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A Concert Pitch is a weekly podcast dedicated to promoting live music in the St. Louis area. The show is produced and hosted by Romondo Davis, co-founder of LiveMusicSTL.com and FreeConcertsSTL.com.

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A Concert Pitch is a weekly podcast dedicated to promoting live music in the St. Louis area. The show is produced and hosted by Romondo Davis, co-founder of LiveMusicSTL.com and FreeConcertsSTL.com.

    Episode 19 Adam Jaschek, Whitaker Music Festival

    Episode 19 Adam Jaschek, Whitaker Music Festival

    The world-renowned Missouri Botanical Garden hosts a summer concert series that boasts an average attendance of 56 thousand people for each 10-concert season, averaging over 5,600 per show.
    The Whitaker Music Festival, a St. Louis summer entertainment favorite, features an eclectic selection of musical entertainment that is curated and managed by Adam Jaschek, the Garden's Senior Events Coordinator. In addition to the Whitaker Music Festival, Adam manages special events including Chinese Culture Days, Japanese Festival, Best of Missouri Market® and More.
    I interviewed Adam to get insight on how the bands are selected for the Whitaker Music Festival, why the series is so popular, and why the Botanical Garden features such events.
    Visit FreeConcertSTL.com for the 2016 Whitaker Music Festival schedule.

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    Episode 18 Todd Mosby

    Episode 18 Todd Mosby

    St. Louis based Todd Mosby is a phenomenal acoustic musician who
    makes music magic, weaving jazz, classical and Indian genres. He is
    the ONLY guitarist in the world, outside of the royal family in
    India, who has mastered the 20-stringed Imrat Sitar, an instrument
    he invented.

    His newly-released album On Eagle Mountain will be featured at a
    concert on April 30th, 2016 at the Focal Point in Maplewood,

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    Episode 17 Darren George of Mirage Band

    Episode 17 Darren George of Mirage Band

    Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Band
    Darren George, Mirage manager and drummer, suggested we do an interview about the wedding band business, and how their clients can select and work with a band. We covered business and operational aspects of shopping and working with these bands to help assure the music for the event will be perfect. Consider not only music that appeals to the bridal couple, but more importantly to the guests. A wedding reception will likely have guests ranging from teenagers to those 65 and older. Considering age diversity, a band that plays a wide variety of music will more likely keep the guests entertained and on the dance floor throughout the evening. When you've decided on which band to hire, do it quickly. Many bands book 12 to 18 months out, so waiting may cost you to settle for your second or third choice. Ask the bands you are considering if you can stop by a reception or event to listen and see the band live. While some engaged couples feel awkward stopping by a reception, it’s not uncommon; simply ask the band to coordinate the audition by asking the bride and groom for permission. Include as many details as you’d like in the contract with the band. For example, are there clauses in the contract that cover:

    Is there a charge for the band learning a few special songs for the evening?
    How many breaks will the band take?
    What type of refund policy does the band have for cancellation or moving the date of the reception?
    What type of payment terms does the band offer including deposit, when is the balance due, checks accepted, et al?
    Cost of overtime.
    How does the band handle if a band member is unavailable the night of the reception?

    Be certain to hire a band that is experienced in playing receptions. Hiring a "club" may be appealing, there are many nuances to a reception that requires previous experience. Those include:

    acting as the emcee (announcing the wedding party in, announcing the first dance)
    assistance in planning the overall reception
    familiarity with different venues and their acoustics
    logistics of loading in and out.

    Mirage Entertainment on the Internet:

    The Knot
    Wedding Wire

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    Episode 16 Tyler Stokes of Delta Sol Revival

    Episode 16 Tyler Stokes of Delta Sol Revival

    The terms singer, songwriter, musician, and bandleader all describe Tyler Stokes, but I walked away from this interview thinking of him as an extremely wise and intelligent young man with amazing insight and vision. In Tyler I found a breed of musicians that defines a new generation, influenced at a young age by the best rock and blues artists the age of their parents, grandparents and older.

    My friend Scott Laytham (The Scott Laytham and Karl Holmes Duo) recently suggested that I interview Tyler on my podcast. Not long after that I received a call from Tyler asking if I'd like to have him on my show. I accepted without hesitation, and I'm so glad I did. Tyler and I had a great time digging deep into his background, influences, and career, as well as a fascinating discussion of music therapy, especially as it's applied in hospice care.

    Hear Tyler talk about being discovered and encouraged at a very young age by two blues greats, Devon Allman and Marquis Knox. He also lists musicians he's been privileged to be associated with: Dave Black, Tom Byrne, Yonrico Scott, Keith Robinson, Valerie Jo Kirchhoff, Dan Connor, and others.

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    Episode 15 Peter Martin Jazz Pianist

    Episode 15 Peter Martin Jazz Pianist

    I've been following Peter Martin since 2009 when I saw him play at the Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I saw him play there again in 2014. In this interview, he shared that is one of his favorite places to play in St. Louis, ranked at the top with Jazz at the Bistro where he'll be performing May 18–19.

    Peter is known for his collaboration since the late 1990s touring and recording with jazz singer, Dianne Reeves. He'll be touring for the next three months in the US, Japan, and Europe. Most of the gigs are with Dianne and others with his trio — Greg Hutchinson on drums and Reuben Rogers on bass. We cover that activity in this interview.

    Peter also describes his very interesting upbringing which includes being raised by parents who were professional musicians, having Wynton Marsalis as a mentor and close friend, and his association with many of St. Louis' jazz greats like Carolbeth True, the late Willie Akins, Freddie Washington, and others.

    This interview isn't all about music; we also discuss his life as an educator and entrepreneur. Several months ago, I started running into Peter at Venture Café, a weekly gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs. Naturally, I wondered why an accomplished musician would hang with a bunch of business types. I was surprised to learn that he is a leader in online music education. In the podcast he talks about how he founded and launched Open Studio Network, a business described as, "Built in Saint Louis. Made for the World."

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    Episode 14 — Vincent Golomski of Fanfare

    Episode 14 — Vincent Golomski of Fanfare

    Vincent Golomski of Fanfare Band is my guest in this episode of A Concert Pitch. He is founder, manager, and keyboard player of this popular dance band celebrating it’s 40th year.

    Fanfare Band, with lead singer, Kittie Moller, performs all over St. Louis at commercial venues including the Ritz Carlton in Clayton and Dierbergs in Des Peres. They also perform private shows at local schools and retirement homes, and other private events all over the region.

    I’ve heard this band at several free concerts in the area over the past four years including the St. Louis County Parks Department Food Truck Fest and Bridgeton’s Summer Concert Series. They have several such concerts scheduled for the 2016 summer concert season.

    A significant fact about this band is their popularity with the dance community. Vincent describes their regular gigs at the Ritz where local dance clubs show up, and the phenomenon of people dancing in a supermarket when they do their gigs at Dierbergs. He shares the experience of doing programs at grade schools where the students and teachers are up dancing as they present a modern history of music, and the subtleties of performing for the residents of area retirement communities including Friendship Village and The Gatesworth.

    We also explore in this episode the band’s history; their recordings; criteria for adding songs to the list; the background of the other musicians, drummer Lanny Boles and guitarist Charlie Delbert — and  why they enjoy doing free concerts.

    Be sure to check the FreeConcertsSTL.com calendar for summer concerts that feature Fanfare with Kittie Moller.

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