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We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.

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We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.

    7 and 7 Is by Love

    7 and 7 Is by Love

    Label: Elektra 45605
    Year: 1966
    Condition: M-
    Price: $30.00

    Incredible Psychedelic Rock... It just doesn't get any darker or more dangerous than this! Check out the mp3 "snippet"! By the way, the B side is a non-album cut. Note: This beautiful copy has Near Mint labels with a drillhole. Although the vinyl has some notable scuffing, grading EX in appearance, I'm delighted to say that the audio hardly suffers, grading close to Mint. (This scan is a representative image from our archives.)

    Baby, Please Don't Go by Them

    Baby, Please Don't Go by Them

    Label: Parrot 9727
    Year: 1965
    Condition: M-
    Last Price: $30.00. Not currently available for sale.

    Yes, Rolling Stone magazine (#211) and Dave Marsh (#69) are spot-on in adding this great single to their respective "best of" lists. Overshadowed (in the U.S.) by its more famous A side, however, is another essential rocker that's one of the best versions of the traditional blues classic, "Baby, Please Don't Go." In the U.K., "Baby" was the hit, with "Gloria" clearly the B side.In the States, "Baby" started out as the A side, and as early as January 1965 it was being mentioned as a "regional breakout" in Billboard magazine. However, the song never generated enough airplay and sales to register on the Billboard singles chart (though it did "bubble under" as high as #102 starting in March). Finally, in May, after radio programmers had determined that the "B" side had more potential, the sheer genius of "Gloria" managed to crack the Hot 100, reaching #93 for one short week. After the U.S. rock band Shadows of Knight released their cover of "Gloria" in March the following year, Parrot re-released Them's version, at which point "Gloria" was obviously the A side and climbed to #71.
    According to Wikipedia, "Baby, Please Don't Go" wasn't written by Delta Bluesman Big Joe Williams (though that's who's credited on this 45), but he popularized it first, back in 1935. However, Williams' original acoustic blues bears no resemblance to what Van Morrison and his mates cooked up for the blistering version on this single. (I can't believe I just put in "Wooly Bully," which has the similar-sounding early garage/blues rocker "Ain't Gonna Move" on the B side. What you call serendipity!) It would take me more time than I have to determine who exactly came up with this arrangement of "Baby, Please Don't Go" first, because if you check out the song in iTunes you find it's been covered by everyone from Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Bob Dylan, the Amboy Dukes, Aerosmith and AC/DC. If the Muddy Waters version is one he recorded for Chess in the 1950s, I think that's probably where Van Morrison got his inspiration, but again, that's an "if" statement. Whatever, Them scored a clear 2-star (essential) recording with their rendition! (Wish I had time to make an mp3 snippet of the track... it's awesome!)
    Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Parrot Records factory sleeve. The labels have some storage wear, but the vinyl (styrene) looks almost untouched, and the audio sounds pristine Mint.

    The Eyes Of A New York Woman by B.J. Thomas

    The Eyes Of A New York Woman by B.J. Thomas

    Label: Scepter 12219
    Year: 1968
    Condition: M-
    Last Price: $14.00. Not currently available for sale.

    This recording is a personal favorite among B.J. Thomas hits. The ingredients are all perfect... the Chips Moman production, the American Studios musicians, the Mark James song, and the perfect B.J. Thomas touch. Plus that rhythm section that turns the whole thing into a Northern Soul dance-fest... Mmmm! I can almost fall for that New York woman myself! :-) The B side is a non-album cut. Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Scepter Records factory sleeve.

    Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston

    Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston

    Label: Chess/Coll. 3412
    Year: 1951
    Condition: M
    Price: $12.00

    Originally released on Chess 1458. This recording was actually made by Sam Phillips at the fledgling Sun studios and leased to Chess. It is considered by many rock'n'roll fans to be one of the very first true rock'n'roll records, partly because of the distorted guitar that makes its appearance toward the end of the record. Absolutely essential! Incidentally, the band is Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm, with Ike Turner himself on that historic lead guitar. This is a new copy of the out-of-print Collectables reissue.

