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The European VC is your go-to podcast for everything European VC. Co-hosted by Andreas Munk Holm and David Cruz e Silva, EUVC features some of the most prominent people from the European VC industry. Every week, you'll get a fresh new perspective from a European VC champion.

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The European VC The European VC

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The European VC is your go-to podcast for everything European VC. Co-hosted by Andreas Munk Holm and David Cruz e Silva, EUVC features some of the most prominent people from the European VC industry. Every week, you'll get a fresh new perspective from a European VC champion.

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    #135 Gil Dibner and David Peterson, Angular Ventures

    #135 Gil Dibner and David Peterson, Angular Ventures

    Today we are happy to welcome David Peterson and Gil Dibner, from Angular Ventures.

    Gil is the General Partner and Founder of Angular. He has been an active venture investor focused on enterprise technology companies born in Europe and Israel since 2005. As a venture investor and angel, he has backed over 30 companies. Prior to founding Angular, Gil was a Partner at DFJ Esprit and a Principal at Index Ventures in London, where he helped manage their pan-European seed portfolio.

    David is a partner who, prior to joining Angular, was employee #16 at Airtable, where he led growth and partnerships, developing full-stack GTM strategies and scaling the company to over 500 employees, grew from zero to 200,000 customers, and reached a $5.77B valuation.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    – The founding story of Angular Ventures and how Gil & David think about complementarity in their partnership

    – How Gil & David think about navigating the current market climate & why they leaned into their biggest bet ever this July

    – Why Gil advises that alignment is kept front and center for emerging managers raising their fund

    • 40 min
    #134 Guillaume Fournier, Credo Ventures

    #134 Guillaume Fournier, Credo Ventures

    Today we are happy to welcome Guillaume Fournier, partner at Credo Ventures, a venture capital company focused on early stage investments in Central Europe. His mission is to identify and back the most interesting early stage companies in the region, support them in their growth plans (including expansion to the U.S. and global markets) and help them to achieve their objectives.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    - The founding story of Credo, what’s behind the name and what took Guillaume from London to Prague - and what’s made him so happy about that move

    - Why Guillaume would rather spare on a deal that he ends up competing with than forego the honest conversations with fellow VCs

    - How Guillaume thinks about building strategic VC relationships and the role of strategic LP investments

    - All about how Guillaume thinks about succession planning in VC

    • 38 min
    #133 Alan Poensgen, Antler

    #133 Alan Poensgen, Antler

    Today we are happy to welcome Alan Poensgen, Partner at Antler, a global early-stage VC active in the major startup ecosystems across six continents. Alan has an extensive experience in building and scaling technology businesses. He was previously MD and Co-Founder at Westwing, a home & living e-commerce company, and one of Europe’s few e-commerce IPOs of the past years. Before Westwing, he built the software development hub at Rocket Internet, and was CEO of a SEA e-commerce company, along with working for a VC and starting his own company in Spain.

    What you will learn in this episode:
    - The story behind Antler Berlin & how they institutionalize the friends and family round
    - How Alan found his way into venture and how he thinks about building founding teams
    - Why Antler isn't a hypothesis-driven investor and what this mean for their strategy & operations
    - How Alan navigates the thin line between helping and meddling
    - A deep dive on the multiplier effect and flywheel of serial entrepreneurs

    • 37 min
    #132 Charlie Graham-Brown, Seedstars

    #132 Charlie Graham-Brown, Seedstars

    Today we are happy welcome Charlie Graham-Brown, CIO & Co-Founder of Seedstars, a platform that educates thousands of tech founders each year and facilitates the scale-up of high growth companies. Charlie is an investment professional and entrepreneur focused on emerging and developing markets, responsible for global seed stage VC investments.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    - Exactly what Seedstars is and how it’s grown to become one of the dominant global players in creating and funding entrepreneurs in emerging markets
    - How Charlie has put together an investment strategy to double down on the emerging markets and how that differs from developed marked investing
    - How Charlie thinks about geo-political and currency risks as a VC
    - How Charlie has thought about putting together his LP base to serve his goals

    • 29 min
    #131 Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp

    #131 Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp

    Today we are happy to welcome a real legend to the show; Reshma Sohoni, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Seedcamp. With Seedcamp, Reshma has not only pioneered seed stage investing in Europe, but also built what’s become one of Europe’s consistently highest performing funds. Consequently, we thought we had no choice but to dive deep with Reshma on firm building to tease out some learnings from one of the greats.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    - Origin story, where the name SeedCamp came from

    - The importance of staying true to your north star and building an ever stronger flywheel around your firm

    - How to think about brand building, recruiting & onboarding new talent and keeping the brand lived by all team members

    - How Reshma thinks about their LP base, why they’ve doubled down on small ticket LPs and requiring value-add and not just money

    - How Reshma thinks about follow-on investments and raising opportunity funds vs single-opportunity vehicles

    With a special guest on the Quick Fire Round: Jeroen van Doornik from Pacenotes

    • 39 min
    #130 Romain Diaz, Satgana

    #130 Romain Diaz, Satgana

    Today we are happy to welcome Romain Diaz, Founder and CEO of Satgana, a Climate Tech Venture Capital firm, investing in early-stage pre-seed with follow-on reserves for the seed round up to €500k. Romain is a passionate entrepreneur, a pragmatic idealist, and genuinely a nice guy!

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    - How Romain’s journey into VC took him from Rocket Internet in Germany, to a venture studio in South Africa and finally now to finally land in Lisbon
    - How Romain thinks about the venture studio model for an emerging VC and how his own path has made him smarter
    - How Romain thinks about their value add to founders and ability to pick and win the best in a time with increasing competition in Climate Tech
    - How Romain has thought about building Satgana from scratch to now announcing it to the world

    • 38 min

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sudofork ,

Great Show

Great show, you really can learn a lot from it

GuiShirazawa ,

Excellent guests and great discussions!

I’ve been following The European VC episodes for some time and I can say that Andreas and David give a great new way to understand the europan venture capital scenario!

CrisXed ,

Great podcast!

This is a great one. Kudos !

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