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Hey Creekers! Creek Talk is a weekly Dawson's Creek Recap show hosted by Stephen & Jayme. Each week we will be breaking down an episode, season by season, of the 90's WB drama! So grab a cocktail and some snacks and join us every Friday for a brand new episode!

Creek Talk-A Dawson's Creek Recap Podcast Stephen & Jayme

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Hey Creekers! Creek Talk is a weekly Dawson's Creek Recap show hosted by Stephen & Jayme. Each week we will be breaking down an episode, season by season, of the 90's WB drama! So grab a cocktail and some snacks and join us every Friday for a brand new episode!

    Episode 13-"Decisions"

    Episode 13-"Decisions"

    Welcome to our Season 1 Finale episode Creekers! 

    We can't believe it's over! We feel like we JUST started this whole thing.  And we feel so bittersweet that the magic of Season 1 is now over and we get to dive right into everything brand new with Season 2!  But before we do that, let's discuss this hectic finale episode.

    The theme of this week's episode is "Cliff-Hangers!"

    While Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is pretty much nonexistent in this episode, and Jen (Michelle Williams) is dealing with the death of her grandfather (I mean, we all saw it coming...) we're given more time with the "will they or won't they" couple of 1998--Dawson and Joey, (James Van Der Beek and Katie Holmes).

    Joey is given a HUGE opportunity to go to France for a year. A FULL YEAR! On a FULL SCHOLARSHIP! However, she's not even sure why she was chosen considering she took Spanish this year. But on top of trying to make that life altering DECISION, it's her father's birthday! In case you forgot, Joey's father is in prison for drug related crimes and she pretty much resents every bone in his body. 
    Bessie reminds Joey that it's her turn to go see Mike Potter this year and she better be ready to take that FOUR HOUR trek to the prison yard! But more importantly, she better make sure she knows what time visiting hours are before getting on that Greyhound! I'm just saying, make sure you know these things before taking such a long drive. To a prison.

    Meanwhile, Dawson is dealing with some major decision making of his own. He's finally seeing his best friend, Joey, as someone more than just a friend. He wants to tell her everything he's thinking, but instead, he decides to throw tantrums and have long, continuous monologues that just confuse Joey even more. Typical Dawson.

    By the end of the episode, we'll have our answer as to whether or not these two move forward with their budding romance or not. My guess is, they do. Because I've seen the show.

    So say your prayers, "Our father who art in prison," get your bus ticket ready, and get comfortable, because we're going to jail this week with some major life decisions to make. But we've got 4 hours to think about it, so I think we'll be ok!

    JOIN US!! 
    *Monday, October 25th @ 7:30pm EST on INSTAGRAM LIVE!!

    We're having a Season 1 Wrap Up discussion and we hope everyone can make it!  
    It'll be a blast!

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    Episode 12-"Beauty Contest"

    Episode 12-"Beauty Contest"

    Welcome Back Creekers! We're  only ONE episode away from the Season 1 Finale! Where did the time go!! But before we get there, we have to breakdown Episode 12 of Dawson's Creek titled, "Beauty Contest."  

    This week, Joey (Katie Holmes) against her better judgement, signs up for the Miss Windjammer Pageant. She sees this as an opportunity to win some extra cash for a college nest egg. All she has to do is sing a little, wear a pretty dress and walk in heels! It's A LOT better than some of the other options in Capeside, according to her. 

    Jen (Michelle Williams) decides that this is a great opportunity to bond with Joey, the only other girl in her vicinity, so she coaches her on all the ins & outs of #BeautyPageantLife. Things such as, rubbing Vaseline on your teeth, walking with a giant dictionary on your head, and singing one of the saddest songs known to man in front of all the rich people in town! Jen is still feeling icky from her breakup with Dawson, who seems to be throwing digs at her left and right. Will helping Joey distract her from her ex? Or will it just bring her closer to his toxicity? I'm pretty sure we all know where this is going. (EYE ROLL)

    Meanwhile, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) decides to piss his father off even more by entering the Miss Windjammer contest--emphasis on the MISS. He wants to find a place of his own and leave his rotten family in the dust, but he has zero dollars to do so. So, in Pacey fashion, he figures that the best way to earn a little cash is to enter the contest as its first ever male contestant. Will Pacey be the first Male Winner of the town's longest tradition? Or will he just end up being a part of the town's rumor mill once again? I mean, he does a pretty decent Braveheart impersonation, so, we'll see.

