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Are you ready to become the ACE in your life? The current landscape of sales, entrepreneurship, and achievement is changing radically. The Ace Weekly podcast will teach you the skills, habits and the mentality that is needed to succeed today. Learn how to dominate your field, and find fulfillment in the process.

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Are you ready to become the ACE in your life? The current landscape of sales, entrepreneurship, and achievement is changing radically. The Ace Weekly podcast will teach you the skills, habits and the mentality that is needed to succeed today. Learn how to dominate your field, and find fulfillment in the process.

    Greatest Hits: Season 1 Highlights: - ACEWEEKLY080

    Greatest Hits: Season 1 Highlights: - ACEWEEKLY080


    It’s been a wild ride these past 2 years, and Season 1 of ACE Weekly is coming to a close. We couldn’t be more grateful to our listeners & guests for their support during the first 2 years of launching this project. 
    On this week’s episode, we’ve put together a greatest hits compilation from the past 2 years of podcasts & guests. Tune in this week for some of the best content we’ve covered on the show. We feature top guests such as Brad Lea & Rob dial, and we revisit some of our best episodes on simple switches you can make to change your life as well as keys to leadership in a post-pandemic environment. 
    Whether you’ve been a loyal listener of every episode, or you’re hearing a few of these interviews for the first time, you won’t want to miss the best of the best clips from the last 2 years of growth!
    Stay tuned for SEASON 2 of ACE Weekly this April. We’ll be releasing more episodes on a weekly basis as well as expanding our platforms and growing our community. There are BIG THINGS coming around the corner for the ACE WEEKLY ARMY!
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    00:19- Intro 
    03:45- Quiet your mind, the RAS & the law of attraction with Rob Dial
    15:00- One switch to build massive confidence 
    26:00- Mind, Money, Health & Honey with Brad Lea
    43:00- Unlocking your potential
    54:00- Leadership in the virtual world with Luke Miseyko & Carlos Cordero

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Growing Your Brand On Clubhouse, with Rita Goodroe - ACEWEEKLY079

    Growing Your Brand On Clubhouse, with Rita Goodroe - ACEWEEKLY079

    Imagine going through an endless hallway with seemingly infinite doors, and behind each door you’ll find conferences, social events, and conversations catered to your specific interests. You can take a back seat and listen, engage as a speaker, or even start an event of your own to discuss whatever topic you like. You also have the ability to directly connect with thought leaders, celebrities, and experts in most any field.
    This is Clubhouse. The audio-only real time social media app is taking the world by storm. It’s revolutionizing business & connecting people in a way that’s never been capable. 
    This week Clubhouse expert & Entrepreneur Rita Goodroe joins the show to discuss why you should care about “the next big thing”. It can be easy to dismiss any new form of social media nowadays, but Clubhouse is built different. Listen this week to hear why and how you should get started, as well as tips to use Clubhouse as the next tool to transform your business, reach, or network. 
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    00:19- Intro 
    04:00- Introducing Rita Goodroe
    08:00- Finding your authentic self
    12:00- Jumping into the unknown
    18:00- Treating your job like a loan
    21:00- What is Clubhouse and why should you care?
    28:00- How do you get started on clubhouse?
    33:00- Growing your following
    37:00- The next great people connector
    45:00- Resources to take advantage of Clubhouse 

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    The New Frontier with John-Paul Iwuoha - ACEWEEKLY078

    The New Frontier with John-Paul Iwuoha - ACEWEEKLY078

    Anyone who listens to this show probably prides themselves on thinking BIG. We seek to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to us. 
    This week John-Paul Iwuoha, a business transformational specialist, joins the show to talk about global business. Africa is a NEW FRONTIER of entrepreneurship. Amazing things are already being done in Africa in regards to local and global entrepreneurship. As one of the worlds fastest growing emerging markets, it’s easy to overlook Africa with how it’s painted by the mainstream media. Listen to this week’s show to hear how emerging markets like Africa can be the key to the growth of your business and creating the life you want. The resources are available, the opportunity is there... can you be the one to take advantage of it?
    John-Paul’s wisdom shines through as he shares his experience in global markets and countless success stories across the continent of Africa. LISTEN NOW to take advantage of John-Paul’s special ACE WEEKLY offer to the first 100 listeners!
    Get your copy of John-Paul Iwuoha’s book at Smallstarter.com/aceweekly
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    00:20- Intro 
    03:00- Introducing business transformation specialist John Paul Iwuoha
    08:00- Why NOW is the right time
    12:00- The key to finding your passion and overcoming the fear of regret 
    17:00- Why it’s easier to become an entrepreneur now more than ever
    21:00- Global business opportunities and the new frontier 
    34:00- How Africa has been misrepresented
    38:00- Exploring entrepreneurship opportunities in global markets
    46:00- How Africa has handled Covid
    52:00- The Future of Leadership in Africa
    57:00- 101 Ways to Make Money in Africa
    1:01:00- EXCLUSIVE ACE WEEKLY SPECIAL for John Paul’s book

