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Welcome to my Chill podcast, full of Chill and Melodic tracks perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay :)
Twitter/Instagram: itsBamf

Bamf Radio - Lofi and Chill Bamf

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Welcome to my Chill podcast, full of Chill and Melodic tracks perfect for studying, work, relaxing, smoking or focusing. Enjoy your stay :)
Twitter/Instagram: itsBamf

    Calmness After Storm - Lofi HipHop Mix

    Calmness After Storm - Lofi HipHop Mix

    Hey everyone! Welcome to season 4! I'm so excited. I'm really sorry I'm late, but I've been really busy lately, more than usual. Many of you have asked me what Bamf means and some of you already thought it meant Bad ass... And no, sorry to disappoint you but actually my name comes from Beats and midnight feelings. Talking about the mix, you can listen my new song called Calmness After Storm (it's at the end of the mix), and if you like it you can listen to it in all platforms. So... My birthday is this February 26th and as always I will make a mix with my favorite songs. If you use Anchor you can send me a message and maybe (if there are enough) I can include them in the mix. That's it for this time, see you on February 26th. Love you all and take care!




    0:00 So Long - Smoke Trees, Ricardo Schneider

    4:45 Peaks - Lunchmoney, Dontcry

    7:13 Owls of the Night - Kupla

    9:30 Slothin' - Snaer.

    12:11 Tiny Sailboat - Kupla

    14:37 YesPlease - Tane

    17:25 Search for Tomorrow - Kupla

    19:30 shadows - DRWN.

    21:13 back to the gates - DRWN.

    23:54 Lost Again - .ihaveaface

    25:58 Calcium - Bertholet, Elior

    28:10 I Guess I Was Nothing to You - Kayou., w00ds

    30:56 Descent - Brenky

    32:40 nomads of the sea - santpoort

    35:01 Cloudy - HM Surf

    37:13 Sundown - Arbour, Aarigod

    39:56 Forgot It Was Monday - Sleepy Fish

    42:28 Comforting You - WYS

    45:39 Snowman - WYS

    48:49 Satellite - WYS

    52:38 Calmness After Storm - Bamf

    Contact me: bamfwav@gmail.com

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    Best of the Year - Lofi HipHop Mix

    Best of the Year - Lofi HipHop Mix

    Yes, I know, I'm late (as always) but it's because I'm changing the date of publication of the podcast and because this mix is huge. 2 years have passed since the creation of the podcast and we are a lot of people. 

    Many thanks to all of you for the enormous support you have given me during all this time. With this episode the third season ends and also the year is ending, it has been a wonderful year with you. In this mix you can enjoy the best of the year and my new song called Winter Blues. While you read this I will be doing homework, preparing the first mix for the fourth season and also finishing some songs for next year. 

    Thank you very much for all this, I wish you all the best for this year and for next year. Many thanks to all the artists who have participated in this project, those who have collaborated with me and also to those who listen to this podcast that are not few. And above all thanks to you, you are always waiting for the new episode and also subscribed to this podcast. With this cloying message I say farewell to all of you. See you in the next mix and I want you to know that I appreciate you very much.




    0:00 Laxcity - Good Morning

    3:58 Friends With Animals - Rotations

    6:48 LBL - trip on a trailer

    9:12 Tesk, Golden Ticket Tapes - The Remedy

    11:08 GentleBeatz - Still Standing

    13:39 GentleBeatz - Soul City

    15:54 Kupla - Rose Garden

    17:54 Philanthrope - Leavin'

