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People say change starts with a conversation, but are we having the right ones? From the mysteries of the music industry to the often misunderstood concept of sex, race and cultures. "Meet us at the intersection of technology, entertainment, music, relationships and everything thought-provoking dialogue should be!. Dive deep into the realities of being Born in Trouble!

Born In Trouble John X

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People say change starts with a conversation, but are we having the right ones? From the mysteries of the music industry to the often misunderstood concept of sex, race and cultures. "Meet us at the intersection of technology, entertainment, music, relationships and everything thought-provoking dialogue should be!. Dive deep into the realities of being Born in Trouble!

    The Price of Gossip

    The Price of Gossip

    Wendy Williams and the wear and tear of being everything and the culture of negative press. The gambling industry and the disrespect of Cam Newton brings Community service in question.

    00:00 Introduction and Caribbean Accent Anecdotes
    00:43 Reminiscing About the Past
    01:45 Introducing the Co-hosts
    02:19 Discussing Health and Aging
    02:52 Traveling and the Struggles of Airplanes
    04:16 The Challenges of Modern Travel
    07:11 The Impact of COVID on Health and Lifestyle
    07:42 The Importance of Diet and Exercise
    09:44 The Struggles of Aging and Physical Limitations
    12:07 The Impact of Fame and the Downfall of Wendy Williams
    15:17 The Dangers of Celebrity and the Price of Success
    17:28 The Reality of Wendy Williams' Situation
    22:09 Reflecting on Choices and the Consequences of Fame
    23:32 The Impact of Negative Energy and Gossip
    28:14 The Power of Negative Press and Social Media
    30:05 The Dark Side of Fame and Success
    31:03 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Society
    31:22 The Importance of the Journey in Achieving Goals
    35:03 The Impact of Sports and Gambling on Society
    37:56 The Influence of Corporate Greed on Sports
    41:14 The Dangers of Losing Sight of the Human Element in Sports
    43:26 The Role of Politics in Sports
    47:18 The Future of Sports and the Challenges Ahead
    51:40 Reflections and Conclusions

    • 55 min
    The Colorblind Show!

    The Colorblind Show!

    The 36th episode of 'Born in Trouble' podcast features a engaging discussion about a multitude of topics ranging from racial tensions, social issues, colorblind society, popular culture, music industry to age-old social customs. The hosts also delve into controversial opinions of certain figures and events within pop culture, including Beyonce's country album, the work of a young controversial author questioning racial struggle, and the concept of 'reverse race hustling'. Furthermore, hosts also explore the reality of colorblindness in the society and how it affects views and understanding of contemporary pop culture, music, race, politics, and socio-economic class.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    The Bulls Not Breeding But AI has Answers.

    The Bulls Not Breeding But AI has Answers.

    The 35th installment of Born in Trouble. The discussion gears towards societal issues and the potential implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on personal development and relationships, particularly in the African American community. Guest Andrew Johnson speaks at length about the challenges faced in present-day relationships, focusing on the changing dynamics due to evolving societal factors and technology. The conversation also invades the impression that younger generations have towards marriage, and the diminishing value of organic human interactions in the digital age. Sprinkled with some humor and personal anecdotes the discussion is thought-provoking and covers wide-ranging topics from the role a traditional marriage plays to the potential of AI in manipulating human thoughts and emotions.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Athlete? N. Please I work for UPS!

    Athlete? N. Please I work for UPS!

    The state of education and labor force in America, particularly addressing the conditions leading to disparity. The gang debates about UPS wages and the overall economic situation in the country. The invitation of Kyle Rittenhouse to speak at East Tennessee State University. With a fresh take on the dating rumors about Jennifer Hudson and Common. Tune in for entertaining discussions filled with humor, insight, and thought-provoking opinions.

