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This is Own your Zone Podcast, where we feature Venture Capitalists, innovation-focused private equity companies, and other early stage investors.

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This is Own your Zone Podcast, where we feature Venture Capitalists, innovation-focused private equity companies, and other early stage investors.

    [Women VC Series] The Role of Venture Capital and Intellectual Property in AI and Biotech

    [Women VC Series] The Role of Venture Capital and Intellectual Property in AI and Biotech

    Elizabeth Cook is a Managing Partner at AI Capital, an innovative venture capital source with thematic investment in enterprise artificial intelligence software companies. As a startup advisor and investor for AI, tech, and biotech companies, Elizabeth was the first hire for MIT’s largest capital project, MIT.nano. Before AI Capital, she held various roles in venture capital at Castor Ventures, the Alumni Venture Group Fund for MIT alums. She has a bachelor’s in biology from MIT and a master’s and a doctorate in stem cell biology from the University of Cambridge.
    In this episode… AI is a burgeoning space that provides viable solutions for numerous industries, including technology and biomedical research. Venture capitalists are investing in this landscape to support promising startups. So how are companies leveraging VC to fund their AI efforts?
    Many startup businesses acquire IP (intellectual property) assets to reduce the risk of VC investments and enhance company value. Yet Elizabeth Cook says these companies often lack the appropriate strategy to optimize their patent portfolios, so it’s critical to consider your patent categories, their impact on your products, and your business goals. Additionally, since AI can compile insightful data, startups must incorporate this data into their IP assets to identify and increase its value.
    Elizabeth Cook, Managing Partner at AI Capital, joins JiNan Glasgow George in today’s episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast to talk about VC’s role in AI. Elizabeth shares how to leverage IP assets in your investments, AI trends in biotechnology, and how to assess data valuation in startups. 

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    [Women VC Series] Dear Mama Ventures

    [Women VC Series] Dear Mama Ventures

    Alicia Hanf is the Founder and Managing Partner at Dear Mama Ventures, a venture capital fund raising over $1 billion to support people of color, women, and veteran founders. With over 10 years of combined experience in leadership, coaching, sales, SaaS, business development, and relationship building, she focuses on helping companies and communities grow and empowering business executives to be leaders. Alicia is also a TEDx speaker and a US Army Veteran.
    In this episode… Venture capital investments in the US have amassed over $300 billion. Yet women of color founders and other underrepresented entrepreneurs have received less than 1% of those investments. So how can you support minorities in business and VC?
    Studies conducted by Forbes and the Harvard Business Review have shown that funds managed by women and people of color have higher performance rates, and diverse startup founders outperform their majority counterparts. Consequently, Alicia Hanf created a VC fund that invests in purpose-driven organizations to provide opportunities for minority business owners. She affirms that underrepresented individuals bring unique experiences and perspectives not otherwise offered and encourages VC boards to include these entrepreneurs in crucial decisions.
    In this episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George welcomes Alicia Hanf, Founder and Managing Partner at Dear Mama Ventures, to talk about how she’s addressing the lack of opportunities for minorities in VC. Alicia shares her criteria for assessing and selecting companies to invest in, intellectual property’s role in identifying founders with grit, and the importance of investing in diverse founders.

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    Advancing Hypersonic Global Travel Capabilities and Empowering Women Engineers

    Advancing Hypersonic Global Travel Capabilities and Empowering Women Engineers

    Sarah (Sassie) Duggleby is the Co-founder and CEO of Venus Aerospace, a startup building the world’s first space plane that can fly at hypersonic speeds. With an engineering background, she has many years of experience growing multiple tech startups in various business arenas, including fiber optic testing, biotechnology, steel manufacturing, and rocket launches. Before launching Venus, Sassie was a Launch Systems Engineering and Mission Management Consultant at Virgin Orbit, where she developed and tested launch software and telemetry systems. 
    In this episode… The aerospace engineering field is rapidly advancing, and 3-D-printed rockets, hypersonic vehicles, and drones are taking the industry by storm. Yet, this space is dominated primarily by men, as women over 35 are discouraged from participating. Learn how one organization is normalizing women in STEM and simultaneously revolutionizing human transportation.
    After noticing she was the oldest female engineer at the age of 38 at Virgin Orbit, Sassie Duggleby founded Venus Aerospace and created a networking group to empower women to take leadership roles in engineering. Venus Aerospace is building the first hypersonic space plane for global travel that can get you home in an hour. By displaying commitment to her team and encouraging their personal and professional development, Sassie ensures her employees remain devoted to the company’s mission.
    In today’s episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George invites Sassie Duggleby, Co-founder and CEO of Venus Aerospace, to discuss how her company is streamlining human transport. Sassie also explains how she empowers women engineers, the challenges of fundraising in today’s global market, and the estimated launch date for hypersonic planes.

