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Your place to get information about legal marketing in the digital age. Talking about all things client development, digital marketing and ethical implications of these topics in the legal field.

Clienting: Digital Legal Marketing Kelly Street & Gyi Tsakalakis

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Your place to get information about legal marketing in the digital age. Talking about all things client development, digital marketing and ethical implications of these topics in the legal field.

    #56: Kay Van Wey on National PR and Dr. Death

    #56: Kay Van Wey on National PR and Dr. Death

    Kay Van Wey is a  board-certified personal injury trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience. She is the principal owner and founder of Van Wey, Presby & Williams, a Dallas, Texas-based personal injury litigation boutique firm. When Kay isn’t managing her firm or practicing law, she advocates for patient safety. Kay is a big believer in finding your "why", which is one of the things she credits for her ongoing enthusiasm for her work.
    Getting more news coverage- how do you take 1 high-profile case and get more than 15 minutes of fame? Publicity - high profile cases and were stories that needed to be told and developed relationships with reporters.
    How are you keeping up those relationships? Capitalizing on them?
    Dr. Death/Dr. Duntsch high profile case and got lots of PR spent lots of time & money on that case Dr. Duntsch reached out to Kay to threaten and ask for a job. Dr. Oz show - thought she'd get tons of clients from that and didn't Dallas news organizations Attorney At Law magazine articles Small but Mighty article: https://attorneyatlawmagazine.com/kay-van-wey "Standing up for the little guy" Marketing has been hard over the years and has involved a lot of patience and learning. When it comes to picking a marketing agency, Kay has been really picky about content, which makes the cost high from her time and her associates time perspective. 10 years prior to Dr. Dutch, Kay's firm represented a similar case and was on 60 minutes. Unfortuantely with no effect or results of getting clients. It just shows that big PR cases don't necessarily lead to more clients in your firm. 

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    Clienting - COVID-19 Special

    Clienting - COVID-19 Special

    Discussion of ways lawyers can be there for clients (and potential clients) in the uncertain COVID-19 environment. We also say congratulations, farewell, good luck, and until next time to Kelly as she embarks on her new venture.

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    #55: Mo Lilienthal- Lawyer, Podcaster & Local Link-Builder

    #55: Mo Lilienthal- Lawyer, Podcaster & Local Link-Builder

    This episode of Clienting is with a lawyer and podcasting powerhouse, Morris Lilienthal. 
    Mo is a lawyer at Martinson & Beason in Huntsville Alabama. The son of a judicial assistant, Mo is a passionate lawyer, advocate for March of Dimes and a passionate advocate for life & sports in Alabama. 
    Podcast: The Mo Show (Live) on FB Live and then YouTube and then podcast - podcasting for 2 1/2 years
    We talk about Mo's Podcast process, the equipment he uses (it's easy and inexpensive), how Mo finds guests, and what he does once the podcast/Facebook Live is recorded. 
    What do you do with the podcast once it's recorded? Blogs, links, repurpose content, eNewsletter Personal Brand --> pushed through the firm Share your Why? March of Dimes, Family team,  TV Appearances Building an interest base in Alabama Rotary, MADD, sports Trash Pandas Local links/SEO Rocket City Moms Other shows that you can hear Mo talk about his "Why's" and marketing efforts.
    National President of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving:  http://bit.ly/MoShow-MADD-FB National President of Rotary International:  http://bit.ly/MoShow-Rotary-MarkMaloney-FB Former NFL & Alabama & Auburn FTBL Players Tony Dixon and Courtney Taylor:  http://bit.ly/MoShow-Dixon-Taylor-FB Madison Mayor Paul Findley:  http://bit.ly/MoShow-PaulFinley-FB UAH Basketball Coach John Shulman: http://bit.ly/MoShow-CoachShulman-FB Voice of the Trash Pandas Josh Caray:  http://bit.ly/MoShow-TrashPandas-FB

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    #54: Megan Zavieh on Ethics, Technology & Marketing

