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Whether you want to become the worlds best swimsuit photographer or just want to take better pictures of the kids at halloween we help you improve your photography by becoming better with your camera.

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Whether you want to become the worlds best swimsuit photographer or just want to take better pictures of the kids at halloween we help you improve your photography by becoming better with your camera.

    BPP 207: Jon SooHoo - LA Dodgers Team Photographer

    BPP 207: Jon SooHoo - LA Dodgers Team Photographer

    Jon Soohoo is the head team photographer for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has been photographing important moments in sports for more than 35 years and his photo of Kobe Bryant was used as the cover of ESPN’s memorial issue.
    In This Episode You'll Learn: When Jon SooHoo knew photography was going to play an important roll in his life
    One of the best lessons Jon learned while shooting under legendary sports photographer Andy Bernstein
    What the head photographer of the Los Angeles Dodgers is responsible for shooting and covering
    How many team photographers shoot a Dodgers game
    How personally Jon SooHoo takes team losses
    Whether or not he documents team losses
    How Jon SooHoo prepared to shoot the LA Dodgers world series game
    If Jon would get a world series ring if the Dodgers Won the World Series
    How to prepare for big moments during a game
    How many photos Jon SooHoo takes in an average game
    What it takes for a photo to stand out
    If player superstitions rub off on him as the photographer
    The one thing Jon would tell a new team photo intern before they took the field
    How Jon’s day starts when he arrives at the stadium
    What Jon gets asked most by Dodger fans
    Resources: LA Dodgers Photographer Jon SooHoo on Twitter
    Jon SooHoo on Instagram
    Los Angeles Dodgers Insider with photos posted after each game
    Sports Shooter Academy

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    BPP 206: Jesse Dittmar: Celebrity Film Portraits

    BPP 206: Jesse Dittmar: Celebrity Film Portraits

    Jesse Dittmar is a commercial portrait photographer based in Brooklyn who specializes in celebrities and other notable figures. Jesse had photographed celebrities like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Sting, Charli D’Amelio, Tom Brady, George Takei, David Letterman, Uma Thurman and many many more. In this interview we chat about Jesses early start in photography, what he learned from assisting that he didnt in art school, and the transition to going out on his own and shooting for himself.
    In This Episode You'll Learn: When Jesse knew photography was going to be an important part of his life
    Struggles Jesse had with photography early on
    The magic of developing your own film
    What Jesse learned when going to art college
    Why Jesse started assisting other photographers after graduating
    Who books Jesse to take portraits of celebrities and notable figures
    How Jesse is able to connect with his subjects in an impossibly short amount of time
    The importance that music plays in Jesses life and in his photographs
    What kind of music Jesse plays when he photographs artists like Sting
    How Jesse approaches vision for his shoots when he just has minutes to grab the shot
    How much direction Jesse gives to his subjects
    The one thing Jesse needs from each shoot to consider it a success
    Why Jesse still shoots film and how he uses it to achieve a signature look
    Premium Members Also Learn: How to nail your client meetings
    What Jesse was surprised to learn after going out on his own and how he handled the stress
    What Jesse outsourced in his business to make him a better photographer
    How to overdeliver to your client to ensure they keep calling you back
    Resources: Celebrity Portrait Photographer Jesse Dittmar’s website
    Jesse Dittmar’s Instagram
    Jesse Dittmar’s book “Two”

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    BPP 205: Gerard Exupery - The NYC Subway Project 1975-1985

    BPP 205: Gerard Exupery - The NYC Subway Project 1975-1985

    Gerard Exupery is a New York photographer who just published his new book Subway 1975-1985 which is filled with photos from the New York subway system taken in the late 70s and early 80s. In this chat we talk about the flow of life that happens on the New Yor subway system and the challenged of capturing an era.
    In This Episode You'll Learn: When Gerard knew photography was going to plan an important part of his life
    The hardest part about photography to learn when he got started
    What it was about the subway that captured Gerards attention
    How to find the decisive moment while in the flow of live on the subway
    Who are some of Gerards photography influences
    How Gerard put together a long term project that spanned a decade
    Some trouble Gerard got into while shooting in NYC in the late 70s
    What the process was of choosing photos out of a decade worth of images to put into his book
    What Advice Gerard would give to anyone wanting to take on a long term project
    Resources: Gerard Exupery’s Website
    Gerard Exerpery’s book Subway 1975-1985

    • 1 hr 17 min
    BPP 204: Getting Sharp Focused Photos - Why You're Taking Blurry Pictures

