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Ben and Mike take you on a podcast voyage back through one of the greatest TV shows Fox ever cancelled. We also talk about a lot of other tangets that come up, whether it's Battlebots or A-1 Steak sauce.

Back to the Futurama Ben & Mike

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Ben and Mike take you on a podcast voyage back through one of the greatest TV shows Fox ever cancelled. We also talk about a lot of other tangets that come up, whether it's Battlebots or A-1 Steak sauce.

    Space Pilot 3000

    Space Pilot 3000

    It's the pilot of Back to the Futurama in which we discuss the Pilot of Futurama! Thankfully we don't need to worry about being picked up by the network.

    We talk about why we love Futurama and the episode that made it all happen.
    Ben makes somewhat critical statements about production in a pilot episode, and Mike is already in his pajamas.

    • 33 min
    The Series Has Landed

    The Series Has Landed

    Two episodes in and we're already running a bit long! But we end up having some deep conversations about life and junk as we talk about the episode The Series Has Landed.
    Key talking points revolve heavily around Bender and how awesome Bender is, and we discuss how Fry maybe represents humanity a little more than we're comfortable with.
    Somewhere in Alanis Morisette's attic, a portrait of Ben gets a little more Ironic; Mike carries his harpoon and perhaps... sings a whaling tune?

    • 40 min
    I, Roommate

    I, Roommate

    Fry and Bender become roommates, with HILARIOUS results?
    Major talking points: Robots and alcoholism, or whatever the opposite of robot alcoholism is, boring geology lectures, flavors of mummies, and the definition of "preemptive."
    Ben falls in love with robots and wants to kill all humans. Mike just wants more tweets (tweet at us at @backtofuturama!)

    • 35 min
    Love's Labours Lost in Space

    Love's Labours Lost in Space

    Have the boy lay out your formal shorts! You're gonna need 'em for this rip-roarin' tale of romance and debauchery and steam pipes.
    Talking points include whether or not you think Bender or Zoidberg is the better character, proper pronunciation of champagne, velour everything, and super disgusting sounding ringtones your friend's wife is going to love.
    Ben grows more eyes. Mike falls in love with a lobster monster falling in love with an actual lobster.

    • 42 min
    Fear of a Bot Planet

    Fear of a Bot Planet

    Prepare your ears for a properly formatted data file!
    Today we talk about a lot of old technology as Fry and Leela have to pretend to be robots. Things get very complicated very quickly.
    Other talking points include Blernsball, more robots, puppies that are not mechanical in any way, and the holiest of robot holidays. It's a robot heavy episode.
    Ben cleans the gunk out of the mouse. Mike accidentally activates futuristic technology.

    • 42 min
    A Fishful of Dollars

    A Fishful of Dollars

    What would you do if you suddenly had ONE JILLION DOLLARS? Would you buy a 20th century apartment or Ted Danson's skeleton?
    Talking points for today's show mostly revolve around pizza toppings and the sorts of things you might do with all the money in the world. Spoiler alert: Ben would buy a fleet of blimps. Also, Mom's Friendly Robot Oil comes up a fair bit.
    Ben proves he is not good at impressions; Mike listens to some classical music about the buttocks.

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

Mentoma ,

Entertain perspective on Futurama‽ Shut up and take my money!

I’m on A Bicyclops Built for Two. I love the bits and you guys definitely feel more comfy with it compared to the earlier episodes. I actually started the show to hear a new perspective on Futurama and get to sleep but, due to being entertained, I find myself staying up more often than not. Thanks!

Sleepless2020 ,

Never Give Up Never Surrender!

I’ve been listening to this show every other night since you went off the air and I freaked when I saw my phone say that something new has been uploaded I can’t wait thank you!!!!

Lonewolf0288 ,

Really good at the start

The further in you get, it gets to be less about the shows and riffing more and more because they “didn't like” the show and didn't pay attention. While the riffing can be fun, it needs a bit of balance. Other than that they start throwing more political opinions in that take away from it. It started very neutral but becomes less so as they move on.

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