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    3D Commentary: The Muppet Christmas Carol

    3D Commentary: The Muppet Christmas Carol

    You will meet this podcast as it comes around that corner. Where? There. When? ...Now.

    Ryan and David really love The Muppet Christmas Carol, so they've recorded this commentary track for you to listen to alongside the movie! We only gush about how awesome it is for most of the commentary; hope you enjoy it!

    Buy The Muppet Christmas Carol on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2BqgaOZ

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    The 3D Podcast is ©2017 Redeeming Culture.
    The theme song is adapted from "Hero" by Doctor Vox, and is released under a CC-BY Creative Commons license. See here for more information: youtu.be/qNuC01Z3lrs
    Audio clips from The Muppet Christmas Carol are ©1992 Disney/Buena Vista Pictures and are used here for review and critique purposes only.

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