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We discuss the best books with book nerds, authors and critics from around the world.

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We discuss the best books with book nerds, authors and critics from around the world.

    Dawn Raffel - BOUNDLESS AS THE SKY

    Dawn Raffel - BOUNDLESS AS THE SKY

    Dawn Raffel



    Gateway books -

    War and Peace

    Grace Paley - Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

    I Stand Here Ironing - Tillie Olsen

    Flannery O’Connor

    North American Review

    The Quarterly

    Current reads /Looking forward to

    The Lighted Burrow: A Sanatorium Journal - Max Blecher

    The Radezkey March - Joseph Roth

    Moby Dick

    The Jazz Palace - Mary Morris

    The Kirschbaum Lectures - Seth Rogoff

    Desert Island books

    War and Peace

    Metamorphosis - Ovid

    A River Runs Through it - Norman Maclean

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    Merve Emre

    Merve Emre

    Merve Emre



    Gateway books

    Matilda - Roald Dahl

    If On A Winters Night A Traveller - Calvino

    A Portrait of a Lady - Henry James

    Portrait of a Lady

    Current reads /Looking forward to

    Orlando Furioso - Ludovico Ariosto

    Quaderno proibito (The Forbidden Notebook) - Alba de Céspedes - Translated by Ann Goldstein

    Catherine Lacey - The Biography of X

    White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin - Michael W. Clune

    Desert Island books

    Don Quixote - Cervantes

    Clarissa - Samuel Richardson

    Middlemarch - George Elliot

    Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature - Erich Auerbach

    Ulysses - Joyce

    Collected Works of Beckett

    Collected Diaries of Virginia Woolf

    Translations by Anne Carson (With Greek)

    The Last Samurai - Helen DeWitt

    Septology - Jon Fosse

    The Annotated Arabian Nights - New translation by Yasmine Seale

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    Ben Harnett - THE HAPPY VALLEY

    Ben Harnett - THE HAPPY VALLEY

    Ben Harnett

    Get The Happy Valley here:



    Gateway books


    Moby Dick

    Current reads

    Nixon agonistes - Garry Wills

    Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy - Elizabeth Popp Berman

    Alec Guinness - Memoirs

    We Have Never Been Modern - Bruno Latour

    The Greeks and the irrational - E. R. Dodds

    The Evening Hero - Marie Myong-Ok Lee

    The Logic of Practice - Pierre Bourdieu

    Iris Murdoch

    Desert Island Books

    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

    Capital and Ideology - Thomas Piketty

    Jane Austen - Complete works

    Moby Dick

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    Thomas Moore - FOREVER/ALONE

    Thomas Moore - FOREVER/ALONE

    Thomas Moore


    Buy Alone and Forever here :


    Other work here


    Gateway books

    George Bataille - Story of the Eye

    Marguerite Duras - The Malady of Death

    Denis Cooper

    Lawerence Braithwaite - Wigger, Ratz are Nice

    Yukio Mashima - Confessions of a Mask

    Current Reads/recently enjoyed

    Isabelle Nicou - Stricture

    Audrey Szasz - Zealous Immaculate

    Lindsay Lerman - What Are You

    Nate Lippens - My Dead Book

    Denis Cooper - I Wished

    Looking forward to The Shards - Brett Easton Ellis

    New stuff Phillip Best and Audrey Szasz

    Desert Island Books

    Denis Cooper - Period

    Joan Didion - Play it as it Lays

    Kevin Killian - Spread Eagle

    Wigger - Lawrence Braithwaite

    The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

    • 47 min
    Brendan Riley - ANTAGONY

    Brendan Riley - ANTAGONY

    Brendan Riley


    Twitter @BPRileyCTSp2Eng

    Buy Antagony here https://dalkeyarchive.store/products/antagony

    Gateway Books


    D.H. Lawerence

    Aldus Huxley

    Lauren Eisley

    Peter Matthiessen

    Michael Ondaatje

    John McPhee

    Gary Synder

    Robinson Jeffers

    Current Reads

    London Fields - Martin Amis

    Iain Sinclair - Down River

    The Five - Hallie Rubenhold

    Gary Snyder - The Great Clod

    NeuroTribes - Steve Silberman

    Literary Translations and the Making of Originals - Karen Emmerich

    Desert Island Books

    Collected Shakespeare

    The Metamorphoses - Ovid

    Moby Dick

    Gary Snyders- Mountains and Rivers Without End

    Collected Yates

    Collected Borges

    Cities of The Red Night - Burroughs

    Absolom Absolom -

    Dickens - Our Mutual Friend.

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    End of Year Special Part 3

    End of Year Special Part 3

    Due to Character limits Show full notes are here : 


    End of year Special part 3

    Ryan O’Connor - Author of the Voids

    Picks of 2022

    Collected Fiction - Murnane
    Collected Fiction - Bruno Shultz
    Wendy Erskine - Dance Move
    Reality Hunger - David Sheilds
    Henry Miller - Wisdom of the Heart
    Russel Hoban - Ridley Walker
    Oscar Wilde - De Profundis
    Clarise Lispector - Aqua Aviva
    Pynchon CL40
    Cendras - Confessions of Dan Yak
    Dermott Healy - Sudden Times
    The Goat Song
    The Orange Eats Creeps- Grace Krilanovich
    Ben Marcus - Age of Wire and String
    Mike McCormack- Solar Bones
    Fernada Melchor - Hurricane Season
    Pougemahone - Patrick McCabe
    Grimmish - Michael Winkler

    Planning to read in 2023

    David Keenan
    Ezra Maas
    Lazlo K

    Thomas Moore

    Picks of 2022

    Stricture - Isabelle Nicou
    Zealous immaculate - Audrey Szasz
    100 Boyfriends - Brontez Purnell

    In 2023 -

    Your Dreams - Thomas Moore
    New book by Audrey Szasz
    New Brett Easton Ellis

    Emily Hall

    2022 highlights

    Bolano by Night in Chile
    Anna Kavan - Ice
    Jen Craig - Wall


    Anne Truett - Diaries
    Jack Lowery - It Was Vulgar and It Was Beautiful
    A Furious Oyster- Jessica Sequeira
    Women in the Dunes - Kōbō Abe

    Rikki Ducornet

    Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth of Consciousness - Peter Godfrey-Smith
    Other Lands - Thomas Haliday

    David Leo Rice

    2022 highlights

    Solenoid - Book of the year
    Opperation Shylock - Roth
    Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry
    Hurricane Season - Melchor
    63: Dream Palace - James Purdy
    Motor Spirit - Jarett Kobeck
    The Gospel Singer - Harry Cruz
    A Scanner Darkly - PKD
    A Strangeness in My Mind - Orhan Palmuk
    The Black Maybe - Attilla Veres


    Agota Kristóf - New translation
    Tono the Infallible - Evelio Rosero
    The Shards - BEE
    Our Share of Night - Mariana Enriquez
    Septology - Fosse
    A Different Darkness - Luigi Musolino
    The Autodidacts - Thomas Kendall
    The Passenger - Cormac McCarthy
    On the Marble Cliffs - Ernst Jünger

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Steve Fullbeard ,

Fantastic Podcast

Great podcast that presents the convergence of readers and writers from the bookstagram world and around the world. Welcome addition.

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