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In this podcast, we discuss spirituality, emotional health, healing, and the true meaning of awakening in the context of our modern lives. Our goal is to spark insight and plant seeds on your path by sharing our own experiences—what worked and what didn’t—and encourage you to think outside the box, shift your perspective, and view life and its lessons as moments of learning and awakening.

Pernilla Burke | Founder

Awakening Process 101 Pernilla Burke and Louise Juel Severin

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In this podcast, we discuss spirituality, emotional health, healing, and the true meaning of awakening in the context of our modern lives. Our goal is to spark insight and plant seeds on your path by sharing our own experiences—what worked and what didn’t—and encourage you to think outside the box, shift your perspective, and view life and its lessons as moments of learning and awakening.

Pernilla Burke | Founder

    What is the Awakening Process?

    What is the Awakening Process?

    Awakening Process 101: Navigating Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery.

    The episode “What is the Awakening Process? Awakening Process 101 explores the complex and nuanced journey of spiritual awakening.  Hosted by Perilla Burke and Louise Juel, the episode investigates what awakening means in the context of modern life, emphasizing its personal significance and variability among individuals. Through their conversation, the hosts share insights into how meditation, yoga, and life's challenges can catalyze the awakening process, highlighting personal anecdotes and the transformative impact these practices have had on their lives.

    The discussion also touches on the importance of self-awareness, the willingness to engage in self-exploration, and the role of specific practices as tools for personal development. The hosts reflect on how awakening influences relationships, communication, and the ability to cultivate compassion and understanding. They conclude by discussing the continuous nature of the awakening journey, sharing quotes from spiritual teachers that resonate with their experiences and offering final thoughts on the diversity of awakening experiences.

    This episode provides listeners with a deep dive into the concept of awakening, offering perspectives on how to integrate these insights into daily life, navigate life's challenges, and embrace the ongoing journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

    (00:00) Introduction and overview of the Awakening 101 podcast, including the hosts' backgrounds and the purpose of the podcast.

    (03:25) Definition of the awakening process and its personal significance to the hosts.

    (06:40) The role of meditation and yoga in the awakening process, and personal anecdotes illustrating their impact.

    (12:55) Discussion on life challenges as catalysts for deeper awakening and spiritual growth.

    (19:30) The concept of awakening as a continuous, lifelong process influenced by various experiences and practices.

    (27:10) The importance of self-awareness, curiosity, and the willingness to engage in self-exploration and transformation.

    (34:15) How specific practices like yoga and meditation serve as tools for awakening and personal development.

    (41:00) The impact of awakening on personal relationships, communication, and the cultivation of compassion and understanding.

    (47:50) Reflections on the journey of awakening, including the necessity of patience, practice, and the acceptance of life's challenges.

    (54:20) Closing thoughts on the diversity of the awakening experience, quotes from various spiritual teachers, and the hosts' final messages.

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    A conversation with Abdi Assadi: Reconnection, Healing and Growth

    A conversation with Abdi Assadi: Reconnection, Healing and Growth

    In Episode 18 we have a guest; Abdi Assadi, an acupuncturist and spiritual counselor from New York. Abdi shares insights from his diverse training in acupuncture, shamanic practices, psychotherapy, and Jungian analysis. Abdi focuses on helping individuals reconnect with their inner selves. 

    Our conversation explores the crucial role of the body in healing, emphasizing physical awareness as a grounding tool most importantly the tools like connecting with the bottom of your feet and connecting with the breath as it enters and exits the nostrils. Asadi and Pernilla  explore the interplay between psychological healing and spiritual growth, underlining the risk of the spiritual bypass in other words using spirituality to avoid emotional issues. Abdi recounts his personal Kundalini awakenings, highlighting their transformative impact and the insights gained. The discussion then addresses anxiety, cultural pressures, and the need for presence and mindfulness. We discuss issues like  spiritual awakening as a continuous journey of understanding  and growth.

    Towards the end, Abdi and Louise discuss the aspects of divorce and emphasizes processing emotions like heartbreak and rage through spiritual work. Abdi also examines the theme of choosing love over fear in spiritual awakening and the impact of differing spiritual frequencies in relationships. We discuss the negative effects of staying in unhappy marriages, particularly on children, and the importance of authenticity. 