    BPP 204: Getting Sharp Focused Photos - Why You're Taking Blurry Pictures

    Taking photos that are sharp is one of the hallmarks of a professional photographer. It shows a clear understanding of their abilities to not only read the scene in front of them but to use their technical knowledge to capture the scene with beauty.
    For new photographers, getting sharp photos can be quite challenging and cause confusion. Part of the time photos don’t turn out sharp because of having the wrong technical settings while the other times, the gear could be at fault.
    Today I break down the 4 reasons why you’re taking blurry photos and how to get sharply focused photos.
    Reason #1: You Missed Focus
    Reason #2: Chromatic Aberration
    Reason #3: Your ISO is too High
    Reason #4: Motion Blur
    Knowing how to use your camera and the effect your camera settings has on an image is imperative to being able to capture sharp photos.
    I'm officially reopening enrollment in my online photography course Auto to Amazing!
    Auto to Amazing is the fastest way to learn photography guaranteed. 
    Learn more here

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    BPP 203: TahJah Harmony - Creative Health Bucket

    BPP 203: TahJah Harmony - Creative Health Bucket

    TahJah Harmony is a southern Louisiana lifestyle photographer and wedding photographer who after several years of hustle to get her photography business going started to feel burnt out and went looking for a way to fill her creative health bucket. This interview and the importance of mental health and creative health is extremely relevant todays world climate.
    In This Episode You'll Learn: How TahJah got started in photography
    What was the hardest part about photography for TahJah to learn
    The first sign of burn out TahJah felt and how it started to affect her mental health
    How TahJah defines creative health
    What aspects of Art school TahJah found most beneficial
    TahJah’s favorite activities to fill her creative health bucket
    How TahJah changed her home life to promote better mental health
    TahJahs favorite apps to help her creative health
    Premium Members Also Learn: How to decide what to do and not do in your business
    How to turn business tasks creative
    Knowing when it’s ok to hustle for work of if your just Hustling to hustle.
    How baking and rock climbing can make us better photographers for our clients.
    Resources: TahJah Harmony’s website
    The Creative Health Podcast
    TahJah Harmony on Instagram

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    BPP 202: Simon Ringsmuth - Weekly Fifty Photo Project

    BPP 202: Simon Ringsmuth - Weekly Fifty Photo Project

    After the birth of his child, Simon Ringsmuth discovered the power of photography when a friend shared a photo he took of Simons child. Determined to learn photography Simon started a website where he uploads photos weekly and shares what he learned and documents his progression.
    In This Episode You'll Learn: How Simon got started in photography
    What Simon struggled with most when he first started shooting and how he overcame it.
    What has been Simons main source of photography education
    Why Simon started the website
    How to protect yourself from burn out when committing to a long term project
    How to set your own goals
    Some common info that Simon found to not be helpful when learning photography
    What Simon was surprised to learn after shooting for the past 7 years
    Resources: https://www.weeklyfifty.com/
    Register for the free live webinar “The 3 Secrets to Capturing Better Moments With The Camera Gear You Already Have!”

    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
154 Ratings

154 Ratings

mooseAmy ,

Life changing podcast

I have always been creative and had a love of photography but never had the equipment to pursue it. The summer before I got my first DSLR camera I was asked to take senior pictures for my friend’s daughter. I laughed and told her all I had was an iPhone, but she begged me to the point that I gave in. They loved the pictures and I began wondering if I could possibly make money at photography had I actually had a real camera. I had a friend who was selling an OLD Nikon and I grabbed it to start learning. I quickly figured out that I had a lot to learn. I clean houses and I listen to books and podcasts while I work. I found this podcast and started listening in an effort to maybe get a better understanding of my camera. I ended up going all the back to the first episode so that I could learn more. Raymond has a way of explaining things so you can understand. The photographers that he interviews are down to earth and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. I have learned so much and gained much needed confidence in my shooting that I am close to launching my photography business. The BPP Facebook group has been very encouraging and helpful in my learning process as well. I know some of my first shares on the page were embarrassing at best but Raymond always found something to compliment no matter how bad it was, and for that I thank you.
Thank you Raymond for this podcast and the time and effort it takes to develop content that we can all learn from and enjoy listening too.

Lindsay Jane :) ,

Love this podcast!!!

I just got into photography about a year ago after having two little girls back to back and I felt a strong need to start documenting their young moments and using photography as my creative outlet. Soon after getting my DSLR camera I found this podcast. Raymond is so knowledgeable, down to earth, and humble and his guests are very very diverse, which keeps me entertained and inspired! Whenever I’m feeling stuck or unmotivated I pick a recent episode and it lights a fire in me! It’s now one of my top podcasts that I regularly listen to. Thank you Raymond for your inspiration and resources that you provide to all of us!

little ondie ,

One of the best photography podcasts

For years I have said, if I had a second career it would be photography. On several occasions I read my camera manual from front to back to figure out how to get out of auto mode. A year and a half ago I decided I didn’t need photography to be my career to improve my skills. So I decided I would finally learn to go manual. I bought a new camera and searched for a photography podcast for education and inspiration. I was so happy when I found the Beginner Photography Podcast. It was just what I was looking for and more. I love learning from the guests and Raymond as well as participating in the photo community. Thanks Raymond for all you do.

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