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Monthly podcast featuring various artist from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings playing a section of the latest and upcoming funky breaks and ghetto funk tunes.

Breakbeat Paradise Powerhour Podcast Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

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Monthly podcast featuring various artist from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings playing a section of the latest and upcoming funky breaks and ghetto funk tunes.

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens in Denmark - Guesmix by Clan Dextine (Dec 2020)

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens in Denmark - Guesmix by Clan Dextine (Dec 2020)


    Fatman’s Comin – Venture & Capital
    The Big Mama (Mr. Ours remix) – Mined & Forrest
    Get on Down (Beat Le Juice remix) – Grand Slam
    Sitting on the Bay Banger – Gramophone Soul
    Do it to me – Morlack
    Gonna Work It (Prosper & Stabfibger remix) NASA funk
    Miss Broadway (Funkin Bassterds remix) – Belle Epoque
    Love – Pecoe
    You have it hot – Tom Showtine & Badboe
    Christmas Everyday (Fredy High remix) – Smokey Robinson
    Stealin Alright – Mako & Mr. Bristow
    Dance the Funk (Gramophone Soul remix) - Pecoe 

    Clan Dextine PowerHour Tracklist:

    Comon Baby (electro swing mix) ------------- ADLN
    Check It Out Now --------------------------------- FUNKY BOOGIE BROTHERS
    Down To The Funk ------------------------------- SOME DJ
    It's Poppin' (DJP dirty beenie boot) ---------- B-SIDE
    Gold Woman --------------------------------------- PHIBES
    It's Like A Jungle ---------------------------------- ELECTROGORILLA
    Ya Llego (CAPTAIN PLANET RMX) --------- MON RIVERA
    Do Ma Thang --------------------------------------- FRANKEE MORE
    Funk 2 Ur Roots ----------------------------------- CRASH PARTY
    Kwinto Criminal ------------------------------------ DJ PAPA TONY
    Puttin Down ----------------------------------------- PHIBES
    Ain't No Thing --------------------------------------- PHIBES
    True True Feeling ---------------------------------- FREDY HIGH
    Freak (2017 version) ------------------------------ KID PANEL / BLADE
    Twisted Shot ---------------------------------------- SONALE
    I Like My Frequency ------------------------------ DANNY KI
    Hit Me ------------------------------------------------ JIMMY NEEDLES
    Happiness ------------------------------------------- KIBOU
    Drop The Pressure (DEEZGUYZ RMX) ----- MYLO
    Mustang Sally (QDUP RMX) ------------------- THE DARROW CHEM SYNDICATE
    Hit The Road Jack (HOWLA RMX) ----------- RAY CHARLES
    Messy ------------------------------------------------ CRASH PARTY
    If You Really Like ---------------------------------- ELECTROGORILLA
    Super Freak (DEEKLINE RMX) --------------- RICK JAMES
    Touch It (DEEKLINE RMX) --------------------- BUSTA RHYMES
    Crash That Ride ---------------------------------- FUNKIN BASTARDS

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    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens in Denmark - Guesmix by Pecoe (Sep 2020)

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens in Denmark - Guesmix by Pecoe (Sep 2020)

    Breakbeat Paradise Deep Fried Funk Poscast - September 2020 Playlist:

    No Competition – Luke Vibert (Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop – Hypercolour records)
    I’m a Boss – Lack Jemmon (Bombstrikes records)
    Tha Fun Police – Kenny Beeper, MC Shureshock, Snuze (The Fun Police ep - BBP Recordings)
    Feeling Funky – Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
    Life – Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
    Back to the Life (Stabfinger remix) - Pecoe (Funk Anthems EP – BBP Recordings)
    2000 (Jayl Funk remix) – The Funkin Basstards (Drop the Mirrorball remixed – BBP recordings)
    Shiftee (Gramophone Soul remix) - Onyx (Free download)
    Stealin Alright – Mako & Mr. Bristow (Stank Edits Vol.6 - BBP recordings vinyl)
    Get in Front – DJ Fixx & OnDaMike (Ravesta records)
    Baila Baila (Cude remix) - Deekline & Wizard (Free Download)
    Latin Hips – Skank Honto (Free Download – BBP)
    Staying Alive (A-Skillx remix) - BeeGees (Free Download – Bandcamp)
    Calling Out – Pecoe (Free Download – BBP Recordings)
    Freefall (Doctor Werewolf remix)– Kenny Beeper, MC Shureshock & Snuze (BBP Recordings)
    Power – Kove (UKF)
    House of the Rising Sun – Peshay & Steppa (Peshay Music)

