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Podcast by Different Strokes: A Percussion Podcast

Different Strokes: A Percussion Podcast Different Strokes: A Percussion Podcast

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Podcast by Different Strokes: A Percussion Podcast

    Episode #003 - Eric Carraway

    Episode #003 - Eric Carraway

    In today’s episode I speak with Eric Carraway (@percuss.io). Eric currently resides in San Antonio, TX and is the founder of percuss.io. In this episode we talk about the cross-pollination between Eric's hobby of software development and music education and how this creative outlet has provided a unique approach to blending the two mediums. In our conversation, we talk at length about his side projects and the decisions leading up to his startup including; coding, training, and the resources needed to create percuss.io. Enjoy!

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    Episode #002 - George Torres III

    Episode #002 - George Torres III

    In today’s episode I speak with George Torres (@georgetorres3). George was recently appointed to the visual staff at The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps where he helps teach the visual program for the percussion section of the drum corps. Our conversation spans a wide variety of topics including; engaging marching percussionists in the visual arts, tools and tips on gardening, his interest in hiking the great Pacific Crest Trail, ideas on how to create a “flow” state, and the importance of journaling and self reflection. In addition to his position with The Cavaliers he is also a staff member with the Independent World Percussion group, Monarch Independent, and will be studying Business Leadership at the University of Texas San Antonio. Without further ado, please enjoy a conversation with George Torres III.

    Notes from today's episode:

    Pacific Crest Trail can be found at https://www.pcta.org/

    The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps can be found at https://cavaliers.org/

    Monarch Independent can be found at http://www.monarchindependent.org/

    H-E-B Grocery Stores (Texas) can be found at https://www.heb.com/

    University of Texas at San Antonio Business School can be found at http://www.business.utsa.edu/

    For more information about George Torres III and the topics discussed in this episode, please visit www.dspodcast.org

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