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We are UNC's student-run philosophy podcast! Sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics and the Philosophy Department, we bring UNC students' and professors' ideas to life.

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We are UNC's student-run philosophy podcast! Sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics and the Philosophy Department, we bring UNC students' and professors' ideas to life.

    Felony Murder

    Felony Murder

    If I intentionally commit one crime, but another worse crime results, can I be held accountable? How about those that aided me? 

    In this episode, Anna dives into the efficacy and ethics of felony murder, touching on history in the common law and the American tradition. 


    All music is the property of Epidemic Sound. 

    People V. Aaron: https://law.justia.com/cases/michigan/supreme-court/1980/57376-0.html 

    Lord Dacres & His Hunting Party: http://birdsongslaw.com/2008/06/25/read-a-history-of-the-felony-murder-rule/#:~:text=The%20common%20law%20felony%20murder,felony%2C%20the%20killing%20is%20murder.&text=it%20does%20not%20matter%20whether,life%20or%20criminally%20negligent%20behavior.

    On the comment that Felony Murder is an ineffective deterrent: The American Felony Murder Rule: Purpose and Effect. (D. Ganz) Berklee.edu

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    Back to In-Person Classes: Why Now?

    Back to In-Person Classes: Why Now?

    In this episode, Noah critiques the decision of the University Administration to send some students back in person on February 8th, a seemingly arbitrary date. 

    We, UNC students, have finally started adjusting to online learning. So, unless the university can justify why we must start sending students back now, this decision is not worth the emotional, logistical, and physical stress that it will cause. 

    " In order to start holding our community accountable to ethical obligations, we must first ask "Why?" " 


    On mold being an acknowledged issue: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article236367948.html#:~:text=Mold%20is%20an%20issue%20for,dorms%20and%20privately%20managed%20Granville&text=Emili%20Potts%20first%20noticed%20the,her%20leaky%20air%20conditioning%20unit.&text=The%20doctor%20told%20her%20she,linked%20to%20the%20AC%20unit.

    New York Times database on Coronavirus Data: NC, Orange County 

    All rights to music featured in this podcast belong to Epidemic Sound. 

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    WSYD: Zombies and Theft

    WSYD: Zombies and Theft

    What Should You Do? is a new episode series on Chapel Phil, led by Brennan Maynard. 

    Philosophers often say a lot about what other people should do, but what would they do in different tense situations?
    We put UNC philosophers into zany or serious situations and review their responses. Someone has to do it! 

    Content Warning: Suicide. (Skip mins. 3-5 if you please)

    In the inaugural episode, Brennan reviews how philosophers would act 1. in a zombie apocalypse, and 2. if they saw someone stealing some bread. 

    We hope you enjoy the fast-paced dramatic reading!

    All audio clips in this video are the rights of Epidemic Sound, purchased and paid for by Chapel Phil. 

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    Vaccines, Conspiracy, and Individualism

    Vaccines, Conspiracy, and Individualism

    Emily Rakes consults John Stuart Mill for advice on a concerning phenomenon: Anti-vaxxers endangering others in the name of "individualism".

    Does anti-vaxxing align with Mill's thoughts on individualism? How is the phenomenon typical of the United States' traditional individualism?  These questions and more, explored on this episode of Chapel Phil!

    As always, special thanks to Sid Sirdeshmukh & congrats on his new position at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Your beat-making skills will be of good use up there. 


    Alternative Medicine is a $34 Billion Industry, but Only One-Third of the Treatments have been Tested: Retrieved from https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/alternative-medicine-is-a-34-billion-industry-but-only-one-third-of-the-treatments-have-been-tested-879411/ 

    Big Analytics Data Shows How America's Individualism Complicated Coronavirus Response: Retrieved from https://news.virginia.edu/content/big-data-analytics-shows-how-americas-individualism-complicates-coronavirus-response

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    Philosophy of Love: The Importance of "WE"

    Philosophy of Love: The Importance of "WE"

    In this episode, Yueying debuts, referencing Nozick and Scruton's pieces on the concept of love. 

    Forming a union and a meaningful relationship requires many changes to one's life. How does the concept depend on the formation of another entity -- a collective concept of "WE"?

    Special Thanks once again to Sid Sirdeshmukh for providing the beats featured on this episode. 

    Sources Cited: 

    Nozick, R., 1989, “Love’s Bond”, in The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations, New York: Simon & Schuster, 68–86.

    Scruton, R., 1986, Sexual Desire: A Moral Philosophy of the Erotic, New York: Free Press.

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/love/#:~:text=Nozick%20(1989)%20offers%20a%20union,desire%20that%20your%20beloved%20reciprocates.

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    Musicians and Morality

    Musicians and Morality

    When musicians act immorally, should we still listen to their music? 

    In this episode, Elise discusses 1. the extent to which listening is an endorsement of an artist's actions, 2. whether we can separate art from an artist, and 3. how celebrity complicates the circumstances of public judgment. 

    Highlight quote: 

    TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault. 

    Citations: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/10/arts/sexual-harassment-art-hollywood.html 



    *we did not include links to Boogie Allen's cat or Beyonce's mattress pricing* 

    As always, opinions expressed on Chapel Phil in no way represent the stance of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the UNC Philosophy Department, the Parr Center for Ethics, or Chapel Phil as a whole. 

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Individualism and vaccination

Wow! What a great show. Made me think even more deeply about this conundrum

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