    Pecoe Power Hour  Mix:

    Pecoe - Dance The Funk
    Pecoe - Dance The Funk (Gramophone Soul Remix)
    Pecoe - All About The Funk
    Pecoe - Calling Out
    Tha Fun Police - Freefall (Pecoe Remix)
    Pecoe - Bounce With Me
    Pecoe - Wait A Minute
    Pecoe - Life
    Pecoe - Feeling Funky
    Pecoe - Feeling Funky (Kenny Beeper Remix)
    Funkin Basstards - Drop the Mirrorball (Pecoe Remix)
    Pecoe - Bounce With Me (Funkin Basstards Remix)
    Snap - I've Got The Power (Pecoe Remix)
    Pecoe - Back To The Beat
    Pecoe - Keep It Funky
    Pecoe - How We Sample
    Fort Knox Five - Funk 4 Peace (Pecoe Remix)
    Pecoe - That's the Jam
    Pecoe - Kick It

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    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (June 2020) - Guestmix by Aliens In Denmark

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (June 2020) - Guestmix by Aliens In Denmark

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (June 2020) -  Guestmix by Aliens In DenmarkTracklist:

    The Music, The Rhythm – Pecoe ( 9th Records)
    Looking for a Customer – Morlack (BBP Free download)
    Yoobie Doo (Badboe remix) - Discobeta
    Good Ol’ Days – Bright Idea (Free Download)
    Freefall – Kenny Beeper ft. MC Shureshock (forthcoming on BBP)
    Slam – The Beat-Pimp (Free download)
    Sitting on the Bay banger – Gramophone Soul (Toxic Funk Vol.2 - BBP Vinyl)
    Let’s Execute ft. Big Stuff – All Good Funk Alliance (Super HiFi Records)
    Let’s Move – Shaka Loves You (Bombstrikes)
    Gonna Work It (Jayl Funk remix) - NASA Funk (BBP)
    Galvanize (Leygo remix) - The Chemical Brothers (Free download)
    I’m Good (Liquid remix) - Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown, Wyldchild ft. Frenic (Free download)
    Aznable Gimmick (Mob Ties & Mr. Moozit remix) - The Darrow Chem Syndicate (Nipponeer records)
    City of Sin – Dutty Moonshine (City of Sin album)
    LA 2 UK ft. Ryden – Macky Gee (Down 2 Earth Recs)
    Toast (Mista Trick remix) - Koffee (Free download)
    Lazy Skankin’ - Venture & Capital (Free download)
    Everybody Needs Somebody – Dan De Lion
    The Night ft. Kathika – Disrupta (Born on Road)
    Soul Jam – Peshay (Peshay Music)
    Good Time Not a Long time (Watch the Ride remix) - Gardna

    BBP Power Hour Mixed by Aliens In Denmark

    Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
    Can't Stop me Now - Cee-Roo
    I Got Soul Boots Made For Walkin' - Skeewiff vs Shawn Lee vs Nancy Sinatra
    Smiley Faces - Gnarls Barkley
    Bring Colors to your Life - Cee-Roo Ft. Myles Sanko
    Papa Loves Mambo (Skeewiff remix) - Perry Como
    SHOUT (Digaboo & Sammy Senior remix) - Otis Day & the Knights
    Tutti Fruiti (FC Mashup9 - Little Richard)
    Happy (FLeCK remix) - iLLBiLLY HiTEC
    Saturday Night - Chopstick Dublate Ft. Mr Williams
    Step Tune (Blame remix) - T.R.A.C.
    Good Vibrations - Peshay & Abbie Adi
    Don't Worry Be Happy (Isaac Maya remix) - Bobby McFerrin
    Don't Worry Be Happy (Father Funk remix) - Bobby McFerrin
    Fever - Dutty Moonshine
    Whoopee (Ft. Kitten on the Keys) - Bart & Baker
    Bossa Nova Baby (DJ Snatch remix) - Elvis Presley
    Hold On (D-Funk remix) - Sam & Dave
    I'm So Happy - Cee-Roo
    I Got You (DJ Snatch edit) -Etta James
    Eye of the Beholder – BadboE
    Jugglin' Janglin' - Fort Knox Five & K+Lab ft. Baby Bam
    We're Havin' a Good time – Slynk
    Happy (ft. Derek Martin) - C2C
    Jack Once Again - Cut La Roc
    Gonna Work it (Prosper & Stabfinger remix) - NASA Funk
    Ten thousand Feet and Rising - The Prototypes

