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One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.

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One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 55 - Adam Amin

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 55 - Adam Amin

    5:30 - In Watching "The Last Dance," when did the early memories of being a kid in Chicago watching the Bulls kick in?
    7:35 - Did he ever try to emulate any 1990s Bulls when he was hooping it up?
    8:42 - How and when did his father, as a Pakistani immigrant, become a huge Chicago sports fans?
    10:36 - Their shared love of sports despite never going to a game in-person together
    12:53 - The story of a really beautiful connected moment between his dad, him, and Steve Kerr
    19:22 - How he views the series through the lens of his family/memories of watching the Bulls as a kid
    22:18 - Did the documentary change his perspective at all of the 1990s Bulls?
    24:50 - Does he envision more accessibility from teams and players in the future?
    29:10 - Did he felt like there was anything left out from "The Last Dance" worth telling?
    32:00 - On his competitiveness level and the feeling of having to outwork everyone in his path
    37:33 - Is there a way to stay fresh as a broadcaster amidst COVID-19?
    40:29 - Any surprise that both the NFL and CFB have operated with a "business as usual" mindset
    44:00 - On how he ended up at FOX from ESPN / the relationships he's made at ESPN
    48:10 - Nerding out on sports theme music, and now having Roundball Rock (NBA on NBC theme) as a broadcaster on FOX
    50:40 - A petition to get the original MLB on FOX music back for FOX baseball

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    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 54 - Joe Buck

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 54 - Joe Buck

    5:48 - How he admired his dad's ability to remember and connect with everyone he met
    7:22 - Have things slowed down for him after starting his career so fast and quickly?
    8:41 - Parenting in his late 20s/early 30s vs now at 50 with two young twin boys
    10:30 - On his dad being his best friend and how he handled getting the Cardinals gig at age 21
    13:21 - Did he feel like he got unfairly singled out early on because of his name?
    15:24 - His relationship with him mom/sister and how his mom gave him far more feedback on his broadcasting than his dad
    19:10 - Is he still able to get actual legitimate feedback for his broadcasts at FOX
    24:15 - Who he envisions as the next Romo & great NFL broadcast analyst
    25:56 - When did he feel like he needed to start opening up and feeling like he could be his authentic self
    29:04 - On being able to break out of his shell after nearly 20-something years of feeling like he couldn't
    30:50 - His newfound relationship with social media and the importance of being your real self on social media
    32:52 - His favorite mundane home achievement that he got to broadcast
    32:30 - On "Daddy Issues," and the early success of the show
    36:00 - On connecting to their podcast audience through their parenting stories and being a dad
    38:25 - The star power they've had on the show and gotten them (A-Rod specifically) to be a complete open book
    41:15 - What's next for the show
    42:30 - On booking on guest just to get another one (great story)
    44:45 - If he's had a pot brownie since the infamous night in Cabo
    49:00 - Old time crazy broadcaster stories

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    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 53 - Ernie Johnson

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 53 - Ernie Johnson

    5:38 - How he and his family are handling/keeping busy during the pandemic
    7:30 - On finding a routine / starting EJ's Journalism School
    11:35 - Which of the "J-School" lessons has stood out most?
    14:35 - His path in broadcasting... was there apprehension about working Braves games with his dad
    16:50 - When did he feel like he found his voice in broadcasting?
    20:36 - The moment he knew that there was something different and special about "Inside the NBA"
    23:45 - On the origin of the "Inside the NBA" games like "Who He Play For?" "How You Say That?" (etc...)
    29:25 - Memories/stories of travels and experiences with his NBA on TNT crew
    32:21 - His NBA Together show

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    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 52 - Joe Davis (Fox Sports)

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 52 - Joe Davis (Fox Sports)

