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Celebrating and interrogating creatives of all stripes.

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Celebrating and interrogating creatives of all stripes.

    #63 Illustrator Iris Compiet: You're Never Done Learning

    #63 Illustrator Iris Compiet: You're Never Done Learning

    On today's show, award-winning illustrator Iris Compiet stops by to talk all things creativity. She shares her story and wisdom she's learned along the way. Don't forget to follow her amazing social accounts and support her on Patreon!

    Iris' Links:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iriscompiet
    Web shop: https://www.iriscompiet.art/featured-products/
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iriscompiet
    Schoolism: https://www.schoolism.com/online-art-classes-workouts/faery-workout-with-iris-compiet
    Twitch Stream with Lois: https://youtu.be/-tMBo0qx-4I
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/iriscompietart
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iriscompietart/

    Connect with Hannah:
    Instagram: instagram.com/hannah_camacho
    Twitter: twitter.com/basicbrainheart
    Web: hannahcamacho.com

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    #62 Jenny Robins (Killing Eve, Fleabag, Run): The Non-Linear Path to Creative Fulfillment

    #62 Jenny Robins (Killing Eve, Fleabag, Run): The Non-Linear Path to Creative Fulfillment

    Jenny Robins, Wells Street’s head of television and film, is no stranger to the art of storytelling. She's embraced her non-linear path in the television industry and has always come back to what she loves most: story. These days she's focused on the future of Wells Street, the production company set up by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. On today's episode she takes us through her personal journey, creative philosophy and why a good creative day always, at least for her, starts with a delicious hot chocolate and ends with a gin and tonic or two.

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    #61 Beatrice Blue: Sculpting Yourself Into Your Art

    #61 Beatrice Blue: Sculpting Yourself Into Your Art

    On today's episode, author, illustrator and creative director Beatrice Blue talks about her background, her creative philosophy and so much more.

    Beatrice is the author of “Once Upon a Dragon’s fire”; “Wonder, the art and practice of Beatrice Blue”; and the critically acclaimed “Once Upon a Unicorn Horn”.

    She's worked with Dreamworks TV, Hasbro, Procreate, Harper Collins, Nickelodeon, Square-Enix or Lonely Planet and among many others. "Once Upon a Unicorn Horn" has been translated into more than 10 languages in one year and has been nominated for the Waterstones Children’s book prize 2020. She's currently working on her 3rd picture book, Art Directing a TV series and an illustrating an upcoming book with Penguin Random House.

    Find Beatrice:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beatrice.blue/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeatriceBlue_

    Find Hannah:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannah_camacho/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/basicbrainheart

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    #60 Jenna Andrews: Collaboration and Versatility are Key

    #60 Jenna Andrews: Collaboration and Versatility are Key

    On today's show, artist/songwriter/producer extraordinaire Jenna Andrews shares her story and philosophy of creativity.

    Driven by an innate passion for music and her belief in the medium’s incredible universal capability to unite and inspire, creative powerhouse Jenna Andrews has spent the large part of her outstanding career bringing out the best in the most promising talent around the globe.
    As an artist (Island Def Jam) and a songwriter (Sony/ATV) herself, ​Andrews is sensitive to the challenges that both up and coming and seasoned singers and writers face in music today, and she carries that knowledge with her in her work as a consultant for industry veteran ​Barry Weiss​’ ​RECORDS label, as well as in her joint venture with Weiss, publishing company ​Twentyseven Music ​at​ Sony/ATV​.
    The Calgary native has collaborated with some ​of the most renowned names in the market today, including heavy hitters such as ​Drake​, ​Jennifer Lopez​, ​Little ​Mix​, ​Tori ​Kelly​, ​Jessie ​J and ​Benee​, as well as producers ​Noah 40 Shebib​, ​Diplo​, ​DJ ​Mustard​, ​Max ​Martin​, ​Illangelo and ​Stargate​. Most recently, she has taken pop singer-songwriter ​Noah Cyrus under her wing, A&Ring her single “​July​” and writing the remix featuring ​Leon Bridges​, which has garnered more than ​160 million streams to date. She is also celebrating the stellar success of the hit she co-wrote with New Zealand-born singer/songwriter ​Benee​, “​Supalonely​,” which has produced over ​10 million ​TikTok videos and is currently ranked at ​#14 on the Spotify Global chart and at #24 on the Spotify U.S. chart.