    20:07 Philanthrope - Rematch

    21:45 mago - grnsh

    23:45 .ihaveaface, Sebastian Kamae - Bloom

    26:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae - Bonsai

    28:23 Tim Legend - When the World Ended

    31:19 GentleBeatz - Glad

    33:32 L'Indécis - Lost

    37:31 freshgoodies, Yestalgia - Sailors

    40:14 Flitz&Suppe - Whenever Wherever

    44:15 Tomppabeats - Summer Lover

    46:34 Dweeb - Got Ur Money

    48:38 Misc.Inc, Leavv - Retention

    51:12 Juan Rios - Otoño

    54:45 jhfly - intro

    57:13 Philanthrope - Relax

    01:00:28 Mounika. - Too Late

    01:02:28 Fatb, Kupla - Copy Girl

    01:04:20 Tom Doolie - Lemon

    01:06:03 Chill Children, jhfly - Sudden Death

    01:07:49 [ocean jams] - valentine

    01:12:00 jhfly - for you

    01:15:04 Philanthrope, Devaloop - Eston Martin

    01:17:14 j'san - Alone by Your Side

    01:18:33 A L E X - The Burn Marks on My Epiano Wont Go Away

    01:20:05 moow, Lotte Kestner - Wake Up

    01:21:23 mommy - passing

    01:24:06 HM Surf - Scopophobia 

    01:26:23 Ouska - The Woman Who Was Heartbroken

    01:28:53 mell-ø - Waiting for You

    01:30:23 j'san - waking up in the park

    01:31:26 Jobii - Fragile Stevie

    01:34:08 Kupla - emerald

    01:36:36 [bsd.u] - Without You

    01:39:55 Bamf - Night Walks

    01:45:10 Sleepy Fish - Procrastinating

    01:48:10 furino - listen to tommy with a candle burning

    01:49:48 j'san - All the People

    01:52:36 jhfly - slopes

    01:54:08 Yuutsu - Escape

    01:56:14 Toonorth - Void

    01:58:45 Ohwell - Why

    01:59:54 Sebastian Kamae - Oxygen

    02:02:16 Knowmadic - Faces

    02:04:23 mt. fujitive - sunrise

    02:05:59 Harris Cole - Louie's Lullaby

    02:08:46 santpoort, Rhoda - light leaks

    02:11:24 Flovry - Laze

    02:12:58 Smoke Trees - W-58025

    02:15:02 Barnes Blvd. - Perspective

    02:16:37 H E R B - Purpose

    02:18:48 Bamf - Winter Blues

    02:21:47 Sleepy Fish - i wish it would never stop snowing

    Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioSpotify

    Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf

    • 2 hr 25 min
    Cold Breeze - Lofi Hip-Hop Mix

    Cold Breeze - Lofi Hip-Hop Mix

    Welcome back everyone! It's been a crazy month! I Just reached 30k monthly listeners. WOW! Thank you so much for this awesome support 💖 also my podcast has been featured on lifehacker, I mean this whole thing is crazy. Nick if you are reading this thank you so much! I really appreciate it 💖. So back to the show, I'm preparing a massive mix for December with the best songs of the show (will be a 2 hours mix I guess) also I released a song called Cold Breeze, you can listen to it on every platform AND (there is a big and) all my songs are now free forever on Bandcamp so if you like one of my songs or you like them all now you can download them for free, sounds crazy but I changed my vision, I don't want to be like other artists someone who thinks on money and all that, I just want to share my music so from now to the end of my career all my songs will be free on Bandcamp (didn't change the album prices yet but I will, give me some time) I have another release ready for November 25 but until that day enjoy this mix and support the artists. Love you all 💖




    0:00 intro - jhfly

    2:27 Too Tired - Smartface

    4:18 Passenger - Kupla

    6:27 Too Late - Mounika.

    8:27 I Can't - Bace

    12:16 Honeypot - Omaure

    14:25 Sailors - freshgoodies, Yestalgia

    17:06 emeralds/shower - jhfly

    18:58 When We Were Young - GentleBeatz

    21:28 liten to tommy with a candle burning - furino

    23:06 january - kokoro

    25:38 Mañana - mell-ø

    27:27 All the People - j'san

    30:14 Wavin' - TABAL, DLJ

    32:43 Safe, Now - Harris Cole, Aso

    36:03 Sleeping In - Aso, Harris Cole

    39:03 Bloom - Flovry, mell-ø

    41:53 slopes - jhfly

    43:25 Return - H.1

    45:24 Cold Breeze - Bamf

    contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf

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    Starry Night - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Starry Night - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Hey everyone! I'm back with another mix, no long description this time so don't worry. I just released my song Starry Night and it's in the mix, GentleBeatz has some new cool stuff so check him out! Also I'm busy studying and doing a lot of homeworks so this is why I'm not active on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for the support, take care and see you next month!

    Love you all,



    0:00 Bamf - Starry Night

    2:41 Moods - Where I Met You

    4:57 Dweeb - Got Ur Money

    7:02 leaf beach, Dr. Dundiff, Soul Food Horns - Ripples

    10:26 Misc.Inc, Leavv - Retention

    13:00 Casiio - Billet Doux

    14:44 Monma - Look Back

    16:48 HM Surf - Take Care

    18:55 Harris Cole, Aso - Blue and Green

    21:44 Smoke Trees - Ninety Days Too Long

    23:51 Snaer. - Bananachips

    26:21 Kupla - Coastal Town

    28:52 Knowmadic - Highway

    31:25 Imfinenow - No I'm Not

    33:17 Barnes Blvd. - I Have Love for Everyone Besides Myself.

    35:53 Juan Rios - Otoño

    39:26 mell-ø - Waiting for You

    40:57 GentleBeatz - Moon

    43:42 Ohwell - Why

    44:52 Sleepy Fish - Procrastinating

    contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf

    • 47 min
    Fall 2019 - Lofi Hiphop

    Fall 2019 - Lofi Hiphop

    Hello everyone! It's ya boy! How are you? I'm doing well, I released a song with w00ds (not now, a couple of weeks ago) called Lost and I think it's awesome. Also I know it's a little bit soon to make a Fall mix but I will have no time in the future. I'm taking a break (started on 10 Aug something like that) on doing music, I will start my last year doing I.T. and I need to focus. Also I'm playing World of Warcraft again... Anyway I hope you are doing great! Thanks a lot for your awesome mails, they are really really beautiful. Also I will stop supporting Apple Music playlist because I'm switching to Spotify (iTunes works so bad on Windows...) so you can continue with my legacy. That's it! Enjoy this mix and see you soon!



    contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

    Instagram/Twitter: itsBamf


    0:00 Jinsang - Pleased to Meet You

    2:18 The Deli - Golden

    4:52 LBL - Trip on a Trailer

    7:16 Philanthrope - Relax

    10:31 Kupla - Time Goes By

    12:53 Misc.Inc - Gone for So Long

    14:38 DLJ & Mello - Around the World

    16:50 sagun - surface

    19:02 emune & Plusma - Relax

    22:03 .ihaveaface - No Tomorrow

    23:43 Kudasaibeats - Don't You Love Me

    26:50 fantompower - tranquil wave

    29:14 HM Surf - Pastel (feat. Crwsox)

    31:43 Sleepy Fish - Slow Dance

    34:16 Miscel - Hide

    37:22 Nothingtosay - Lullaby

    39:32 S-Ilo - Peace

    41:51 Aso - Wake Me.

    44:47 mell-o - Dreamin´

    46:34 Bamf - Lost (feat. w00ds)

    • 48 min
    Night Walks - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Night Walks - Lofi Hiphop Mix

    Hello! It's been a while, as always. I have a couple of awesome news! This mix is almost 2 hours long because a listener contacted me on Twitter and told me to make a big mix (I won't do it again, it's a pain). Also I released a new song called Night Walks and it has almost 1K streams on Spotify! WOW! We still in the top 500 podcast in the United States (Jeez guys, relax a little bit) and I have another release on August 9 so stay tuned! Also I updated all my playlist so go and check them out! And I think that's it. You are awesome! You still review this show with 5 stars and that is insane, I can't believe the massive support I have. Thank you so much

    Love you all,


    Apple Music Playlist:  http://bit.ly/BamfRadioApple

    Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/BamfRadioSpotify


    0:00 Dweeb - Oolong

    1:06 Clément Matrat - Showing You Love

    3:09 Kuranes - Night.Time Stroll

    4:27 leaf beach - White Sage

    6:12 sleepdealer - Polaroid

    8:11 Smeyeul. & SPEECHLESS - Collecting Dust

    9:26 soho - Carolina

    10:38 Stxnx - Castor + Poluxxx

    12:32 Leo The Kid - Elderflower

    14:03 Jinsang - Girl at the Bus Stop

    15:42 Flitz&Suppe - Whenever Wherever

    19:43 [bsd.u] - Without You (Bonus Track)

    23:02 Deeb - About the Island

    26:57 Seneca B - Angels

    30:11 B-Side & Philanthrope - Stratussphere

    33:06 Misc.Inc - Agena

    34:51 Dwyer - Pulp

    36:59 Cheeki - Doze

    38:12 Stan Forebee - Whistle Tune

    40:09 Flitz&Suppe - Nothing To Do

    42:33 Tomppabeats - Summer Lover

    44:54 w00ds - Out of Love

    47:02 eevee - I wonder if we're dead

    49:35 Smeyeul. - Re'laks

    51:23 Smoke Trees - W-58025

    53:28 SMUV - Indigo

    55:09 Oatmello - 88 Keys

    57:38 eevee - jasmine

    1:00:02 Maple Syrup - Paris

    1:03:00 DRWN. - Might.Be

    1:05:32 Axian - Drive

    1:07:12 CRAETION - Onward

    1:10:35 Yuutsu - Escape

    1:12:41 Toonorth - Void

    1:15:12 Made in M - Frape

    1:17:12 Lilac & Invention - Lvndr

    1:19:28 Fatb - Copy Girl (feat. Kupla)

    1:21:20 Instupendo - Beauty Unit

    1:23:31 Arbour - Every Night

    1:24:51 Peachy! - This Is What Happens

    1:27:42 Sleepy Fish - Fall's Echoes

    1:30:15 [ocean jams] - Valentine

    1:34:27 Bamf - Night Walks

    Contact: bamfwav@gmail.com

    • 1 hr 39 min

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The1Gamer4th ,

Thank you

I thank you for putting yourself out there because if you didn’t I probably wouldn’t have as much confidence in myself if you didn’t do this, and I thank you for doing that, I also listen to your music while I’m doing music and during school and it is really great just listening to artists who know how to make music, also can you check out my channel on YouTube called Masked Men and Stringer Elite, please give me some feedback because we make all kinds of music there but still trying to get the hang of things. Then again thank you for doing what you are doing and please keep doing it for many years to come.
Sincerely the Masked Men, and Stringer Elite.

Fujitora13 ,

Amazing lofi podcast !

An awesome podcast that actually updates and gives commentary as it grows. Great to see more and more people enjoying it!

your g0d ,

Best lofi playlist ever

So glad you got it to a playlist too love the music 👌🏼💜

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