tradition, Bonnie’s work goes beyond any known form of shamanism or energy work resulting in permanent change. As founder and director of the ReNascent center located in Sonoma, CA for thirteen years, she provided workshop intensives and held retreats. 

    Bonnie has been a guest teacher at the J.F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill and the CA Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a guest on PBS television and radio talk shows. She is recognized by the elders in the Tlingit tribe in Alaska for her abilities in the shamanistic realms and has worked with individuals and groups throughout the United Sates, Europe, and parts of the Middle East.

    Key Points Discussed: 
    Spiritual Acceleration. Healing In All Time, Space & Realities (00:00) Working with the unseen realms to help clear foreign energy that doesnt belong in people’s space. (00:36) How frequencies from the energy realms affect your life. (02:11) Living by your soul’s p

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    Life Between Lives & Quantum Consciousness | Peter Smith

    Life Between Lives & Quantum Consciousness | Peter Smith

    #236 We are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored; quantum energetic beings. We are also consciousness itself, capable of altered states of being that bring divine wisdom and insight, so often forgotten in this human form. The Quantum Consciousness experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness and a state of remembering, as we embrace our expanded state of being. 

    And in this mind-blowing episode, I bring on the author of “Quantum Consciousness: Journey through other realms” and the creator of the Quantum Consciousness Experience, Peter Smith. Peter is the former president of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives, founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness, and the creator of the Hypnoenergetics® modality.

    Peter and I start off by discussing his work examining stories of past lives through hypnotherapy, and whether there are alternate realities where we can lead entirely different lives and learn different lessons. We discuss the expanded states of awareness in the world of quantum realities beyond your imagination. 

    He shares his insights on how quantum consciousness can raise your vibe and the purpose of the soul’s journey. Make yourself comfy, as we take you on a journey of re-discovery of the magnificence of your soul, exploring the mysteries of Quantum Consciousness, the very fabric of Creation.

    About Peter: Peter Smith is the author of “Quantum Consciousness: Journey through other realms” and the creator of the Quantum Consciousness Experience. He is a Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness and has trained and accredited a network of QC Facilitators who continue to expand the research base of this remarkable field of work. 

    He previously created the Hypnoenergetics® modality, blending Hypnotherapy, Energy and Consciousness into a series of therapeutic techniques that have been life changing for many. He trained a network of therapists across Australia and New Zealand and his first book “Hypnoenergetics: The Four Dimensions” has reached audiences around the world. 

    Peter has always been inspired by his work at The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI). He was  President of the Institute from 2009 till 2018, when he was asked to take on the role of Director of the Newton Legacy, a role created to uphold the philosophy and integrity of Michael Newton's life's work. Peter was awarded the Peggy Newton award for outstanding service to TNI in 2013 and has trained LBL Practitioners and Teachers in different parts of the world since 2006. He speaks regularly at various conferences, on radio programs and has participated in a number of documentaries both in Australia and overseas. 

    Peter’s previous background was as an executive in the Australian Banking Industry. He served for over two decades with one of Australia’s leading Banks, before starting his own Change Management consultancy focussing on values driven organisational transformations across Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

    Peter undertook post graduate studies at the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of NSW, studied different forms of Hypnotherapy in Australia and the USA and is the winner of the Peggy Newton Award for outstanding service to The Newton Institute. He has published a number of articles on Consciousness and has written for Nexus Magazine, The Llewellyn Publishing Journal, Psychic News UK and has a regular column in The Newton Institute Research Journal. He is also a co-author of “Memories of the Afterlife”, the final book in the best selling Life Between Lives quadrilogy.

    Key Points Discussed: 
    Life Between Lives & Quantum Consciousness (00:00) Serving humanity as a consciousness facilitator and researcher (01:02) Why we as humans are blind to the power of consciousness (04:27) Climbing the wrong mountain in life: Peter’s transforma

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    From Loss To Life: In Memory Of Justine Ruszczyk Damond | Don Damond

    From Loss To Life: In Memory Of Justine Ruszczyk Damond | Don Damond

    #235 Loss affects every area of our life. Whether we lose a loved one to death or divorce, or experience challenges financially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we can find ourselves struggling, questioning, confused, not realizing that instead of “going crazy,” we are simply grieving. What can we do to ensure that we honor the losses, grieve in meaningful ways, and yet live our lives with meaning and purpose, even joy? 