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Rob Gough - Actor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Owner of DOPE - ACEWEEKLY077

    Rob Gough - Actor, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur & Owner of DOPE - ACEWEEKLY077

    Serial entrepreneur, actor, and CEO Rob Gough treats his life like one big game with a multitude of levels. In college, Rob beat cancer and took on the corporate world. He treated the corporate world and his work with Finish Line as an opportunity to learn and develop himself before transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. He’s an expert on brand acquisition and buying companies that 10x their results. He’s the CEO of DOPE (former apparel / streetwear brand and now specializing in CBD products) and he’s even an actor and producer for many films such as  Billionaire Boys Club. As of recently, he is now the owner of the most expensive baseball card in the world. 
    His resume speaks for itself, and this week Rob shares his wisdom on succeeding in a variety of industries, keys to business acquisition, and the future of leadership. Tune in this week to take your results to the next level and see an example of what’s possible when you commit to beating the game of life!
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    Show Notes:
    00:19- Intro
    03:00- Introducing Rob Gough
    07:00- Rob’s first businesses, college life, and fighting cancer at a young age
    14:00- Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship after college
    18:00- Acquiring the DOPE brand
    24:00- Wanting others to win
    27:00- Purchasing the most expensive sport card in history 
    33:00- What to look for when acquiring businesses 
    37:00- Rob’s acting & producing career
    41:00- Juggling acting with entrepreneurship
    45:00- The future of leadership

    • 49 min
    The #1 Factor To Your Success In 2021 - ACEWEEKLY076

    The #1 Factor To Your Success In 2021 - ACEWEEKLY076

    When the new year hit, were you relieved that 2020 was finally over? As the craziest year in human history came to a close, people were hit with a dose of reality... nothing is any different! Just because we’ve flipped our calendars doesn’t mean things have all gotten better. Chances are, 2021 will even crazier!
    A lot of people let the uncertainty of 2020 get in the way of their goals. Their vision was shaken because of massive amounts of sudden change. In 2021, it’s critical that we don’t let our environment influence our goals & vision. Tune in this week to hear Andrew & Luke talk about sticking to your vision in 2021, facing all the craziness of our current reality, and why 2021 will probably be even crazier than 2020.
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    00:19- Intro
    03:00- The mission of ACE Weekly
    08:00- What is going on right now?
    12:00- The problem with social media censorship 
    18:00- Your life moves on
    23:00- Play your own game
    27:00- Uncertainty breeds opportunity
    29:00- Stay connected with your vision
    31:00- Influence your environment
    37:00- Struggling with finding your vision
    47:00- Focus on what you want 

    • 50 min
    Selling To The Government, with GovSpend Co-Founder Jack Siney - ACEWEEKLY075

    Selling To The Government, with GovSpend Co-Founder Jack Siney - ACEWEEKLY075

    What is your ideal client? What if you could find a client that has astronomical amounts of money to spend, has to use their full budget every year, buys literally everything and anything, they always pay on time, and they’ll do business with you for decades? Jack Syney found this client... THE GOVERNMENT.
    Jack Syney is a government sales expert. He’s used his sales expertise to do business with what few realize to be the ideal client. On this episode, Jack walks through why the government makes an ideal client to sell your product or service no matter what it is! This year, the government has spent over ten trillion dollars, and you have the power to take advantage of that. Jack also shares what it takes to make it in sales, 10 keys to success, and offers resources on how you can become a government sales expert at Www.Govsalesuniversity.com

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    Show Notes:
    00:19- Intro
    02:30- Introducing Jack Syney
    06:00- Advantages selling to the government 
    11:00- How selling to the government works
    18:00- How Jack got to where he is
    22:00- Lessons growing up with adversity
    28:00- Listen to people who have done it
    32:00- Follow the money, find opportunities
    38:00- Thoughts on government spending
    45:00- Making it in sales 
    50:00- 10 keys for success
    57:00- Investing in yourself in your 20s
    1:02:00- Learn to sell to the government

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
630 Ratings

630 Ratings

Rachelrichards92 ,

Awesome listen!

Amazing podcast about leveling up as an entrepreneur. I learn so much from this. Andrew’s enthusiasm is contagious, his knowledge is impressive, and he has amazing guest speakers. Highly recommend!

JoshCrist ,

Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Andrew does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Dylan J. Pooler ,

Making Serious Changes

I’ve been wanting to make changes in my life for quite some time now, I just haven’t been able to break from that loser mentality. I reached out to a friend who has listened to this podcast for a long time and let me tell you, I’m absolutely hooked. This podcast has motivated me 100% to be my best self possible and to never accept defeat. Being a 17 year old, this podcast has really opened my eyes and allowed me to see how much potential I have been keeping locked from myself. 100/10 podcast, I would absolutely recommend this.

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