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Informative. Compelling. Thought-Provoking. Challenging. Perspective Twisting. Transformational.

Butterfly Thoughts with Kelly Savage is about recognizing and acknowledging those quiet thoughts, the birth of a small opportunity for a different perspective, that can hold transformational effects on your life.

Come join a movement of how the Power of Choice in your life, can lead to your best life yet.

Start with awareness -
Move into action with your own power of choice -
Grow with different perspectives -
Take one day at a time -
Take one thought at a time -
Grab them as opportunities,
Conquer your thought life
And watch how your life changes -
How Peace becomes yours -
How Love overflows
How your Power of Choice becomes the tool that you will never want to live without again.

Changing your life - one thought at a time - one day at a time.

Butterfly Thoughts with Kelly Savage Kelly Savage

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Informative. Compelling. Thought-Provoking. Challenging. Perspective Twisting. Transformational.

Butterfly Thoughts with Kelly Savage is about recognizing and acknowledging those quiet thoughts, the birth of a small opportunity for a different perspective, that can hold transformational effects on your life.

Come join a movement of how the Power of Choice in your life, can lead to your best life yet.

Start with awareness -
Move into action with your own power of choice -
Grow with different perspectives -
Take one day at a time -
Take one thought at a time -
Grab them as opportunities,
Conquer your thought life
And watch how your life changes -
How Peace becomes yours -
How Love overflows
How your Power of Choice becomes the tool that you will never want to live without again.

Changing your life - one thought at a time - one day at a time.

    Next Week, God

    Next Week, God

    I told God “Next week”.
    Did you ever tell God “Wait”, “not now”, “maybe later”, or just a big fat “I don’t think so”?
    I just told God, in church, “next week”.  Yes, that is correct.  In church.
    Let me back up and explain so you can really see why I am confessing to you right now.
    I was talking to God recently in the last several months and asking him to speak to me.  I wanted Him to lay on my heart of what He wants out of me; my next steps and how to serve Him.  I had nothing particular in my mind of what to do or even my own ideas.  I was opened to what He wants.  Or was I?
    I asked Him to let me know what he wants, what He desires, AND I asked him to give me the ears to hear as well. The ears to hear is very important the heart to understand is very important.  I prayed for both things since I didn’t want to miss it.
    Also, my prayers for these things have been a bit ongoing over the last couple of months.  I don’t know if I wasn’t quite settling down enough, quieting myself enough, or could it possibly be that I just didn’t like what I heard him and laid on my heart?
    So, here it comes.
    One day in church recently I was sitting quietly, and I was having my butterfly thoughts fly in, AKA Holy Spirit whispers. My heart was prepared and softened and my ears were attentive to what He had to say.
    God’s instructions came. It was a simple knowing in my heart and the request was small.
    I could have rejoiced knowing I pray specifically, He speaks specifically, I receive a knowing in my heart, a request from Him, and we move on to our next step.  I could have rejoiced in that.  I should have rejoiced in that.
    I don’t know what happens in our human limited brain and knowledge, and all of our feelings and stuff, but I almost immediately said “how about next week God”?
    What!? What did I just do?!
     I have been asking God for months of what I need to do, what He desires my next step to be knowing that the Bible says be faithful in the small things and then greater things will come.
    I know.  Some of you are thinking, “why do that?”, or some of you are thinking, “yeah, I have been there”.
    I am confessing right now.  I have limited knowledge, I have limited understanding against what He knows, understands, and merely of who HE is.  I do know this and also know He is constant; He is mighty and He is all knowing.  If He takes care of the smallest of animals and provides, He will do for me and you.  He knows what is best.  For everyone.  He knows what we need beyond what we think we need.  He knows what our wants will do to us sometimes and not for us.  He is all knowing.  He is all powerful and wants a relationship with us.   And He will not steer us wrong when we listen.
    Did I immediately obey after I even knew I was wrong and was convicted in my heart.  Sadly, no, however, a day or so after that, I prayed and sure enough, the topic wrapped around again and came to my heart?  Indeed, it did.  Did I obey.  Indeed, I did.
    You see, God does want us to have a relationship with Him.  A real one.  A personal one.  He wants us to communicate with Him and hear Him with Holy Spirit whisperings and as He speaks through His Word.  Obeying Him and His word is a part of our personal relationship with Him and a part that sometimes might not make total sense to us, but requires steps taken in faith in Him.
    Why does obedience matter?  Here are just 3 good reasons.
    God’s instructions are for our good. He wants good things for us, and He knows what is best.
    It keeps us attuned to His Spirit’s leading.
    Blessings follow obedience.  God wants to bless us, and the obedience opens the door to His blessings.  Psalms 119:32
    True transformation occurs when we act on what we have heard.  James 1:22 compares hearing God’s Word without obeying it to glancing at our reflection in a mirror and forgetting. True heart transforming comes from be a doer and not just a listener.