    In this episode, I will bring on a very dear friend, Don Damond, to help us answer that question. In 2017, Don’s life was torn apart by the tragic killing of his fiancee, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, at the hands of Minneapolis Police. Justine called 911 to assist someone she thought was being assaulted and, instead, ended up becoming a victim herself. While standing in her alley, barefoot and in pajamas, she was shot and killed by a police officer. 

    That loss led Don down a very difficult path, but her memory ended up becoming his guide through the tragedy. He learned so much about love, resiliency, the human spirit and healing. Since then, he has been working tirelessly to make sure Justine’s death leads to real public safety reforms, and so far so good, because there have been some really positive changes in their city. 

    By sharing his story with you, Don hopes that you will be inspired to start “the next chapter” of your beautiful life beyond the trauma of grief as you engage in deeper self-exploration and bring greater purpose and meaning out of the losses in your life so you can live intentionally and with joy. He will highlight several action steps that you can take including appreciating life, building a relationship with yourself and others, personal strength, new possibilities, and spiritual development, which are all vital to helping you heal. I hope our conversation will mean as much to you as it did to me. Enjoy!

    About Don: Don Damond is enrolled with the Iroquois band of Oneida First Nations. He passionately worked for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, running their casino resort operations for 29 years. He is passionate about conscious leadership and leading with care, presence and love. He recently stepped away from that amazing career to step toward purpose.

    He teaches meditation to incarcerated men and juveniles, knowing these teachings can reduce stress and anxiety and ultimately help these men create a different life. Don has led men's groups for several years and recently stepped into using ancient sacred plant medicines in sacred circles. Don teaches a weekly meditation course called High Vibe Tribe and he can be reached at damonddon@gmail.com for more information.

    Key Points Discussed: 
    From Loss To Life: In Memory Of Justine Ruszczyk Damond (00:00) Stepping away from doing to focus on “being” (01:05) The meditation that led to the love of his life (05:12) Experiencing the magical energy of love (10:48) Horrible tragedy that tore his life apart (16:00) Dealing with the sadness and grief of his loss. (26:45) Stepping away from the global attention that surrounded his fiancee’s murder. (32:5) Love is never lost: Discovering what forgiveness really is and the beauty that came with it. (35:00) Trying to work on taking meditation to the police force to help them emotion regulation. (40:52) The heart’s unlimited capacity to love despite the pain and trauma we experience in life. (43:29) How he surrendered to his heart’s journey. (58:30) From the darkness of loss to stepping into his amazing evolution. (1:04:42) Experiencing healing that spreads to generations before and after. (1:08:47) Using our pain to ascend, evolve, and grow. (1:16:00) On a mission to heal the police and his community with breathwork, mindfulness, and other traditional practices. (1:24:00) The value of being in community with loving people and embracing ancient practices that will help you heal. (1:30:45)
    How to Contact Don Damond:
    Email - damonddon@gmail.com

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    My Healing Journey & Life Changing Retreat Experience | Giselle T Morgan

    My Healing Journey & Life Changing Retreat Experience | Giselle T Morgan

    #234 Wellness retreats aren’t a particularly new phenomenon, but in recent years, the concept has definitely evolved. What was once solely about a few spa treatments and a bit of yoga has grown into a diverse retreat offering all over the globe, with specialist retreats catering to all of modern life’s trials and tribulations. If a tricky period in your life has you considering taking a wellness holiday to a healing retreat, or you’re simply desperate for a stress-free reset, you’re probably curious to know what the real benefits of wellness retreats are.

    Luckily for you, there are many, and in this episode, my guest, Giselle T. Morgan, will share how attending a Live in Flow retreat set her on a trajectory that changed her life forever. Live in Flow retreats combine the aspects of travel and a healing process. The idea is to allow the body and mind to focus on something other than the pursuits of daily life, to take in a slice of nature and to recuperate your mind, body and soul. 

