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Where talent leaders go to keep updated on what's hot in recruiting and talent management.

    S4 E68 |CXR Uncorked: Pouring Pinot with Elanco’s Curtis Dorsey

    S4 E68 |CXR Uncorked: Pouring Pinot with Elanco’s Curtis Dorsey

    Announcer 0:01Welcome to CareerXroads Uncorked a series of member chats inspired by good drinks and current talent acquisition trends your hosts Chris Hoyt and Gerry Crispin breakdown today's recruiting headlines while reviewing a selected beverage of choice with industry leaders and influencers join us for a drink and conversation.

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 0:22Social media as such, Facebook says we just want to remind me to remind you of things that you were doing this time last year and it's like yeah, wonderful in the in the COVID era you're sending me pictures of when we were out and Sonoma

    Chris Hoyt 0:35Thanks for rubbing it in that I'm not out at the vineyards thanks for rubbing it in that I'm not in London or Paris or Japan. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 0:44Yeah, and to add insult to injury This is my wife and I was five year wedding anniversary, which also got got bashed a bit by by COVID

    Gerry Crispin 0:53Bummer

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 0:54We're on the right run a rain rain check.

    Chris Hoyt 0:57Oh man,

    Gerry Crispin 0:57Sorry I am a little bit late. I just thought I would join you by telling you I've got Walt

    Chris Hoyt 1:04Awesome awesome. I couldn't get Walt

    Gerry Crispin 1:08And you got right could not get Rex. Is that gonna Walt too?

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 1:13Yeah, no, I got you. Yeah, I got Walt, I got Walt

    Chris Hoyt 1:16I do not I am the outlier today. I could have ironically I am near Sonoma could not get Walt. But I have abear Gary Farrell which is a Sonoma County. Pino 2017. Well ranked. So now I'm pouring it. We waited for you. Gerry doesn't even wait look at him

    Gerry Crispin 1:36I, I was on talent net. And I had to manage a conversation about I don't know some b******t. And but it was good. It was a good conversation. And then I said, You know, I gotta leave. And I had already opened the bottle.

    Chris Hoyt 1:52Well, let me can I want to call this out before we did a little toast. Oh, so hold your glass up. Look at your glass. These are called COVID pours?

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:01Yes.

    Chris Hoyt 2:04We never poured wine this heavy when we were before COVID.

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:08Some of us may have?

    Gerry Crispin 2:10Yeah, well, maybe. Maybe.

    Chris Hoyt 2:13I'm very concerned

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:14I do think that it's grown.

    Chris Hoyt 2:16Yeah, sure. We get back to the bars. And some we're gonna order a drink and it's gonna come out. It's gonna be a tiny little what we're used to. It's gonna be like, we'll have to order triples in order to get..

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:25No it'll probably be quadruples because they'll be they'll be trying to make make up for lost time. So therefore, it will be smaller than they would have been.

    Chris Hoyt 2:33All I 'm sayin is save me a trip. I'm just filling up and save me a trip. Well, Cheers, guys. Cheers.

    Gerry Crispin 2:39Cheers to you. How are you Walt? Well, I mean, not Walt

    Chris Hoyt 2:45Like a bottle. Gerry. Admit it.

    Gerry Crispin 2:46I know. I know.

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:47Yeah.

    Gerry Crispin 2:49How's Elanco doing?

    Curtis Dorsey, Elanco 2:50We're doing we're doing well. We're doing we're doing busy, which is normal for us. We've had a busy busy busy several years.

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    S4 E67 | eXpert Tease on building the foundation of talent technology with Madeline Laurano

    S4 E67 | eXpert Tease on building the foundation of talent technology with Madeline Laurano

    Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research 0:00Welcome to the CXR channel, our premier podcast for talent acquisition and talent management. Listen in as the CXR community discusses a wide range of topics focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent. We're glad you're here.

    Chris Hoyt 0:16Hello, and welcome to another edition of CareerXroads hosted expert tees. I'm Chris Hoty president of CXR. And you're joining us for the next few minutes to hear from an industry leader or practitioner who will share with you one lesson one how to one milestone that they've actually found worthy of your time. So we do these in quick conversations that are typically no more than about 10 minutes and touch on any number of topics such as diversity, inclusion, ethics, and hiring, recruiting, automation, and tech, and a number of other areas that actually were identified by nearly 150 talent leaders from multinational corporations. Each week, you can listen in live and participate with questions and live chat or you can find any of these episodes on our website at CXR.works, our CareerXroads podcast or in our new YouTube channel youtube.com/careerxroads. Now if you're with us live, you have the ability to ask a question at any time through the session. And if we have the chance, we'll try to answer it. If we do run out of time, or if there are additional questions that come in or you think of later, you can find us over at the open and public exchange that's hosted by CXR. And that's at www.CXR.works/talenttalks. So with all of that being said, let's get started with today's guest Madeline Laurano. Madeline is a very well respected industry analyst and founder of Aptitude Research. Welcome to the show, Madeline.

    Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research 1:36Thank you, Chris. I'm thrilled to be here.

    Chris Hoyt 1:39So, Madeline, on our topic today is around building the foundation of talent technology within an organization. So throwing you right on the spot, given your experience and expertise, what's something that you want our listeners to understand about their existing or future tech stacks?

    Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research 1:54Yes, it's so important. We just did this big research study, in partnership with V. Murray. But it's all around this foundation, it's around thinking about, what do we need to consider in our TA tech stack, before we even make this investment. So many companies are excited for new technology. There's so much especially in this this year that we've had, we found 44% of companies are investing in new technology, which is exciting. But oftentimes you don't have the foundation in place. And the foundation is really integration. So thinking about how are you going to have a strategy around integration work with IT? Think about, you know, an open API strategy and how you're gonna work with your providers? How are you going to think about data management? So really having quality of quality data with data or starting with? How are you going to maintain that data, clean up that data, everything that goes into that? And then the final piece is automation? You know, I think it's a big topic. I know, it's a big topic that we talked a lot about, but how do we think about really a strategic approach for automation? And you know, something, I think that's near and dear to Gerry's heart, which is automation for the candidate? Why are we just thinking about moving someone along efficiently? How does this benefit the candidate?

    Chris Hoyt 3:00And so how does somebody go about sort of putting something like this together? Is, is there a template? Is there a roadmap? Is it you just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks? I mean, what do you advise there?

    Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research 3:10Yeah, so I would say it really starts with three things,

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    S4 E66 | eXpert Tease on gender neutral pronouns and job stories with Kay Kelison

    S4 E66 | eXpert Tease on gender neutral pronouns and job stories with Kay Kelison

    Announcer 0:00Welcome to the CXR channel, our premier podcast for talent acquisition and talent management. Listen in as the CXR community discusses a wide range of topics focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent. We're glad you're here.

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 0:16Hi, everybody, Chris Hoyt here from career crossroads, I am bringing you into the fold on a new podcast videocast series that we've been delivering for, I guess just about two months now. Now, I get to take on the lucky task of sitting down with an industry leader and a practitioner and ask them to share just one thing. One thing that they've learned on their professional journey felt as a leader or that they do in their everyday delivery that really makes them successful. Now, these talks are really no more than about 10 or 15 minutes. And as such, we call them an eXpert Tease. Now you can listen in live and participate with questions and chat, or you can find them on our website at CXR dot works or CareerXroads podcasts or on the youtube.com/careerxroads channel, I'm going to tell you if you're watching live, you realize there's never been a better time to dial in because I apparently look like a pumpkin with the lighting and a remote situation today. So that's a good excuse to push you out. push you out to the YouTube channel and check that out. So if you are with us live, you've got the opportunity to drop a question in the session chat. And if we've time, we'll try to address them during that segment. If we run out of time or there are follow up questions, we'll take that conversation over to the open and public exchange that is hosted by csr. And that's at CXR.work/talenttalks now, the topic today is one that I have been looking forward to for quite a while it touches on a subject of DNI that I think oftentimes gets overlooked that actually sits within an area of talent acquisition that's so often gets ignored or avoided when we're talking about job descriptions and being conscious of how important gender neutral pronouns can be when creating a successful description, as our guest today recommends job stories, not description. So let's jump in today. My guest is Kay Kelison and she is the principal researcher at Zillow. Okay, welcome to the show.

    Kay Kelison, Zillow 2:05Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here, Chris. I appreciate it.

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 2:10I'm really, really happy to have you.

    Kay Kelison, Zillow 2:12Great.

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 2:14I enjoy your work. But when you when you talk about gender neutral pronouns, in job stories, what are you really talking about? Why is this so important?

    Kay Kelison, Zillow 2:24Well, I think it's important because if we choose certain terms, we eliminate others, we need to think about who to include. And that goes with females, transgender disability folks and stuff like that. And so I look at the job story about how we engage with them, and how we make them feel welcome. And and thought of, you know, in when we're seeking talent, and I think it begins with the job story, or did job descriptions, and how we engage with them by using language that they can relate to?

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 3:09And what is what's something like that look like? Kay, like, what would be sort of a before and after example, for those who this might be kind of a new, new topic for them?

    Kay Kelison, Zillow 3:17Well, I think, I think sometimes it starts with the title. Like I've seen some titles that have chair, Chairman, when we should be saying chairperson, you know, when we say he or her, we should be also thinking about them. And they, you know, it's inclusive. Some people don't identifies she and her, or he and him. They identify themselves of them and they. Sometimes it's also as simple as elitist.

