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Weekly sports and culture talk. Hosted by Dom, Brandon and Gary. Debates and really bad takes!

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Weekly sports and culture talk. Hosted by Dom, Brandon and Gary. Debates and really bad takes!

    Episode 13 - Beef Season Hip-Hop Battles and Sports Feuds

    Episode 13 - Beef Season Hip-Hop Battles and Sports Feuds

    The Beef Season
    In today's episode, we dove deep into the current landscape of beefs across the entertainment industry, touching on everything from rap battles to sports controversies.
    The Rap Game Heats Up
    We kicked things off discussing the intense rap beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, which has been brewing for a decade but recently exploded with a series of diss tracks from both artists. We analyzed the tracks, debated the implications of their lyrics, and even touched on how this feud might affect their careers and the music industry at large. The discussion got heated as we unpacked the cultural accusations and personal jabs exchanged between the two.
    Sports World Controversies
    Switching gears, we also covered some fresh beefs in the sports world, including the recent controversies surrounding Shaq and Shannon Sharpe. Patrick Beverley and his interactions with the media and fans. We debated his actions and the broader implications for his career and public image.
    Quick Hits on Other Topics

    Boxing and Integrity: We discussed the Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney fight, questioning the integrity of boxing when it comes to handling weight classes and drug tests.

    Media and Athlete Interactions: Touched on how media interactions can sometimes escalate into personal conflicts, using Patrick Beverley's recent incidents as a case study.

    Closing Thoughts
    We wrapped up the episode with a quick rundown on some memorable NFL draft day trades, reflecting on how these moves have historically shaped the teams involved.
    It was a jam-packed episode, filled with passionate debates and a lot of laughs. Thanks to my co-hosts, Gary Wayne and Brandon the Entertainer, for their insights and banter. And of course, thanks to all of you for tuning in. Don't forget to catch us next time on Around the Clock Podcast!

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    Episode 12 - NFL/WNBA Draft Recap and debates

    Episode 12 - NFL/WNBA Draft Recap and debates

    n this episode of the "Around the Clock Podcast," we delved into a wide range of topics, starting with a humorous discussion about peeing in the lake and the etiquette surrounding it. The hosts shared their differing opinions on whether it's acceptable to pee in the lake or not, leading to a lighthearted debate.
    The conversation then shifted towards the WNBA draft, where the hosts discussed the record-breaking contracts and the rising popularity of the league. They highlighted the impact of players like Kaitlyn Clark and the potential for the WNBA to gain more recognition and respect in the sports world.
    Moving on to the NFL draft, the hosts analyzed the top picks, including Caleb Williams and Jaden Daniels. They also discussed the strategies of various teams and the impact of drafting certain players on their rosters. The conversation touched on the importance of drafting the right players to build a successful team.
    The hosts also shared their thoughts on recent NFL rule changes, such as the new kickoff rules and the controversial hip drop tackle rule. They debated the effectiveness and implications of these rule changes, showcasing differing opinions on their impact on the game.
    The episode concluded with a discussion on the use of compression helmets in the NFL to reduce concussions. The hosts debated the practicality and effectiveness of these helmets, with some expressing skepticism while others acknowledged the potential benefits for player safety.
    Overall, the episode provided a mix of humor, sports analysis, and lively debate, offering listeners a diverse range of topics to engage with and enjoy.

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    Episode 11: Sports Sagas and Pop Culture: NFL Moves, NCAA Stars, and Athletic Legacies

    Episode 11: Sports Sagas and Pop Culture: NFL Moves, NCAA Stars, and Athletic Legacies

    Unlock the heated debates and insightful commentary on the latest in sports with us, your hosts Dom, Brandon the Entertainer, and Gary Wayne. From NFL free agency frenzy and Kyle Shanahan's accountability to Caitlin Clark's college basketball heroics, we're serving up a full platter of sports discussions. We dissect the implications of NFL contract twists for teams like the Chiefs and the Vikings, while also celebrating the rise of women's basketball and the impact of NIL deals on the NCAA landscape.
    Step into the arena of controversy and legacy as we spar over the top five most accomplished athletes and the legacies of sports families. Marvel at the debate as we compare the influences of Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods, revealing the depth of their impacts both on and off the field. We also take a critical look at urban development around iconic sports venues, weighing the benefits against the rich history of community neighborhoods.
    Wrap up your sports knowledge with a dash of pop culture as we tackle intersections like wrestling scandals and the generational shifts in celebrity perception. We even throw out a million-dollar challenge, questioning our own athletic prowess and sparking laughs along the way. So gear up, sports enthusiasts, for an episode that promises to be as unpredictable and thrilling as the games we love.