    Giselle’s life is super inspiring to say the least. She grew up in a Hippy lifestyle where she was exposed to diverse forms of spirituality and cultures despite also being a Catholic. She sort of lost herself in her 20s but later got a chance to travel to Thailand where she took a deep dive into Buddhism which helped her grow spiritually. Then came 2013 when an aneurysm had her unconscious in a private hospital where she underwent neurosurgery for 7.5 hours. 

    Long story short, she still has to deal with the effect of the aneurysm to date and has gone through so many difficult challenges in her life, from losing her property to wildfire to getting into a horrific accident. Her healing journey will not only inspire you but also demonstrate just how life changing attending a Live in Flow retreat can be for you. Tune in for more!

    About Giselle: Giselle Morgan

    Key Points Discussed: 
    My Healing Journey & Life Changing Retreat Experience (00:00) Finding Live in Flow and their Sydney workshop (01:45) Growing up with Hippy parents, her spirituality journey, and how she grappled with a brain aneurysm and its after effects (03:24) How she ended up becoming an alcoholic (14:00) The powerful Live in Flow experience that changed her life (17:03) Incredible challenges she has had to overcome in her life (25:01) Keeping it together in the darkest of times (29:11) Reconnecting with herself more than ever before (32:38) A glimpse into the magical and life changing experiences of Live in Flow retreats (39:08) Tapping into the power of operating from the heart and focusing on your spiritual development (47:26)
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    Kundalini Awakening: The Path To Radical Freedom | Lawrence Edwards

    Kundalini Awakening: The Path To Radical Freedom | Lawrence Edwards

    #233 Sooner or later on the spiritual awakening journey, we all taste the mysterious and intense kundalini energy. It might be smooth and subtle, or intense and explosive, but whatever the case, kundalini is a primal force of awakening. In fact, sometimes people can experience full-blown kundalini awakenings spontaneously without any prior experience (or interest) in spiritual growth or transformation.

    Kundalini is identified by traditions worldwide as a key to the most profoundly transformative experiences we can have, yet if we don’t know what’s going on or how to deal with it, a Kundalini awakening can be challenging and confusing. This is what I learned when from recording this episode with highly respected Kundalini expert and researcher, Dr. Lawrence Edwards.

    His life long passion to know that Truth of the inner life brings a deeply steeped background in science to a profound inner mystical experience. He chronicles the awakening, unfoldment, and integration of the underlying power of the Universe, the Kundalini Shakti, in his book, “Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom” His profound experience of the Divine present in everyone, at all times, and in all places has lead him to a life of service in teaching and supporting others on their journeys into the Divine.

    Tune in to our remarkable conversation as Lawrence shares the understanding and insights that have been revealed to him in this ever-deepening process of self realization. We will discuss his own experiences with kundalini energy, the subtle body, and the kind of transformation that is possible with kundalini awakening. Lawrence will share some of the many ways Kundalini can be experienced and explain how it serves the larger purpose of our own ultimate freedom, how to avoid common pitfalls in the Kundalini awakening process, and what the role of our ego mind is in a Kundalini awakening.

    About Lawrence: Lawrence Edwards is a neurotherapist, psychotherapist, and an expert in Kundalini Awakening, our innate power of Consciousness that creates the highest order of transformation and revelation. This power is the foundation of all yogic, mantra and meditation practices. Lawrence is regarded by many as a modern mystic known for his love of the Divine.He is unusual in this field because he has a deep grounding in both Eastern and Western traditions, and applies them both to his work with Kundalini.

    His personal, direct, life-long experience of the extraordinary power and grace of Kundalini are reflected in his writings, teaching and poetry.  His experiences began early in life and he says Kundalini's grace continues to be the essence of his life. Lawrence is the president of The Kundalini Research Network, as well as the founder of a Kundalini support website, KundaliniSupport.org. He is the founder and director of the Anam Cara Foundation and a contributing author to the Sounds True anthology Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening. 