    • 2 hr 23 min
    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Apr 2020

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Apr 2020


    The Funk Hunters & CMC Silenta – Tribute (Westwood recordings)
    Grand Slam – Get on Down (Beat LeJuice Remix) (BBP Recordings)
    Funkinright – Bring the Funk (BBP Recordings)
    Pecoe & Kenny Beeper – Body Movin’ (Free Download)
    The Funk Hunters & Charlie 2na – Word to Spread (The Funkin Bassterds remix)
    Mako & Mr.Bristow - Stealin Alright (Stank Edits Vol.6 - BBP vinyl)
    Joker & Yo!Chilla - Dance for Peace
    Prosper & Stabfinger – Down in the Basement ft. Awoke (Bombstrikes)
    Kygo & Whitney Housten – Higher Love (Dope Ammo Remix) (Free Download)
    Teacha Dee – Smoke & Fly (Fredy High & Hundread)(BBP free download)
    Degs – Killer (Hospital Recordings)
    Celo – Blackened (Free Download)
    Dillinja – Twist ‘Em Out (Groove Mind remix) (Free download)
    Peshay – Funk you Up (Peshay music)
    Chopstick Dubplate – Herbs Toast ft. Myki Tuff (Chopstick Dubplate)
    Anthony Que – Chart Topping (Jamie Bostron remix) (Free Download)

    Gueestmix by Fredy High:Tracklist:01 MikkiM ft. Juni Platinum - Up In the Hills (FredyHigh Remix)02 Benny Ppage - Top Rank Skank (feat. Mr. Williamz)03 Top Cat - Pirate Radio (Serial Killaz dj friendly mix)04 YT - Save Mi Life (Serial Killaz remix)05 Gunmen - Another Hit Song06 Jump Move Rock - Wrongtom Meets Deemas J (Benny Page Remix)07 Aries,Gold.Dubs ,Bevan, Andy Sim feat.Lion Art - Chem Trails08 Dubmatix Feat. Luciano - Marcus Visionary Remix09 G Duppy ft. Gappy Ranks - So Alive (Supa Ape Remix)10 General Levy - Win11 Mr.Benn ft.Tenor Fly No More Guns (Run Tingz Cru Remix)12 Gunmen - Chant Down Babylon13 Kandee Dub & Jahzz - Tails Of Youth (Fak Scratch Bootleg)14 Chopstick Dubplate - Bad Boy Patrol (feat. Daddy Freddy) (Rahmanee Remix)15 Benny V and K Warren - Real Junglists (feat. Ragga Twins)16 Preacha ft Jay Spaker - Crying (T.Kay remix)17 Chopstick Dubplate feat. General Jah Mikey - My Sound Ah Murda18 Taiwan MC - Dem a Wonder (FLeCK & G Duppy Remix)19 Let The Music Play (Original Mix) · Deekline · Ed Solo · Specimen A · Blackout JA20 Dj Vadim - Feat Feats (Feat. Emo And Syrus)

    • 2 hr 7 min
    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (Feb 2020) - Guestmix by Mined & Forrest

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (Feb 2020) - Guestmix by Mined & Forrest