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    Super Bowl 58 Reaction and the GOAT Debate

    Super Bowl 58 Reaction and the GOAT Debate

    Unpacking the aftermath of Super Bowl 58, where the Kansas City Chiefs clinched a victory over the San Francisco 49ers, marking a back-to-back win and sparking conversations about a certified dynasty.
    We kicked off the discussion with our initial reactions to the game, highlighting the defensive showdown and the critical turnovers that shaped the outcome. Despite some technical difficulties, we managed to cover the Chiefs' strategic moves and the 49ers' missed opportunities, including the impact of losing key players like Greenlaw.
    The spotlight was on Patrick Mahomes and his performance, which has reignited the debate about his place in the pantheon of NFL greats. We debated whether Mahomes needs to surpass Tom Brady's seven rings to be considered the GOAT or if his trajectory and potential to lead in all statistical categories could be enough.
    We also touched on the comparison between the NFL and NBA GOAT debates, drawing parallels between Mahomes-Brady and LeBron-Jordan discussions. The conversation got heated as we explored the importance of winning, stats, and the impact of different eras on players' legacies.
    Special attention was given to the new overtime rules and how they played out in the Super Bowl, with a critique of the 49ers' lack of preparation for the situation. We praised Andy Reid and the Chiefs for their readiness and dissected the implications of the rule changes on the game's outcome.
    Lastly, we briefly discussed Harrison Butker's clutch kicking and where he stands among the greatest kickers, especially in postseason scenarios.
    As always, we wrapped up with our personal takes and predictions for the future, agreeing that while it's too early to crown Mahomes as the GOAT, his journey is one to watch closely. Join us next time on Around the Clock Podcast for more in-depth sports analysis and cultural commentary.

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    Special Edition Chiefs Show

    Special Edition Chiefs Show

    This episode features an in-depth discussion about the Kansas City Chiefs' journey and future in professional football. Hosted by Dom and Brandon and featuring the distinguished radio personality Brian B. Shynin, this episode is a buffet of sports analysis, player scrutiny, and in-depth discussions on football statistics and history.
    The episode also presents an intriguing debate on whether the Chiefs can be touted as a 'dynasty' in professional football. Further insights into individual players and the guidance of Coach Andy Reid leads to an enriching talk about team dynamics and strategies.
    Moreover, the episode closely examines paydays threatening the team's unity and the debated reputation of the Chiefs - are they America's most hated team? 
    The episode doesn't stop at quarterbacks; it dives deep into examining the significant contributions of defensive tackle Chris Jones and we dive under the surface to examine Eric Bieniemy's coaching and its acceptance within the team. The potential new recruits and player contracts are also discussed, maintaining the anticipation for the Chiefs' future ahead.
    Lastly, the podcast seamlessly shifts to strategic NFL discussions that explore team strategies, iconic player movements, and likely impacts of roster changes on various teams. The episode concludes with playful, hypothetical scenarios that will have you wondering - Who would you pick for a guaranteed touchdown in the Super Bowl?

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    Episode 10 - A Deep Dive into NFL Insights and Iconic Sports Narratives

    Episode 10 - A Deep Dive into NFL Insights and Iconic Sports Narratives

    Join Dom, Brandon, and Gary in the tenth episode of The "Around the Clock Podcast". Starting off with baseball facts and a tribute to All-American athlete Danny Ainge, the hosts transition into football narratives and NFL Honor Awards analysis. Listen in for an engaging discussion about comeback players in NFL, potential award contenders, and team prospects. Benefit from a unique perspective on the football industry as the hosts discuss NIL deals, high school recruitment, and NFL rivalries. Besides, they share amusing personal stories and humorous anecdotes making this episode a must-listen treat for sports enthusiasts.

    • 1 hr 22 min

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12 Ratings

jwass428 ,


Dom is doing a masterful job with guiding his guests on how to tell their stories. Hosting a podcast only comes across effortless when the host can take conversation and guide it in a way where the listener feels like they are in the room, and that friends is exactly what you get when you tune into PYNTK.

sofreshandsoKT ,

Riches beyond gold

These two guys are hilarious for one thing! They are also so very relatable and so is topics that make me want to listen every week. Keep up the great work making Dads’ lives richer!

stlsneed ,

Rich dad love it!

Rich Dad gives a great insight of fatherhood from a young mans point of view. I would recommend for any adult that calls themselves a cultivar of young minds

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