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Celebrating writers, creators, and characters in speculative fiction, with a focus on intersectional feminism. We love genre fiction and want to see everyone well represented!

Breaking the Glass Slipper: Women in science fiction, fantasy, and horror Megan Leigh, Charlotte Bond, and Lucy Hounsom

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Celebrating writers, creators, and characters in speculative fiction, with a focus on intersectional feminism. We love genre fiction and want to see everyone well represented!

    Genre mash-ups: romance and crime with Freya Marske

    Genre mash-ups: romance and crime with Freya Marske

    Twists and turns, red herrings and mistaken identities… are we talking about a mystery or a romance… or both? While mysteries keep us on our toes, propelling us towards uncovering the truth, romance narratives also play with the tension of the unknown. The difference is, we usually know the ‘who’ in a romance, just not […]

    • 46 min
    Myth, magic and mothers – with Shauna Lawless

    Myth, magic and mothers – with Shauna Lawless

    We often talk about a woman in a man’s world, but what does this really mean – and is it accurate? What is a man’s world? A place where women are excluded from performing certain roles or jobs? Or are shackled to others? Is it to do with the balance of power? What power? Military, […]

    • 49 min
    Feminism and noir with CL Polk

    Feminism and noir with CL Polk

    Private detectives with a dark past and a chip on their shoulder, a mysterious woman with a hidden agenda, and bodies piling up around them. You know what we’re talking about: noir fiction. Although it is the films that are generally called noir, with their book counterparts being labelled ‘hardboiled crime’, we are going to […]

    • 41 min
    Rogues – with Ren Hutchings

    Rogues – with Ren Hutchings

    Some of our favourite heroes are characters who might be deemed less than heroic by society. Smugglers, reckless hot-heads, gamblers and gangsters – everything that law and order should squash at the earliest opportunity. Yet in fiction we can’t help loving them. Rogues are the ones who do the dirty work so the hero doesn’t […]

    • 55 min
    Oppression & survival – with Sunyi Dean

    Oppression & survival – with Sunyi Dean

    While World War 2 saw greater opportunities for women on the home front while so many working-age men were away at war, there are many more examples of hard times bringing curbs on women’s rights. We only have to read the daily news to see it in action. But why is this? If you are fighting […]

    • 43 min
    No trope is an island – with Foz Meadows

    No trope is an island – with Foz Meadows

    As you’ve hopefully worked out by now, we are big proponents of the need for diverse representation in speculative fiction. And while we are certainly seeing more LGBTQ+ relationships portrayed in the genres we love, there’s still a long way to go. But what about speculative fiction romance? Romance is a genre with very entrenched tropes […]

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Oblivious Rex ,

My Favorite Podcast

I usually use podcasts to listen to tidbits of information on news, politics, and entertainment. But one day I was bored by the usual slate and wanted something new, preferably something to do with writing in literature or film, so I subscribed to maybe 15 more podcasts in the hopes of finding something decent. Not only did BtGS turn out to be the best of the batch that I was trying out, it pretty quickly became my favorite podcast entirely. Even when some of the subjects are rather straightforward, the conversations are fantastic. I highly recommend Breaking the Glass Slipper, and perhaps also supporting their Patreon if you end up loving them too!

SchoolLibrarian ,

Great conversations, if not very intersectional

I have a love/hate relationship with this podcast. The themes are excellent and the conversations and guests are engaging. I love the idea of having a podcast that makes space for feminist discussions in SFF and Horror contexts.

However, I find myself feeling frustrated that this podcast only seems to understand feminism in the white feminism context. There are only occasional mentions of trans/cis genders, ability/disability themes, diverse sexualities, and racial experiences. Often the guests do most of this work. I would love the hosts themselves to do more modern feminist academic reading and to better apply an intersectional lens in their conversations. The horror host in particular seems to only consider "the girls and the guys."

I recognize that the hosts are coming from a European perspective (I'm including but it does regularly surprise me how Euro-centric their conversations sometimes are. I'm listening to the episode about female monsters, and am surprised at how Greek focused the conversation is. It seems hard to make any larger statements about female monsters if the only ones considered are coming from the famously misogynist Greeks. Other episodes have sometimes shown that the hosts idea of women in history only means the roles of European/English women in the last ~500 years. It feels surprisingly myopic for a show about intersectional feminism and genres that push at conventional understanding.

I love so many things about this as an SFF podcast, but I wish it was stronger as a feminist podcast.

Arconna ,

A Fantastic Show!

Breaking the Glass Slipper is my favorite show on women in SF/F/H (there are a few others, btw). The hosts are knowledgeable and have a great way of approaching the subject that makes the content inviting. The content is varied and compelling. And the guests are always great (and cover a wide range of stuff).

Basically, this is a podcast everyone should listen to, especially if you care about making SF/F/H a better place. A++++

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