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Where travel stories, community, and Scripture combine.

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Where travel stories, community, and Scripture combine.

    CTN 161: The Biblical Significance of Egypt

    CTN 161: The Biblical Significance of Egypt

    When you think of significant places in Scripture, does Egypt come to mind? If it does - you likely think of Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert in search of the promised land. But what other significant things happened in Egypt? Did anything happen in the New Testament? How does this relate to our exploration of Egypt? We explore all of this, and more, in this episode! 

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    CTN 160: Traveling To Israel with Susan B. Mead

    CTN 160: Traveling To Israel with Susan B. Mead

    Can you imagine walking where Jesus once walked? Susan B. Mead is on fire for the Lord, but when she was blessed to go to the Holy Land, her faith grew tremendously! As she walked the streets of Jerusalem, was able to look to the north and south and see places she had read in Scripture, was able to converse with other Christians there - the Lord spoke into her life in wonderful ways. In this episode, Susan shares these beautiful stories and encourages us as we continue to carry out our own faith walk.

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    CTN 159: Visiting The Seven Churches of Revelation

    CTN 159: Visiting The Seven Churches of Revelation

    Did you know that you can visit the cities where the seven churches are mentioned in the Book of Revelation? While many of us find Revelation to be a very confusing and sometimes scary part of Scripture - the letters written to each of the churches in Revelation offer hope and encouragement. In this episode, we will learn about the seven churches mentioned, unpack the promises and warnings Christ provides, and find out what you can see in those cities today!

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    Ep. 99 - Engaging the World Through A Christian Worldview 

    Ep. 101 - What Holy Sites & Cities are Associated With Christianity with Susan & Rich McCarthy  

    Ep. 157 - Visiting 5 Cities Paul Journeyed To In Turkey 

    • 22 min
    CTN 158: Following the Apostle Paul with Darren Hibbs

    CTN 158: Following the Apostle Paul with Darren Hibbs

    Have you ever wondered what the early Christian churches were like? Have you ever wanted to see the cities and walk the streets where Apostle Paul preached the good news? Darren HIbbs walks us through some of the places he got to visit in Turkey and shares their Biblical and historical significance!

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    CTN 157: Visiting 5 Cities Paul Journeyed To In Turkey

    CTN 157: Visiting 5 Cities Paul Journeyed To In Turkey

    Apostle Paul went on four different missionary journeys before he was martyred for his faith, in Rome. Many of his travels centered around modern day Turkey, but what can we see in those places today? In this episode we will will walk through five of the cities Paul visited and take a look at some of the Biblical and historical tourist attractions in the area. Maybe you will be inspired to adventure to Turkey next!

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    CTN 156: Visiting the Holy Land with Steven Rogers

    CTN 156: Visiting the Holy Land with Steven Rogers

    Visiting Israel is not just a look into the past - it is a glimpse into what God is doing today. For the many travelers who visit Israel, they get the opportunity to experience God's Word come to life. They get to walk where Jesus walked, see the lands of Abraham, and reflect on the stories of Moses. But God's Word isn't just stories of the past, they are words of transformation in the present. Steven Rogers visit to Israel transformed his relationship with the Lord. Not only did he end up writing a book about his experience, but he also found himself working through forgiveness for past wrongs. In this episode, you will get to learn about the many sites in Israel and how you can continue to pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord each day.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

kjk1206 ,

Exactly what I needed ❤️

Seriously God works in mysterious ways! This one episode just popped up after a Lutheran hour devotional episode and it was exactly what I needed to hear! I love how she talks through what’s happening in the reading and applies it to real life so well! It was the perfect episode at the perfect time ❤️ thank you, Sarah!!

ps53:6 ,

Christian Travelers Unite

It’s so great to see a podcast devoted to Christian Travel. The episodes that feature guests are compelling to listen to, as you get to hear the stories from fellow believers and how God is using travel in their lives.

NOgbourne ,

Such a good perspective!

As a traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and a Christian, it’s been good for me to listen to conversations about how God uses—even calls us to—travel. I appreciate the information, the conversations, and the perspective.

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