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    S4 E65 | CXR Foundation: “It’s all about building a community”- Brad Cook

    S4 E65 | CXR Foundation: “It’s all about building a community”- Brad Cook

    Announcer 0:00Welcome to the CXR channel, our premier podcast for talent acquisition and talent management. Listen in as the CXR community discusses a wide range of topics focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent. We're glad you're here.

    Chris Hoyt 0:16Hello everybody, this is Chris Hoyt with CareerXroads, and I am on the line with Brad Cook head of global talent over at Intuitive Surgical Brad, how are you,

    Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:24Good how are you?

    Chris Hoyt 0:25I'm doing pretty well. I'm kind of excited about this topic. For those who don't already know, a whole bunch of us have come together to stand up a new nonprofit called the CXR Foundation. And it's sort of spun out from under some work that was being done before. Last years charitable work in the field when we actually used to work in soup kitchens, and shelters and all these really, really interesting places when we were traveling back in the day. And then, most recently out of a project called recruiters, recruiting recruiters, which you were heavily involved in. And so I want to take a pause, I'll take a breath right there and just ask you, maybe you can give an overview to listeners who haven't heard yet, what the CXR Foundation has been established to do, why a nonprofit? What what it's all about?

    Brad Cook, Intuitive 1:13It's a good question. I think, for me, it really stemmed from the recruiters recruiting recruiters, and it's still a mouthful doesn't matter how many times I say it, um, it really jumped out from that there was so many people wanted to get involved and wanted to help, and it was vendors that would normally be competing with each other. Yeah, and to do it under the umbrella of a nonprofit just means Yeah, we're gonna start to offer it to a lot more people out there and do a lot more good. I think that's Yeah, the roundtable stuff really showed there was so many people in our industry, especially in tough times with COVID, wanting to do whatever they could, and you know, if we can put an under a nonprofit, and then more people can be part of that, or actually, the work that comes out of it can now help industry, I think it just makes the industry a better place and continues to make the industry a better place. And quite frankly, that's why I love being part of CXR it continues to give back to our community and makes us all better individuals.

    Chris Hoyt 2:12Yeah, I think you raise an interesting point, because it's not just about talent, giving back we're talking about our talent practitioners giving back we're now talking about sort of grouping together a teaming up or pairing up people who are in the solution space, the vendor space providers under the umbrella of a nonprofit, so they can continue to do good work alongside their competitors. And alongside some of their customers, potential customers, but never customers. Right, right. Yep. Yeah, so there's a number of projects, because we're talking about community, the community aspect, we're talking about the charitable aspect. And we also talk about the industry standards are establishing those pieces. And we've got about four projects that are one full blown that's in the works, which has been pretty successful recruiters recruiting recruiters. Okay, doesn't mouthful every time. And then we've got the one project that we've talked a little bit about, and that's the interview coaching for those who are employed helping those who are still looking for work. We've got another two that are sort of on the in the ideation looking for the correct sponsorship and alignment on which is the I'm going to put you on the spot in a minute, which is the get cooking program, which is kind of a fun one where we have a theme around some sort of meal, people can donate a minimum amount of money, but up to whatever they want.

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    S4 E64 | Analytics Meeting #3 Recap

    S4 E64 | Analytics Meeting #3 Recap

    Announcer 0:00Welcome to the CXR channel, our premier podcast for talent acquisition and talent management. Listen in as the CXR community discusses a wide range of topics focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent. We're glad you're here.

    Shannon Pritchett, CXR 0:17Welcome, everyone, we have just wrapped up our third and final analytics meeting of the year, which ironically, we ended 2019. Remember that year with analytics as well. So it was a fabulous meeting, we had two and a half hours, packed, crammed full of information, we implemented something new, which was a speed dashboard sharing. And with me today are a three out of four of the people that share the dashboards. Cheri Hansen from Sierra Nevada, Ted Chung, from EY, and Tony from BASF. Thank you so much for joining us. Really want to hear some of your favorite parts about today's meeting. So Cheri, why don't we start with you? What did you enjoy most about our meeting today?

    Cheri Hanson, Sierra Nevada 0:58Yeah, I love thanks, Shannon. There were, there was so much I enjoyed it, I think I was smiling through the whole thing. I had in my first meeting, breakout session where I really liked all the breakout sessions and how it kind of broke everything up with the different surveys and things. I really like having to brand new people to CXR meetings and my first introduction, and so I could help share them, share with them some things about the group itself. And then I have a couple little takeaways to give them of information that they that would help them just in their jobs that was outside kind of what we were talking about today. But we're what keeps you up at night kinds of things for them. So that was that was really cool to be able to do them. So hopefully, we've made converts out of them today.