    Always employing a personalized approach, ​Andrews serves as a mentor, writing partner, and overall guru to the brightest stars of the present and future. From vocal and executive production to arranging, her fluidity and proficiency in so many areas of the business has allowed her to seamlessly adapt and shift roles depending on the specific needs of each artist she works with. But her true passion lies in artist development, which has given her the opportunity to nurture new artists, beginning with their first steps in the industry and helping to discover the core of who they are, and proceeding to follow along with them on their road to success. ​“I enjoy working with an artist from start to finish, where I can help them achieve their creative and professional goals by enabling them to tap into and actualize that vision,” ​she says.
    Being a female executive, ​Andrews is steadily driven to support aspiring female talent and become the pillar of guidance that she wished she had lighting the way for her when she began to pursue her own career. ​“I want to be that person that new artists can come to and know that they can be completely vulnerable with,” ​she says, “and that they can trust with developing their sound.”

    Perhaps not surprisingly, one of her most rewarding projects has been cultivating pop sensation ​Lennon Stella​, whom she has developed since the blossoming star was just 14 years old. Transitioning from writing alongside Stella to acting as her A&R, she then signed her to ​Weiss’ ​RECORDS​, continuing to advise and connect her as she rises to superstardom.

    Armed with incredible instinct and an ear for hits, ​Jenna Andrews ​will continue to do what she does best, not only pushing the hottest acts to the forefront, but propelling them all the way to the top.

    Find Jenna:
    Instagram: @thejennaandrews
    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2EvaSHAnL1eSsYDMleYlO5

    Find Hannah:
    Instagram: @hannah_camacho

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    #59 Loish: Mental Health for Artists in Times of Uncertainty

    #59 Loish: Mental Health for Artists in Times of Uncertainty

    Loish (Lois Van Baarle) has always been interested in creating art, but the path forward hasn't always been clear or easy. Art school wasn't a p[particularly happy experience for her.

    Something many fans of hers may not know is that she is also an incredibly knowledge mental health advocate. On today's show Loish and I have some fun and also talk about the importance of maintaining mental health (in addition to physical health) during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Survival is key and you shouldn't feel guilty if your brain space isn't in a place where it can create right now.

    Follow Loish:

    Instagram: @loisvb
    Twitter: @loishh
    Patreon: patreon.com/loish
    Web: loish.net

    Contact Hannah:
    Instagram: instagram.com/hannah_camacho
    Web: hannahcamacho.com

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    #58 Artist Kayla Coombs (Sleeping Beauty Proposal, What Can We Be): Flattening the Curve

    #58 Artist Kayla Coombs (Sleeping Beauty Proposal, What Can We Be): Flattening the Curve

    That's right! It's Kayla Coombs: The Sequel! But this sequel isn't a box office bomb - it's full of goodness.

    On today's episode (Eek! Our very first sequel interview!) artist and illustrator Kayla Coombs shares what she's been up to. We also break down her learning process, the ins and outs of freelancing and how to select a good creative partner (even if they work halfway across the world).

    Follow Kayla:

    Instagram: @kaylacoombs
    Twitter: @KaylaJCoombs
    Web: kaylacoombs.com/shop

    Connect with Hannah:
    Instagram: @hannah_camacho
    Web: www.hannahcamacho.com

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5.0 out of 5
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20 Ratings

richmoneer ,


I’m just gonna say it, i think a sequel to Song of the sea needs to happen. There were too many cliff hangers and unanswered questions and potential for them to stop at one movie, believe me!

Kakaroach671 ,

Perfect for creatives!

I'm in no way, shape, or form an accomplished writer or artist, but this podcast has given me so much confidence to just go out and create what fills my mind!
I love hearing the personal stories from Hannah's guests!

Charter Member of the Katie Beachtowel Club ,

Excellent interview

I really enjoyed the interview with Lorien McKenna. Very informative about plot and story structure, and Lorien is a great storyteller.

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