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Bite-sized lessons for Astrology beginners created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady.
Curious about astrology? Want to learn the basics—but don’t have tons of time? Want things to be short and snappy? This podcast is for you! With Astrology Bytes, you can learn about astrology in super-short bursts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less. Your host, Theresa Reed, breaks things down into plain, easy-to-understand explanations.

No complicated jargon or tedious philosophical lectures here. Just simple, fun instructions that will get you understanding astrology in no time.

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Bite-sized lessons for Astrology beginners created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady.
Curious about astrology? Want to learn the basics—but don’t have tons of time? Want things to be short and snappy? This podcast is for you! With Astrology Bytes, you can learn about astrology in super-short bursts. Each episode is 15 minutes or less. Your host, Theresa Reed, breaks things down into plain, easy-to-understand explanations.

No complicated jargon or tedious philosophical lectures here. Just simple, fun instructions that will get you understanding astrology in no time.

    Mars Transits Through the Signs

    Mars Transits Through the Signs

    Episode 165. Mars spends about two months in a sign. Mars transits show how we’re taking action, following our passions, expressing energy, or fighting. It can also give clues to how anger is manifesting.

    Let’s go through each sign:

    Aries - When Mars is in Aries, it’s in the sign it rules. This means it can express the energy freely. Mars in Aries puts an aggressive, fiery vibe into the air. It’s easier to find the courage to take risks now. Time flies quickly and you might be starting all sorts of new things. But this transit tends to make people hot-headed and impulsive.

    Taurus - When Mars is in Taurus, the pace is slower. You can achieve your goals but it may take more time. The good side of this transit: patience is on tap, which helps to keep the momentum going…slowly. Mars in Taurus can also bring out the stubbornness in people, which can lead to grudge matches.

    Gemini - When Mars is in Gemini, words are fast and furious. They can become sharp weapons as well, so you need to keep that in mind if you end up in a war of wits. This transit brings a short attention span. One moment you’re engrossed in a book, the next minute, you’re peeling onions for a new recipe. Be careful so you don’t scatter your forces to the wind.

    Cancer - When Mars is in Cancer, the energy is “mother lion.” We’re ready to defend our next of kin and protect our homes. Goals can change depending on moods. Mars in Cancer is also a bit cranky at times. If you’re feeling moody, be careful you don’t take it out on the ones you love.

    Leo - When Mars is in Leo, we can take the lead and inspire the masses! This is a fabulous transit for starting creative projects, taking command at work, and self-promotion. Toot your horn and make it loud! Set all the big goals and have faith you can attain them. This transit is more concerned with the overall picture, making it too easy to overlook the important details.

    Virgo - When Mars is in Virgo, work becomes a god. You’re ready to shut out distractions and get it done. This is a highly productive transit, best for handling projects that require concentration. Perfectionist tendencies loom large, which can be good or bad, depending on your mindset. A job well done feels great but if you don’t think anyone can do the job as well as you, a tendency to micromanage may set in.

    Libra - When Mars is in Libra, puts a great deal of focus on relationships. You might be driven to pursue a romantic partner or someone might be chasing you. Either way, this can add some excitement to your love life. Mars in Libra is not direct in other matters though. This transit brings out indecision and people-pleasing, which can make it hard to get things done or settle battles.

    Scorpio - When Mars is in Scorpio, it’s happy again because it rules Scorpio. Energy is intense and you can get to the bottom of anything. You can also rise to the top of a particular goal. Mars in Scorpio transits are excellent for exploring taboo topics and managing crises. However, it can bring out emotional extremes - and that could lead to explosive anger.

    Sagittarius - When Mars is in Sagittarius, we want to be free to do our thing. The day-to-day grind is less interesting. Instead, the urge to explore the world at large drives us. This can lead to restlessness, which needs to be kept in check. If it isn’t, it becomes too easy to chuck responsibilities in search of the next cool thing. That being said, it’s a fab transit for travel or hitting the books.

    Capricorn - When Mars is in Capricorn, the energy becomes grounded, making it possible to move mountains. Like Mars in Virgo, you can get a lot of things accomplished now. Set your goals high and like the mountain goat, keep going. Ambition is king during this transit. While this is one of the best transits for the red planet, it can also make folks a bit selfish.