    Singles, 1966-69 by Velvet Underground

    Singles, 1966-69 by Velvet Underground

    Label: Sundazed 201
    Year: 2009
    Condition: M
    Price: $75.00

    Here's a beautiful, limited-edition box set honoring New York's legendary Velvet Underground. This new, sealed set includes all of the group's very rare 7" vinyl output in their original mono versions, featuring exact reproductions of the labels and, in two cases, with their original picture sleeves. The box set includes rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke.
    The Velvet Underground whose membership included Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico introduced numerous sonic and thematic innovations that laid much of the groundwork for punk and alternative rock. Although they're now acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history, during their existence the Velvets barely registered on mainstream radar, and were often reviled by mainstream observers as well as hippie-era arbiters of cool. But, as Fricke writes in the new set's liner notes, "Somewhere, in another rock & roll universe, the Velvet Underground are more than a legendary band. They are stars, with hit singles, the original seven-inch masterpieces inside this box."
    Although they never came close to scoring a hit, the Velvet Underground was ideally suited to the 7" single format. "The Velvet Underground were a great singles band," David Fricke notes, adding that the Velvets "invented modern rock with searing guitar distortion, throbbing improvisation and brutally realistic tales of life on the wild side. But they did it all in these classic pop songs�compact miracles of raw drive, intimate beauty and Top 40 ecstasy, heard again in the original, thrilling mono single mixes."
    The seven singles included in The Velvet Underground Singles 1966�69 comprise the four Velvets singles originally released in the U.S. on the Verve and MGM labels, plus an additional pair of singles that were prepared for release but never made it to the marketplace and a special radio-only promotional single. The singles feature alternate mono versions that differ in significant ways from the songs' better-known stereo album versions. For instance, the band's 1966 debut single "All Tomorrow's Parties" appears here in a special mono edit that amplifies the song's melodic beauty and sonic tension, and a mono mix of their sophomore single "Sunday Morning" emphasizes the song's haunting quality. Meanwhile, the mono single version of "White Light/White Heat" exemplifies the vintage Velvets' stark, distortion-laden fury, while a mono edit of "What Goes On" accentuates that song's inherent pop jangle.
    Here is a listing of the included singles:
    All Tomorrow's Parties / I'll Be Your Mirror—Verve VK-10427
    Sunday Morning / Femme Fatale—Verve VK-10466

    White Light/White Heat / Here She Comes Now—Verve VK-10560

    White Light/White Heat / I Heard Her Call My Name—Cancelled single

    Temptation Inside Your Heart / Stephanie Says—Cancelled single

    What Goes On / Jesus—MGM K-14057

    VU Radio Spot / VU Radio Spot—MGM VU-1

    Do It Again by Steely Dan

    Do It Again by Steely Dan

    Label: ABC 11338 dj
    Year: 1972
    Condition: M-
    Last Price: $18.00. Not currently available for sale.

    Stereo/Mono promo copy. Like the retail release, this essential single has a delightful 3:57 edited version of the much longer (5:56) album cut. This promo offers a full Stereo version, which the retail copies don't have. Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage ABC Records factory sleeve. It grades Near Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio).

Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Frank from Belleville, MI ,

Ok… but where is the rest?

Nice songs but they are only 1:30-1:40 long (I don't get it?)

~ I get it now, small samples of songs (singles) that are for sale…

white aangel ,


Great way to sample tons of tunes before buying them on 45. This 45 store is awesome particularly during a pandemic. It’s just like being in a store with all the details you need to make a decision!

MarsMuse ,

Why these are snippets

As author of the podcast, I wanted to explain that these are "snippets" of songs I think very highly of, and I personally listen to my iTunes "jukebox" playlist daily. When I started doing this 10 years ago, I was concerned that loading full songs for free download would be violating copyright law. Not only that, but I'm paying for the downloads myself (not YouTube, for example), and it ain't cheap! If you have, like me, a somewhat short attention span, and if you love to hear a multitude of 5-star tunes in a variety of Pop music genres from the 1950s to the present -- some familiar, some surprises -- then I think you'll get a kick out of this podcast. Lately, the podcast has leaned heavily in the direction of Soul, because there's so much great, undiscovered Soul out there! But you'll find just about every style of popular music somewhere in the podcast. Happy music discovery! It's a big universe out there where 45 records are concerned... much larger than the universe of LPs or other 12-inch vinyl. So many great tunes were never pressed on 33 rpm, and the facsimiles that may appear on reissues (if they even exist) usually don't match up to the power of the audio on the original 45 rpm grooves. 'Nuff said. Enjoy!

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