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Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.

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Join us each week for a conversation with insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science and art, we discuss the topics most important to the contemporary photographer.

    Pictures from the Inside: Seeing Fascination Everywhere, with Chantal Zakari & Nigel Poor

    Pictures from the Inside: Seeing Fascination Everywhere, with Chantal Zakari & Nigel Poor

    Most people’s perception of prison life revolves around sensationalized news stories and Hollywood movies depicting drab, inhospitable environments far outside our reach.
    In today’s show, we’re challenging that view in a chat with two educators who use photography as a framework for teaching visual literacy and the art of storytelling to incarcerated men.
    Cameras, computers, and sometimes even books, are prohibited from classrooms inside lock up, which forced our guests to come up with creative workarounds, using the generosity of the photographic medium as a path to engage in dialog with their students.
    As one of our guests, Nigel Poor, puts it: “With a little bit of ingenuity, there's always a work around to come out with something really beautiful and emotional. And that's one of the pleasures of working in a prison, is that you've got to really rely on your imagination and your ability to hit a road bump and find a way around it.”
    Don’t miss this inspiring discussion with two artists and educators who successfully adapted their teaching to the prison workaround, then connected with students on a human level, ultimately triggering their capability to “see fascination everywhere.” 
    Guests: Chantal Zakari & Nigel Poor
    For more information on our guests and the gear they use, see:

    Top shot courtesy of Nigel Poor and the San Quentin State Prison Museum, with thanks to former Warden Ron Davis and retired Lieutenant Sam Robinson
    Stay Connected:
    Chantal Zakari Website: https://www.thecorner.net/chantal-zakari

    Chantal Zakari Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/show.n.tll/
    Chantal Zakari’s Pictures from the Outside book: https://www.thecorner.net/picturesfromtheoutside
    Tufts University Prison Initiative (TUPIT): https://sites.tufts.edu/tupit/overview/
    Nigel Poor Website: https://nigelpoor.com/
    Nigel Poor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nigelpoor/
    Nigel Poor’s San Quentin Prison Project: https://nigelpoor.com/project/san-quentin/
    Nigel Poor’s San Quentin Prison Project book: https://aperture.org/books/the-san-quentin-project/
    Ear Hustle Podcast website: https://www.earhustlesq.com/
    This is Ear Hustle book: https://sites.prh.com/thisisearhustle
    Mount Tamalpais College: https://www.mttamcollege.edu/

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    Picturing World Cultures: Juan Brenner - Guatemala

    Picturing World Cultures: Juan Brenner - Guatemala

    Documenting a culture can be a daunting process, especially when it involves a history of conquest and colonialism. Synthesizing such a complex and traumatic past in a contemporary narrative is a formidable task, requiring extensive researchh and dedicated planning. This is the back story to today’s podcast.
    Above photograph © Juan Brenner
    For the seventh chapter in our monthly series, Picturing World Cultures, we speak with Guatemalan photographer Juan Brenner about his recent projects in the country’s Western Highlands.
    Our chat begins with Brenner’s introduction to photography as a youth, and the protective bubble surrounding him during the country’s brutal civil war. He left Guatemala at age 20 to forge a career as a fashion photographer in New York, which filters into our discussions about portraiture and photo gear.
    But our primary focus is on Brenner’s recent personal projects, created after his return to Guatemala, and an epiphany he had about the idea of “Indigenous Power.”
    Listen in as he describes how this concept was subsequently called into question. You’ll gain insight into the unequal power quotient that comes with being a “Mickey Mouse” photographer and discover how critical aspects of communication extend well beyond the basic structure of language.
    As Brenner notes during our chat, “You have to be really careful just being a photographer. It's so colonialist, you know, having a camera. You have this big robot that you stick in people's faces. You have this advantage. And, for me, it's really important to think about that a lot.”
    If you haven’t already listened, check out all the episodes of our Picturing World Cultures podcast series here.
    Guest: Juan Brenner
    For more information on our guest and the gear he uses, see:

    Stay Connected:
    Juan Brenner Website: https://www.juanbrenner.com
    Juan Brenner Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juan_brenner
    Juan Brenner Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/JuanBrenner5/
    Artist talk with Juan Brenner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPiwQXWUMJ8&t=40s
    Juan Brenner’s book Tonatiuh: https://editorialrm.com/en/producto/tonatiuh/

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    Larger than Life: Julia Blaukopf’s Custom Photographic Wall Decor