    BBP Power Hour Episode #55 - Mixed by Mined & Forrest:
    Tracklist:01. BubaKing – Warez Wall-E (BBP Freebie – out now)02. Mr. Ours – Duck & Cover (BBP – Out now)03. Skank Spinatra – Stand Up (BBP – Out now)04. A Man About a Dog – Pollos (B-Side & Badboe remix) (BBP – Out April)05. Funkin’ Bassterds – Feel the vibe ft. The Kurnel MC (BBP - Out now)06. Morlack – Sexy Shine (BBP – Coming Soon)07. Pecoe – We Had Disco (BBP – Out March)08. Spin Kringle – Parade (Scour records – Out now)09. Pecoe – All for the Beat (Gramophone Soul remix) (BBP – Out March)10. Roast Beatz ft. Greg Blackman – The People (Cuttin it Fine – coming soon)11. Mined & Forrest – The Big Mama (BBP - Out now)12. Gramophone Soul – Enter Sandman (BBP Freebie – Out now)13. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Dart Henry (Kuplay remix) (Nipponeer records – Coming soon)14. Mined & Forrest – Acting Like You Know (Crash Party Remix) (BBP - Out now)15. Chase & Status – Murder Music (Shy FX remix) (Virgin EMI – Out now)16. Bright Idea – I Need You (BBP Freebie)
    Mined & Forrest Guestmix:
    Tracklist:01. Intro02. Mined & Forrest – Gimme The Best03. Jurassic 5 – Rock Da House (Dj XS Brand New Edit)04. Fort Knox Five – Mcguires Audio Shop05. Big Pun - Twinz Deep Cover 98 feat. Fat Joe (Acapella)06. Snoop Dogg – Upside Your Head (Casual Connection & Jsquared Rework)07. Mined & Forrest – The Big Mama08. Mined & Forrest - The Big Mama (Mr. Ours Remix)09. Mr. Ours – Duck & Cover10. Stickybuds – Rudebot11. The Funk Hunters / A. Skillz – Body Move12. Krafty Kuts – You´re The Reason13. Gramatik & DeFunk - Funk It VIP14. The Game - DTF (Acapella)15. Lack Jemmon – Comagain16. DeFunk - Alone17. John Turell – Won`t Get Fooled Again (Basement Freaks Remix)18. Soopasoul – Do Me Wrong feat. Sitzka19. Mined & Forrest – Fire Back feat. IamLawn20. Electro Gorilla – Love Me21. Left/Right & Body Blow – One Two feat. Dread MC22. Marten Hoerger - Deep Inside23. The Doors - The Crystal Ship (Acapella)24. Dutty Moonshine Big Band – Bang Bang (Crash Party Remix)25. Kid Panel – My Bassline26. Dj30A & Huda Hudia – I Come Correct27. Elephant Heart – The Digital (The Funk Hunters & DeFunk Remix)28. Mined & Forrest – Acting Like You Know29. Mined & Forrest – Acting Like You Know (Crash Party Remix)

    • 2 hr 13 min
    Deep Fried Funk Podcast (Oct 2019)

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast (Oct 2019)

    Deep Fried Funk Podcast - Hosted by Aliens In Denmark (Oct 2019) - Tracklist:

    Bright Idea – Sunrise (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings – Coming November)
    Prosper & Stabfinger – Stir it up Sister ft. K Mi & KDS (Bombstrikes)
    Mako & Mister Bristow – Funky Diggin’ (Stank Edits Vol.5 - BBP – Coming November)
    Illvis Freshly – Bounce (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Whilk & Misky – My Love (Bryx Bootleg) (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Lizzo – Truth Hurts (Dubmatix Pressure remix) (Renegade Studios)
    Stickybuds – Rudebot (Westwood Recordings)
    Uki – Lighters Up! (Remix) (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Rebelution – Mirage (Jamie Bostron Remix) (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Cockney Nutjob – Easy Anthem VIP (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Pecoe – The Funk Phenomenon
    Venture & Capital – Indian Emperor (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    BBP Allstars – Spooky (Badboe remix) (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    Beat Le Juice – The Power (Free Download – Scour Records)
    Who Shot Ya – Basscoffee (Bootleg) (Free Download – Soundcloud)
    The Beat Pimp- Slinky Dink (Swim Inc Remix) (BBP Free Download – Soundcloud)

    Ruthie (ft. Mr. Crucial) Mix Tracklist

    Father John Misty - Real Love Baby (Smalltown DJs & Fort Knox Five Remix)
    Kelis - Milkshake (Acapella)
    Pixies - Where is my Mind? (Arteo Remix)
    Hipbrass (Dutty Moonshine Remix) Ft. Mr. Crucial
    B Side Ft Kymberley Kennedy Dope Rider (The Captain Remix)
    Frazah - Sex Machine
    The XX - Shelter (DM Remix)
    Doors - Riders of the Storm (Alex Vilela Remix)
    Phibes - Ain't that Fresh (Asino Remix)
    KDA Turn the Music Louder (DJ Dubra Edit)
    Leygo - James Brown vs Capital Letters
    JØRD & Santti - Illusion
    Prince Fatty feat Hollie Cook - Sugar Water - Leygo Remix
    Mista Trick with Sam & The Womp - Balkan Bass Ft. Mr Crucial
    JØRD, BIAN - I Know U (Extended Mix)

    • 2 hr 5 min

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4.3 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

PHXCigarGuy ,

Good show, just needs better audio quality

I really enjoy this show, but it’s hard to hear the host due to low levels and the need for a better mix before posting. This could be a really solid show with a little better production.

681sTeven ,

NOT break beats.

Not breakzs

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