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Boomslang Recordings is a drum and bass label established in 2020 bringing you the latest underground sounds with artists Heist, AL/SO, NC-17, Transforma, Dropst, Shadow Sect, and Noize Komplaint. Listen and subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast service.

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Boomslang Recordings is a drum and bass label established in 2020 bringing you the latest underground sounds with artists Heist, AL/SO, NC-17, Transforma, Dropst, Shadow Sect, and Noize Komplaint. Listen and subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcast service.

    THE CENOBITES: Hear The Message (Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 011)

    THE CENOBITES: Hear The Message (Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 011)

    In the electrifying latest episode of the Boomslang Recordings podcast, Episode 11 takes listeners on a sonic journey as The Cenobites, renowned masters of the drum and bass scene, showcase their unparalleled mixing skills. The spotlight of this episode falls on the full drum and bass album titled "Hear The Message" by SST. Known for pushing the boundaries of the genre, SST's album is a testament to their innovative soundscapes and intricate beats. The Cenobites skillfully navigate through each track, unraveling the layers of "Hear The Message" with precision, offering listeners an immersive experience into the dynamic world of drum and bass.
    Prepare to be captivated by the seamless fusion of The Cenobites' mixing prowess and SST's groundbreaking sound, making Episode 11 a must-listen for avid drum and bass enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the genre, this episode promises an exhilarating ride through the cutting-edge sounds of "Hear The Message," leaving a lasting impression on the ears of all music connoisseurs.

    SST - Guidance
    SST - Reality Theory
    SST - Wake the Desert
    SST - Hiding In The Dark ft. To The Infinite
    SST - Fire In The Jungle
    SST - The Meaning Of It
    SST - Lost Way
    SST - Die In Our World
    SST x Kadilak - All Of Us
    SST - Hear The Message
    SST - Control Of Me
    SST - Down Now Out

    • 39 min
    ANNGREE: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 010

    ANNGREE: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 010

    In the eerie shadows of Boomslang Recordings, a spectral whisper rustles through the air as we prepare to unveil our latest podcast episode, straight out of a Tim Burton fever dream. Brace yourselves for a spine-tingling audio journey as we descend into the auditory abyss with a special guest mix conjured by the enigmatic AnnGree. Known for their haunting soundscapes, AnnGree recently emerged from the cryptic depths of C4C's "Flavours Vol 2 EP," and they've brought an otherworldly tapestry of sound that will linger in your senses long after the music fades.
    And, as an added spectral treat, the moon rises on this unholy night, revealing the release of ESKR's "Valles Marineris EP," haunting all streaming and digital download platforms on your favorite devices. It's a soundscape that will transport you to otherworldly realms and keep you spellbound under its musical enchantment. So, lock your doors, dim the lights, and tune in to the spectral frequencies of Boomslang Recordings - where the ethereal meets the eerie, and the music becomes the soundtrack to your darkest dreams.

    • 1 hr
    DIGITAL DOT: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 009

    DIGITAL DOT: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 009

    Get set to close out the epic three-year bash of Boomslang Recordings in style, 'cause DJ Digital Dot is about to drop the ultimate drum & bass studio mix that's gonna blow your mind. With those futuristic beats, wicked rhythms, and insane soundscapes, Digital Dot is gonna take you on a wild ride through the label's genre-defying journey. Join us for the sickest finale ever as we bid farewell to three years of musical mayhem, and let Digital Dot's electrifying beats stamp Boomslang Recordings' legacy forever.