    Aquarius - When Mars is in Aquarius, we’re all in the mood for change. This could lead to rebellion a

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    Astrocartography with Rebecca Gordon

    Astrocartography with Rebecca Gordon

    Episode 164. Do you ever travel somewhere and feel like it's "home?" Or how about the opposite - you arrive and want to leave as soon as you put down your bags? Astrology may have something to say about that. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Rebecca Gordon talks about Astrocartography, a method of locational astrology that shows how the placements of the planets affect the vibe you might feel in one location versus another. Astrocartography is unique for each individual's chart - it's basically a "map" of where the stars were rising or setting at the time you were born. This creates "planetary lines" that show why you might love one place (Venus) and find another not-so-great (Saturn). It's also used in the Solar Return. Rebecca shares the basics you need to begin understanding this fascinating method!

    • 32 min
    Venus Transits Through the Signs

    Venus Transits Through the Signs

    Episode 163. Venus spends about a month in a sign. Venus transits indicate how we’re loving, creating, or spending.

    Let’s go through each sign:

    Aries - When Venus is in Aries, romance gets red-hot. This is a bold, fast-paced transit, which loves the chase more than the commitment. If you’re single, it’s a great time to be on the prowl! Venus in Aries isn’t shy - you can find your swagger now. Original artistic ideas are easier to come by and you might spend your dough faster than it comes in. Watch out for impulse spending under this transit.

    Taurus - When Venus is in Taurus, romance gets sensuous, affectionate, and tactile. Quality time and plenty of physical touch are IN. However, you can be overindulgent or possessive too. You’ll want to keep those tendencies in check. This is an intensely creative period, and artists will find inspiration everywhere. Under this transit, you’ll want to invest in quality pieces and plenty of pampering.

    Gemini - When Venus is in Gemini, you can get your flirt on! Words enchant, and it’s best to approach romance through the mind. Your social life could be more active at this time - or you could be dating numerous people. However, this is restless transit so you might find someone fascinating one day, only to get bored with them the next. This transit is excellent for writers. It’s also your time to spend money on books, stationery, classes, and anything that feeds your curiosity.

    Cancer - When Venus is in Cancer, romance becomes old-fashioned. Flowers, home-cooked meals by candlelight, and long walks under the moon keep it burning bright. Emotions tend to be tender, so you’ll want to be extra sensitive with your loved ones. During this transit, you’ll want to invest in property or things for the home.

    Leo - When Venus is in Leo, expect plenty of romantic fireworks! Grand gestures, extravagant gifts, and bold declarations of love (preferably in front of an audience) are the way to go. Give your partner plenty of attention and you’ll get it returned ten-fold. Also: flattery will get you far! This is an affectionate transit, so the bedroom will be super-hot. Venus in Leo is your best time for splurging on all the self-indulgent things. Elegant dinners, new threads, skimpy lingerie, and all the entertainment - yes, please!

    Virgo - When Venus is in Virgo, acts of service is the love language. The little things matter now - taking care of details, catering to your partner’s needs, or being practical will keep love humming along. This isn’t considered the most romantic transit, but I have found it can be an opportunity to be thoughtful. What’s more loving than paying attention to what your partner needs? This transit is best for spending on pragmatic things such as organizational products, tools, and cleaning supplies. It's also a fantastic time to edit your creative work.

    Libra - When Venus is in Libra, you can expect romance to rise a few octaves. Venus is happy here and lends an elegant, refined air to matters of the heart. This is an excellent transit to wine and dine. It’s also sublime for artists - the muses are singing! Indulge in fine artwork, beautiful clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry.

    Scorpio - When Venus is in Scorpio, love gets passionate, sexy, and all-consuming. The urge to merge is at an all-time high - a surface relationship won’t do. You want to go deep! The shadow side is obsession and possessiveness, two vibes you’ll want to guard against if you want to avoid drama. Money attraction seems easier at this time and it’s an ideal period for investing in the future - although some folks think it’s best for spending on occult supplies and edgy, adult-oriented entertainment.

    Sagittarius - When Venus is in Sagittarius, fun, and freedom are the name of the game. This is an easy-breezy vibe, which makes it a bit restless. You might feel like you want to roam - and the grass may seem much greener on the other side. A few romantic adventures

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    Astrology for Entrepreneurs with Rebecca Gordon

    Astrology for Entrepreneurs with Rebecca Gordon

    Episode 162. Did you know astrology can be a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs? I use it in my business all the time. The reason why: it works. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, I'm joined by one of my favorite astrologers, Rebecca Gordon, to talk about astrology for business. We discuss the role of the natal chart in determining your career and leadership style, plus how to hire the right team to support your biz. You'll also learn about using astrological transits for intelligent timing and more. Rebecca also shares her unique way of looking at the natal chart as an "ecosystem." Once you learn her method, you'll never look at a chart the same way again. We also talk about her program, Astrology For Entrepreneurs. I've taken the course myself, and it is excellent.