    (00:00) introduction and Guest Background: Introduction to the podcast. Abdi Assadi's background as an acupuncturist and spiritual counselor.

    (04:30) Transition from Acupuncture to Spiritual Counseling: Abdi discusses his shift from physical acupuncture practice to phone-based spiritual counseling.

    (08:15) Importance of the Body in Spiritual Practice: Conversation about the role of the body in grounding spiritual practices. Discussion on the interplay of physical presence and energy work.

    (13:00) Integrating Psychology with Spirituality: The necessity of addressing psychological aspects alongside spiritual growth. Insights into the integration of psychotherapy with spiritual counseling.

    (17:45) Personal Spiritual Experiences and Awakening: Abdi shares his personal experiences related to spiritual awakening. Discussion on the nature of awakening as a process.

    (23:30) Challenges and Misconceptions on the Spiritual Path: Discussing the challenges and common misconceptions encountered on the spiritual journey. Insights into the pitfalls of ego and enlightenment.

    (29:00) Living in the Moment and Emotional Processing: Emphasizing the importance of being present in the moment. Strategies for dealing with emotions and psychological patterns.

    (34:15) Relationships, Divorce, and Spiritual Growth: Exploring how spiritual growth impacts relationships, with a focus on divorce. Personal reflections on emotional challenges and growth during significant life changes.

    (40:00) Closing Thoughts and Future Plans: Summarizing key points from the discussion. Plans for future episodes and topics to explore.

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    #17 Uncovering the unseen guiding force of Grace in our lives.

    #17 Uncovering the unseen guiding force of Grace in our lives.

    How can we uncover the unseen guiding force of Grace in our lives? 

    Join us as we delve into the mysteries of grace, sharing personal stories and insights that illuminate how these powerful moments shape our lives. #Awakening101 #Grace #SpiritualInsights"

    In this episode, we delve deeper into the concept of grace, exploring its presence in both significant life events and everyday moments. We share personal experiences, like Pernilla's journey to sobriety and meeting her spiritual teacher Sally Kempton, highlighting how these moments marked significant turning points. We discuss grace as an uncontrollable, guiding force, emphasizing the importance of being present and aware to recognize it in both monumental and mundane aspects of life. Louise reflects on finding grace in nature and swimming, illustrating how being fully present transforms ordinary experiences. We also discuss finding grace in challenging times, suggesting that the right attitude and presence can reveal grace in adversity. Overall, our conversation underlines that recognizing grace is a key aspect of personal growth and spiritual practice, urging openness and awareness in daily life. Our stories and insights aim to provide a deeper understanding of grace's subtle yet powerful influence.

    “Grace is the energy that connects us to the ultimate truth to the source of our being to what a friend of mine likes to call the “Godfield.” The masters of Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian Tradition that sees all of life as an expression of divine energy point out that Grace is an ever present force in the universe, more pervasive than GRAVITY.”

    “Meditation for the Love of It” by Sally Kempton

    00:00) Introduction and Background: Introduction of Louise and Pernilla and their backgrounds.

    (02:31) Introduction to the Topic of Grace: Initial discussion and personal interpretations of Grace.

    (06:46)Personal Experiences with Grace: Sharing personal stories and defining moments related to Grace.

    (15:21) Defining Grace and Its Uncontrollability: Attempting to define Grace and exploring its uncontrollable nature.

    (22:36) Grace in Daily Life and Spirituality: Discussion on how Grace manifests in daily life and spiritual practices.

    (30:51) Meditation and Its Connection to Grace: The role of meditation in understanding and connecting with Grace.

    (38:11) Practical Tips for Meditation and Recognizing Grace: Practical advice for incorporating meditation and recognizing Grace in daily life.

    (45:01) Concluding Thoughts on Grace and Gratitude: Summarizing the discussion on Grace and its connection to gratitude.

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    The Road to Finding Yourself

    The Road to Finding Yourself

    #16 The Road to Finding Yourself

    The central theme of this episode is “Finding Yourself,” inspired by a blog written by Pernilla. We explore this topic with depth and clarity, sharing a mutual understanding that during our upbringing, we both experienced a profound sense of disconnection from our true selves.