    His Eyes from The Lost and the Unfound by Chrizpy Chriz
    Pulsar One - Feel The Drums Jungle Fatigue Kru Jungle Fatigue Vol. 2
    Myosphere by Mixrace
    Harmony - Abbey Road (Orca Remix) Harmony - DAT074 Harmony
    Nuke - The Devil You Know [Rizzle Remix] - The Foundations Of Yamatai Vol.1
    SHADOW MOSES from LEVEL SELECT by Pizza Hotline
    NODSY - Real One [SUBPLATE-081] - Subplate Recordings
    DEEPIN101 - Conrad Subs - Nexus EP by Deep In The Jungle Records
    The Groove in You Martyn Nytram The Groove in You EP - Dread Recordings
    Armenez - Midtown Pepper / Rust Core Thumper [SM004] by Armenez
    Heist - Celestial - Boomslang Recordings
    Vmbrella - Ectoplasm - Slither EP - Boomslang Recordings
    YAANO - Blossom EP by YAANO
    Fourth Dimension EP by Alpha Rhythm
    Ecrylian - Hostile Doman
    AMEN by Jungle Fatigue
    Clockers ft. Jinx by NC-17 - Boomslang Recordings
    Stillness by Mixrace
    Epic - Impex, AL-SO
    Klinical - Together (ft. Shady Novelle) - Overview Music
    Silence & Violence by Todd Buchler & Pish Posh - Boomslang Recordings
    Mazza T-O-M-I-X Crystalised Tears LP
    Crinkled Subtle Element Crinkled EP - Label Bowlcut Beats
    Blind Follower feat. Initia (Original Mix) Initia, Skulder & Mully Let Them Know EP
    Calibre - Let Tea Roll (feat. Pillerin) - Falcon
    Guessabelle - TURQUOISEDEATH Se Bueno
    Sota x Circadian - Mesmer (ft. Mila Falls)
    KNOXZ & The Voss - Vicissitude - Boomslang Recordings
    Original Sin & Grace Barton - Sanctuary
    Clusta - How We Do It [Neurophoria Recordings]
    Fear, Ego EP by GLXY - Shogun Audio
    Hekrim & Kezer - Dark Souls (ZBVA003) - ZooBass Records
    Kitcha - Crazy About You by NEMESIS RECORDINGS UK
    SyRan - 'Aporia' - RAM Records
    All Your Ways EP | XAETIS - Yamatai Records
    Odyssey L . P. by Modu - Horizon At Large - Cause 4 Concern
    24Bush - Roughest Junglist
    Serpent - IMANU - Memento
    Flow Control - Do You - Cat: ATNMY 009
    Dunk - Pirate Junkies from Pirate Junkies by Dunk, T95
    Phibes - Forever

    • 1 hr 10 min
    CONTRAST: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 008

    CONTRAST: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 008

    Get ready to ride the drum & bass wave like never before as Contrast drops a mind-blowing studio mix, custom-crafted to celebrate Boomslang Recordings' epic three-year run. Packed with killer basslines, sick rhythms, and mind-melting melodies, Contrast is taking us on a wild sonic joyride that captures the label's game-changing impact on the scene. Join us in raising the roof for three years of pure sonic rebellion as we ride the electrifying beats of Contrast, diving deep into Boomslang Recordings' legendary musical journey.

    Koven & Circadian - The Outlines
    North Base & Kitcha - The Set Up
    Lewis Fitzgerald - Short Ride (Burner Brothers Bootleg)
    Teknocurl - Nuvertal
    CPTL PNSHMNT - Milovat
    Sola - Howler
    Jawns - Club Perdition
    Paul T & Edward Oberon w/MC Fats - Where do we go (survival remix)
    Darondo - Didn’t I (Contrast’s Bootleg)
    Jaybee - Like we always do about this time
    Kings of the Rollers - Original Bad boy
    Impex - Matt Damon
    TNTKLZ and Gancher & Ruin - The Chosen
    Ed Solo, Mc Melo D NSS - Bassline Growler
    Midnight CVLT & Hackwaves - Fear
    Mob Tactics - Dirtgrub
    Pendulum & Bullet for my Valentine - Halo (Urbandawn Remix)
    L33 - Give a Fk
    London Elektricity - Cum Dancing (Mozey Remix)
    Todd Buchler & Pish Posh - Silence & Violence 
    MNDSCP - Head Trip
    Mob Tactics - Dubble Bubble
    Splash Heads - Untitled
    Shell - Hologram
    Parix - Halo
    Sola & Minor Flux -Speedball
    Xsonsence - Origins
    Makoto - Love is complicated
    ESKR - You Don’t Know
    Sustance - Temperance (Echo Brown Remix)
    Tokkobana - Genshi Bakudan
    Anas & Hugh Hardie - Headshot feat: Slay, T-Man
    NC-17 feat: Jinx - Clockers
    Legal feat: Phog - Rain Forest
    Goldie - Inner City Life (Break remix)

    • 1 hr
    TALLY G: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 007

    TALLY G: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 007

    Elevate your senses and dive into the pulsating realm of drum & bass as DJ Tally G takes the decks to commemorate Boomslang Recordings’ remarkable three-year journey. In this exclusive studio mix, Tally G weaves a sonic tapestry that bridges past, present, and future, delivering a euphoric blend of beats that define the very essence of the genre. Join us in celebrating three years of musical innovation with Tally G, as we embark on a thrilling voyage through the electrifying soundscapes of Boomslang Recordings.

