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Explore the world of the Dark Feminine in myth, religion, folklore, and magic.

Chthonia Brigid Burke

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Explore the world of the Dark Feminine in myth, religion, folklore, and magic.



    This week we take a foray back into Slavic folklore, with a look at the female demonic figure known as the Strzyga (or Striga, or Strega). These are creatures with a gray or bluish appearance that feed on the flesh and blood of humans, and are connected to the Roman "Strix", a bird of ill omen usually associated with the owl. They have two souls, two hearts, and often two sets of teeth, and have characteristics in common with the vampire, though they are associated more with witchcraft. We discuss the origins of the Strzyga, including ideas about the dead and the underworld. We also look at similarities to Roman ancestral belief, as well as the associations of the Strix and the significance of having "two" beings within one.

    • 47 min


    Welcome to Chthonia's 100th regular episode! We look at the Pisacha this week--flesh eating demons of Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Lord Shiva is frequently attended by bhuta (ghosts) and pisacha; whatever else may be different about the conception of these beings, it is agreed that they have to do with anger. Whether they are viewed as angry ghosts seeking revenge, the dead souls of those who committed violent crime, or a race of malevolent flesh eaters and vampires, they have a connection to Krodha (anger), and also to the Dark Feminine, due to their association with the cremation grounds and with the devouring of flesh. We will specifically explore themes of vampirism, cannibalism, revenge, and their role as obstructors of sadhaks.

    • 42 min


    This week we look at one of the "horrors of Hecate," the Empusa. Empusa is a shapeshifting daimon or ghost that is sometimes likened to a succubus, and sometimes a grotesque spirit that attacks men; she also attacks mystery cult initiates in an attempt to distract them from completing their initiation. She is sometimes portrayed with the leg of a donkey, giving her a relationship to the Testament of Solomon demon Onoskelis. What is very likely is that Empusa (or the Empusai) serve a function quite similar to that of the Furies--maintaining boundaries, though they challenge you to surpass those boundaries.

    • 1 hr
    Chthonia Conversations: Beyond Masculine and Feminine with Alexandros Matsangos and Geoffreyjen Edwards

    Chthonia Conversations: Beyond Masculine and Feminine with Alexandros Matsangos and Geoffreyjen Edwards

    This month's conversation features two guests: Alexandros Matsangos, a translator, Psychology Ph.D., and author of "The Male Lesbian Manifesto"; Geoffreyjen Edwards is a former scientist, a fashion designer, and author of the science fiction novel "Plenum: the First Book of Deo," part of a 15-volume space opera. Both Alexandros and Geoffreyjen explore gender themes and gender fluidity in their works, and this conversation is a fascinating look at what it means to be "gender fluid," the way in which gender defines identity and spirituality, and the projection of the masculine/phallic centric view of gender on society. I learned a lot in this conversation, and hope listeners will as well.

    Note: Alexandros' last two comments did not make it to audio for some unknown reason, so unfortunately that is missing near the end.

    Geoffreyjen Edwards's "Plenum: First Book of Deo" is available from Untimely Books, and can be ordered on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Plenum-First-Book-Deo-Chronicles/dp/0971663564/

    Alexandros Matsango's "Male Lesbian Manifesto" is available in Greek (hopefully published in English this year), though not currently available in the U.S.; you can watch a short film discussing the theory of the book here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh7MlFeLHUU

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    The Graeae

    The Graeae

    This week we look at the Graeae, three women who are "born old" and live in the Western lands at the edge of the world. They are sisters of the Gorgons, and watch over their home with the assistance of one eye and one tooth shared between them. The main story of the Graeae occurs in the Perseus myth, when he steals their eye in exchange for information about what he needs to slay Medusa. The symbolism within their story is quite compelling, as they not only represent the dangers of the sea, but the dangers at the edge of our conscious minds.

    • 59 min


    This week's episode looks at Baubo, a figure in Greek mythology usually regarded as humorous, as she manages to making the grieving goddess Demeter laugh by showing off her genitalia. So-called Baubo statuettes have been found around the world, but her actual role in ancient Greece, if any, remains a mystery. Homer refers to Iambe rather than Baubo, and our main source of information on the Baubo myth comes from the early Church fathers. We attempt to untangle the origins of Baubo, and talk about what she represents in society's "shame and blame" culture.

    • 54 min

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4.8 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

Ky Russ ,

Mr Russ n Ky

I think more men could benefit from hearing this very insightful podcast. Well thought out, presented and thoroughly researched. Again very highly recommended for all.

Carolina cubanita ,

Please never stop making episodes !

You manage to cover such a broad range of topics to such interesting depths that trigger mental and spiritual awakenings for a lot of people, never stop doing what you do ! we’re all thankful 🙏🏽

Momma Dos ,

Baba Yaga

I found this podcast during a search about Baba Yaga. I’m a so very grateful for Bridig sharing her knowledge of folklore, mythology and the “dark feminine”. I have become obsessed. After listening to the Baba Yaga episode I have started from the very beginning to binge listen to all the episodes. And all I can say is thank you, thank you, over and over again.

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