    #54: Megan Zavieh on Ethics, Technology & Marketing

    Megan Zavieh focuses exclusively on attorney ethics, representing California attorneys facing State Bar disciplinary action and providing tools for lawyers to defend themselves through ethics investigations and prosecutions.  She also provides resources to practicing lawyers to structure their firms to minimize their ethics exposure.  She writes about ethics at CaliforniaStateBarDefense.com and AttorneyatWork.com. Megan is a mother of four, an avid Spartan racer, and a distance runner.  She earned her JD from Boalt Hall of the University of California, graduating Order of the Coif.  She is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, and the state courts and several Federal district courts of California, New York, New Jersey and Georgia.
    This episode covers tools for ease in Client Development, getting more out of marketing, making sure your firm is using the right technology, and ethics changes in reform - but where to start?
    Content repurposing; write a blog and turn that into a podcast, then break that down into social media posts. Take 3-5 questions people have and turn each one into a blog post, a LinkedIn article, or social media posts and videos. Technology & Ethics
    What server are you using?  How secure is your client data? Ethics Changes in Reform
    Mental Health Discipline Social Media- lawyers are no longer as scared as they have been in the past Transparency in Information - lawyers need to be more transparent in marketing and client interactions becasue the internet can give some of the answers of cause mistrust. How are you marketing your law firm/services?
    Start implementing:  Content repurposing: content blog to podcast to social media posts in bite-sized form.  Take the top 3-5 questions people have and turn them into blog posts Podcast - Lawyers Gone Ethical Speaking engagements Social Media Will Hornsby - Attorney At Work - What didn't happen in legal ethics reform in 2019?

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    #53: Marco Brown on Finding the Money to Market

    #53: Marco Brown on Finding the Money to Market

    Marco Brown is the lead attorney at Brown Law, a Utah Family Law Firm focusing on providing affordable, flat-rate divorce services. Marco is a husband, father, and divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nothing makes him happier than cooking, eating, and traveling, except maybe reading.
    This episode focuses on capturing the low-hanging fruit of more money without necessarily spending money.
    We talk about creating a flywheel - the cyclical process of client experience.
    As a small business owner, Marco also shares how he has been able to find and have money to market his firm AND learn how to attract the clients that his law firm wants to serve.
    Automation- what can you automate to help create less friction and more money. Following Marco's rules:
    Setting up systems, especially payment. Fire your worst client this week. Get rid of that person, you will make more money. Specialization in one area of the law. Marco's technology to use:
    Google suite, Clio, Scheduling, Zapier

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    #52: Josh Gerben on Learning to Market His Law Firm

    #52: Josh Gerben on Learning to Market His Law Firm

    Josh Gerben is a trademark attorney and founder of Gerben Law Firm, PLLC. The law firm was created by Mr. Gerben to help small and large businesses alike have access to trademark lawyers who are affordable and responsive to their needs.
    Mr. Gerben represents a wide range of clients, ranging from small start-up businesses to large multinational corporations. Since beginning his practice, Mr. Gerben has represented clients in over 4,000 trademark matters.
    Marketing your law firm vs. the business of law What to ask a marketing agency:
    What budget is necessary and is needed to move the needle and get results. Without understanding what the time and budget investment are, honestly, you may not spend enough or get results? What kind of work will the agency do? Content, on-site work, types and amount of link-building (and links are super important), Monitor your agency and make sure you get reports on the things that are important to your law firm’s growth. LinkedIn
    Great for building a network and increasing visibility in your field. Haven’t gotten clients as of yet but Josh is working on getting there! Direct Mail
    Josh and Gerben Law have tried to incorporate direct mailer boxes to increase their network but those haven’t panned out thus far. Positioning yourself against commoditized legal services.
    Try not to sell the unsellable.
    Competing with LegalZoom, quality and pricing, managing pressure on fees Business of Law Using this aspect to get referrals, speaking engagements, create a public image and PR
    Josh has been featured on Fox News, NPR, New York Times, Wall Street Journal - how are those things happening? 
    Leads that go unresponded to and why- practical daily business Understanding who your clients are and how to attract them Selling to someone who isn't going to buy- how to manage this when feeling 'desperate' Templates for responses?

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4.9 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

A. Lawyer ,

Outstanding for Solo Attorneys and Law Firm Managers

Great content about marketing, client acquisition, and keeping clients happy in the 21st Century. Not just about tech and SEO, but about all aspects of marketing and client service. Highly recommended!

Ryan McKeen ,

A Great Legal Podcast

Kelly and Gyi add value in every episode. They cover a lot of ground in the legal marketing space. I get better with every episode that I listen to. I recommend this podcast to any lawyer looking to improve the way clients experience their firm.

John OC ,

Good show

Gyi is one The smartest minds in SEO. This is a good podcast to get nuggets of wisdom on digital best practices.

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