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Inside Stories and Storytellers

Hosted by Trey Elling

    #311 - Dr. F. Perry Wilson on HOW MEDICINE WORKS AND WHEN IT DOESN'T

    #311 - Dr. F. Perry Wilson on HOW MEDICINE WORKS AND WHEN IT DOESN'T

    Yale School of Medicine physician and researcher F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, chats with Trey Elling about HOW MEDICINE WORKS AND WHEN IT DOESN’T: LEARNING WHO TO TRUST TO GET AND STAY HEALTHY. Topics include:

    Goal with the book (0:00)
    Pharma’s role with patient mistrust (1:57)
    Pharma’s influence on doctors (6:49)
    Generic drugs not such an easy fix (10:22)
    How medical errors commonly lead to death (12:34)
    Surrogate outcomes (15:50)
    Getting patients to change their minds for GOOD reasons (17:44)
    Combatting motivated reasoning (20:44)
    The “biggest secret in medicine” (26:22)
    Factoring in side effects when considering a drug (29:32)
    Doctors’ responsibility to help patients with despair (31:28)
    Randomized controlled trials, aka RCTs (37:48)
    How RCTs go wrong (44:19)
    The difficulty with replication (47:29)
    Why “open data” isn’t already the standard with RCTs (50:35)
    The problem with the “middle man” in patient care (53:39)
    An alternative to the current US healthcare system (57:06)
    How patients can move closer to doctors by embracing uncertainty (1:00:15)

    • 1 hr 2 min
    #310 - Greg Graffin on PUNK PARADOX

    #310 - Greg Graffin on PUNK PARADOX

    Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin chats with Trey Elling about PUNK PARADOX: A MEMOIR. Topics include:

    Goal with the book (0:00)
    His first taste of live music (2:40)
    Trauma in rural Kansas in 1976 (4:18)
    The initial appeal of punk (7:57)
    A love for The Jackson 5 (10:25)
    The ugly reality of punk in 1984 (12:11)
    How lizards are like lead singers (13:41)
    A change in Bad Religion’s crowd in the late ‘80s (16:22)
    Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs album (17:21)
    The concept of “selling out” (18:35)
    Putting his academic career on hold for the band (21:31)
    Recovering from a string of traumas in the mid-1990s (23:04)
    Fostering his children’s love for music (25:35)
    Brett Gurewitz’s break from the band in the late 1990s (27:29)
    The one Bible verse he quoted in PUNK PARADOX (29:28)
    An interesting factoid about ants (33:11)
    The Milwaukee Bucks’ NBA championship in 2021 (34:28)
    Rooting for an outspoken Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (36:30)
    Whether Greg is still ‘punk’ (40:26)

    • 42 min
    #309 - James Rickards on SOLD OUT

    #309 - James Rickards on SOLD OUT

    New York Times bestselling author James Rickards chats with Trey Elling about SOLD OUT: HOW BROKEN SUPPLY CHAINS, SURGING INFLATION, AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY WILL SINK THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. Topics include:

    Book's goal (0:00)
    The magnitude of the supply chain (2:50)
    The new science of supply chain management (7:19)
    The start of an ongoing trade war between the US and China (11:39)
    How Covid 19 contributed to supply chain problems (15:34)
    Vaccine mandates and the supply chain (20:07)
    Cargo ships and the supply chain (25:56)
    A major truck driver shortage (29:24)
    Energy and supply chain management (32:00)
    China as the biggest loser in a global supply chain failure (34:35)
    Apple moving some semiconductor production out of Taiwan (44:08)

    • 48 min
    #308 - Gianmarco Soresi on the Dark Art of Standup Comedy

    #308 - Gianmarco Soresi on the Dark Art of Standup Comedy

    Standup comedian Gianmarco Soresi chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his shows at Cap City Comedy Club on January 6th & 7th. Get tickets HERE. Topics include:

    Performing in Austin (0:00)
    Suffering through the Whole 30 diet (1:47)
    Cutting his teeth in NYC at LOL Comedy Club in making it to the Comedy Cellar (3:45)
    Feedback (5:45)
    Taking a comedy class at Caroline's Comedy Club (7:49)
    How to pull off dark humor on stage (11:26)
    Receiving validation from other comedians (16:06)
    Working out a gun violence joke (18:26)

    • 22 min
    #307 - Heather Radke on BUTTS: A BACKSTORY

    #307 - Heather Radke on BUTTS: A BACKSTORY

    Heather Radke, a writer and contributing editor/reporter at Radiolab, chats with Trey Elling about BUTTS: A BACKSTORY. Topics include:

    Heather's goal with Butts (0:00)
    The gluteal cleft (2:13)
    Why humans evolved to have butts (3:31)
    How the butt is a Swiss Army Knife (5:26)
    Male peacocks and the female human butt (7:07)
    The modern objectification of the female butt beginning with Sarah Baartman 200+ years ago (10:56)
    Scientists' creating racial hierarchy with butts (and more) in the 1800s (14:44)
    The bustle in the late 1800s (17:16)
    The flapper of the 1920s (20:20)
    Josephine Baker's butt nearly ending European civilization (23:50)
    Attempting to define "normal" in the mid-1900s (26:08)
    The model responsible for how many clothing companies determine the fit for women's pants (29:23)
    Buns of Steel (32:29)
    The start of 'fat fitness' in the 1980s (35:53)
    Sir Mix-A-Lot and Baby Got Back (38:13)
    Why women's butts have been more openly discussed since around 2000 (42:59)
    Beyonce and "Bootylicious" (46:30)
    2014 as the 'Year of the Butt' (49:20)
    The next big thing in butts (51:22)

    • 53 min
    #306 - Richard J. Johnson, MD, on NATURE WANTS US TO BE FAT (Part 2)

    #306 - Richard J. Johnson, MD, on NATURE WANTS US TO BE FAT (Part 2)

    Dr. Rick Johnson chats with Trey Elling about NATURE WANTS US TO BE FAT: THE SURPRISING SCIENCE BEHIND WHY WE GAIN WEIGHT AN HOW WE CAN PREVENT--AND REVERSE--IT. Listen to part one of their conversation HERE. Topics in part two include:

    Why sugar/fructose can fuel problems like ADHD (0:00)
    Drinking vs eating fructose (10:42)
    Fructose in vegetables and fruits (17:51)
    Dairy and the 'survival switch' (22:11)
    Exercise and the 'survival switch' (24:24)
    Obesity rates increasing while sugar consumption have decreased since 2000 (27:53)
    Rick finishing the book, and this chat, with 'An Ode to Sugar' (31:33)

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

mcgolis ,

Great conversations

This podcast provides a richer context for the books I’ve read. Really great and deep discussions without being pretentious. Really well done

ejb1893 ,

PHARMA interesting episode

I just discovered this pod and glad I did. Fascinating how EVIL the Sacklers are and the phrase “ The man who drugged the WORLD”
Popped into my head when Gerald Posner told us about how Arthur Sackler made Valium the #1 drug for a record 15 yrs with deceptive marketing. Now to explore more episodes 👍👍

Doobie2122 ,

Great Interviewer & Interviewees

Trey is a master of interviews and has a knack for sourcing incredibly good content. I listened to him often on his Austin sports radio show and was always very impressed with his interviews and who he was able to bring on the show. He’s well prepared and asks really good questions on the fly. I can sense from the interviewees that they’re impressed with his questions. It’s absolutely worth giving it a shot.

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