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commsolutionsmn.com- Jason and Andrew explain who Community Solutions MN are, what we do... and we can help you. We are expert consultants on non-partisan politics, with a track record for winning local races.

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commsolutionsmn.com- Jason and Andrew explain who Community Solutions MN are, what we do... and we can help you. We are expert consultants on non-partisan politics, with a track record for winning local races.

    Take Our Advice And Drop Out

    Take Our Advice And Drop Out

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- Gavin Newsome promised to end homelessness in California. Now it's at all-time high. We don't see the problem getting better, but exponentially worse. He's giving them free drugs,
    Election polls keep rolling in, and President Trump keeps widening his lead in the swing states. In fact, he is starting to go after Biden in states like Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey. That's not good news if the Biden camp needs to start defending states that lean blue. He's hemmorhaging Hispanics, blacks, and youth voters. Not to mention, it looks like Dems are going to lose the U.S. Senate as well.
    It's no secret that our university system is messed up.  Our children leave our homes one way to attend these ultra-expensivve Marxist factories and come out rejecting everything we taught them. Is it worth it to send our kids someplace that we know will destroy them? These antisemetic "demonstrations" are only able to hang together because these radical professors have propagandized our children to the point that they don't have the truth from which to make a logical decision.
    Jews have been the object of hate for centuries, and we are refusing to speak out on their behalf. We've seen this movie before. UCLA, Columbia University, and even the U of M don't seem to be able to get a handle on these riots... nor do they seem to be trying. Where are the parents? We've got to get a handle on this and fast. The radicals from the sixties went underground and got into all of our systems. We can't go around this mountain again.

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    The Forecast Is Mostly Cloudy

    The Forecast Is Mostly Cloudy

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- When times get tough, people depend on entertainment to take them away. Today, entertainment is rotten through and through. How are they making us forget our problems, when they are championing our problems? They can't create art that brings people together because they are too busy separating us.
    The problem is that we have a two-tiered system, and you're either in or you're out. We see it in our legislature, our judicial system, our entertainment, our educational system... and the elites are choosing who wins. The problem is that when they are done using the group-de-jour, that they will become the next group thrown under the bus.
    All of these things are happening, meanwhile the economy is falling apart. We are all suffering. We are being lied to about what is really going on. The mainstream media is no longer in the business of keeping government accountable. They've all been bought off. Where do we turn?
    It's not our educational system, as we see the system returning to segregating children and putting race before education. How are we supposed to get qualified employees if the focus is on raising woke children?

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    Descending Into Chaos

    Descending Into Chaos

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- It’s been a while, thanks to a technical meltdown at Comm Solutions HQ. We will not be kept down! We’ve got a couple of back episodes to release, but we’re storming forward.
    In this episode, we discuss the passing of Senator Joe Lieberman, and his mark on the future of the Democratic Party. They have drifted so far since the days when senators like Mr Lieberman were welcome in the now super radical party.
    Speaking of which, we are losing a ton of farmland to the ultra rich and to the government… and apparently Minnesota is trying to give a bunch of state land “back” to Native Americans. The crazies are definitely running the DFL.
    The United States is playing a dangerous game with their support for Israel and/or Hamas/Hezbolla/Houthis/Iran. They are playing both sides and it is going to come back to bite us in the heinie. We went on the record at the time this was recorded to predict that the protests in this country are going to get ugly. Spoiler alert: they have.
    Jason went down to the capitol with about 100 pastors that were concerned about the religious exemption being excluded from the gender identity section of the Human Rights Act. The DFL is staying in lock step with each other to disallow any change to that section, despite the explicit protections in the US and MN constitutions. Hear his story on how all that worked out.
    We look at gas prices, inflation, crime rates, RFK’s campaign, and many other current issues, and stand  in awe of how bad things have gotten and how much worse they are going to get. Buckle in, because we’re in for a wild ride!

