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Anti-imperialist, anti-war, and anti-establishment podcast.

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Anti-imperialist, anti-war, and anti-establishment podcast.

    Complicit in All War Crimes - US Surveillance and Intelligence Above Gaza

    Complicit in All War Crimes - US Surveillance and Intelligence Above Gaza

    In this Episode I’m joined by another veteran from the special operations community - a former US Airforce Combat Controller - to talk about US complicity in Israel’s disastrous campaign in Gaza from the perspective that the US Military, Three Letter Agencies, and perforce the Biden Administration know exactly what is happening on the ground. No investigations necessary. And we keep supporting them with money, weapons and intelligence support regardless of this incontrovertible fact.

    The blowback from the disastrous and ultimately self-destructive “hostage rescue” mission Israel launched this past Saturday, June 9th, is still coming in.

    There is a question of how much assistance the United States rendered the IDF in this operation - some wild and unsubstantiated rumors of US boots on the ground. There is absolutely no evidence of this, some IDF soldiers have American accents, granted, but that TikTok battlefield rumor is just that. IT’s also pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, because United States complicity in this massacre in particular and larger campaign of ethnic cleansing/Genocide in general, is both assured and inescapable.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Israel's Self-Destructive Hostage Rescue Operation/Massacre - June 10th

    Israel's Self-Destructive Hostage Rescue Operation/Massacre - June 10th

    This weekend, according to the NYT - Israel Rescues Four hostages in a hostage in military operation - This is a fact, it’s in the active voice and the hostages are numbered. Then “Gaza officials Say Scores are killed.” Which is presented as hearsay, in the passive voice and they victims are not numbered. This is pretty egregious.

    The role of corporate and partisan media in the United States is not to inform but to manufacture consent for the whims of the ruling and political class. IT’s becoming apparent that we are some of the most heavily propagandized people on Earth. The easiest way to see that is to note how many think we're the good guys.

    I argue that The Hostage Rescue Operation conducted early Saturday morning will have far-reaching unintended consequences.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Chaos in Israel as US Staying Power Reaches Its Limits - June 7th/8th

    Chaos in Israel as US Staying Power Reaches Its Limits - June 7th/8th

    So Netanyahu and his cabinet appear to have decided, or at least to be strongly entertaining the idea that they will attack Southern Lebanon. We are talking about an actual invasion with the presumed objective, if they have any defined objectives, of pushing Hezbollah back to the Litani River.

    What could possibly go wrong? In short, just about everything imaginable. In this episode we take this from a broader geopolitical standpoint which examines the challenge to US staying power in the context of the War in Ukraine, and the escalation over Taiwan.

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    The Joint Chiefs Oppose the Partitioning of Palestine - 1947 Memo To President Truman Revealed

    The Joint Chiefs Oppose the Partitioning of Palestine - 1947 Memo To President Truman Revealed

    Have you Ever Heard that Israel is the West’s greatest strategic ally in the Middle East? Well, we’re going to talk about how that is blazingly untrue and we’re going all the way back to 1947 to do it.

    Welcome to Colonial Outcasts, your semi-friendly neighborhood anti-Imperialist podcast, and hot-darn it! We just pulled some Top Secret documents from the depths of the national archives, declassified but still unseen, from 1947, in which the Joint Chiefs of Staff advised then president Harry Truman that partitioning Palestine and recognizing the state of Israel will screw US global interests over in the long run.

    And we wanted to highlight these memos, written by guys who your Dad would probably credit with winning World War II, in this episode because aren’t y’all absolutely sick of hearing ancient grey-haired politicians gas on about how Israel is America’s most important strategic ally in the Middle East? We are.

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    Game Over For Netanyahu - Israel Isolated as US Compels Ceasefire

    Game Over For Netanyahu - Israel Isolated as US Compels Ceasefire

    Welcome to Colonial Outcasts. This a ceasefire-related episode. It is currently Sunday June 2nd. Things are going to move fast so we’re going to keep it short-ish and jump right in. Elina Xenophontos, regular political analyst calling in from Cyprus, is here with us today. We’re going to talk about the Biden ceasefire proposal, Obama’s passive-voiced endorsement of said proposal, Netanyahu’s seeming rejection of said proposal, and now soft-floated watercolor talk that the Israeli government might actually accept it.

    At 6:30 am Central Daylight Time NBC published that “An aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had agreed to the framework for President Joe Biden’s plan to bring an end to the war in Gaza, though he said it was “not a good deal.”

    Biden announced Friday that Israel had proposed a three-part plan that would ultimately lead to a complete cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, as well as the release of all hostages who have been held there for the last eight months. It’s “time for this war to end,” Biden said. It wasn’t a plan that Israel proposed, but we’ll get into that.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    The Mob-ssad and Israel's Ham-Fisted Attempt to Coerce the ICC

    The Mob-ssad and Israel's Ham-Fisted Attempt to Coerce the ICC

    We will be discussing how Israel and the Mossad, excuse me - the Mob-ssad - have been spying on the international criminal court and threatening South African Ministers, but not in a sophisticated spy-agency James Bond villain type way.

    I’d say it was a mob way, like “I’ll make the South African Foreign Minister an offer she can’t refuse.” But according to these articles by the Guardian, Local Call, and +972 - the publications that broke this story - I’d say that Israeli conduct would actually be an insult to the mob.

    • 45 min

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4.9 out of 5
134 Ratings

134 Ratings

OpinionMinion99 ,

Great perspective

So happy I found this podcast. A stand out podcast if you want a new and different look at geopolitics. A great addition to the ones I have in my queue

Yaditexas ,

Information everyone should know

I am learning so much and am so glad to have found this podcast. Keep it up and let us know how to support you.

Cassie693 ,


Absolutely adore this podcast. And, pretty please volume-match the speakers - Greg’s voice is way louder and it makes hands-free listening quite difficult with the constant need to adjust the volume. Love y’all, thank you for this work.

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