    We agree that the inner turmoil and discomfort we felt led us to seek ways to escape from our own realities. For both of us, the path to discovering who we truly are was long and marked by a lack of self-understanding. We highlight that the journey of self-discovery is ongoing and not a singular event. Our discussion emphasizes the non-linear nature of spiritual growth, exploring various tools that enhance awareness and presence.

    A significant focus is placed on meditation, particularly its role in fostering a connection with our true selves. We also explore the concept of the inner child, stressing the importance of recognizing and engaging with this aspect of ourselves for personal healing and growth. We acknowledge that addressing and healing childhood wounds is crucial for achieving genuine self-awareness and inner peace.

    Additionally, we touch upon Holosync, a brain entrainment tool, and discuss its effectiveness in facilitating deeper meditation experiences and emotional healing.

    Awakening Process Mandala

    Swami Durgananda The Heart of Meditation

    Finding Yourself Blog

    Holosync and Brain Entrainment

    (00:00) Introduction and Background Welcoming and introductions. Brief description of Awakening 101 and its purpose as a spiritual library.

    (05:20) Topic Introduction: Finding Yourself: Introduction to the day's topic, exploring the concept of finding oneself. Discussion on whether finding oneself is a one-time event or an ongoing process.

    (07:45) The Process of Self-Discovery: The analogy of peeling an onion to describe the journey of self-discovery. Personal anecdotes and experiences related to self-reflection and growth.

    (14:30) Meditation and Its Role in Self-Discovery: The importance of meditation in the process of finding oneself. Sharing personal experiences and the impact of meditation on their lives.

    (21:10) Inner Child and Self-Awareness: Discussion on the concept of the inner child and its importance in understanding oneself. Personal stories about connecting with and understanding their inner child.

    (27:50) Practical Steps for Self-Discovery: Sharing practical steps and tools for self-discovery, including meditation, yoga, and brain entrainment. The role of these practices in healing and personal growth.

    (34:20) Conclusion and Reflections: Summarizing the discussion and key takeaways. Final thoughts on the journey of finding oneself and the importance of self-compassion.

    (46:00) Closing Remarks: Final words and goodbyes.

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    #15 Exploring the path to Self-Connection

    #15 Exploring the path to Self-Connection

    Exploring the path to Self-Connection: Understanding our relationships and emotions. 

    In Episode #15, we discuss the connection to oneself and personal growth. We explore the concept of the heart, differentiating between the physical heart and the soul, and how self-worth and self-love contribute to self-connection. We discuss tools like yoga and meditation for enhancing self-connection, considering the influence of upbringing and environment. We reflect on the importance of being present with the senses for self-connection and the emotional impact of physical touch, especially hugging, and its role in connection, including with animals, is highlighted. Towards the end, we discuss the effects of loneliness, living alone, and the significance of community and nature in feeling connected. Our conversation touches on how dealing with negative emotions influences the ability to connect with oneself and others, discussing people-pleasing behaviors and the path to authentic self-connection.

    (00:00) Discussion on the Heart and Self-Connection: Pernilla and Louise discuss the concept of the heart, distinguishing between the physical heart and the 'great heart' or soul. We explore how self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love contribute to a person's connection with themselves.

    (04:30) Personal Experiences and Drug Use: We share a personal experience with drug use, describing it as a moment of self-connection. We discuss how their perspectives on self-respect and self-worth have evolved over time.

    (08:15) The Role of Spiritual Practices in Self-Connection: The conversation shifts to the role of spiritual practices like yoga and meditation in fostering self-connection. They touch upon how upbringing and environmental factors can influence one's ability to connect with themselves.

    (12:00) Connecting Through the Senses: We explore the importance of being present with the senses as a means of connecting with oneself. They debate whether it's possible to be fully present with all five senses simultaneously.

    (16:00) The Power of Touch and Physical Connection: The discussion moves to the power of touch and physical connection, including hugging and its emotional impact. We also talk about the connection with animals and the importance of physical contact.

    (20:00) Loneliness, Living Alone, and Community: The topic shifts to loneliness, the experience of living alone, and the importance of community and connection to nature. We explore how different living situations can impact a person's sense of connection.

    (24:00) Dealing with Negative Emotions and Self-Connection: We discuss how dealing with negative emotions and personal challenges can affect one's ability to connect with others and themselves. We reflect on our people-pleasing behaviors and the journey towards authentic self-connection.

