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Filmmakers Mel House, Chris Warren, and Brittany Miles share their unfiltered, true stories about making their way through the independent film landscape.

Barely Living The Dream Mel House

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Filmmakers Mel House, Chris Warren, and Brittany Miles share their unfiltered, true stories about making their way through the independent film landscape.

    Ep. 44 - In Between The Mystery Spots

    Ep. 44 - In Between The Mystery Spots

    What's up everyone? Yep, been a while. Lots of stuff has happened...and we do mean LOTS. MYSTERY SPOT premiered, DARK RITUAL gained traction, the Burn video finally came out, AND we shot another feature (INBETWEENING). Mel catches you up on ALL of it.

    INBETWEENING post production crowdfunding campaign: http://igg.me/at/inbetweening

    Upstart Filmworks Linktree: https://linktr.ee/upstartfilmworks

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    Ep: 43 - Ritual Zombie Werewolf Mystery!

    Ep: 43 - Ritual Zombie Werewolf Mystery!

    Back from extended hibernation, to the delight of a couple people and the chagrin of many more! You'd think we'd have spent the lockdown cranking out content...alas, that was not to be. But that doesn't mean we weren't busy! To wit:
    - First off, MYSTERY SPOT is having it's World Premiere at Arrow Video's London FrightFest in August! Huge deal! Info here: https://www.scifinow.co.uk/events/frightfest-second-wave-of-films-announced/ and here: https://www.frightfest.co.uk/holdingfolder2/MysterySpot.html
    - IN THE BLOOD (formerly IMAGO) is now DARK RITUAL. Coming soon from Summer Hill Entertainment! More info here: http://summerhillfilms.com/dark-ritual/
    - Brittany has been working on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD (zombies)
    - Chris worked on a bunch of stuff, with a bunch of people, including who he claims to be the "best Baldwin brother".
    - Mel worked on a Happy Madison film, officially as the 2nd Assistant to Taylor Lautner (werewolves)
    ...and more! Give it a listen as we catch up on the last year and change of insanity. As always, you can find more info at upstartfilmworks.net or at @upstartfilm on all the social media

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    Ep. 42 - Workshopping the Workshop

    Ep. 42 - Workshopping the Workshop

    Our first foray into live-streaming wherein we ask the question: what would YOU think would be most valuable to focus on in a "filmmaking workshop" session? We have a couple that we've been asked to participate in, so we decided to brainstorm some ideas.

    Info on the Houston area screening of IN THE BLOOD here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/in-the-blood-fka-imago-private-screening-benefitting-upstart-katelynn-tickets-92356118637

    Video of this episode can be found here: https://youtu.be/H6iTL0QMZRo

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkZ1BNnxHjcFLxl9z01iQMg

    For more information, visit upstartfilmworks.net

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    Ep. 41: MYSTERY Machines (MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 3)

    Ep. 41: MYSTERY Machines (MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 3)

    Once again, Mel House, Chris Warren, and Brittany Miles all find themselves in the same room to do a podcast. This time, we have a feature in the rearview to discuss: Mel's fifth feature film, MYSTERY SPOT, which was shot in September 2019.

    Unfortunately/fortunately - there's literally nothing to complain about (except for Mel's weird psychological trauma that he had to wade through during production). Accolades abound, however. The team was wonderful, and we are all excited about the future of the project (currently in post).

    After that we catch up with Chris, who updates us on the plethora of films he's been working on this year...as well as the impending completion of HIS film - (The Movie Formerly Known As) IMAGO.

    Brittany then talks a little bit about her documentary, as well as the state of her previous feature in the post-Distribber debacle landscape.

    For previous audio-only podcast entries, see the last two links below.

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    MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 2: "The Other Side"

    MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 2: "The Other Side"

    That's a wrap on MYSTERY SPOT! (Actually, we wrapped over a month ago, but I've been busy editing, handling wrap up stuff, and celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary). At any rate, I recorded some post-shoot reflections once I got my wits back about me and with the benefit of hindsight. This one's not too long though, as well...there's not that much to report (for once). Smooth sailing. Now that Melanie and I are back from the trip out to NYC to see the Misfits (who destroyed Madison Square Garden, holy shit), I am neck-deep in getting the assembly edit done - along with some minor wrap up delivery stuff for The Movie Formerly Known As IMAGO. Both are on an accelerated timeline, which is awesome. Listen for more on those fronts and others!

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    MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 1: "Curious Goods"

    MYSTERY SPOT Chronicles, Part 1: "Curious Goods"

    We recently wrapped principal photography on my fifth feature, MYSTERY SPOT. It was a wonderfully harrowing experience - "wonderful" because of the amazing team of people I surrounded myself with, cast and crew alike, and "harrowing" because I didn't realize exactly how damaged and broken I'd become over the last several years of working with much less amazing/competent individuals. (I guess I should have just listened to the old episodes of this podcast). I never would have suspected that the thing I dreamed of most these last few years (directing my own feature again, and not going broke to do it) would also at times become the last thing in the entire world I wanted to do. Totally my own "Splash Mountain" experience (you'll need to listen to unpack that one).

    At any rate, this episode just lays out the groundwork and context of how MYSTERY SPOT came together, and I'll divulge some stuff that I haven't spoken about publicly that made the process that much more difficult for me. I'll probably speak to that aspect more in future installments - I need perspective and distance - but I hit the broad strokes here. Hopefully it will strike a familiar chord with those out there experiencing similar difficulties.

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4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

crime_alley ,

Great show

This is a mostly unfiltered look at people working, full time, in the movie business. It is about work ethic, determination, personal obstacles and work/life balance. I do think you will enjoy this show. Now, my one knock is that the episodes don't air regularly, but Melgets a pass cause a man's gotta work. And when you are "Barely Living the Dream" you work whenever you can.

WeemerReiner ,


It’s like listening to children complain about sharing. These people are idiots. Well mostly Chris.

KevBear ,

Listen, Learn and Be Entertained

I have truly enjoyed listening to this podcast. It is an informative no holds barred perspective on the process of making it in movies. Only the top 1% get all the riches and glory. But if you love something enough, it is what drives you. You can hear it in this group of filmmakers.

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