    With Dawson (James Van Der Beek) filming the pageant for the local news, is he starting to see his best friend as possibly...more than just a friend? We're talking about Joey not Pacey. While being enamored by how beautiful Joey is in full  glam, he decides to tell her about his new feelings. But will Joey accept his advances? Or will she just go home and sing "On My Own" alone in her bedroom again? 

    We also discuss why we started this fun little podcast, how we first met, and we get A LOT of our aggressions out in the first 20 minutes of the show. So grab your Vaseline, a mic and some war paint, and you BETTER be standing up straight! Because we're signing up for a Beauty Contest this week and we're NOT HERE TO LOSE!

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    Episode 11-"The Scare"

    Episode 11-"The Scare"

    Welcome back Creekers!  This is our 11th episode of Creek Talk! Where did the time go!?
    This week, we're breaking down Episode 11 of Dawson's Creek titled, "The Scare."
    We also have a first this week--OUR VERY FIRST GUEST!!  
    Our good friend Becky joins us to help us recap this cheez whiz filled episode, and it just so happens to be her favorite episode as well!  We love that!
    It's Friday the 13th and Dawson (James Van Der Beek) is loving every minute of it. He's pranking everyone around him and with his parents out of town, he decides to have a seance at his house to honor his favorite day of the year.
    Pacey (Joshua Jackson) meets a strange, older woman named Ursula who decides to join him and the crew for a night of scares.
    Joey (Katie Holmes) is becoming a little irritated with all the scares Dawson is throwing her way, that she begins to enjoy the attention that a mystery man gives her while she's having a moment alone from the chaos. Could this man be the infamous "Lady Killer" that's been making the news lately? We don't know!
    Jen (Michelle Williams) starts receiving threatening notes and phone calls and when she finds out it's not her ex that's behind it all, she begins to think that someone is actually trying to really scare her! 
    We also break down the difference of being a "Dumper" and a "Dipper," whether Jen had a costume change, and we discuss the high camp this episode is SERVING us. 
    We would like to thank #KevinWilliamson for creating the "Scream" franchise. Because had he not, we would never have gotten this episode!
    So grab the closest butcher knife, or maybe a stalk of celery, and tuck in for a night of SCARES because we got A LOT to talk about!!  For real, we left NOTHING OUT!

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    Episode 10-"Double Date"

    Episode 10-"Double Date"

    Welcome Back Creekers!! It's our 10th Episode of Creek Talk Podcast! When did this happen??  We're discussing Episode 10 of Dawson's Creek titled, "Double Date" this week. And boy was this a CHAOTIC episode! For ALL of us! 

    Dawson (James Van Der Beek)and Jen (Michelle Williams) are trying to become friends again after their ridiculously overdramatic breakup. Dawson tells Jen he thinks it would be fun to go on a double date with her and Cliff (Scott Foley). The only problem is that Dawson is still in love with his ex. YIKES!  He asks nerdy Mary Beth (Meghan Perry) to be his beard so he can use her to get back at Jen. But, Mary Beth isn't clued in on Dawson's plan.  How do you think this is going to end?  My guess would be NOT WELL!

    Story B has Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Joey (Katie Holmes) teamed up as partners on an extra credit biology assignment where they have to study the reproduction rituals of snails. I'm sad to say that I never learned that in high school. 
    The two end up ripping each other a part the entire episode, until the very end when Pacey decides that he just might like the girl from the wrong side of the Creek. Will Joey accept her frenemy's advances during this very early episode of the series? I think you all know the answer to this one. You pass biology! 

    Stephen & Jayme love a good tangent and this episode could fill a Creek! We talk about our favorite fall outfits, Lucifer sculptures, and how much we miss having lunch together in the office basement. 