    Larger than Life: Julia Blaukopf’s Custom Photographic Wall Decor

    Julia Blaukopf is not afraid to think big, particularly when it comes to her photographs. She’s also not afraid of blurring the lines between fine art and commercial enterprise. Equal parts photographer, designer, visual artist, and entrepreneur, Julia is the founder of Fotografica—an arts-products venture with the goal of re-envisioning options for photography and photo-based products.
    Top shot © Julia Blaukopf
    In this week’s podcast, Julia leads us along her inspiring path—from her early days working with alternative processes and forging relationships with crafts people to her latest collaborations with architects, designers, and developers in the creation of architectural-scale commissions and custom photo-based installations.
    When collaborating with professional partners and clients on huge projects, psychology is key, which we discuss in detail. Blaukopf also describes the critical importance of seeking out the best printers and installers. Besides a command over technical details such as sound absorption, color fading, and bubbling, she sheds light on lesser-known yet equally essential construction issues such as fire codes.
    In addition to Blaukopf’s commercial work, she is also a documentarian with a passion for women’s empowerment and social justice. Towards the end of our chat she describes her work in that realm, offering insights about connecting with non-profits, and sharing stories through photography that have the ability to galvanize change.
    Guest: Julia Blaukopf
    For more information on our guest and the gear she uses, see:
    Stay Connected:
    Julia Blaukopf’s Website: https://www.juliablaukopf.com/
    Fotografica Website: https://www.thefotografica.com/
    Julia Blaukopf’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliablaukopf/
    Fotographica’s Instagram:
    Julia Blaukopf’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/juliablaukopf
    Julia Blaukopf’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julia.blaukopf/
    North Bar Wall Covering:  https://www.thefotografica.com/north-bar
    Julia’s book The Rain Parade: https://www.abingdonsquarepublishing.com/rainparade.html

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    NYC Artist Lofts & Brooklyn Rooftops, with Joshua Charow & Josh Katz

    NYC Artist Lofts & Brooklyn Rooftops, with Joshua Charow & Josh Katz

    How much do you know about New York City’s 1982 Loft Law, which established a process for artists to obtain legal occupancy of the raw industrial spaces they inhabited, while also providing rent stabilization and protection from future eviction? Or the pigeon fanciers who were once a fixture across the rooftops of Brooklyn and remain valued as neighborhood sentinels?
    If these poetic vestiges from Gotham’s storied past have you dreaming about the good old days, then you won’t want to miss our podcast with gen-Z New Yorkers (and good buddies) Joshua Charow and Josh Katz.
    Their ambitious, self-assigned photo projects explore rarified mini-worlds featuring magical artist spaces and exuding West Side Story vibes.
    While their respective explorations occupy opposite ends of the struggle for prized urban space, the insights they share when discussing both their working methods and their paths to publishing are instructive and inspirational. What’s more, their spirited camaraderie in conversation is infectious!
    As Charow aptly notes toward the end of the episode, “I have to say, I don’t know if this book would exist without Josh Katz. Because I started this project towards the end of him finishing his, and as a close friend, he was able to basically show me the roadmap of how you get from idea to a finished book. And like he said, it’s really hard to understand how that works without someone in your life who can show you the steps you have to take.”
    And for bonus points, listen up to discover the former guest of the show who also sat down with Charow, and ultimately lined him up with a book agent!
    For more information on our guests and the gear they use, see:
    Guests: Joshua Charow and Josh Katz
    Top shot © Joshua Charow
    Stay Connected:
    Joshua Charow Website: https://www.joshuacharow.com/
    Joshua Charow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshuacharow/
    Joshua Charow TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@joshcharow
    Joshua Charow Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshuacharow/
    Joshua Charow YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@joshuacharow
    Joshua Charow Loft Law book:
    Joshua Charow Westwood Gallery Exhibit: https://www.westwoodgallery.com/exhibitions/loft-law-photographs-by-joshua-charowosh Katz Website: https://www.joshkatz.me/
    Josh Katz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshkatz/
    Josh Katz YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/joshkatz
    Josh Katz Kickstarter campaign:
    Josh Katz On the Roof book: https://www.thamesandhudsonusa.com/books/on-the-roof-new-york-in-quarantine-hardcover
    Josh Katz Skatefolio Project: https://skatefol.io/

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    Picturing World Cultures: Maxim Dondyuk - Ukraine

    Picturing World Cultures: Maxim Dondyuk - Ukraine

    The dictionary defines culture as “the way of life for an entire society.” But sometimes larger forces create rifts within the whole, inevitably leading to a confrontation between factions. A prime example of this cultural struggle is playing out today within the cities and villages of Ukraine, the focus of today’s episode.
    Above photograph © Maxim Dondyuk
    In this sixth installment of our monthly series, Picturing World Cultures, we speak with Ukrainian photographer and visual artist Maxim Dondyuk, and his wife and artistic manager, Irina.
    Our conversation stretches beyond the current conflict, to encompass other aspects of Ukrainian society. From Maxim’s early series on a country doctor’s final visits with patients (which drew inspiration from the work of W. Eugene Smith) to his in-depth coverage of Ukraine’s TB epidemic, we witness the evolution of his working methods and his dedication to long term documentary projects.
    Step behind the scenes of a military camp for children run by Cossacks, and gain insight into the cultural split between pro-Russian and pro-European factions, which Maxim photographed for his book Culture of Confrontation.
    As he writes in this book, “One culture tried to cling to old times, old ways of living. They were nostalgic for a past that meant a lot to them, to their parents, and grandparents. Yet there was another culture that felt completely differently. They looked ahead to forging something new, a different country.”
    Join us for this frank discussion about how such conflicting forces take visual form in Maxim’s powerfully arresting images.
    If you haven’t already listened, check out all the episodes of our Picturing World Cultures podcast series here.
    Guests: Maxim & Irina Dondyuk
    Stay Connected:
    Maxim Dondyuk Website: https://maximdondyuk.com/
    Maxim Dondyuk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maximdondyuk/
    Maxim Dondyuk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maximdondyuk
    Maxim Dondyuk Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/maximdondyuk
    Maxim Dondyuk Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxim_Dondyuk
    Maxim Dondyuk‘s W. Eugene Smith Grant: https://www.smithfund.org/2022-maxim-dondyuk

