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DADPRENEUR, Josh Rimmington chats to parents who are business owners and learn about their story, and gets advice on both business and parenting and doing both at the same time. Range of guests from around the world.

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DADPRENEUR, Josh Rimmington chats to parents who are business owners and learn about their story, and gets advice on both business and parenting and doing both at the same time. Range of guests from around the world.

    Parenting like a Psychologist

    Parenting like a Psychologist

    In this insightful episode of "Parenting Plus Business," host Josh Rimmington sits down with the esteemed Leanne Tran, a dedicated psychologist specializing in educational psychology for children with developmental differences. With over two decades of experience, Leanne has been a pivotal figure in supporting families and helping parents gain essential knowledge and skills to enhance their everyday lives.
    What You’ll Learn:
    Leanne’s Journey: Discover how Leanne’s early aspirations to become a teacher evolved into a fulfilling career in psychology, driven by her passion to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families. Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of parenting children with developmental differences, as Leanne shares her extensive knowledge and practical tips from her long career. Parental Empowerment: Learn strategies from Leanne that can help parents feel more equipped and confident in supporting their children's development and overcoming daily challenges. Why You Should Listen:
    Whether you’re a parent seeking guidance on how to better support your child with developmental differences, or just interested in the powerful intersection of parenting and psychology, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Tune in to benefit from Leanne Tran’s expert advice and heartfelt anecdotes, all shared in conversation with Josh Rimmington.

    • 23 min
    More Than A Pretty Girl

    More Than A Pretty Girl

    In this Episode, Josh talks to Christina Flach.
    Christina is a world renowned celebrity makeup artist with experience working with celebrity clientele, magazines, and big-name brands. She has been featured in Vogue, People, Time, and Elle, as well as campaigns for Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Bloomingdales. 
    She is the creator and CEO of her own makeup brand, Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina also writes articles detailing the must-know tips, tricks, and hacks of the makeup, wellness, and nutrition industries.
    As well as creating a successful career as a makeup artist, she is also a philanthropist who has used her platform to raise funds for various philanthropic causes such as children's education and sepsis awareness. Christina has participated in numerous podcasts, TV, radio, and magazine interviews to raise awareness for the causes she holds close to her heart.

    • 16 min
    Nomadic Family Hustle

    Nomadic Family Hustle

    In This Episode Josh Chats With James " Jimmy" Mitchell.
    A breakdown and working long hours for little return led Jimmy to downsize his marketing agency pack up his family and travel full time.
    Josh & Jimmy chat about running a business, the cost of living in australia, Travelling with kids, content creation and more. 

    • 33 min
    The Power Of Community

    The Power Of Community

    In this episode, Josh is joined By Steven Neuner.
    A lifetime entrepreneur and learner stands out as a leader of compassion and innovation.
    He started his first “real” business in his twenties at home with no money, capabilities, or connections. With a ton of hustle, grit, and the love and support of his wife, Corey, his best friend and first “investor/partner,” Steven has built, scaled, and exited multiple multi-million-dollar companies.
    Steven’s passion is empowering Entrepreneurs to reach new levels of Freedom and Growth.
    On Free Days, the Neuners LOVE taking on family adventures with their three children, huge extended family, and closest friends.

    • 28 min
    Writing the next chapter

    Writing the next chapter

    In this episode, Josh chats with Louis White.
    Louis is an award-winning journalist, writer, Law student, author, and father to Lily. Louis was inspired by Lily to write a children's book series that celebrated nature and all of the insects that are so vital to the environment and the food we eat as well as what it means to be human and compassionate in this world.
    Louis is such a busy but incredibly devoted father who gets so much enjoyment out of nurturing Lily and the fact that she and her friends think that she's famous because he wrote a book with her as the central character! 

    • 20 min
    From Fur Kid To Girl Kid

    From Fur Kid To Girl Kid

    In this episode of Parenting plus Business Podcast your host, Josh Rimmington chats with Rohit Vijayan. Rohit is the CEO and founder of Floofers a pet tech startup that connects pet parents with pet carers and walkers across Australia. Rohit sold all his assets to get Floofers started and also has a young family and groodle named Auggie. 
    Rohit has 16+ years of experience and expertise in business development, banking, automotive, insurance, and hospitality industries and has worked as a digital leader at one of the big four banks in Australia.
    Josh and Rohit chat all about business, pets, parenting, and lots more.

    • 23 min

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