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Each fortnight, or thereabouts, we chat with guests from the C++ community about what they're doing, what interests them, and what's going on in the world of C++

cpp.chat Jon Kalb & Phil Nash

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Each fortnight, or thereabouts, we chat with guests from the C++ community about what they're doing, what interests them, and what's going on in the world of C++

    The Curse of Backwards Compatibility

    The Curse of Backwards Compatibility

    This week we chat with Harald Achitz about a new ISO mirror in Sweden,
    the C++ community - in Sweden, and worldwide - and other topics (which may or may not include Cobol)

    We explore the underbelly of getting involved with standards work - not just the C++ one, as well as community building,
    language evolution and static analysis.
    Svenska institutet för standarder (SIS)- Swedish Institute for StandardsStockholmCpp- Meetup pagegbgcpp - Gothenburg C++ Meetup- Meetup pageLinkCpp - Linköpings C++ User Group- Meetup pageMalmö C++ User Group- Meetup pageThe C++ user groups of Sweden- User groups in Sweden and worldwide

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    Did You Really Learn from All the C++ Mistakes?

    Did You Really Learn from All the C++ Mistakes?

    We're back! Again! And so is Dave Abrahams, after a long period outside the C++ community.
    So we thought we should hear about what he's been up to and what he's doing now.

    We end up getting some fascinating insights into the design and evolution of the Swift programming language,
    which Dave joined the team behind quite early on.
    While Swift draws inspiration from many languages, the core of the team behind it - including Dave -
    were C++ experts - but experts who wanted to take from the best, yet learn from the mistakes, of the past.

    Listen to this episode to find out if they pulled it off!
    C++ on Sea 2022- Announcing next year's eventC++ North 2022 CfP- New C++ conference in TorontoC++Now 2022 Call For SubmissionsIntroducing Remote Development for JetBrains IDEsJetBrains Fleet- Early access for upcoming distributed editor/ IDEModernizing your code with C++20- Phil's post on the SonarSource blogDave's C++ Template Metaprogramming bookQuantum Physics For Dummies

    • 1 hr 5 min
    I Can't Believe I'm Here

    I Can't Believe I'm Here

    This week, err... month, no, episode, we're joined by Anastasia Kazakova for a cross-over show with No Diagnostic Required -
    the other show that Phil co-hosts with Anastasia.
    We cover articles on static analysis, move semantics and expressive interfaces, three new std proposals,
    then chat about conferences, especially CppCon, which just finished for this year.
    No Diagnostic RequiredC++ tools evolution: static code analyzers- from the PVS Studio blogEasy Way To Make Your Interface ExpressiveMoves in ReturnsP2445R0 - std::forward_likeP2461R0 - Closure-Based Syntax for ContractsP2465R1 - Standard Library Modules std and std.compatCppCast episode with Bryce- he talks about the std and std.compat modulesTimur Doumler's CppCon trip reportMeeting C++ 2021ADC (The Audio Developer Conference)C++ RussiaCPPP- "usually" in Paris

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    The Future of C++ (KDAB interview)

    The Future of C++ (KDAB interview)

    This episode is slightly different to the normal.
    Rather than being a pure cpp.chat session, it's a recording of an interview, conducted by KDAB, of a panel of C++ experts,
    including our own Jon Kalb - but also past cpp.chat guests Ivan Čukić and Jens Weller, as well as Matthias Kalle Dalheimer.

    The interview is around the future of C++, but also takes a look at its past and present.
    C++, How it Got Here, Where it's Going- Write up of some of the topics discussedThe video version of the interview on KDAB's channel

    • 39 min
    The Answer Is, It Depends

    The Answer Is, It Depends

    In this episode we welcome back Tony and Klaus to talk about the SOLID Principles,
    and how they relate (or not), to C++.

    Tony is about to give a keynote at C++ Now about his take on the SOLID Principles.
    Klaus has been giving a talk on applying SOLID to C++ and even Phil has recently given a talk on a similar topic.
    Perhaps somebody should have mentioned this to Tony before!

    Along the way we get plenty of SOLID advice, discover what the single responsibility is that Tony's objects have, what COLID is,
    who is going to argue against Liskov, and who is just there for the jokes.

    The answer, of course, is: it depends.
    Tony's upcoming C++ Now Keynote, 'SOLID, Revisited'Phil's talk at ACCU 2021, err, also called 'SOLID, Revisited'- Subtitle: The State of the MatterA SOLID talk from Klaus- 'Breaking Dependencies: The SOLID Principles'Jon's talk, 'Object-Oriented Programming: Best Practices'The SOLID Principles (wikipedia)Kevlin Henney's talk, 'SOLID Deconstruction'Dan North's talk (slides), 'Why Every Element of SOLID Is Wrong!'Phil's talk, 'Seeking Simplicity'C++ NowC++ on Sea

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    Required to Warn You, Unless It’s Hard

    Required to Warn You, Unless It’s Hard

    This week we get back on track and chat with Christopher Di Bella from Google about working on the Chrome OS toolchain -
    including his newly finished concepts implementation.

    We talk a bit about the practicalities of bringing C++ 20 features to compilers,
    interoperating GCC and Clang and how to deal, portably,
    with std libraries that can’t be implemented without compiler support.
    Concepts support in libc++- tweet, from Chris#include c++- a global, inclusive, and diverse community for developers interested in C++No Diagnostic Required- Phil's new(ish) podcast (with Anastasia Kazakova)Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs- Conor Hoekstra and Bryce Adelstein Lelbach's new(ish) podcastC++ Now- Registrations open, at time of releaseC++ on Sea- Call for Speakers, and early-bird registrations open, at time of release

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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Themoose5 ,

Better C++ Content Elsewhere

I gave this show a shot after hearing about it on some other podcasts. I’ve listened to a handful of episodes and I have to say this show is a no go for me.

The audio quality leaves a lot to be desired but that is only a minor point. Most of my issues comes from the presenters. One of them just constantly talks over everyone else on the show. Guests, his co-host, it doesn’t matter. Personally I’m not listening to interview type podcasts to listen to one of the hosts rant over top of everyone else for most of every episode. When I listen to these types of shows I want to hear mostly from the guests being interviewed and not whatever soap box one of the hosts feels like getting on for that week.

If you are interested in C++ podcasts CppCast is a much better show. Better presenter style, better interviews, and much less rants.

Therealyangchi ,

Lots of white noises

I like the topic but the audio quality has to be one of the worst among podcasts I listen to.

C++ Wizard ,

Presenter has ridiculous laugh

I am interested in the subject matter but I couldn't listen for more than a few minutes because one of the presenters laughs after nearly every sentence. I skipped forward to a few different spots and the ridiculous, and loud, laughter was throughout the whole recording. The presenters also interrupted the interviewee too frequently.

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