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    The BIG ”IF”

    The BIG ”IF”

    I've been thinking about the word IF.  It a very small word.  Two letters. 
    But, such an important life-changing word as well.
    Let me explain my thoughts behind this.
    And no pun intended but IF you apply the condition of the word IF in your life, that is when action comes, rubber meets the road, results happen, growth happens, or things just get done.
     What does that even mean?
    Well, most recently I was using it in the context of the Bible.  The word IF just became that much more interesting to me as I began to see it once again as a very important word.  A vital word.  And a “this can be a life changer” word IF we do the right actions, the right results will come.
    “IF” appears in the BIBLE a lot.  I mean a lot.  Promises are conditional on the “IF” we do. Now, that IF can be good, bad, wisdom filled or just the wrong decision. Possibly, no action at all on our part.  The results of that IF action will show in our life.
    So, in our daily life, how important is what I will now coin the “IF” condition application of our life.  Let me be the first to say it to you…….It is VERY IMPORTANT!!
    Do you have goals?  IF you do the steps, you will reach your goals.  If you don’t, you won’t.  That is pretty simple, right?
    The principle is simple.  Sometimes the actions are not.  AHHH, there it is. The power of choice.
    Do you have something you want in life?  IF you have a job, or spend the time, or do what it takes, can you not get the thing you want in life?
    Do you have relationships?  IF you nurture them, spend time strengthening them, and caring for them, can they not improve? Can they suffer or even fail if not paid attention to or worked on?
    Do you have a test to pass?  School or just a life test?  IF you study, improve skills, practice, will the grade improve?  Will you pass the test? Most likely yes, at least one time or another.
    Do you have an issue in your life right now that you want to resolve?  IF you pray, choose right actions, get wisdom to make right choices, do research and use resources, could that issue become less of an issue or be resolved? I say an absolute yes.  If we ignore the issue and do nothing, could it get bigger? Absolutely.
    Do you want health in your life?  IF you do healthy things in small ways and grow and practice in those, will your life not begin to get healthier?
    Do you want to learn something new?  Trade or skill?  Hobby or just learn?  IF you surround yourself with people who could help you, support you, enroll in a class, read, could you not learn whatever you want?
    Does this make our life perfect? No.  The truth is there are all kinds of scenarios if our life, all kinds of “but…...this, or but that” in our lives to argue any statement that I said in this podcast.
    There always will be.  That will not change. This remains a fact in our lives.  Every day, we have choices to make, decisions to stay committed to, obstacles even in our mind and thoughts, and the IFS become choices that we make for ourselves consistently.
    Do you have a challenge, an obstacle, a roadblock, or are having a bad month or year? 
    Here is the last IF of the podcast…..ready for it?
    IF you choose to use obstacles as an opportunity to take the power of your choice, reflect on it to see different perspectives, and be determined to grow in the mess, that mess will become a message for others and your life will forever be changed.
    That I will promise.
    Thanks for joining!

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    You’re Killing Me!

    You’re Killing Me!

    I think we have all heard the phrase “You’re killing me”. 
    From the movie “Sandlot”, we jokingly use the phrase “You’re killing me Smalls”.
    It’s funny.  Makes me laugh.
    I have said it.
    More than once.
    So, what made yesterday different when I heard these same words?
    Today was different when I heard the phrase.
    Let’s call it a reflective moment, growth, light bulb moment, or whatever we want to label it.
    I was spending time with my granddaughter and my friend, and we were having a blast. Laughing and enjoying the pool at the level of an almost 3-year-old.
    You see, 3-year-olds see the world so differently than we do as adults.
    I will insert here – we should see the world in the eyes of a 3-year-old more often. 
    My how our perspectives and life would change.  More on that later.
    Picture this. 
    3-year-old. In the pool.  You do something that they laugh at and are happy with, and what do they do?  You hear “Do it again!’  “Do it again!”
    Amid the laughter and the “do it again” moments my friend said, “You’re killing me” jokingly as my granddaughter asked her to go under the water again and again. 
    I laughed.  Mostly at the thought of her going under for the 20th time and it wasn’t me at that moment.
    Before you know, we were all laughing but perhaps for different reasons.
    Butterfly Thought flew in. 
    And this is where the day just blossomed.....

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    What’s Your Focus

    What’s Your Focus

    In this episode, I share a personal experience of receiving a butterfly thought from the Holy Spirit about the importance of focusing on what matters most. 
    As I reflect on my life and strive for a work-life balance, I realize that I have not been putting God first as I should. I offer a prayer of repentance, asking for strength and guidance to achieve a God-work-life balance. 
    Through this prayer, I hope to inspire listeners to prioritize their relationship with God and find balance in all aspects of their lives, knowing that He will provide everything they need. 
    Join me in this introspective and heartfelt conversation with God.
    Kelly Savage
    Life Coach @RevivifyME


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    He is Waiting. Are you Willing?