    • 30 min
    Mercury Transits Through the Signs

    Mercury Transits Through the Signs

    Episode 161. Mercury spends about three weeks in a sign. Mercury can indicate changes in communication, ideas, thinking, skills, mental stimulation, conversations, and where you’re curious.

    Aries - When Mercury is in Aries, thinking becomes fast - and so does decision-making. On the high side, this means you’re not sitting around waiting for permission to do anything. On the low side, you could be impulsive, which could lead to regrets later on. This transit also brings out blunt but honest communication. You’re not afraid to say it like it is - but you could be more argumentative than usual.

    Taurus - When Mercury is in Taurus, you can slow your thinking down. Instead of rushing to make decisions, you’ll prefer to take your time. Your thinking becomes more grounded, patient, and practical. This is an excellent time for discussions around money because security may be on your mind. Watch out for a tendency to be obstinate.

    Gemini - When Mercury is in Gemini, life seems to hurry by. You’re busy, flitting from one situation to the next. Communication is snappy and witty. This is the perfect transit to indulge your intellectual curiosity: take classes or read great books. It’s a fabulous time for generating new ideas but you can also be easily distracted with shiny object syndrome. Gossip is exciting now - but you’ll want to take some of it with a grain of salt.

    Cancer - When Mercury is in Cancer, emotions can influence your thinking. You may be more sensitive and intuitive too. However, it’s easy to slip into pining away for the past, something you’ll want to guard against. If you want to investigate old issues, that’s one thing. But clinging to the “good old days” isn’t productive. You’ll also need to be careful you don’t take everything personally at this time. Mercury in Cancer is excellent for strengthening memory and expressing your feelings.

    Leo - When Mercury is in Leo, your thinking is BIG and bold. This is your best time for grand gestures and theatrical declarations! Take the main stage, grab the mic, and have your say! Heart-to-heart conversations could heal situations or inspire others too (this is a persuasive transit). It’s also an excellent few weeks to talk about yourself - provided you don’t hog the spotlight.

     Virgo - When Mercury is in Virgo, thinking sharpens and becomes analytical. Now you can sort out all the teeny details. Decision-making can happen once you’ve compared every option - provided you don’t get hung up on the fine print.

    Libra - When Mercury is in Libra, we feel pleasant, tactful, and friendly. Balance is important, which means we want to weigh all sides with care before reaching a judgment. This is also a persuasive transit, so it’s favorable for negotiations. However, there can be a tendency to people-please, which may make you feel like going along with things just to avoid conflict.

    Scorpio - When Mercury is in Scorpio, you can get to the bottom of things. Thinking is sharp, analytical, and probing. You’re not content with surface conversations either - you want depth. Intuition is amplified, leading to psychic experiences and lucid dreams. This transit is also ideal for secrets or exploring controversial topics. Watch out for obsessing and brooding as well as a tendency to be sarcastic.

    Sagittarius - When Mercury is in Sagittarius, thinking becomes optimistic. Suddenly, you feel carefree and ready for fun. Your mind is open and interested in the world at large. Also: your faith increases. Life feels good! This is tolerant transit overall, but sometimes it can bring about hypocrisy. Make sure you question your own beliefs as thoroughly as you question other people’s.

    Capricorn - When Mercury is in Capricorn, the mind is pragmatic, stoic, and orderly. This means you can see the best way to the top of any situation. This is your time to be unapologetically ambitious, to go for the gold and study anything that will further your goals.

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    Your Dominant Sign and How It Affects You with Noush Joon

    Your Dominant Sign and How It Affects You with Noush Joon

    Episode 160. I have three planets in Gemini and three in Virgo. That's a lot of Mercury-ruled vibes! So what effect does that have on my chart? Astrologer Noush Joon joins me to talk about how to find your dominant sign - and what it means for you. 

    • 20 min

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4.9 out of 5
395 Ratings

395 Ratings

Thomas the Hermit ,

Practical and bite-sized

I love Theresa’s take on astrology. It’s simple but not basic, and that makes it easy to apply to a bunch of different situations. And the opening of this pod is so soothing!

pjo60609 ,

Great way to learn astrology

This short podcast gives you a great overview of astrology. By dividing up the topics into small bits and presenting them plainly, you learn so much!

clare. ,

Perfect for beginners

This is just the kind of podcast I was looking for! The host puts everything in lament terms and really walks you through each point that has to do with astrology. I’m learning so much!!! I look forward to listening to it every day to see what we learn about next

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