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    The Business Of Elections

    The Business Of Elections

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- The State of the Union address was uneventful, so maybe that was a win for President Biden, although his angry demeanor and use of the weord "illegal" kept him from getting a bump in the polls. This guy is in trouble and Democrats are starting to get nervous. Unfortunately, the Republicans weren't able to capitalize on the response either. That makes us nervous.
    The elections are coming faster than we think. Have the ballot issues been fixed? The drop boxes? What steps can conservatives take to close the gap and get more people to the polls?
    In the battleground states, President Trump is doing very well. Robert Kennedy Jr is going to get on the ballot in many of these states, which is currently siphoning more votes from President Biden, widening the distance between the two major party candidates.
    Democrats always have a huge advantage in early voting. Will Republicans finally embrace it enough to make up those deficits? All the complaining hasn't helped them to bring in enough new votes to swing the results. It's the law of the land, and as long as it is, they need to get really good at it.
    We also discuss paper ballots vs machines, same day registration, voter ID, primary party affiliation, and ballot harvesting. All of these things play a role in voter turnout and how accurate the results are. We need to have airtight processes to preserve the integrity of our elections and we can't let up.

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    Episode 306- Constitution, Shmonstitution

    Episode 306- Constitution, Shmonstitution

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- Super Tuesday proved a couple things, one that noone in the Republican Party is going to stop President Trump, and two... there's a pretty big contingent of the Democrat electorate that is voting "no preference" or "noncommitted" over President Biden. That's troublesome. Those folks may vote Biden in the end, but if they don't, it could potentially solidify some of the swing states for Trump.
    There's been a lot of speculation about President Trump's VP pick. Some people are even openly vying for it. We review some of the names on the list and give you our analysis.
    When MN Democrats are in power they attempt to pass their entire agenda, even if half of the state is against whatever they are doing. Take for instance, the new legislative session. The Dems want to enshrine LGBTQ "rights" in sports and to ban the removal of LGBTQ flags in schools. They want to require the usage of "proper" pronouns in HF4394. Rep Leigh Finke is behind most of these fascistic trans bills that are coming to the Legislature.
    They also have a bill to update the Human Rights bill from last year that made "gender identity" a protected class in hiring, weddings, etc. They left the religious exemption out of the bill... on purpose. The Democrats won't allow an amendment to afford a religious exemption. The problem? It 's a flagrant violation of the US and the Minnesota constitutions. The hate and vitreol that came from the Democrats as they addressed people of faith was shocking. I thought that they were welcoming? Christians need not apply.
    The bill was supposed to be given a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee after it passed the House Judiciary Committee. The good news is that they pulled the bill from the agenda the morning of. Our pressure paid off. Keep watching, because it will come back for discussion. We can't let off the gas now. Our religious freedom is at stake.

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    They've Got To Control The Narrative

    They've Got To Control The Narrative

    www.commsolutionsmn.com- Now that the 2024 presidential race is set between Trump v Biden, what is the Democrats play? It looks like Trump is ahead in all of the important places for now. What does that mean for the Dems in the House and the Senate? Will Biden even make it to the general election? Is Harris the heir apparent? Is it time for them to look to 2026 legislative elections, and just skip it this year?
    The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with the nations of the world to create a set of protocols to future pandemic response. This isn't meant for coordination between nations. This is to give the WHO sweeping powers to declare a worldwide pandemic and control the behaviors of billions of individuals around the world.
    This is a war against "disinformation", "misinformation", and "malinformation". This is what the World Economic Forum said was the greatest threat (including climate change) at Davos this year. They've got to shut us up so they can control the narrative. This agreement is an official treaty, which gives it unique authority. This treaty would give them authority over passports, treatments, and alternate remedies. Biden may sign this by May, but it looks like the senate will not give them the 2/3 vote that they would need to pass this, but we need to keep an eye on it and let our elected officials know what we think. There's a bill to push back, but lawmakers need our help.

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