    0:21: Podcast Introduction
    5:30: Introduction with Joe Davis
    6:35: How he's stayed busy throughout quarantine/stay-at-home in CA
    8:47: Favorite spots around the country to find the best smoked meat in America
    10:04: First interest in broadcasting and how he started calling his first games
    11:05: The first broadcasters he emulated early on
    15:13: Getting letters/DMs asking for broadcast advice after he did it when he was a kid
    17:00: His college football days - was he good with the media as an athlete?
    18:25: His time in Montgomery, taking every broadcast and gig that he possibly could during that time
    22:20: What was his first "Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid" type of moment?
    23:30: Reflecting on taking over for Vin Scully after getting the Dodgers job
    24:41: The unbelievable advice Vin Scully passed along, and who he got that same advice from
    26:23: Does he miss play-by-play on radio?
    27:24: How he envisions the baseball season going post Corona Virus
    30:00: How will the Astros scandal discussion likely unfold once the season begins?
    32:57: How he'd like to see baseball improve/connect with younger fans
    34:30: If he's had conversations on potentially adapting to betting information/more advanced stats into the broadcast
    36:15: RAPID-FIRE!

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    AA Episode 51-Dianna Russini

    AA Episode 51-Dianna Russini

    2:45 - Intro
    3:50 - Her start at ESPN, struggles on SportsCenter and how it changed her career
    7:00 - How management was committed to helping coach her up and improve
    8:55 - Her parents and how their tough love was instrumental early on
    12:20 - On being an open book and living her life on-air
    15:40 - If her producers have been receptive to her looking for more fun in the shows she's a part of
    17:19 - On her famous impression of her mother and how she owes Stugotz the credit for it
    20:00 - Her transition from DC to ESPN + why ESPN has found so much on-air talent in DC
    24:03 - Where her "newshound" instinct came from
    26:05 - If there's a lack of representation for women in sports media
    29:50 - On the networking side of the business, and develop sources
    33:15 - Has she found any insiders or newsbreakers that have found a work/life balance + how she met Woj
    35:40 - Does she have a preference between being a host or being the analyst/insider
    37:50 - On a type of show she'd love to pitch/be on - The NFL version of "The Jump"
    40:25 - What is she most excited about for viewers to learn about the XFL
    42:55 - Her recent interview with Olive

    • 51 min
    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 50 - Chris Fowler

    Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 50 - Chris Fowler

    3:00 - Why he loves creating a bunch of new content on Instagram/Why it's more positive than Twitter
    4:30 - Finding a good balance between talking sports vs life on social media
    6:05 - Was leaving Gameday emotional for you?
    8:41 - Does he still watch the show?
    10:02 - His first interest in college football living in State College
    12:08 - Early influences in the broadcast world
    14:29 - His father being a Theater Professor and if there's any influence in getting him started in sportscasting/speaking
    17:00 - On finding ways to stand out when newer generations are growing up comfortable in front of a camera
    18:58 - Starting at ESPN just a few years out of college
    22:02 - Does he ever think of the "what if?" Including a decision for him at ESPN that would've taken him away from the Gameday opportunity
    25:30 - On the decision to move from Gameday to more play-by-play coverage, specifically the Saturday night game of the week
    27:05 - What stands out the most in the 25+ years of being a part of the show
    32:53 - On his time broadcasting tennis and how long it took him to get comfortable doing play-by-play for it
    36:58 - Previewing the National Championship / Megacast talk

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

jwt0001 ,

Great Podcast, but sound quality is not up to professional standards

I absolutely love this podcast, but I wish Matt would work to upgrade his audio setup. It is clear that he is just putting a microphone in front of a speakerphone. I often have real problems understanding his interview subjects and his voice often has a very major echo. I can’t believe that he doesn’t have someone who can help him. It literally is the only reason I can’t give the podcast 5 stars.

ToddPleasanton ,

Great podcast

Definitely worth the subscription. Extremely informative and insightful for those who follow the sports media world. Ben Heisler does a fantastic job as the host.

@WillieChuckJr ,

a peek behind the scenes

I love this podcast because it provides a look into the innards of the sports media industry... some of the biggest and most insightful sports media personalities show up on the podcast... the reason it is so cool is because it is so different... the guests aren't just on the podcast to give their "hot takes" on sports headlines, but to talk about the industry of sports, entertainment and the direction sports media may be heading

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