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Three skeptical believers who question everything discussing the weird, paranormal & unexplained.

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Three skeptical believers who question everything discussing the weird, paranormal & unexplained.

    Area 52 presents: "A Whole Buncha Stuff”

    Area 52 presents: "A Whole Buncha Stuff”

    After realizing how much more we still had to talk about at the end of our last episode, we decided to get back together to keep the conversation going, and as usual, it got pretty weird.

    So, join us as we discuss even more Britney Spears craziness, music business conspiracies surrounding moguls like Diddy and Birdman, get even deeper into cloning, share some of our own personal UFO sightings and recount a recent trip to the desert that we’ll never forget!”


    • 2 hr 1 min
    Area 52 presents : "Con-Spears-acy Theories"

    Area 52 presents : "Con-Spears-acy Theories"

    She is the Princess of Pop.

    America’s Sweetheart.

    Beloved by millions.

    And weird as hell!

    Seriously, what in the actual F is going on with Britney Spears?!?

    From her crazy Instagram videos with their unintelligible, rambling  captions, to her highly suspect “wedding” pics and lack of public appearances since being released from her conservatorship, there’s no denying something is going on with Britney, but what?!? And why?!? Is it just about controlling all of her assets, or could it be something more nefarious?

    Has she been cloned? Is she being played by doubles? Are her posts just deepfakes and AI? Or is she just a super private person who doesn’t do talk shows or control her own social media? Join us on this special episode as we discuss the many wild, but somehow totally still believable conspiracy theories surrounding Britney Spears!


    • 1 hr 55 min
    The Return of Area 52: Dogman, Flat Earth & Bigfoot Boners

    The Return of Area 52: Dogman, Flat Earth & Bigfoot Boners

    After a brief hiatus (ok, we were gone for two years), the Area 52 Podcast finally returns! Join us as we reconvene to talk about where we’ve been, and what we’ve been up to. We then try to get our heads around flat Earth theory, discuss why, full moon or not, sightings of what seem to be actual werewolves, referred to as “Dogmen”, are on the rise, and get up close and super personal with Bigfoot.

    Thanks so much for listening, please make sure to subscribe and leave a review!


    • 2 hr 19 min
    Area 52 99.99 & 9/10ths : “Discovery+ Us”

    Area 52 99.99 & 9/10ths : “Discovery+ Us”

    We are finally BACK, and have so much to talk about, that there's no way to explain it all here. So instead, we'd like to talk about the amazing new streaming service, Discovery+! With hundreds of paranormal and true crime documentaries, shows and series, there's so much to watch and learn! Join us this week as we discuss billionaire sex criminal Peter Nygaard (as seen on Discovery+), the connections between serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Dean Corll and a network of wealthy pedophiles (also featured on Discovery+), and the new limited series "Sasquatch", which asks the question "Did a Bigfoot really kill those guys?" (available on Hulu, which isn't Discovery+, but it's still pretty great.) We also talk about Britney Spears, her strange conservatorship, and then #FreeBritney movement that is bringing her strange and sad existence to light, so sit back, enjoy, and don't forget to sign up for Discovery+ today! It's a wonderful service.

    (This podcast is not sponsored by Discovery+, but we are totally open to it. Call us.)


    Discovery+: discoveryplus.com/

    Sasquatch: Hulu




    • 1 hr 59 min
    AREA 52 99.9: “B-List Boogeymen”

    AREA 52 99.9: “B-List Boogeymen”

    Most of us are familiar with the more famous cryptids that are out there, like Sasquatch, Loch Ness, and the Chupacabra, but for every well-known monster that supposedly exists, there are dozens of reported creatures and sightings that don’t get the same exposure, but are just as intriguing and terrifying. Join us this week, as we look into some of the rising stars of the monster world; creatures like The Rake, Skinwalkers, Chimeras, Goblins, and Trolls. So, from creepy pale humanoids, shadowy hat men, and garden gnome-esque goblins, to alleged red-headed giants being found in tombs, nightcrawlers in Fresno, and Mermaids in Texas, we examine all the possible things you’ve never heard of that might go bump in the night.



    • 1 hr 55 min
    AREA 52 099.3/4: “Reasonable Doubt”

    AREA 52 099.3/4: “Reasonable Doubt”

    This week, in the wake of recent developments in the case, we take a look back at the tragic 2002 murder of pregnant California woman, Laci Peterson, and the subsequent infamous trial of her husband, Scott Peterson. This case gripped the attention of the media, who fanned the flames of speculation, swayed public opinion, and essentially convicted Scott of being guilty long before the trial ever took place. And while everything that Scott did, including lying, fleeing, and even cheating on his expecting wife, made him unlikeable, untrustworthy, and look even more guilty, there is no real evidence that he actually did commit this horrible crime. Join us this week as we take a look back at this case and explore the compelling alternate theories that weren't part of the media's official narrative. From fake news headlines and jurors with agendas to important facts and witnesses being left out of the trial, there just might be a chance that Scott may not be guilty of anything more than being a terrible husband.


    • 2 hr 56 min

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4.9 out of 5
98 Ratings

98 Ratings

Macdtune ,

One a year?

This podcast is Really Good. It’s really a shame that we get like one podcast a year. I know that you guys are busy and everything but we really need you all to do more

Donavonbuck ,

I can’t get none

Binged listened to you guys a year or so ago right before you stopped recording. Really wish the show was still going. One of my favorite pods! Hope you guys get back at it again.

Bethee1023 ,


We miss you!!

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