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Searching for evidence of life after death on AfterlifeTV.com. A former private investigator and the author of “Answers About The Afterlife,” Bob Olson has been investigating life after death since 1999. AfterlifeTV.com is the most recent of Bob's resources to guide and educate you about near-death experiences, past lives, after-death communications and mediumship. His other sites include BestPsychicDirectory.com, BestPsychicMediums.com and AnswersAboutTheAfterlife.com.

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Searching for evidence of life after death on AfterlifeTV.com. A former private investigator and the author of “Answers About The Afterlife,” Bob Olson has been investigating life after death since 1999. AfterlifeTV.com is the most recent of Bob's resources to guide and educate you about near-death experiences, past lives, after-death communications and mediumship. His other sites include BestPsychicDirectory.com, BestPsychicMediums.com and AnswersAboutTheAfterlife.com.

    Our Journey Home To The Afterlife Following Physical Death – Afterlife TV with Bob Olson

    Our Journey Home To The Afterlife Following Physical Death – Afterlife TV with Bob Olson

    Afterlife TV from the Vault: Using a movie as our foundation for discussing the afterlife, this interview resulted in an insightful conversation about our spiritual journey back home to the spirit world after our lives have ended. One need not view the movie to gain benefit from this episode. Even more, my guest’s gentle and kind soul — his spirituality and gratitude evident throughout the interview — warmed my heart just being in his presence (even virtually). I think you’ll agree that his words and demeanor are as loving and contagious as the content of our conversation.

    This is one of my earliest interviews on Afterlife TV. I had the rare opportunity to talk with Wagner de Assis, the writer/director of the movie, Astral City (titled Nosso Lar in Portuguese, which means Our Home). Wagner wrote the script based on one of the most famous books in Brazil, also titled Nosso Lar, which was channeled by mega-famous medium, Chico Xavier. Not surprising, Wagner’s movie broke box office records in Brazil when it was released.

    I think you’ll enjoy this interview that covers a lot of ground spiritually, including love, peace, forgiveness, action and reaction, the concept of hell, and the knowing that physical death is merely a transition and return to our true home. Please let me know what you enjoy about it most.

    Sending you enough love to last ten lifetimes,

    Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com, BobOlson.com & BestPsychicDirectory.com

    PS, You can purchase and watch the movie, Astral City, on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV.

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    7 Afterlife Insights for Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers

    7 Afterlife Insights for Doctors, Nurses & Healthcare Workers

    Being the time of the year for giving thanks, I thought I’d create a special episode for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are sacrificing a lot in order to help all of us during this worldwide health crisis. I feel inspired to share seven insights that I’ve gained during my chosen calling of the last 23 years, because I believe it might be helpful to them at this time. If you know a doctor, nurse or healthcare worker who might benefit from this, I hope you’ll share it with them.

    I’ve watched the video footage on TV of so many doctors and nurses who are exhausted, depleted, disheartened and mourning the loss of more patients than they ever imagined losing during their careers. And it seems that this tragic reality in which they now find themselves, struggling to combat a seemingly random and compassionless nemesis, is only going to escalate before we have a treatment or preventative measure to begin turning it around.

    Every time I hear a doctor or nurse speak about their anguish, I think to myself, I wish for their sake that they knew what I have learned from my odd-yet-illuminating calling. Because what I’ve learned, which I’ve been sharing with others for two decades now, has proven to ease the harsh sting of grief. Sometimes it helps a lot. Sometimes it helps just a little. Yet even a slight lessening of one’s grief can mean the difference between moving forward or being stuck. This episode offers a nutshell explanation of what I've learned that may help healthcare workers suffering in this way.

    With love in my heart going out to you and yours,

    Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com, BobOlson.com & BestPsychicDirectory.com

    PS, Special thanks to my wife, Melissa, for the gorgeous photos in video.

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    Woman Visits Spirit World Due To Bomb. Extraordinary Near-Death Experience!

    Woman Visits Spirit World Due To Bomb. Extraordinary Near-Death Experience!

    Afterlife TV: In my 23 years of investigating life after death, I’ve interviewed a lot of people who have had amazing near-death experiences. Without question, Natalie Sudman wins the award for my favorite NDE interview. Hear her describe with extreme articulation the spirits who met her, the spiritual environment she found herself in after the bomb exploded, and what it felt like to be a spiritual being.

    Since March of 2012, more than 75,000 people have seen this interview on Afterlife TV, so I realize you might have seen it before. Don’t let that stop you from revisiting this mind-blowing story. I just rewatched it myself with eye-popping enthusiasm. Even I forgot how rich and enlightening Natalie was in this show. Nobody articulates the spiritual realm quite like Natalie Sudman, so if this is your first time watching or listening to this interview, get ready for a whopper of a ride.

    Like all my older interviews, the quality of the Skype audio and video was lacking back then. Yet I was careful to make sure you, my audience, heard everything that got muddled. And since I know that some of you will want to watch my second and third interviews with Natalie, I've placed those links below.