    (28:00) Conclusion and Summary of Key Points: We conclude with a summary of the key points discussed, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection, therapy, and taking proactive steps towards self-connection.

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    #14 Connection: Our Innate Human Desire

    #14 Connection: Our Innate Human Desire

    In this episode we discuss the concept of awakening and connection, underlining the idea that awakening is not a state of constant positivity, but rather a state of presence and acceptance of life's ups and downs. We specifically explore the innate human desire for connection, drawing parallels with the connection to animals and emphasizing the importance of feeling heard and belonging. We discuss how connections evolve from childhood and how true connection can often be found within oneself, as Pernilla has discovered through the practice of meditation. The conversation also touches on the first human connection with one's mother at birth, the unconditional bond with pets, and the lessons humans can learn from animals about living in the present. Pernilla shares her sensory memories of connection with horses, which brought her a profound sense of presence.
    Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Inn
    Eckhart Tolle 
    Connection - A Personal Journey Towards Authentic Belonging by Pernilla Burke 
    (00:00) Introduction and Acknowledging Imperfection: Pernilla and Louise begin by acknowledging that being 'awake' does not mean life is without its challenges.
    (02:45) Introduction and Purpose: Introduction and intention for the podcast Awakening Process 101, which amongst other things is to inspire self-discovery and presence.
    (03:40) Sharing Personal Experiences: Personal stories are shared, including experiences with addiction and depression, and the insights gained from these challenges.
    (05:10) Coping with Life's Ups and Downs: The conversation covers how our journey and the podcast help us cope with life's varying conditions through surrendering to the present moment.
    (08:30) Connection in Nature and in Humans: Observations on how animals, like geese, demonstrate the need for connection by staying in groups.
    (11:00) Personal Reflections on Connection: Pernilla reflects on her personal search for connection through substance use and how she found true connection through meditation.
    (13:20) Connection as Energy: The concept of connection as an energy that lights up the present moment is explored.
    (15:00) Connection with Children and the Nature of Presence: Pernilla and Louise share personal stories about the importance of being present with children and the ripple effect of connections. The nature of presence and awareness, particularly in children and animals, is discussed.
    (18:00) Animals and Presence: An exploration on how animals exhibit presence and what humans can learn from them. 
    (21:00) Personal Anecdotes on Animal Connection: Pernilla shares her experiences with a horse named Annabelle and the connection she felt. Reflections on how engaging with animals can lead to a state of presence where time and basic needs are forgotten.
    (25:30) Connection to Animals and Nature: The hosts discuss the importance of connecting with animals and nature, especially in modern life where people are often removed from natural environments.
    (26:45) Connecting to Self and Others: The conversation shifts to the concept of connecting with oneself and how it is intertwined with the ability to connect with others.
    (28:00) The Role of Self-Esteem and Self-Acceptance: 28:00 - The hosts delve into the impact of self-esteem and self-acceptance on connection, discussing how negative thoughts can interfere with self-connection. 
    (30:30)The Nature of Connection: The hosts reflect on the nature of connection, considering it as a positive feeling and how negative emotions can disrupt the sense of connection.
    (32:00) Connecting to Oneself: The discussion turns to practical ways to deepen the connection to oneself, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and being present.
    (33:15) Self-Acceptance as an Action: The hosts talk about self-acceptance as an active process, suggesting that slowing down in life can create space for self-acceptance and a deeper connection with oneself

    • 34 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

MAFFrime ,

Fantastic Podcast. Fantastic Women

Loved this podcast. What could be more important… listening to smart and funny women talk about our spirit! What a treat!

Jill St.Clair ,

Such meaningful content!

Absolutely love the authenticity and message of this podcast. The episodes are heartfelt and real. I’ve been looking forward to each new episode and am excited to see what topics Pernilla and Louise cover next.

Artemis 620 ,

Great find!

Thanks to both of you for creating this podcast. It’s a wonderful companion piece to Awakening 101 website.
Very much enjoy how you are allowing this podcast to flesh out and grow organically through the free flow of conversation without a script or preset boundaries.
I sense a wonderful dynamic of natural balance in your friendship. As a listener, I feel like I’m in the room with you both as you willingly step to the edge of the high dive, ready to jump into the deep end of the pool.
Looking forward to upcoming episodes, especially when you will go in depth on specific concepts of the awakening process.

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