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Two guys. One goal. Zero chance.

Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast Chasing Scratch

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Two guys. One goal. Zero chance.

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4.9 out of 5
294 Ratings

294 Ratings

Josh Reynolds615 ,

To the one that has a new job

You need to quit.

If you’re too busy to play golf and too busy to churn out new episodes of the best podcast on itunes....you’re just too busy.

Life’s too short. When you’re laying on your death bed I seriously doubt you will be thinking about this job. But I guarantee you will be thinking about what a Shaun lie you drew that day.

PossumJankins ,

Mediocre golfers strategically pursuing the end of the rainbow

If you enjoy armchair experts talking about their own golf strategy while quoting 90’s movies... You’ll potentially think this podcast is above average.

dr_lakari ,

A riot for anyone who enjoys the pains of golf

As a “high handicapper”in the ~20 range who played the game a ton when I was young, and has recently gotten back into in in my mid 30’s (with wife and kids) with a realistic goal of under bogey golf, I feel like this podcast was made for me.

Listening to these two struggle, succeed, laugh, cry and everything in between has been an absolute joy. I’m nearing season two and I’m absolutely hooked, and am blown away by how two amateurs were able to make such a relatable, fun, and ADDICTIVE podcast.

You get the feeling that they’re just commenting on their day to day, but it’s just a wonderful journal of what a strive to being a better golfer is like. It’s got great production, to the point where it’s fun to listen to, but not overproduced. (Seems weird to say, but if these were two guys constantly shooting par with an epic sound track and tons of editing, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun). I feel like I could join them in a round which is half the value of the pod. The fact that their “segments” are literally derived live makes the listener that much more entrenched, you feel like you’re a part of the team.

They are humbled constantly, and you’ll find yourself rooting for them instantly. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve literally fist pumped during their “dramatic readings” of their scores.

I hope them continued success, (until I catch up with their handicaps, in which case they can go to hell like any golfer that much better than me).

Well worth the listen. The twitter feed has been a joy as well. Let’s go!!

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