    Sending you so much love that birds will follow you around to bathe in your energy,

    Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com

    PS, The publisher recently changed the book cover to Natalie’s book, Application Of Impossible Things, so it no longer matches what I show in the video.

    2nd Interview with Natalie: https://www.afterlifetv.com/2015/07/09/what-one-near-death-experience-exposes-about-our-true-spiritual-essence/

    3rd Interview with Natalie: https://www.afterlifetv.com/2015/10/01/what-near-death-experience-teaches-us-about-suffering-souls-spiritual-guidance/

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    Transform Struggle Into Happiness!

    Transform Struggle Into Happiness!

    New Afterlife TV Episode: Everyone agrees that we are going through difficult times. In this video, I discuss ways to deal with your current struggles so that you can feel more happiness in every area of your life. Ironically, this episode was not created to deal with this subject at all. In fact, I created it months before we had any hint of what we're struggling with now, and I have a small group of foster kids to thank for it.

    I created this video for a wonderful group of high school seniors who read my book, The Magic Mala, and had questions about it for me. The name of the group is Grounded For Life, and the group leaders generously gave all the young foster kids a copy to help prepare them for their futures. The leaders then contacted me to ask if I would answer some of the students' questions. The questions they asked me in this episode are brilliant, and they inspired me to look deep within myself for the wisdom I’ve learned by investigating the afterlife for two decades. If you think that because young people asked these questions, this episode is more cute and less insight, you’d be mistaken.

    If you haven’t read my book, you’ll still benefit from watching or listening to this episode. All you need to know is that The Magic Mala teaches the power of your thoughts, words and actions, how to set intentions to transform your life, how to recognize guiding signals from the Universe, and how to stop feeling like life is hard and unfair and, instead, harness your own power to improve your life.

    If you’re interested in learning how to use mala beads, the best way to choose a mala, the people who have inspired me the most, the story of when I first began to use a mala, or how much of the book’s story is true to my own life—just a few examples of what these young adults wanted to know—you’ll enjoy this episode. Although the book has a secondary theme about loss and after-death communication, the questions from this amazing group were more about what I learned about life. I loved having the opportunity to focus on it, which is why I decided to share this with you.

    I hope you enjoy this brand new episode focused on what I learned about life while investigating the afterlife.

    Wishing you a magical life filled with love,

    Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com

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    Accidental Discovery of New Spirit Communication Method

    Accidental Discovery of New Spirit Communication Method

    Afterlife TV: A doctor at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Chicago accidentally discovers a new method of communicating with spirits while experimenting with a trauma treatment known as EMDR. His story is fascinating and has resulted in a proven treatment for treating deep grief related to traumatic death, in his case that of soldiers who were often healed in a single treatment.

    This story encouraged me to create my own hypnotic induction, which I was testing on family members and friends prior to the pandemic with incredible results. While sadly, the Covid situation put a pause on my work, my own test results were amazing and everyone I induced connected with loved ones or angelic beings on the other side. I’ll tell that story in a separate episode, but it all started with this interview that inspired me to experiment on my own.

    This is an interview taken from the vault. There’s a minor background noise that is either caused by Skype or my guest’s air conditioner or fan. However, the content of this interview is so extraordinary and entertaining, I chose to replay the episode in spite of this small annoyance.

    I’d love to hear your reaction to my guest’s breakthrough story. Or if you’ve heard this interview before, let me know what you discover on your second listen.

    As I tell my dogs every night before bed…

    You Are Loved, Bob Olson ~ AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com

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    What Spirits Discover By Watching Over You

    What Spirits Discover By Watching Over You

    Afterlife TV: When a person passes and goes into the spirit world, there’s an unexpected discovery that takes place as they watch over your life. It’s not something I’ve heard anyone discuss, but it’s certainly a pattern I’ve seen repeated in my investigation of life after death over the past 20-plus years. When I first recognized the pattern, it opened my eyes to another important reason why our loved ones watch over us, and it gave me added incentive to live my life to the fullest of my potential. You’ll see why after watching or listening to the episode. I really think you’ll gain a lot from this unique afterlife perspective.

    The photos that instill a sense of beauty and peace in the video are provided by my sweet Melissa.

    When I was a kid, I told my parents I loved them 'as much as the whole dump.’ Not that I loved the dump by any means, but that was the largest space I could imagine at that age. With that, I’m sending you enough love to fill the universe, Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com




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4.6 out of 5
190 Ratings

190 Ratings

MelissaM1313 ,

Terrific Podcast

I have enjoyed listening to every episode of this podcast. I have also enjoyed both of Bob’s books, especially his book Answers about the Afterlife. I hope he resumes this podcast. I really would love to listen to new episodes.

Edina the Hungarian ,

Please come back!!!!

Where did you go? Are you going to have new episodes??? Love your show

M. D. Meyers ,

Interview with Dr. Allan Botkin

I truly love your show, Bob, and I want to thank you for all that you have done for us, your listeners!! Your interview with Dr. Allan Botkin is an excellent example of your work! I am very intrigued by his discoveries and am impressed with the originality of them! Thank you, again, for another exciting time spent listening to your show!

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