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Bringing Dharma to Life

    Trudy Goodman on Seungsahn

    Trudy Goodman on Seungsahn

    Our first episode is with Trudy Goodman, recorded in 2021, who speaks about her first beloved teacher, Seungsahn, a Korean Seon master of the Jogye Order and founder of the international Kwan Um School of Zen.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Vince Fakhoury Horn on Our Beloved Teachers

    Vince Fakhoury Horn on Our Beloved Teachers

    Our Beloved Teachers is a new kind of community podcast series aimed at exploring the true nature of the teacher-student relationship, while preserving the oral history of BuddhaDharma in the digital era.

    • 15 min
    This Great Network of Interbeing, with Vince F Horn

    This Great Network of Interbeing, with Vince F Horn

    What does it mean to Interbe within Ourselves, with Others, and in Nature? What is this great network of Interbeing?

    • 41 min
    Relax And You Will Know, with Emily W Horn

    Relax And You Will Know, with Emily W Horn

    Emily West Horn teaches that we can learn to apply both mindfulness & heartfulness toward liberating ourselves from the "trance of unworthiness." What do you most want to realize? Relax, and you will know.

    • 49 min
    Magic and the Four Immeasurables, with Vince F Horn

    Magic and the Four Immeasurables, with Vince F Horn

    In most modern contexts the topic of magic is taboo, because it isn’t Rational. Here, Vince Fakhoury Horn makes the claim that magic can also be understood and practiced in a Transrational way.

    • 47 min
    Buddhism & Aliens, with Stuart Davis

    Buddhism & Aliens, with Stuart Davis

    We're joined in this episode by Writer-Director-Actor-Comedian-Songwriter and run of the mill f****d up human, Stuart Davis, as he shares his deep experience of navigating what is generally referred to as "the phenomenon."

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
390 Ratings

390 Ratings

NewJerseyJess ,

Tonight I chose to listen to the “Meditating On Race” and I was absolutely blown away

i hadn’t planned on listening to this particular episode because i have definitely been on a break from watching and/or listening to more conversations about the tragedy and trauma concerning race in America. I’ve just had enough of giving my attention to the horrific and devastating TELEVISED MURDER of men who look like my father, brother, cousins. I just feel so drained...like my actual body can’t take any more.

It’s so deep because as traumatic as this is to see on television, this blatant disregard for my humanity (based on my skin color) has been present in a million different ways my entire life. For example I was fortunate to have attended private schools growing up. I was ALWAYS one of only a handful of black students in school. I experienced So MANY incidents of Indirect discrimination, ignorant racist comments, hurtful prejudice assumptions and constant subtle reminders that I was “different” and “other” because I was black. That dynamic was part of my daily reality.....period
Living that kind experience daily embedded a specific contracted sensation that i can only describe as the feeling deep betrayal and humiliation and shocking whiplash combined.
And with every situation and every comment I felt forced to try to just “deal with it”.....SILENTLY!!! and at least not appear hurt...
It is only recently I have begun to acknowledge and heal the vestiges of trauma that are always a part of what it means to be black in this country.

Its conversations like these....the ones where I hear a genuine willingness to listen to my experiences (and my pain) without eye rolling and/or belittling or by accusing me of the using the infamous “race card” that assist with healing.
It just means so much to be heard in this kind of space. I appreciate the warmth and authenticity that you offered in this episode. It’s necessary and it’s healing!.... Thank you!

Anonymous 9658 ,


More left leaning political garbage. Not for me.

Shotinzenjin ,


I can’t believe I’m hearing propaganda from a so-called Buddhist podcast. Saying that Obama era was one of peace and prosperity. Really?. The housing crisis, bombing seven countries, building the detention centers for immigrants that are being used, don’t forget Obama was the DePorter in chief. I thought this was a Buddhist podcast not a propaganda podcast. Did you know that Trump started no new wars he’s bringing troops home he’s brought industry back to the United States, he’s funded black colleges, he’s made new opportunity zones in black neighborhoods,He’s made animal abuse a federal crime. There’s so much more Maybe you don’t know it because the media doesn’t cover it because it’s so biased.Being Buddhist has nothing to do with supporting the Democrats. Talk about living in an illusion.

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