    So if you're looking for a deviant lab partner while hunting for snails in your local creek, or you need a date to the town carnival this Saturday, we are happy to fill the position! Make sure you charge up your phone because we're giving you an Extra Special episode of Creek Talk this week! And by Special we mean VERY LONG.

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    Episode 9-"Road Trip"

    Episode 9-"Road Trip"

    Welcome Back Creekers! It's our 9th episode!  We're back discussing episode 9 of Dawson's Creek titled, "Road Trip."

    Join us as we breakdown this very TOXIC episode! There's toxic ex-boyfriends. Toxic Masculinity. Toxic Ice Cream! Toxic Makeup Departments! It's all TOXIC this week!

    Billy (Eion Bailey) is back in Capeside-- did he ever really leave?--to get Jen back. Again. Fortunately, she's no longer too "weak and vulnerable" to be manipulated by a piece of trash like Billy.  Instead, Billy decides to try to get inside Jen's head by taking Dawson (James Van Der Beek) on a road trip to Providence so Dawson can FINALLY feel the touch of a REAL woman. At least that's what he tells the girls.  Pacey (Joshua Jackson) decides to tag along. Well, because he really doesn't have a storyline this week.

    Meanwhile, at Capeside High, Joey (Katie Holmes) is having her own man troubles with this week's Guest Star, Warren Gary (Eric Balfour). When Joey pretty much turns down this sorta, kinda, hunk by telling him she'd never sleep with him even if it would mean the end of world hunger, he goes all toxic male on her and tells the whole school they slept together!
    Joey would never!  Jen (Michelle Williams) decides to ban together with Joey to get back at this creep for trying to ruin Joey's stellar reputation! GIRL POWER!

    The episode ends with a tub of Breyer's Cookie Dough "ice cream" surrounded by 100 lit candles in a tiny room filled with wicker furniture. DISGUSTING!

    We also discuss the "other" Guest Star of the week, Nina (Melissa McBride) and how the makeup department wasn't doing her ANY favors in this episode. The legal drinking ages across the United States. And finally, when  did Wawa stop selling deli meats?? It's a real struggle. IYKYK.

    So gas up your convertible, plug in your AUX cord, and put on the NEWEST episode of Creek Talk Podcast because you are in for a LOONG RIDE on life's highway!  But before you go, make sure you hand in your Math homework.  It's the right thing to do!

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    Episode 8-"Boyfriend"

    Episode 8-"Boyfriend"

    Welcome Back Creekers!  It's our 8th episode! We're back discussing episode 8 of Dawson's Creek titled, "Boyfriend." Join us as we breakdown this very triggering episode dealing with toxic ex-boyfriends, girlfriend's who just aren't that into their current boyfriend's, and what sleep exhaustion can do to an overachieving High School student in the 90's.
    Jen (Michelle Williams) is in total shock when she see's that her ex-boyfriend, Billy (Eion Bailey) comes to town.  Dawson (James Van Der Beek) is having multiple meltdowns trying to deal with his current girlfriend's ex who is also STAYING with him! Joey (Katie Holmes) is suffering from total exhaustion while dealing with her new baby nephew. And Pacey (Joshua Jackson) just wants to go to a beach party and get laid.

    We also discuss how we would react if our current s/o ex just randomly showed up.  Stephen gives out his VERY EASY Margarita recipe. And Jayme tries to understand why Dawson doesn't have a screen in his bedroom window. Especially living near the "Creek."

    So, if you've worn out your VHS copy of "The English Patient" trying to get your cranky child to fall asleep, may we suggest playing all 2 hours and 17 minutes of this episode of "Creek Talk Podcast?" We are tested and proven to help all infants and toddlers to zonk out within 5 minutes of hearing our soothing voices!

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7 Ratings

thedmeister1 ,

Fun Friendship

If you love funny conversations between good friends (and Dawson’s Creek of course), then you will totally be into this show. Stephen & Jayme have great banter as they dissect and poke fun at the classic teen soap opera. Top that off with Stephen’s hilarious hatred of the Jann Arden replacement theme song (Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want To Wait” should forever be the title music), you will feel right at home among these two!

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