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Battle Ready is a podcast for the mind, body, and soul hosted by father-son duo Erwin Raphael McManus & Aaron McManus.

Battle Ready with Erwin & Aaron McManus Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus

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Battle Ready is a podcast for the mind, body, and soul hosted by father-son duo Erwin Raphael McManus & Aaron McManus.



    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus share what they learned from their recent trip to speak to the UNC Chapel Hill football team.Tune in to hear fresh insights into leadership and the most important ingredient to achieving success under pressure!They touch on these topics and more:

    What is ‘tough poise’ and how does leadership emerge in crisis?
    How does accountability transform a team?
    Is resilience a dirty word?

    Don’t miss ‘Goodnight, Chapel Hill,’ out now!

    • 53 min


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus tackle everything from electric cars to football games.

    Tune in to hear the answers to these questions and more:

    What does it mean that Biden declared that the pandemic is over?
    Why does Mexico City continue to have devastating earthquakes on the same date?
    Is Battle Ready launching a patreon? (Sneak peek: YES!)

    Don’t miss ‘Rolling Blackouts,’ out now!

    • 55 min


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus hit on current events across our cultural, geographical, and political landscapes.  

    Aaron shares a story of a coffee shop verbal altercation that led him to question his impulse control. Should you speak up when someone else is mistreating others around you? Is there a right or wrong way to defend someone?  

    This episode tackles this topics and more: Is student loan ‘forgiveness’ misleading to the American public? What’s really behind the raid of Mar-A-Lago documents? Why did Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass get robbed and all that was taken were her two guns?  

    Don’t miss ‘Impulse Control,’ out now!

    • 1 hr 8 min


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss Erwin’s the frequencies of communication, All or Nothing series, and more.  

    This episode tackles these topics and more: Next phase of Art of Communication All or Nothing with Manchester City & Arsenal Erwin's next book  

    Don’t miss 'All Or Nothing'!

    • 1 hr


    In this week’s episode, Erwin and Aaron McManus discuss Erwin’s writing process, the problem with rest and the hurdle of work.  

    Is a work/life balance really all you need to be happy? Does procrastination create better art?  

    This episode tackles these topics and more: 

    The dangerous spiritualization of ‘rest’ in Christian culture 

    Owning your power to change your life 

    Why writer’s block is a myth  

    Don’t miss ‘Work, Write, Rest’ out now!

    • 48 min


    Aaron and Erwin McManus discuss a variety of topics around the general idea of focus.

    Tune in for conversation on these topics and more:  

    How to focus in today's environment? I

    s Dave Chapelle a hated figure because he talks the truth? 

    Moving from a poverty/magical mindset to an elevated mindset.   

     You don’t want to miss this episode!

    • 49 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
957 Ratings

957 Ratings

GiantsDan ,

McManus unplugged

Fun. Inspiring. Challenging. Love episode S04E27 on May 21

Great show but needs better intro music.

Kate-Rogers ,

With All Your Mind

One of the things I appreciate most about this podcast is that you both are consistently challenging others, as well as the listener, to engage in every conversation (regardless of the topic) with depth and thoughtfulness, in an incredibly relatable and inviting way. To me you highlight what it looks like to love the Lord not only with your hearts and strength, but with our minds as well. When I listen I find myself challenged to think from different perspectives and angles and to me, that is such an asset in life! Plus it gives my friends and I great topics of conversation (we all love the pod!). Thanks for the time you both put into this.

Dsrb814 ,

They Talk About What We’re All Thinking About

Thanks Aaron and Erwin for courageously sharing your honest thoughts about Jesus, the Church, current events, pop culture and politics. I’ve listened to most every episode on Mondays during my commute to and from work.

Vulnerability and honesty requires courage. These guys have it. Unfiltered. Raw. Thoughtful but not completely scripted dialogue. It’s the real conversation a lot of us want to have but are not willing to say out loud. Thank you for talking about what we’re all thinking about.

Erwin, your mind is like Mozart, second to none. Grateful to the Lord for your voice in our world. You consistently flip an idea on its head and it opens up whole worlds of possibilities. Aaron, you are a perfect complement on this podcast. Your role on Battle Ready is essential. You’re able to bring a very human element to each episode. It’s cool to see how God is developing and growing you through your time with your dad. Props to Brooke too! Thank you Battle Ready.

Daniel, from Tampa

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