    Shannon Pritchett, CXR 1:44Yeah, it was always nice to see the analytics community expand. And I think the theme of the last couple analytics meetings I've been a part of is, you know, all the new people that keep joining in and keep returning, just helps the community grow, and of course, the knowledge to share. So great observation with that. Ted, any highlights from you your point of view today?

    Ted-Phai Chung, EY 2:04I guess, the favorite part is probably no. Same as, as aha moments is that, you know, we got people in different capacities, trying to do the same thing. You know, whether it's just how we're organized, you know, what kind of focus that we're or the amount of resources that we have. And then we'll try and solve similar problems or answer the similar business questions. And, and, you know, and we're taking similar approaches. And and I think it's just a matter of, you know, talking about data visualization, how do we send that message and have it resonate with our, with our business? And, you know, with data visualization is, you know, if you can make it simple and effective, you know, stick with them a lot longer, and a lot better.

    Shannon Pritchett, CXR 2:58Yeah, I would agree, I was surprised, not really surprised. And maybe because I haven't heard this conversation with our past analytics meetings was how much that you know, us all looking at different dashboards, we focus on how it's presented to our end user, you know, whoever is looking at it. And I guess putting myself in your shoes, I didn't realize not only how important is the quality of the data, which we talked about, but also how its presented. And so that was a big takeaway moment. And big aha moment for me too. And I loved hearing the feedback that was shared with you, Ted, because I got to look at your dashboard. And also the feedback that you gave to Brad Cook, who shared his dashboard after you. So that was that was my aha moment. And takeaway, Tony, what about you?

    Tony Lioi, BASF 3:48Thanks,

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    S4 E63 |eXpert Tease on Industry Furloughs with Sarah Smart

    S4 E63 |eXpert Tease on Industry Furloughs with Sarah Smart

    Sarah Smart talks about the hardest thing she has ever had to do as a leader, what her team went through and lessons learned during the pandemic

    Announcer 0:00Welcome to the CXR channel, our premier podcast for talent acquisition and talent management. Listen in as the CXR community discusses a wide range of topics focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent. We're glad you're here.

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 0:16Well, hello, everybody. I'm Chris white president of CareerXroads and I'm bringing to you a new segment of our podcast that sits us down for just a few minutes with industry leaders, to hear them share a quick hit lessons learned in their careers and within the talent industry. Now, the segment interview is no more than 10 to 15 minutes and can be found on our website, podcast YouTube channel. And as the fast pace would indicate, we're calling this series of eXpert Tease. Now, each of these has a focused topic that might include talent development, mobility, sourcing, ethics, or any number of other items of focus that we're hearing from the industry at large are items of concern or that warrant some attention and dialogue. So if you're with us live, we're encouraging everyone to post questions within the chat area of the broadcast window. And if we've time at the end of the discussion, we'll see how many we can squeeze it in now. The rest of the conversation or follow ups can be found within the public and open exchange hosted by Careerxroads at www.cxr.org/talenttalks. Now today's chat is one related to countless conversations that we at CXR I've had with numerous leaders over the last year, working through unavoidable team furloughs as a talent leader and taking on the challenge, emotional challenge of trying to place as many of your team as possible, and the toll that takes on us as leaders. So with me today is Sarah Smart. She's the VP of global recruitment at Hilton. I Sarah.

    Sarah Smart, Hilton 1:39Hi, Chris. Thanks for having me.

    Chris Hoyt, CXR 1:41Thanks, Sarah, you and the team at Hilton have really worked tirelessly to help not only your own people by partnering with other global companies, but the entire recruiting industry through work with recruiters recruiting recruiters calm during a time when as a result of the pandemic and the impact on our economies. keeping people employed recruiters employee has really been difficult for many. So I want to jump right in and ask you to share a little bit about that experience. And what I'm really interested in hearing is how you dealt with those challenges, and maybe even heartbreaks, as a true people leader. So can you share kind of the biggest challenge or a little bit of that story with everybody kind of what's been going on in your world for the last few months?

    Sarah Smart, Hilton 2:23Sure. And and thanks, again, everyone for our joining and the opportunity to talk about this. This has been, for me personally, probably the biggest challenge that I have lived through as a leader and in many ways, almost not quite as a human being children become first. But it the past eight to nine months have been exceptionally challenging to lead in any industry, no matter where you sit, no matter what kind of role you're sitting in. So just want to acknowledge that Hilton has, like many in the hospitality industry faced a, you know, a unique set of challenges as it relates to the pandemic. And, you know, in in March of 2021, it became very clear that not only would we not be recruiting, but that we would need to be putting out a large portion of our corporate workforce onto furlough and potentially our property workforce and for around the world. I was asked to make some really hard decisions to make decisions around people, I had to make decisions around potential needs, but I had no idea what they would be so operating in c...

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