    Lawrence has practiced and taught meditation for over 46 years and has been on the faculty of New York Medical College since 1998. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book on Kundalini, The Soul's Journey: Guidance From The Divine Within and Kali's Bazaar. He leads retreats on the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine and Awakening Kundalini.

    Key Points Discussed: 
    Kundalini Awakening: The Path To Radical Freedom (00:00) The journey to fulfilling his passion for transformation (00:21) Seeing the Lady of Light at 4 years old, other divine experiences, and mastering Kundalini (07:26) Why he was able to witness and connect with the divine consciousness since he was a child (15:00) Understanding the soul and its purpose (17:20) Kundalini: The foundation of our existence (23:40) Experiencing your Kundalini Awakening without fear (27:28) The flowering of grace that is tapping into the treasure within (32:29) Creating change in the world by finding who you really are (42:40) How to p

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    Understanding Our Relationship with Money, Abundance & True Wealth | Jason Whitton

    Understanding Our Relationship with Money, Abundance & True Wealth | Jason Whitton

    #232 People have their own concepts and opinions about money, riches and wealth. Early perceptions come from observations of parents’ relationships to money. In school years, folks learn to mentally separate the “rich kids” from the “not-so-rich,” all while measuring where they fit into the picture. The media continues to feed our concepts of wealth and money by endlessly focusing on that which divides our society, whether in terms of politics or economics. Being too wealthy equates to being out of touch; being too poor equates to wanting a free handout. Both camps are missing the point.

    The terms money and wealth may appear to mean the same thing. But while many people emphasize the importance of having an abundance of money, few understand the meaning of true wealth. Wealth is a state of mind. Wealthy people always have enough. In this episode, Jason Whitton, the CEO of Positive Real Estate Group, will help us understand that true wealth is having a sense of abundance, one that we experience rather than possess. Obviously, having enough money to provide a roof over our heads, secure sufficient food and clothing and other basic essentials, and raise healthy and happy families frees us from a lot of anxiety. 

    What Jason considers as wealth has nothing to do with money. He says seeking true wealth may mean seeking deeper relationships, more personal growth, or ways to create more meaning in life. A list of true wealth assets would likely include family, friends, education, talents, experience, connection to community, self-esteem, the ability to help others, and good health (with some luck and good sense). All of these wealth assets contribute to an overall personal sense of well-being. It also includes the ability to earn more money and use some of that money to positively impact the world. Enjoy the conversation.

    About Jason: From a small town boy growing up in the remote outback of rural Queensland, to becoming the founder of Australasia’s most powerful property wealth creation engine – Positive Real Estate Group CEO Jason Whitton is on a mission to change the way we look at wealth. With over 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, in which his company has closed over 10,000 property deals, coached 7500 clients, and generated a combined property clientele equity of over 5.1 billion dollars – Jason has never been more dedicated to sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help people on their path to wealth creation.

    However, the father-of-three, and husband to beautiful wife Shay Whitton, never set out to achieve real estate dominance or teach wealth strategy. In fact, it wasn’t until Jason had been in the Australian Airforce and then pursued his dream of becoming a teacher, that he stumbled upon real estate as a potent formula for financial growth after he read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Jason became fascinated with its powerful, yet straight-forward concepts around wealth creation, and decided to leave the safety of his stable teaching job to pursue a more ambitious career in real estate.

    The stakes were high, the road was rocky, and the journey did not unfold without risks and some pretty hefty pitfalls. From learning the ropes as a self-made buyer’s agent, to immersing himself in property development, to business deals gone bad. There were losses but most importantly, there was learning. And for someone who has spent at least half-a-million-dollars in personal development, those lessons for Jason have been invaluable. In fact, they ultimately enabled the entrepreneur, along with Shay, Sam Saggers and their business partners and team of leading property experts, to revolutionise the real estate education industry, and transform thousands of people’s perception of what they thought was possible for their own ability to create long-lasting wealth.

    In 2003 Positive Real Estate was born, and now the company operates across three countries in Australia, New Zeal

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