    Kelayx & Grim Hellhound: Acid Search
    Alibi & En:vy: Forged
    CPTL PNSHMNT: Coqui [Boomslang Recordings]
    Tryst Temps: Tactical
    Akuma: Change [Boomslang Recordings]
    Nasz: Streets
    Enei: Illest MF
    Wingz & Koherent: Not Here
    DJ Contrast: Recalled
    Smuskind: MissingNo
    Saxxon: Ping Pong [Boomslang Recordings]
    Nami & Reknek: Sigma
    Tweakz: Gangsta
    Electron-C: Hypoxia
    Bacon/Brk: Broken Flute (Wingz Remix)
    Xsonsence: Cyborg [Boomslang Recordings]
    Nemy: Violet Diode [Brain Wave Recordings]
    Noize Komplaint: Underworld [Boomslang Recordings]
    Zombie Cats: Let Go
    ESKR: Burst [Boomslang Recordings]
    Hyroglifics: Iridescent Fog
    Grim Hellhound: Deepwater Drill
    SST: Together We Fall [Boomslang Recordings]
    Calyx: Pull UP
    Jaybee: Sci NON Fi [Boomslang Recordings]
    Saxxon: Visions [Boomslang Recordings]
    Brain, Wreckless: Perpetual Motion
    Jaybee: Like We Always Do [Boomslang Recordings]
    SST: Holy Truth [Boomslang Recordings]
    Isocells: Bones
    Klippee: Pow Pow (Klippee Remix) [United by Bass Recordings]
    Todd Buchler & Pish Posh: Silence & Violence [Boomslang Recordings]
    Habit: Loaded
    Heist: Celestial [Boomslang Recordings]
    Isocells: Dawn
    DrumFlow: Into the Deep
    Sola & Replete: Mosquito
    Noir: Crow Dance [Canopic Recordings]
    Montesco & Maok: Architechs
    NC-17: Cemetary of Splendor [Boomslang Recordings]
    Ethr: Unearthed

    • 1 hr 15 min
    HURACAN: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 006

    HURACAN: Boomslang Recordings Podcast Episode 006

    Prepare for a sonic whirlwind as BSR’s own Huracan unleashes a mesmerizing drum & bass studio mix, specially crafted to mark the triumphant third anniversary of Boomslang Recordings. With a relentless blend of thundering basslines, intricate rhythms, and cutting-edge melodies, Huracan takes us on a high-octane journey through the heart of the genre. Join us in celebrating three years of extraordinary music as we let the hurricane of beats from Huracan sweep us away into a world of exhilaration and sound.

    Akuma – Closer – Boomslang
    Noize Komplaint – Retribution – Boomslang
    Burr Oak, Billiam – Shinigami – Blackout
    Oakly – Oblivion – Venom Shroud
    ID – ID
    Sola – Oblivion – Boomslang
    Skorpion – Become A Shadow – Stonx Music
    Myselor – Universalis – Blackout
    Traced, Lifesize MC – Forever Lasting – Dirtbox
    Jhofre, VicJoff – Breachpoint – Close to Death
    Sola – Howler – Boomslang
    Traced – Manipulate – Kill Tomorrow
    Knox & The Voss – Vicissitude – Boomslang
    Oakly – Witch Queen – Venom Shroud
    Kadilak – Monte Carlo – Boomslang
    Vecster – Close My Eyes – High Resistance
    Traced – Ignition – Nemesis Recordings
    Hyperbots – Take Me Away – Boomslang
    Tantrum Desire – The Flow – Technique Recordings
    Zeds Dead, Delta Heavy – Lift You Up – Deadbeats x RAM Records
    Zombie Cats – Hear No More – Dispatch Recordings
    Enei, odddi – Show Me – Critical Music
    Skorpion – Heart Operator – STONX Music
    Screamarts – So Surreal – Dispatch Recordings
    Zombie Cats – No More – Dispatch Recordings
    Perplex(DNB) – World on Fire – YANA Music
    The Clamps – Savathûn – Kosenprod
    PRDK – Moving On – PRDK Music
    ID – ID
    Dropset – Counterpart – Boomslang
    PRDK – Monster Attack – PRDK Music
    Sola & Minor Flux – Speedball – Boomslang
    Jhofre, VicJoff – Bounber – Close to Death
    Task Horizon – Flight Simulator – Eatbrain
    Konxz & Glitch – Mental State – Boomslang
    Jhofre, VicJoff – Counterattack – Close to Death
    Stonx – The Power – STONX Music
    Zardonic, The Surgery, MC Reptile – Bring the Ruckus – MNRK Music
    The Clamps – After the Sun – Kosenprod
    Black Sun Empire, Burr Oak – Steppenwolf – Blackout Music
    Oakly – La Bella Muerte –  Bass Rabbit Recordings
    Dropset – Mentalist – Code Smell
    PRDK – WAR – PRDK Music
    ID – ID
    Qo, The Clamp – Krieg – Hoofbeats Muisc
    Zombie Cats – Vandalism – Ignescent
    Sahdow Sect, Lucy Furr, Zardonic – In the Shadow(Zardonic Remix) – PRSPCT Recordings

    • 1 hr 6 min

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