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    A Look Back at 2022

    A Look Back at 2022

    JiNan Glasgow George is a Patent Attorney and Founder of Neo IP, a law firm helping clients maximize their return on investment for patent assets. As an investor, entrepreneur, and former USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) patent examiner, JiNan has a track record of helping companies increase their valuation through an IP strategy. 
    JiNan is recognized worldwide for her expertise in intellectual property. She has spoken about intellectual property (IP) before the UN Economic Commission for Europe and has been a featured speaker at IP conferences across four continents. As a thought leader in her field, JiNan has been featured in Bloomberg News and Forbes and is a member of the Forbes Tech Council.
    In this episode… As 2022 winds down, various industries have experienced significant growth and development, including intellectual property, FinTech (financial technology), and investments. So, what trends should you focus on in the coming year?
    Patent expert JiNan Glasgow George notes that patent investments lead to market activity and can forecast future market trends. Investments in FinTech have increased by over 7,000% in 2022 alone. Similarly, investments in FinTech applications, particularly tokenizations, have increased by 1,500% over the course of five years. Venture capitalism has also experienced profitable developments. It’s critical to analyze data to derive market value for 2023. 
    In today’s episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, Chad Franzen of Rise25 catches up with JiNan Glasgow George to discuss industry and podcast highlights from 2022. JiNan reflects on this year’s industry growth and current and future IP trends and shares what viewers can expect from her podcast next year.

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    Operational Strategies for an Effective Sales Culture

    Operational Strategies for an Effective Sales Culture

    Ryan K. Johns is the Founder and Principal of RK Johns Consulting, a global people and revenue operations consulting firm that leverages science, psychology, and micro-learning to optimize cultural performance. As an Air Force veteran and minority-owned business founder, he is also the Head of Corporate Strategy at Central Metric and the CEO of World Bridge Military Partners. With nearly two decades of leadership experience in both private and government sectors, Ryan is adept at operationalizing change management initiatives by aligning business and people strategies. 
    In this episode… When selling a product or service, sales leaders often place too much emphasis on advertising and demonstration, which impedes and devalues the process. So, how can you create an effective sales culture to deliver value to your customers?
    When identifying and understanding customer needs, it’s essential to align your product or service to their value system. This necessitates clear, open dialogue and relationship building. Sales consultant Ryan K. Johns has developed a four-pillar framework for fostering a thriving sales culture. By analyzing your sales process, technologies, and talent acquisition and optimizing business strategies, you can establish a methodology that addresses customers’ unique demands and use cases. 
    In this episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George talks with Ryan K. Johns, Founder and Principal of RK Johns Consulting, about developing effective sales strategies to deliver value to your customers. Ryan shares advice for building relationships and identifying customer needs, his company’s change management framework, and tips for fostering a flourishing sales culture. 

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    Wild and West

    Wild and West

    Abraham Gomez is the Co-founder of Wild and West, a creative agency that focuses on Web 2.0 and 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse. He is also the Co-founder of Wild and West Capital, a venture capital firm investing $100 million in the metaverse. Before Wild and West, Abraham was the Co-founder of KNW-Media and was a Consultant at dcp&s Incorporated. 
    In this episode… The metaverse, cryptocurrency, and NFTs are gaining traction, with investors looking to capitalize. So, what are the opportunities for these emerging assets, and how can you invest wisely?
    As an early-stage investor and expert in the metaverse and cryptocurrency, Abraham Gomez notes that the potential lies in their respective upticks in the market. When it comes to investor experience, crypto is not widely understood. By making an initial investment in crypto and maintaining that investment in the long term, you can gain insights and leverage key opportunities. Similarly, Abraham advises investing in companies that are early adopters of the metaverse so you can profit from its imminent growth.
    In this episode of the Own Your Zone Podcast, JiNan Glasgow George interviews Abraham Gomez, Co-founder of Wild and West and Wild and West Capital, to discuss investing in digital assets. Abraham talks about market trends in cryptocurrency and NFTs, the benefits of investing in the metaverse, and how he founded his companies.

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