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The Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.

With this podcast, we will celebrate clean athletes, educate you on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that we can all believe in the power of fair play across all sports.

Clean Sport Collective Kara Goucher, Shanna Burnette, and Chris McClung

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The Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.

With this podcast, we will celebrate clean athletes, educate you on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that we can all believe in the power of fair play across all sports.

    Episode #60: Liz McColgan, World Champion in the 10,000 Meters

    Episode #60: Liz McColgan, World Champion in the 10,000 Meters

    Liz McColgan is a legend and pioneer in the sport of track and field. She won the first-ever women's 10K at the Commonwealth Games in 1986. She competed in the first-ever Olympic 10,000 meter event for women in Seoul in 1988 (and earned a silver). She became a World Champion in 1991 just 9 months after giving birth to her daughter. She won the first-ever World Half Marathon Championship for women in 1992, and she won 3 World Marathon Majors (before they were called that) with victories in NYC, London, and Tokyo.
    She was also a pioneer in less fortunate ways as an athlete who lost gold medals to dopers and who lost her sponsorship with Nike due to pregnancy. Both experiences almost ended her career prematurely. Through it all, she remained the same hard-working, fiercely-competitive athlete with integrity who believed in doing things the right way. 
    In this episode with Kara and Chris, Liz holds nothing back as we discuss it all from being bullied growing up in Scotland to competing in those pioneering days for women's athletics and now to coaching kids and elite athletes (including her daughter Eilish and US marathoner Allie Kieffer) in a sport at risk due to doping, shoe technology and the power dynamics within governing bodies.  
    Liz provides great perspective on competing herself in an era dominated by steroids and EPO as well as what she believes should be done to level the playing field and clean up the sport today (hint: lifetime bans for athletes AND coaches plus standardized shoe specs). What you see (and hear) is what you get with Liz McColgan, and we are proud to amplify her voice. 

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    Episode #59: Tianna Bartoletta, World and Olympic Champion in the Long Jump

    Episode #59: Tianna Bartoletta, World and Olympic Champion in the Long Jump

    "We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." - Jesse Owens.
    Tianna Bartoletta is no stranger to determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. She won 9 high school state titles to match her idol from the same state of Ohio - Jesse Owens. She went to the University of Tennessee on a full academic scholarship. She became a world champion in the long jump at the age of 19. Over the next 12 years, she won 8 other global championship medals including 5 more golds. She is the reigning Olympic champion and hopes to defend that title in Tokyo next summer. 
    Her journey, however, has been far from easy. From facing failure in high school to the ups and downs of a pro career where she questioned whether or not she would ever return to the top of her event, Chris and Shanna discuss it all with her in this episode. 
    In particular, we dig into her perspective on clean sport as someone who was robbed of a gold medal (which has since been upgraded) from the 2006 World Indoor Championship. She talks about how that "disappointing" silver medal would lead her to make changes in her career that almost ended it. She also discusses how sponsors and the structure of contracts encourage doping in sport as well as the responsibility of athletes to comply with the whereabouts filing system. 
    Beyond athletics, Tianna's voice is perhaps even more important as she stands up for what's right through her blog. This includes defying her sponsor to speak up for Mary Cain and the abuse she suffered as a member of the Nike Oregon Project. 
    Tianna's energy in this discussion is infectious. Her advocacy for doing what's right - for clean sport and beyond - is strong and powerful. Her dreams extend well beyond the track, and we know that her idol Jesse Owens would be so proud of her. 

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    Episode #58: Travis Tygart, CEO of USADA

    Episode #58: Travis Tygart, CEO of USADA

    With this episode, we welcome back Travis Tygart to the show. Travis is the CEO of the US Anti-Doping Agency and was our very first guest to join the podcast in episode #1.
    In this episode, Kara and Chris chat with Travis on the latest in clean sport news including the impact of the pandemic and the delayed Olympics on anti-doping efforts in the US and around the world. Travis talks about the initial impact of the stay-at-home orders on USADA in March and the details behind Project Believe, a program to experiment with virtual testing during this time which could change the future of drug testing. 
    We dig into the whereabouts filing system, how it works, and whether or not Travis believes there is a rise in those cases and suspensions in the last 12 months. Travis also provides details on the Rodchenkov Act and its progress in Congress, plus what it means to criminalize doping in the United States. Finally, we discuss the recent threats by the US Congress and the White House to defund the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) including USADA's perspective and the potential impact of such a decision. 
    We are excited to have Travis back on the show and couldn't be more appreciative of his support of the podcast over the last 13 months.