    He is Waiting. Are you Willing?

    Today.  In a very still, quiet time, I began to reflect on the quietness and my butterfly thought was in the form of a memory that I haven't thought of for years.
    About 12 - 13 years ago, I had a group of women that gathered at my house weekly.  Small group.  No more than 7 and sometimes only 3.  We meditated, prayed and journaled.  I knew journaling was going to be the key so therefore, that was our focus.
    And it sure became the thing that we most loved about the group.
    Lots of beautiful times, memories, experiences and testimonies came out of that season. 
    I looked back fondly on that on my quiet time today.
    The nights went something like this.........
    Small group of ladies who desired changed. 
    Who knew there was more. 
    Who knew God could move on their behalf. 
    Faith brought us together.  Hope kept us together and Love bound it all up.
    It was one of those very timely, very needed seasons and those nights brought out a lot for every single woman. I remember hearing testimony after testimony or what the time we spent did for them in their lives.
    Each woman was at a different time of their life.  Different ages, different life scenarios, different chapter, and different issues. 
    It didn’t matter.  Faith Hope Love and the desire to see change can be extremely powerful and this was just a consequences of those things working together. 
    Talk about a team.
    Faith. Hope. Love and desire to see change.
    Recipe for powerful experiences.
    Listen to the podcast of see How he is Waiting IF you are willing.
    Walking through life with you,
    Kelly Savage
    Life Coach @RevivifyME


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    What’s Your Problem?

    What’s Your Problem?

    “What’s Your Problem?”
    Today, I was presented with an issue.  A problem.  A conundrum.  Whatever you want to call it.
    It wasn’t mine but someone else’s issue who was talking to me about it. 
    They were trying to figure out a solution. Come to a resolve.  Work it through and get an answer that fixed the problem.
    I cared about this issue since I cared about the person and wanted to help, so I started thinking of real resolutions and how to solve.
    As I was getting ready for the morning just a few minutes after the conversation, I took about 5 minutes and came up with an Option A or an Option B.  Both were easy to come up with, but one really seemed good, like it fit, was going to work and solve the issue.  BINGO! 
    I presented the suggestion, and it was well received!  Ok, matter solved.
    Easy Peasey!  Next!
    But, of course, my mind just shifts into the workings of our minds.  Our choices.  And my moment with God and my butterfly whisper flew in. 
    That is where doors open.  The answer.  Issues can be resolved.  Answers can come. But the answers may require action.  The power of choice to make the goal, take the steps, see things happen and evolve. 
    You hear me often, or you will if you listen to my podcast or do life coaching with me, that the power of choice is vital.  It’s totally underestimated.  It is not fully recognized for the power it holds.  It is so necessary but sometimes not used. I could go on and on, but I won’t however……
    How come we can’t always think of a quick solution for our problems?
    Is it because it is our problem?  Can we not be objective looking into as a third party?
    Maybe we don’t want to work for it if there are steps involved?  How about if the answer requires patience?
    Maybe we don’t want to get out of a “normal” routine or, you know, the “familiar” road.
    Maybe……because it is our issue there are too many emotions wrapped up into it and we all know emotions can get messy.
    Anxiety gets us in a tizzy.
    The unfamiliar is a bit scary.
    We are in rut and can’t seem to get out.
    Maybe we are concentrating so much on the issue that we are not thinking of a resolution, so we become stuck.
    Could it be depression that one can’t seem to think at all, or it seems too overwhelming.
    Those are a lot of maybes and there could be a slew more, but let’s pump the brakes and shift our focus. 
    Use your power of choice and instead of saying, “I got a problem”, try saying “Here’s my issue, now I will think of a solution”.
    By the way, we all have issues, some little, some big, some consistent, but even the minor ones can really seem big to a person when they are dealing with it.  Contemplating over which ones are bigger, smaller, more serious, etc. will not help anyone.
    So, if you mix up your words and proclaim that you will find the answer. What will that do?
    I don’t know. However, if you are stuck on a problem, keep repeating it and going over it in your mind constantly and not coming out with an answer, it’s worth a try, right? 
    We have all heard of “nothing changes if nothing changes”.  Please allow me to repeat.  Nothing changes if nothing changes”
    What we focus on and what we do matters.  What we think matters.  I might just change the title from, “What’s Your Problem?” to “What’s Your Answer?”.
    Disclaimer Time!
    Proclaiming we have an answer doesn’t make it true. Certainly, doesn’t make it go away and “poof” problem is solved. 
    There are steps.  There are decisions.  There is a power of choice to lean into.  There could be small goals needed to get to larger ones and continuous steps that are different than our auto pilot we are currently on. There is a focus needed on a solution bigger than our focus on the issue.  Leaning into your faith and praying that God will help, will help. T

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60 Ratings

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