    00:00 Introduction and Welcoming Guests
    00:39 Discussion on the 34th Episode and Personal Stories
    02:38 Insights on LeBron's School and Education System
    06:48 Reflections on the Impact of Pandemic on Jobs
    07:28 Debate on UPS Drivers' Salary and Value of Work
    32:39 Understanding the Dynamics of Labor Force
    37:10 Concluding Remarks and Personal Experiences
    38:48 The Reality of Job Security
    40:07 The Controversy of Kyle Rittenhouse's University Speech
    41:17 The Absurdity of American Mindset
    41:58 The Misrepresentation of BLM
    43:08 The Lack of Black Leadership
    45:37 The Question of White Leadership
    46:13 The Politics of Marriage
    48:37 The Struggle of the Younger Generation
    01:04:11 The Impact of Housing Market on Wealth
    01:10:20 The Love Life of Common

    • 1 hr 11 min
    The Game is Sports and Relationships

    The Game is Sports and Relationships

    -John X and his crew engage in an eclectic discussion. The conversation opens with introductions and check-ins among the Boston-based group, followed by further banter about Martin Luther King Jr. Day and its significance evovling into a broader conversation about societal inequality and racial justice. Insights on media, analytics, and the role of power dynamics in relationships.

    00:00 Introduction and Welcoming the Hosts
    00:44 Technical Issues and Introductions Continue
    02:52 Discussion on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    03:06 Reflecting on Personal Contributions to MLK Day
    07:01 Debate on Palestinian Protests During MLK Day
    15:10 Transition to Sports: Discussing NFL and Teams
    28:20 Analyzing the Role of Analytics in Sports
    31:36 The Role of Analytics in Sports
    32:45 The Power of Probability in Predicting Outcomes
    33:11 The Impact of Credit and Recognition in Sports
    33:54 The Influence of Coaches in Player Performance
    34:28 The Culture of Taking Credit in Society
    34:57 The Role of Plagiarism in History
    35:23 The Cycle of Land Ownership and Conflict
    35:58 The Truth Behind Stephen A Smith's Basketball Career
    42:43 The Impact of Personal Relationships in the Workplace
    44:50 The Reality of Infidelity in Relationships
    50:15 The Influence of Power Dynamics in Relationships
    59:37 The State of American Politics

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Truth, Levels, and Dresses for Success!

    Truth, Levels, and Dresses for Success!

    In the 32nd episode, the hosts explore a hot topic and discuss comedian Kat Williams, his impact, and controversial statements he recently made about success and other comedians in the industry. They also delve into serious socio-political issues such as veterans' alienation, changing work dynamics, growing suicide rates, and the increasingly challenging American dream. Drawing from personal experiences, anecdotes and analogies, the hosts examine the current state of society and then question the future of the American way of life.

    00:00 Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
    01:11 Discussing the Importance of Self-Care
    01:41 Reminiscing About City Wings
    02:07 The Future of City Wings
    03:18 The Impact of Self-Care on Performance
    03:51 Debating Violence in the Black Community
    04:09 Analyzing Cat Williams' Controversial Remarks
    04:39 The Impact of Cat Williams' Remarks on the Comedy Industry
    07:08 Discussing the Success Metrics in the Comedy Industry
    24:34 Reflecting on the Impact of the Great Recession
    28:15 Discussing the Upcoming Election Cycle
    30:55 Understanding Victimhood and Society's Expectations
    31:54 The Changing Nature of Work and Its Impact
    32:25 The Role of Technology and Its Effects on Society
    32:59 The Decline of Hard Work and Its Consequences
    34:19 The Mental Health Crisis in Modern Society
    35:15 The Impact of Constant Connectivity on Health
    35:36 The State of American Life and Economy
    36:50 The Impact of Celebrity Culture and Wealth
    45:54 The Struggles of Veterans and the Lack of Support
    51:33 The Reality of Modern Society and Its Challenges
    58:21 The Influence of Sports and Entertainment
    01:00:03 Final Thoughts and Reflections

    • 1 hr 2 min

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4.8 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

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