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    Episode #57: Sanya Richards-Ross, World and Olympic Champion in the 400m

    Episode #57: Sanya Richards-Ross, World and Olympic Champion in the 400m

    You might know Sanya Richards-Ross as an athlete, but do you know Sanya Richards-Ross as a person?
    When it comes to the 400 meters, Sanya Richards-Ross is one of the greatest of all-time. She has 14 global championship medals including 10 golds. She's a world and Olympic champion. She's run under 50 seconds a record 49 times and still owns the US national record of 48.70 from 2006. It is fascinating to dig into what made her so great on the track, but perhaps more fascinating is what made her want to do it clean and do it with integrity. 
    In this interview, Kara and Chris dig into both with Sanya. We discuss growing up in Jamaica where she fell in love with running at a very early age. We learn about her influences from her parents, who guided her closely throughout her career, to her coaches and to her idols like Jackie Joyner-Kersee. We talk about her faith and what drove her to want to be great and to do it the right way, while also enduring physical, mental, and emotional hardships throughout her career.
    Sanya shares her perspective on doping, the whereabouts filing system, and how she didn't even take vitamins during her career in order to avoid any potential supplement contamination. We also ask about life off the track, which is now as busy as ever as she juggles her family life with a young son, multiple business opportunities, writing books and broadcasting, and setting an example for Black moms through her blog site mommination.com.
    Finally, Sanya provides her thoughts on what she wants for the future for her son and for other young athletes that might follow in her footsteps. Sanya is certainly an amazing athlete, but she is an even better human and we are excited to share our conversation with her. 

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    Episode #56: Christian Taylor, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion in the Triple Jump

    Episode #56: Christian Taylor, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion in the Triple Jump

    Christian Taylor is a name you need to know. He’s one of the most dominant athletes in his discipline – the triple jump. He’s won 6 of the last 7 global outdoor championships dating back to 2011 including 2 Olympic and 4 World Championship gold medals. He is President of the recently formed Athletics Association, an athlete’s union created to advocate for athlete-centered change in the sport. And, he is an outspoken advocate for clean sport.
    In this wide-ranging interview, Kara and Chris begin by discussing Christian’s childhood growing up as a multi-sport athlete where he played soccer, football, and golf before initially turning to run cross country as a way to stay in shape for soccer. Christian laughs as he describes those early cross country meets where he would use his sprint skills to lead for the first 400m meters of the race before falling back as the finish line approached. Those experiences “sucking wind” on longer courses would eventually lead him to the track where he could use his speed instead. In high school, he became a dominant force in the long jump, triple jump, and 400m dash before winning a World Youth Championship at 17 years old.
    Christian discusses his success in high school and how that led him to the University of Florida where he won 3 NCAA titles and dominated the triple jump along with teammates and rivals Omar Craddock and Will Claye. Christian talks about his first World Championship gold medal at the age of 21 and how words of inspiration from his idol during the meet helped propel him to a huge personal best jump and first senior outdoor title. He gives his keys to success over the last 9 years including what it took to change lead legs for his jumps to protect his knee, a process he equates to changing your dominant writing hand. He is now the only athlete to win two Olympic gold medals while jumping with different lead legs.
    Then, we turn to his advocacy for clean sport and athlete rights including why he is passionate about both and what he hopes to accomplish as President of the Athletics Association. We discuss his experience with the whereabouts filing system including how many missed tests he’s had in the last nine years and why he places responsibility on the athlete and agent for any issue with missed tests. Finally, Christian shares his perspective growing up as a black man in the US including how recent events have affected him and what he hopes to see happen next.
    Christian is an amazing ambassador for our sport. He brings so much joy and hope to this interview. We know you will be a fan of his and the triple jump after you listen!

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    Episode #55: Matt Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO of Tracksmith

    Episode #55: Matt Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO of Tracksmith

    Matt Taylor grew up in the industrial city of Pittsburgh, PA with a family history in the steel and coal industries. As that city (and its industries evolved), his father lost his job with a steel company. His dad's career struggles and then watching his mom start a store of her own planted a seed for Matt that he wanted to eventually pursue entrepreneurship as well.
    Meanwhile, he played basketball and ran track and cross country growing up which began a connection to sport that he would eventually carry with him to Yale and then well beyond into his career.
    In this conversation with Shanna and Chris, Matt shares his journey from playing basketball and running track as a kid to founding Tracksmith in 2014. He tells the story of the handwritten and hand-delivered letter that got him his first career break at IMG. He talks about what he learned about product, branding, and the opportunities in the running world while working with Usain Bolt at Puma.
    He gives us the inside story on the beginnings of Tracksmith, well before he had a name for it. Then, he shares how and why Tracksmith approaches building the sport the way it does, including its grassroots effort to put kits on over 130 athletes at this year's Olympic Marathon Trials. Finally, Matt talks about what it means for a brand like Tracksmith to support clean sport while he calls out the biggest founder and brand in running for not doing more.
    The importance of brand allies in the fight for #cleansport cannot be stressed enough. We thank Tracksmith for being one of those allies, and we encourage you as listeners to support them and other brands who have signed the clean sport pledge.

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4.7 out of 5
232 Ratings

232 Ratings

gbauer001 ,

Continue to be impressed

This podcast has a super list of guests. Everyone connected to clean sport and doping issues of course. But, the content is so much broader and the guests always deliver refreshingly candid opinions, super insights, very intelligent commentary and just good lessons in humility, resilience, sportsmanship and everything we love in athletic competition.

raeruns4 ,

Enlightening interview w/Sanya

Love this podcast and the insights gained about many mega athlete stars. Wish that the podcast would do more of involving the conversation around clean sport throughout the duration of the podcast instead of just the last few minutes.

canesgirl2006 ,

Great Interview w/ Gary Hall Jr.

What I really appreciate about this podcast is how they show parallels in other sports. The interview with Gary Hall Jr was so enlightening. His honesty is so refreshing, and his acknowledgement of the failed role that drug companies could play in clean sport isn’t discussed enough.

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