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We are UNC's student-run philosophy podcast! Sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics and the Philosophy Department, we bring UNC students' and professors' ideas to life.

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We are UNC's student-run philosophy podcast! Sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics and the Philosophy Department, we bring UNC students' and professors' ideas to life.

    WSYD: The Infinite Loop

    WSYD: The Infinite Loop

    In this episode of What Should You Do?, Brennan takes us through Groundhog Day, where every day repeats itself! Without long-term consequences, is theft still immoral? How about harming others? Listen in to hear what Philosophers think, and Brennan's quick witted responses.

    Special thanks to the UNC Philosophy department for many great responses! 


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    For more on Camus and Absurdism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hJZEq61KeM&vl=en

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    Court Packing

    Court Packing

    More justices doesn't mean more justice. In this episode of Chapel Phil, Max Hazerjian tours the history of the US Supreme Court to examine when and how it can be expanded. After historical framing, Max argues that many other methods of court reform could be superior political and constitutional alternatives -- listen to find out why! 


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    Claiming Spaces

    Claiming Spaces

    How we move through the world depends upon how our identity interacts with the spaces around us. 

    This episode features the multi-talented Clay Morris, who is an activist, journalist, and podcaster, among other things. Listen along as Clay guides us through how he navigates spaces that aren't always designed for him. 

    The discussion covers spaces at UNC, spaces in general, and what the work to make spaces more inclusive looks like. 

    To hear/read more from Clay, check out the resources below, or look up SegreGAYtion or Coulture'd wherever you get your podcasts! 





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    WSYD: Fake News!

    WSYD: Fake News!

    What Should You Do?: Fake News brings back Brennan to talk about how we might interact with someone who promotes fake news.
    Reviewing input from Philosophers at UNC, Brennan navigates unfollowing, unfriending, and finding empathy for those who can't tell Babylon Bee from Breaking News. 

    References & Special Thanks:

    Special thanks to the UNC Philosophy department for their anonymous contributions.

    All rights to music from this episode belong to Epidemic Sound. 

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    Felony Murder

    Felony Murder

    If I intentionally commit one crime, but another worse crime results, can I be held accountable? How about those that aided me? 

    In this episode, Anna dives into the efficacy and ethics of felony murder, touching on history in the common law and the American tradition. 


    All music is the property of Epidemic Sound. 

    People V. Aaron: https://law.justia.com/cases/michigan/supreme-court/1980/57376-0.html 

    Lord Dacres & His Hunting Party: http://birdsongslaw.com/2008/06/25/read-a-history-of-the-felony-murder-rule/#:~:text=The%20common%20law%20felony%20murder,felony%2C%20the%20killing%20is%20murder.&text=it%20does%20not%20matter%20whether,life%20or%20criminally%20negligent%20behavior.

    On the comment that Felony Murder is an ineffective deterrent: The American Felony Murder Rule: Purpose and Effect. (D. Ganz) Berklee.edu

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    Back to In-Person Classes: Why Now?

    Back to In-Person Classes: Why Now?

    In this episode, Noah critiques the decision of the University Administration to send some students back in person on February 8th, a seemingly arbitrary date. 

    We, UNC students, have finally started adjusting to online learning. So, unless the university can justify why we must start sending students back now, this decision is not worth the emotional, logistical, and physical stress that it will cause. 

    " In order to start holding our community accountable to ethical obligations, we must first ask "Why?" " 


    On mold being an acknowledged issue: https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article236367948.html#:~:text=Mold%20is%20an%20issue%20for,dorms%20and%20privately%20managed%20Granville&text=Emili%20Potts%20first%20noticed%20the,her%20leaky%20air%20conditioning%20unit.&text=The%20doctor%20told%20her%20she,linked%20to%20the%20AC%20unit.

    New York Times database on Coronavirus Data: NC, Orange County 

    All rights to music featured in this podcast belong to Epidemic Sound. 

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