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    Lynn Goldsmith’s Prince Portrait and its Legacy in Case Law

    Lynn Goldsmith’s Prince Portrait and its Legacy in Case Law

    For anyone familiar with the photo industry, the mammoth lawsuit between The Andy Warhol Foundation and renowned music photographer Lynn Goldsmith should be no secret. This complex battle over the rights to her 1981 portrait of the artist formerly known as Prince lasted seven years and went all the way to the Supreme Court.
    But do you know the circumstances behind her original portrait session with the famously reserved musician, and were you aware of all the misinformation about this case that was disseminated in both legal documents and the press?
    Lynn is a longtime friend of the show, and our 2017 episode about her extensive, long-term work with the band Kiss, among other crazy stories, was a fan favorite. We invited her back to discuss this case in 2022, when the Supreme Court first agreed to hear it, but heeding the advice of her legal counsel she wisely declined our offer at that time. 
    In May 2023, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in Lynn’s favor in a 7-2 decision, which has already been shown to benefit others seeking remedies for the misuse of their creative works.
    Yet, while this landmark decision happened last year, the case itself was not officially resolved until very recently—Friday, March 15, 2024, to be exact—a day some might recognize as the Ides of March.
    Now that the final resolution has been signed, sealed, and delivered, we felt it was a perfect opportunity for Lynn to give us a recap of this David vs Goliath battle, with all its complexities and underlying bias.
    From details about the Fair Use doctrine, to the matter of copyright registration, to her thoughts about the current photographer community, to the importance of standing up for one’s rights, Lynn provides a clear and insightful assessment of one of the most traumatic and threatening experiences that any independent artist can face, as only she can.
    To her very core, Lynn believes creativity can make anything possible, an ideology she sums up aptly at the end of our chat.
    “I felt like some higher power picked me for this,” she says. “And that I had to make myself feel like a 1940s film with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, where there was going to be a happy ending, that everything would work out just fine, and that I was going to prevail.”
    Guest: Lynn Goldsmith
    Top shot © Lynn Goldsmith
    Episode Timeline:
    2:50: The backstory to Lynn Goldsmith’s 1981 photo session with Prince.
    7:17: Shooting both color and black-and-white in the days of film, a separate camera for each option.
    11:15: Vanity Fair’s 1984 use of Lynn’s black and white portrait for artist reference.  
    13:47: Lynn’s discovery of the original image use after Prince died in 2016. 
    19:50: The value of saving detailed records of licensing agreements for future reference.
    23:14: The preemptive lawsuit the Andy Warhol Foundation filed against Lynn, and the misinformation contained in the Federal court filing.
    32:15: Lynn discusses the Fair Use doctrine and the matter of copyright registration in relation to her case.
    36:43: Episode Break
    38:04: Meeting with the Andy Warhol Foundation and the deal on offer to resolve the lawsuit.
    44:40: Lynn’s thoughts about the current photographer community and the importance of standing up for your rights.
    48:09: The multiple rounds of the Prince portrait lawsuit, from the first Federal case to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court.
    56:29: Uneven reporting about the lawsuit in the press, with the photo press being fearful to write anything, and the art press releasing misinformation without fact checks.
    1:00:27: Behind the scenes at the Supreme Court hearing, the effects of the 7 – 2 decision, as well as Justice Kagan’s written opinion.
    1:08:48: Lynn’s thoughts about generative AI.
    Guest Bio: Lynn Goldsmith is a multi-awarded portrait photographer whose work has appeared on and in between th

    • 1 hr 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
2K Ratings

2K Ratings

Sims in TX ,

Check out the picturing world cultures episodes for sure.

The picturing world cultures episodes are great! Keep it up! Gear reviews and information are helpful from time to time, but the interviews with famous and respected photographers, and the practical knowledge contained in the picturing world cultures episodes are the best!! Highly recommend!

Jgwright99 ,

This is The Best Photography Podcast

If you are interested in the people and philosophy of the greats, this is the place to be. No Nikon vs Cannon vs Sony clickbait here. Allen and Jill do a great job bringing recent news, delving deep into historical greats and interviewing the people who made (and make) an impact. Want to hear how the CMOS chip was invented from the guy that invented it? The story of Lee Miller, the first female combat photographer, as told by her son? Jill’s new series “Picturing World Cultures” is outstanding. Worth every minute you spend here.

Robegul ,

The best photography podcast I have found!

What a fantastic show. The hosts are the most professional - and funny. No matter the subject, or who they are interviewing, it is always entertaining and informative. Learn something new with every show. Excellent!

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